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Recent Launch News
Russian Military Satellite Launch Postponed Due To Progress M-27M Spacecraft Investigation
"Preparations for the launch will be started only after the investigation of the contingency with the Soyuz-2.1a carrier rocket is over."
Sentinel-1B Is Off + Away From Airbus Defence & Space To Meet + Greet The Thales Alenia Space Spacecraft
After integration and testing, the satellite is scheduled for launch in 2016 to join Sentinel-1A, an identical twin of Sentinel-1B, which has been in orbit since April 3, 2014.
Star One C4 Satellite Disembarks In French Guiana Into The Waiting Arms Of Arianespace
The SSL-built Star One C4 features 48 Ku-band transponders and is to reinforce Embratel Star One’s Direct-To-Home (DTH) services in Brazil.
Arianespace's 65th Consecutive + Successful Launch... DirecTV-15 + SKY México-1 Complete Separation Process
Congratulations all around as Ariane 5 soars with DirecTV-15 and SKY México-1 satellites.
Airbus Defence + Space Takes A Bow For Successful Launch Of Both Their Launcher + The Satellite
Airbus Defence + Space's Successful Launch Of Its 100th Geostationary Telecommunications Satellite
Ariane 5 Maintains Perfect Track Record w/Launch Of DirecTV-15 + SKY México-1
“Someone asked me how we had the confidence to go with two satellites on the same Ariane 5, and I said, ‘Well, we couldn’t figure out a way to fit the third one in!”
SeaChange International Sees Positive Changes... Appoints Newest CASBAA Patron + Preps For BroadcastAsia2015
With growth of 518 million multi-channel video subscribers to over 619 million within five years, revenues will climb from $37 billion to over $52 billion.
SSL Built Star One C4 Satellite Arrives In Kourou For Launch
“Star One C4, which is an advanced and powerful satellite, also has special significance to SSL as our 50th mission with Arianespace.”—John Celli, President, SSL.
Arianespace Receives Green Light To GO! Tomorrow For DirecTV 15 + SKY México-1 
Arianespace Flight VA223 will be the 223rd flight of an Ariane vehicle...
DIRECTV 15 Satellite Set For Starring Role In Kourou On May 27th
Covering the entirety of the Unites States, DIRECTV 15 will provide additional digital television services to more than 20 million DIRECTV users there.
Orbital ATK Played Their Roles Well With ULA Atlas V AFSPC-5's Launch
Orbital ATK also produced the Centaur Interstage Adapter (CISA) that houses the second stage engine, and the boattail that adapts the core vehicle to the five-meter diameter fairing.
The ‘CAPEd’ Crusader: Goddard Technologist Advances CubeSat Concept for Planetary Exploration
The spacecraft, including the service module and entry probe, would weigh less than 11 pounds and measure no more than 4 inches on a side.
Second Launch Update Re: CubeSats Separation ... ULA + U.S.A.F.  Launch Is A Go For X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle
Second update regarding CubeSat separation.
Space + Missile Systems Center Successfully Launches the AFSPC-5 Mission From Cape Canaveral Air Force Station
When there's a launch there are always several agencies/companies involved, and subsequently an announcement from each. Here's the latest from the U.S.A.F.
Cause Of Centenario Carnage Begins Investigation
A Russian State Commission has begun the process of determining the reasons for the failure.
The Domino Effect...Launch Of Inmarsat’s Third Global Xpress Satellite Delayed Due To Failure Of Centenario Satellite
“This is the third time our Global Xpress program has suffered launch delays because of Proton launch failures."
ESA + UK-Built Technology Deliver X-Ray Optics For BepiColombo... Will Measure Small Scale Features On Mercury 
...the instrument will use novel X-ray optics to determine small-scale features on Mercury and find out what the planet’s surface is made of.
Sentinel-2A Satellite's Launch Prep Continues By Arianespace With "Stacking" Of Propulsion Systems
ega’s summer mission will loft the Sentinel-2A payload, which is the latest in Europe’s series of Earth observation satellites for the Copernicus initiative.
DirecTV-15 + SKY México-1 Integrated On Ariane 5...  The Final Touch On Top... No Cherries On This
In Spaceport’s Final Assembly Building, SKY México-1 was installed atop Ariane 5’s central core
Arianespace... Logos To Go-Gos...Final Preparations  Of Launch Vehicles Include High Visibility Logos
Despite the intensity of building  a launch vehicle there is a basic and equally important aspect—marketing—and attaching the famous logos.