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Recent Launch News
NASA + NRO-Sponsored CubeSats Looking @ October 8th ULA Launch Date
Small satellites, including CubeSats, are playing an increasingly larger role in exploration, technology demonstration, scientific research and educational investigations at NASA.
ULA Launches Morelos-3 = 100th Successful ULA One-At-A-Time Mission 
The Morelos-3 launch was accelerated to an earlier position on the Atlas launch manifest. 
Airbus Defence and Space... Things Just Keep Getting BADR... Completes Final Integration Of ARABSAT 6B (BADR-7)
The satellite today left the Airbus Defence and Space facilities in Toulouse, France...
Supporting ULA's Morelos-3 Launch—The U.S.A.F.'s 45th Space Wing
Eastern Range assets are based on dependable designs and technology and are arrayed in a highly efficient architecture designed to ensure safety of the launch environment and the public at large.
NASA's Big Plans For Small Satellites Push Boundaries Of Space-To-Earth... Testing Laser Communications, Formation Flying
“Laser communications is very important, not just for NASA but for other U.S. government agencies as well,”
The Crucial Contributions From Orbital ATK For The Now-Successful Morelos-3 Satellite
Orbital ATK’s contributions to the Atlas V and Morelos-3 satellite include cutting-edge technologies from across the company.
SSTL's CARBONITE-1's Innovation Is Shortlisted To Receive A Prestigious Award
A small mission team was pulled together that consisted of an eclectic mix of engineers—some very senior with many years of experience, working alongside some recent graduates. 
ILS' Dual Announcements Vice President of Engineering And Mission Assurance + Vice President of Sales 
ILS has implemented an organizational realignment t... to re-establish customer trust and confidence in utilizing Proton launch services.
Sky Muster Musters Up Post-Launch Maneuvers, As Planned
Originally called NBN Co 1A, the satellite was renamed “Sky Muster” by the six-year-old winner of a country-wide contest.
RFP From USAF For GPS III Push Offs
The Air Force will award a firm-fixed price contract that will provide the government with a total launch solution for the GPS III satellite.
Moving On Up @ ILS — Kramer + Carroll To V.P. Status
ILS has implemented an organizational realignment to strengthen the critical functions required to re-establish customer trust and confidence in using Proton launch services.
Spaceflight Goes Big For The 'Wee' Ones... Purchases SpaceX Falcon 9 For Cost Effective Ridesharing Small Sat Industry
Spaceflight publishes launch pricing and schedules online, aiming to make access to space as easy as booking an airline ticket.
Ruslan International's Encore... Transports For The Second Time ARSAT Satellite To French Guiana
...is a huge step towards seeing an array of telecommunications services such as television, telephone and Internet access delivered across South America by an Argentine-owned satellite.
Sixty-Eight For Sixty-Eight... Arianespace Successfully Launches Sky Muster + ARSAT-2
This launch further extending Ariane 5’s track record of highly accurate payload delivery,
Bringing Space Access To The Middle East Is The Goal Of A New Agreement Between Swiss Space Systems + d7b group
The official inauguration of the S3 Middle East office with occur during the Dubai Air Show in November 2015.
Arianespace Is All Pumped Up With Launch Approval + Initiates Prep For The Following Mission
The September 30 liftoff was authorized at completion of the launch readiness review.
exactEarth's Newest AIS Satellite Launched By ISRO To Compliment exactView™ Constellation
"The successful launch of our first equatorial orbiting satellite is another important step in our growing constellation of satellites."—Philip Miller, V.P., Operations + Engineering, exactEarth.
Thales Alenia Space + CNES 'Dive In' To Design + Develop Poseidon-3C's Radar Altimeter On SWOT Oceanography Satellite 
These instruments added the measurement of river and lake heights, creating a boom in "space hydrology", which is at the heart of the SWOT mission. 
Ariane Flight VA226 Stands Ready + Waits For The Order To Launch Tomorrow
...during the mission is Sky Muster, which will deliver broadband services to more than 200,000 rural and remote Australians.
China Times It Right Launches A First .... Satellite w/Hydrogen Atomic Clock
For the first time the satellite featured a hydrogen atomic clock.