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Recent Launch News
Thales Alenia Space's Four O3b Space Constellation Sats Launch New Record For Arianespace 
The 11th launch of the year sets a new all-time record and passes the cumulative mark of 500 satellites in orbit
Pad Placement For Soyuz... Push By Arianespace For O3b Networks' Four Satellites
Arianespace's December 18 flight will be its third at the service of O3b Networks...
Space X Falcon 9's Next Goal...A First...To Launch + Land The Bird On Unanchored Ocean Platform
The odds of success are not great—perhaps 50 percent at best.
Aerojet Rocketdyne's RL10C-1 Exerts Influence For Atlas V + CHAMPS™ Hot-Fire Test For CubeSat Propulsion
“Seeing the culmination of the team’s efforts to develop and qualify this configuration for use on the Atlas Centaur is very rewarding."—Michael Popp, RL10C-1 program manager at Aerojet Rocketdyne. ""The MPS-120 hot-fire test is a significant milestone in demonstrating our game-changing propulsion solution."—Christian Carpenter, MPS-120 program manager.
India's ISRO... 2015 Will Be Busy, Busy, Busy... 4 + 5= 9 Launches
... with the two engines carrying a giant cup cake-like crew module.
Moog Assists With NROL-35's Ascent + Positioning
he ULA Atlas V 541 rocket that carried the National Reconnaissance Office satellite into space includes several items supported by Moog.
Lockheed Martin To Bring More Resources To Alaska Aerospace Launch Ops
“Athena and Alaska are ideal for sun-synchronous orbit missions like Earth imaging and remote sensing..."—Steve Skladanek, president of Lockheed Martin Commercial Launch Services (LMCLS).
SES Check Off To Do List...Czech + Slovakian Public TV Tests Ultra HD Content 
“Having produced and broadcast all our shows in HD, RTVS is keen to remain the trendsetter in Ultra HD broadcasting..."
ESA's Planck Satellite... Captures Beautiful Dust That Creates Stunning Image
Unlike the unwelcome dust bunnies found under beds, this Galaxy's beautiful dust takes your breath away.
The NRO + ULA's Atlas V Launches NROL-35's Eye Spy In The Sky For National Defense
Rain may have caused a delay, but this most powerful Atlas ever launched from California is now out of sight..
ILS Successfully Launches Yamal-401 For Russian Telecommunications 
An early Monday morning launch from Baikonur
Less Than A Week Away... The O3b Networks' Four Satellite Launch

The O3b business model focuses on three key deliverables: high capacity, fiber-like latency, and bandwidth that is significantly lower in cost.
Yamal-401 Readies For Monday's Launch
The highest power of this beam will be focused on the most populated territory of Russia.
Fregat + Fairing Finished—Arianespace Milestone For O3b Launch Completed
Thales Alenia Space built the satellites as prime contractor, with the spacecraft having individual liftoff masses of 700kg.
United Launch Alliance + U.S.A.F.'s 4th Space Launch Squadron Ready For NRO Payload Sendoff...
"Our mission assurance technicians and engineers have worked hand-in-hand with United Launch Alliance going over critical procedures..."—Lt. Col. James Bodnar, 4th SLS commander.
China's Yaogan-25 Is Lofted From Jiuquan
China launches another of their "remote sensing" satellites...
Orbital's Good News x 3...Return To ISS + Upgraded Antares + Wallops Clean-Up
...revised approach is not expected to create any material adverse financial impacts in 2015 or future years.
From Taiyuan Base, The Brazilian/Chinese CBERS-4 Satellite Makes For Orbit
China + Brazil launch efforts have succeeded...
SSL Is A Happy Camper... DIRECTV Satellite Responds To Maneuvers...Deploys Solar Arrays
...achieve the goal of a satellite that will advance the future of Ultra HD.
Crucial Power Roles Played By Aerojet-Rocketdyne In Orion Launch...
The power behind the Orion launch...