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Recent Launch News
On Orbit Achievement By Express-AM7
Commissioning of the new RSCC satellite is expected in May 2015.
Arianespace's Soyuz Launches A Pair...Galileo Discovered Jupiter's Satellites + Two Satellites Named In His Honor Go Into Space
Among the many accomplishments of Galileo was the discovery of the four largest satellites of Jupiter (named the Galilean moons in his honor) and today two satellites named after him have been launched.
NASA Sends Two Astronauts To ISS For A Long Time...One Year In Space + The Effects On The Human Spirit
Two humans said farewell to Earth for nearly 12 months to settle into the ISS for one year. Scott Kelly's identical twin brother is a retired NASA astronaut, which could make the experiments more interesting.
Moog's Propulsion Systems Push Adam + Anastasia Galileo Satellites
Moog built the entire Galileo Propulsion System, which includes monopropellant engines, fill and drain valves, latch valves and pressure transducers including the complete thermal control system installation and harnessing.
Boeing's GPS IIF-9 Confirms Its On Orbit Health
“Boeing, ULA and the Air Force successfully launched four GPS IIFs last year, the highest operations tempo in over 20 years, and this latest mission marks the first of three launches planned in 2015.” —Dan Hart, V.P., Boeing Government Space Systems.
Orbital ATK's GEM Of A Contribution Was Vital To Successful Launch Of ULA's Delta IV Rocket
A rocket propelled launch of a satellite is the end result of numerous companies and experts working to achieve one goal...get it up and launch the satellite(s), another company stepping up to share their contribution is...
Launch Successful...ULA's Delta IV On The Way To Deliver U.S.A.F.'s GPS IIF-9 Satellite
Fog didn't dampen the spirits of those involved in a successful launch today of the GPS IIF-9 launch for the United States Air Force.
A Lofty Project Now In The Arianespace Launch Zone
Flight VS11's passengers—built by OHB System, with Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd. supplying their navigation payloads—are the third and fourth Full Operational Capability (FOC) satellites in the Galileo program.
Airbus Defence & Space' PeruSat-1 To Be Launched By Arianespace In 2016
The first satellite of this type to be operated by Peru, it will be placed in Sun-synchronous orbit.
Moog's Pogo Suppression Valves...Just One Of Many Items In The Successful Launch Of ULA's Delta IV Mission 
The Boeing GPS IIF-9 satellite is equipped with Moog thruster valves, isolation valves and service valves that contribute to the satellite’s Attitude Control System (ACS).
REXUS 18 Launches + Ranges Skyward With Four Experiments
EuroLaunch, a cooperation between the Esrange Space Center of SSC and the Mobile Rocket Base (MORABA) of DLR, is responsible for the campaign management and operations of the launch vehicles.
Dual Galileos Getting Ready To Go...
The Galileo program is Europe's initiative for satellite navigation.
The Airbus Defence & Space Built EDRS-C To Be Booted Into Orbit By Arianepsace + A Printing Job
“The SpaceDataHighway establishes a new standard for space communication.” —Evert Dudok, Airbus Defence and Space.
ULA's Delta IV Wins NASA's Contract...To Launch Solar Probe Plus + Sample Near-Sun Environment
 “We did something very similar when we launched the New Horizons mission, which will fly by Pluto and its moons later this year."
United Launch Alliance...Testimony In House Of Representatives Reveals Savings + Successes w/Launches
“If the RD-180 is prematurely cut off before a new engine and vehicle is certified, there will be no other launch provider who can perform the full range of launch capabilities currently required under the law...”
Arianespace...Site Of Two Galileo Satellites That Have Come Together...Mounted On Dispenser System
Providing a highly accurate global positioning system under civilian control, the complete Galileo constellation will consist of 30 satellites in total.
Arianespace To Send Up A Block Of High Resolution Skybox Imaging Satellites
 This new contract with Skybox marks our first U.S. customer...
Gilat Satellite Networks Announces It's Alive...SkyEdge II-c High-Throughput Satellite
"...By using our satellite network, they could connect the next million people, at one third the price and in a fraction of the time.”
TeamCast + Integrasys Collaborate... Signal Tests Include The Help Of A VYPER
The insertion of such identification signals will become mandatory in the forthcoming years in the USA, as soon as 2016 for DSNG applications and 2018 for all applications, and later on in other parts of the world.
 ESA Awards Airbus Defence and Space Build Of Solar Orbiter...Closest Fly By The Sun Than Ever + Studies Bubbles Of Space
...will study in unprecedented detail how our Sun creates and controls the heliosphere, the bubble of space filled with particles and fields in which the Earth orbits.