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Recent Launch News
Four Galileos Are Nourished By Arianespace
The fueling activity is now underway in the Spaceport's S3B payload preparation facility. 
Orbital ATK's Cygnus Delivers Supplies To ISS... Is The Pizza Still Hot?
The payload will intentionally light a fire in the pressurized cargo module that will grow and advance until it burns itself out.
Togetherness For Two Chinese Spacecraft
The rendezvous occurred about 393 kilometers above Earth
Aerojet Rocketdyne's Rockets Really Rip ...Deliver Supplies & Materials to International Space Station
Aerojet Rocketdyne has delivered and flown more than 2,000 5-lbf monopropellant hydrazine thrusters over the past 40 years with 100 percent mission success.
Orbital ATK's Antares 230 Sends Supplies Soaring To Space Station
Did you ever wonder if the astronauts get any of their favorite goodies? According to NASA's list of types of food apparently they do get treats such as: Brownies (NF), Candy:
Seeking UFOs — Disclosures' Mission
Every five seconds, Disclosures’ two HD cameras (one camera pointed toward Earth and the other pointed toward space) will be sending thumbnail photos to mission control.
Chinese Astronauts Heading To Tiangong II For An Extended Visit
On Monday morning, China's Shenzhou XI manned spacecraft was launched from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northwest China atop a Long March 2F rocket.
International Launch Services To Move New EUTELSAT Satellite To Slot
The shared launch on Proton Breeze M will carry the EUTELSAT 5 West B satellite, built on Orbital ATK’s GEOstar ™ satellite platform, with an Airbus Defence and Space-built payload stacked on top of Orbital ATK’s MEV-1 spacecraft.
United Launch Alliance and Boeing Reveal Atlas V's New Skirt & Improves Starliner's Service Module
“This configuration is unique because it combines the Atlas V launch vehicle without a payload fairing with Boeing’s Starliner capsule, resulting in different aerodynamic interactions.”  
InfoSat-Laos Give 'em What They Want... Launches New DTH TV Platform On THAICOM 8
Thaicom Public Company Limited and InfoSat-Laos states it includes the launch of its new DTH platform on the THAICOM 8 satellite.  
Is It Possible? A Satellite That Holds A New Nation In Space... Would You Go?
The idea of starting a nation in space is fraught with difficulties.
ULA's WorldView-4's Saga... Fire Damaged Equipment Causes Another Launch Delay 
The launch of WorldView-4 has been plagued with catastrophes—one after the other.
Terra Bella & Spaceflight Industries Sign The Big Bird To Launch Small Imaging Satellites
Spaceflight’s 2017 SSO-A dedicated rideshare mission at near capacity with spacecraft from 10 countries  
EUTELSAT Says To Airbus Defence and Space & Orbital ATK, "Build Our Video Satellite, EUTELSAT 5 West B" 
The trust and confidence is in Airbus Defence and Space as well as Orbital ATK who have been selected as a partnership by Eutelsat to construct their latest video satellite...
Orbital ATK's To Do List... Task Delineation In Building EUTELSAT 5 West B Satellite
"...With Airbus Defence and Space providing the payload and Orbital ATK using our flight-proven bus design, we are confident the team will deliver a high-quality broadcast satellite.” 
Schiaparelli Is Red Planet Ready... Commands Uploaded To Touchdown On Mars
This week, the commands that will govern the Schiaparelli lander’s descent and touchdown on Mars were uploaded to ESA’s ExoMars spacecraft, enroute to the Red Planet.
Blue Origin... How A Tortoise Won The Race Of A Lifetime, And Lives To Enjoy Retirement
The company moved along for 15 years before sending its first suborbital rocket ship to outer space and back successfully nearly a year ago.
Salute To... Royal Military College Of Canada No More Missing Flights With CanX-7 Satellite 
This means no more flights would go missing even if a plane is taken down by severe weather or even captured by terrorists.
Finger On The Pulse... China To Launch First X-Ray Pulsar Navigation Satellite
The system, which will rely on a pulsar signal database and is set to exceed current ground-based space navigation systems in timing and accuracy...
ESA And GomSpace's Smiles Sign Small Sats... Contract For Advanced Nanosatellites 
...will demonstrate inter-satellite linking and station keeping capabilities; key enabling technologies for future nanosatellite constellations.