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March 30th, 2015

Supernet Wins Innovation Award...Rescue + Relief Made Possible... C-COM’s iNetVu® Vehicle Mounted Auto-Acquire Antenna

[SatNews] Supernet, Pakistan's leading satellite network service provider and systems integrator has won the 'Innovation Award' at the 2015 Yahclick Service Partner Conference, held in Abu Dhabi, UAE, on February 9, 2015. Supernet is the national service partner for the Yahclick satellite broadband service in Pakistan.

The award was given to Supernet in recognition of developing innovative communication solutions for rescue and relief organizations operating in disaster stricken areas, where other communications infrastructure is not available, or has been destroyed.

The solution boasts Pakistan’s first ever Ka-band vehicle-mounted Communication-on-the-Pause System and was chosen as the most innovative solution amongst nominations from Europe, Middle East and Africa.

The solution also consists of a special kit for rescuers who need to go on foot to areas which are inaccessible by vehicles. The kit includes Helmet Camera, Wrist display, Voice Headset, and Backpack radio. This kit enables rescuers to move within a radius of 1000 meters from the vehicle, and stream live videos of the situation to the control centers for rapid evaluation and response.

‘‘The Ka-98H is suitable to operate over the Yahsat’s Yahclick network’’

The iNetVu® Ka-98H Drive-Away Antenna is a 98 cm auto-acquire satellite antenna system which can be mounted on the roof of a vehicle for direct broadband access over any configured satellite. The system works seamlessly with the iNetVu® 7024C Controller providing fast satellite acquisition within minutes, anytime anywhere. Works with HNS Spaceway (NA), YAHSAT (MENA) and Avanti approved.

This antenna is ideally suited for industries such as Oil & Gas Exploration, Military Communications, Disaster Management, SNG, Emergency Communications Backup, Cellular Backhaul and many others.

The vehicle is mounted with a C-COM’s On the Pause Antenna specifically certified for Yahclick, and a 30ft collapsible microwave antenna with a Pan Tilt Zoom camera. When the antenna is fully extended, the camera rises with it and provides a panoramic view of the surroundings.