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Recent Launch News
The First Nanosatellite For The UAE Is Now Built + Ready For Launch
The satellite has also successfully passed all stages and tests and is now ready for launch into space aboard SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket
China's Largest Launch Vehicle To Launch Later This Year
The rocket, designed to carry 25 tons into LEO, will be launched from the Wenchang satellite launch center in south China's Hainan Province.
China's Successful Launch Of New Generation Long March-7 Rocket
The launch success also marks a key step towards China's plans to eventually operate a permanent space station in the final step of the country's three-phase manned space program.
More MUOS Makes Five ...ULA Launches MUOS-5 + Completes The US Navy's Five-Satellite Constellation
“I am so proud of the team for all their hard work and commitment to 100 percent mission success. It is amazing to deliver our second national security payload from the Cape in just two weeks."
Aerojet Rocketdyne's Thrusters Provide Roll, Pitch, Yaw + Settling Burns In US Navy’s MUOS-5 Satellite Launch 
Aerojet Rocketdyne propulsion included an RL10C-1 upper-stage engine, five Solid Rocket Boosters (SRBs), six helium pressurization tanks and a dozen Centaur upper-stage thrusters used for roll, pitch, yaw and settling burns.
Canadian Space Agency's M3MSat Into Successful Orbit
The M3MSat mission will improve ship detection and marine traffic management in Canadian waters by testing new technologies including an innovative antenna designed by the University of Waterloo.
Second Cargo Delivery Mission To ISS Completed By Orbital ATK Including Additional Tasks
The mission, known as OA-6, marked the company’s fifth CRS-1 mission and the first time its Cygnus™ has been used as an in-orbit research platform.
Doves Depart For Orbit
Spaceflight has negotiated the launch of 81 satellites on behalf of their customers and has contracts to deploy more than 150 satellites through 2018.
ISRO's Launch Is Successful With A Full House Of 20 Satellites
Mission accomplished as ISRO's rocket soared stuffed with 20 satellites.
ABS-2A Launch Recap
The ABS-2A satellite is the second of the pair of the all-electric propulsion satellites and was manufactured by Boeing Satellite Systems International.
Thales Alenia Space's Pay-Off For Payload... They'll Supply The Heart Of The System For RSCC’s Express-80 + Express-103 
Thales Alenia Space Italy won a competitive international tender to supply the communications payloads, the “heart of the system...”
SSL Banks On Good Returns As Indonesian Bank's Satellite BRIsat Performs According To Plan
...to provide expanded secure banking communications to almost 60 million customers across the Indonesian archipelago, including locations where banking services were previously unavailable.
M3MSat + GHGSat Plan To Escape Gravity On The 21st
The M3MSat mission aims to test and demonstrate the viability of new technologies that will advance Canada's capabilities in monitoring maritime traffic.
Spaceflight Industries Closes $25 Million Financing Round Led by Mithril
Company also acquires geospatial data firm to expedite delivery of its BlackSky satellite imaging platform
India's College Of Engineering-Pune Hope For Satellite Dream Realization On June 20th
Since 2008, the students have been working on this mission using a fund of Rs 50 lakh.
Up, Up And Away Ariane 5 Whisks Record Payload...Today's Launch Of EchoStar XVIII and BRIsat
...it delivered a total calculated mass of 10,730 kg. into geostationary transfer orbit (GTO)—setting a new launch benchmark for the Ariane 5 ECA version
Airbus Defense And Space... It Takes A Team For A Successful Launch 
“Yet again, Ariane 5 has demonstrated itself as a leader on the world market, which doesn’t just happen by chance.”
Blue Origin Brings In New Shepard For The Fourth Time
The capsule separated from the rocket and both eventually executed what the hosts of Blue Origin launch webcast called "picture-perfect" landings.
Airbus Safran Knows How To Lift Up The Big Ones...Record Weight For Ariane 5 Launch
This Arianespace launch pushed 10.730 tons into space, which is a new record for the Ariane 5 launch vehicle—the previous record was 1.5 tons...
A First For African Schoolgirls As They Build Africa's First Satellite
The satellite will be launched into space later this year as part of a program sponsored by The Meta Economic Development Organization