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Recent Launch News
ESA Readies LISA Pathfinder ...If Gravitational Waves Exist There's A Whole New Perspective On The Universe's Forces 
It is almost a hundred years since Albert Einstein predicted the existence of gravitational waves, but so far no empirical evidence has been found to support this hypothesis.
Bound For Baikonur—ExoMars 2016 Spacecraft Leaving Thales Alenia Space
ExoMars is a joint endeavor between the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Russian Space Agency (Roscosmos), with the Italian Space Agency (ASI) playing a strong role as major contributor within the ESA State Members.
Telstar 12 VANTAGE Satellite Pushed From Tanegashima Space Center Via An H-IIA F29 Launch Vehicle
Telstar 12 VANTAGE replaces and expands on Telesat’s Telstar 12 satellite.
Blue Origin Has Competitors Green With Envy... Mission Accomplished As Rocket Returns To Earth
...soaring to 329,839 feet and then returning through 119-mph high-altitude crosswinds to make a gentle, controlled landing just four and a half feet from the center of the pad.
NASA Signs On SpaceX To Deliver Astronauts To The ISS
SpaceX’s crew transportation system, including the Crew Dragon spacecraft and Falcon 9 rocket, has advanced through several development and certification phases.
Transitional CubeSat Ridesharing Program Initiated By United Launch Alliance
ULA will offer universities the chance to compete for at least six CubeSat launch slots on two Atlas V missions, with a goal to eventually add university CubeSat slots to nearly every Atlas and Vulcan launch.”—Tory Bruno, ULA President + CEO.
China Launches LaoSat-1 For Laos
The satellite, LaoSat-1, was launched on Saturday at the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in southwest China's Sichuan Province.
USAF Selects ULA For Two Mission Launches
The launch service contracts include launch vehicle production and launch operations for the NROL-52 and NROL-71 missions.
ULA's Free Ride To Universities...Compete For Free STEM CubeSat Rides On Future ULA Launches
“ULA will offer universities the chance to compete for at least six CubeSat launch slots on two Atlas V missions, with a goal to eventually add university CubeSat slots to nearly every Atlas and Vulcan launch.”
ULA's New Vice President + General Counsel... He Brings 30 Years Of Aerospace + Defense Experience
“We continue our focus on mission success while transforming ULA to make space more affordable and accessible..."
NASA Kennedy Space Center + ViaSat Engineers Restoring SLS Tracking Antenna
The S-band portion of the microwave spectrum combines command, voice and television signals though a single antenna.
A DAMPE Launch Upcoming For China
DAMPE is one of the first four scientific satellites employed in the CAS space program and will observe the direction, energy and electric charge of high-energy particles in space in search of dark matter.
United Launch Alliance No Longer A Contender For GPS III Satellite Launches
ULA does not currently have any Atlas engines available to bid and therefore is unable to submit a timely proposal.
RSCC's Express AMU1 Satellite Ships From Airbus Defence and Space + Arrives Safely In Baikonur
The satellite will launch on a Proton vehicle at the end of this year.
LISA Pathfinder All Fueled Up + Ready To Review Those Ripples
LISA Pathfinder was "topped off" in the Spaceport's S5 payload preparation facility, taking it one step closer to a December 2 launch from French Guiana on Arianespace Flight VV06.
International Launch Services Garners A Multi-Launch Agreement With Intelsat For Five Proton Missions
The five satellites, yet to be designated, will be launched using the Proton Breeze M launch vehicle.
BADR Just Got Better...As Arabsat 6B Telecommunication Satellite Launches From Ariane 5 Rocket
 ...the first in Arabsat’s 6th generation of satellites, will be co-located with Arabsat satellites at the 26 degrees East video hot spot known as BADR.
A Double Header... Ariane 5 Launches Another Double Success For Airbus Defence + Space
Ariane 5 has boosted two telecommunications satellites into orbit, including ARABSAT-6B (BADR-7), third of five Airbus Defence and Space built telecoms satellite to be launched in 2015
India's GSAT-15 Communication Satellite Launches By Arianespace Successfully
...GSAT-15 carries communication transponders in Ku-band as well as a GPS Aided GEO Augmented Navigation (GAGAN) payload operating in L1- and L5-bands.
Intelsat 29e Now Scheduled For January 2016 Launch By Arianespace
Intelsat 29e marks the first of Intelsat’s next generation EpicNG satellite fleet that combines wide beams and spot beams with frequency reuse technology.