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Recent Launch News
Arianespace Prep Continues For A Cluster Of Four O3b'ers
Preparations for the launch have included delivery of the final member in the four-spacecraft cluster to French Guiana...
DIRECTTV-14 @ Home In The Payload Fairing
Arianespace’s December 4th launch is designed Flight VA221 in the company’s launcher family numbering system...
NASA's Confidence in Orbital’s Pegasus Rocket... the Launch of an ICON...
It is the world’s only small space launch vehicle that has been certified with NASA’s Risk Category 3, which the space agency reserves for its highest value space missions. 
India's GSAT-16 Is All Fueled Up + Ready To Go With Co-Passenger DIRECTV-14 In Early December
The mission with GSAT-16 and DIRECTV-14 will be Ariane 5’s sixth launch in 2014.
Yaogan-24 Satellite Heads Out + About For Chinese Sensory Acquisitions
Chinese "remote sensing" satellite lofted to orbit.
SSL Names Mystery Customer Provides Service Throughout South East Asia
 “PSN has a charter to use satellites to provide innovative communications solutions that help improve lives and support  economic growth in remote regions.”
Orbital + NASA How Many Balloons Will US$185M Buy? Science Balloons, That Is 
 Not the kind of balloons given in a birthday balloon bouquet, or a hot air balloon...these are a special Science Balloon Operations program.
ST Electronics Leads Into Space + Pushes the Boundaries
There, a team of 70 engineers is counting down to the launch of the first made-in-Singapore commercial remote sensing microsatellite next year,v
ATK and Orbital Make a Date for Merger... Exhibits Confidence In Spite of Antares Launch Failure  
The strategy to spin off our sporting business and merge our A&D businesses...
Orion's Initial Journey Of 22 Miles Will Culminate In A Mission Of 3,600 Miles Beyond Earth
“This spacecraft is going to push the boundaries of scientific discovery and human achievement."
Getting Checked Out B4 Final Push Off
For the upcoming launch, GSAT-16 will be joined by its co-passenger, DIRECTV-14.
Space X's Elon Musk Takes It Up a Notch...Maybe... Investing in Small Sats for Global Internet
It's interesting to learn of people with projects and plans, and then see if they fail or fly.
Airbus Licking Their CHEOPS Over Becoming Exoplanet Prime
Becoming the CHEOPS prime for the ESA's scientific program...
Spaceflight's Eight 3U CubeSats Jamming With JAMSS  as They Organize a Ride on JAXA's Astro-H Mission
 The mission management campaign is underway and the rideshare manifest is fully booked for small satellites.
Rosetta Preparing For A Touchdown On Comet 67P
The soft landing, scheduled for November 12, marks the beginning of extensive research of our origins.
Arianespace + O3b's Satellites... Unpacks 'em, Cleans 'em Up + Checks 'em Out 
 “We believe in a world where affordable, high speed connectivity is always within reach,” Steve Collar, CEO of O3b Networks.
EIAST + American University of Sharjah ...Enlists Students to Develop Amazing CubeSats
This will act as the embryo to develop necessary infrastructure for all future CubeSat missions.
Arianespace Welcomes O3b Networks'... Three Out of Four Arrive to Bridge the Digital Divide
[SatNews] ... into a circular orbit at an altitude of 8,062 km., which is four-times closer to Earth than traditional geostationary satellites, providing substantial performance benefits due to lower latency or delay.
Arabsat Hosts its 147th Board of Directors Meeting in Dubai
Nine Arab countries plan to participate in the meeting, which will cover the launch of four new satellites.
Moog Provides Mucho Control Components and Systems for Atlas V and GPS IIF-8v
Service from the satellites is provided to nearly one billion military and civilian users around the world.