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Recent Launch News
Launch Support For USAF's STP-3 Mission Results In An RFP
The Air Force will award a firm-fixed price contract that will provide the government with a total launch solution including launch vehicle production, mission integration and launch operations for the STP-3 mission. 
Russia's Most Difficult Goal...By 2020 GLONASS K-2 Satellites Made 100 Percent Russian
“making a satellite 100 percent Russian” is a hard task."
STEM Program For Students To Result In A Launched Smallsat
The Irvine CubeSat STEM Program endeavors to provide STEM educational resources to high school students.
Christopher Columbus' Brother's Space Journey With Airbus Defence and Space & Neumann Space
Its all-in-one payload mission service will attract customers from areas including Earth observation, technology demonstrators, astro- and heliophysics, material science and new space flight applications.
Sea Launch Acquired By S7 Group
The CEO of Russia's S7 Group, Vladislav Filen, flew to the IAC in Guadalajara, Mexico, to sign papers that would find his company acquiring Sea Launch.
Arianespace Mission Mustered On A Fairing Day
This upcoming mission will deliver the two telecommunications payloads into geostationary transfer orbit.
Cryogenic Helium Systems Breach Tied To SpaceX Dragon Explosion
The explosion occurred two days before the satellite was scheduled to be launched into orbit.
SCATSAT-1 & Seven Smallsats Travel With Alacrity To Their Slots
SCATSAT-1, a weather satellite with a five year mission life, is a follow-on mission for the country's Oceansat-2.
North Korea's New Engine To Launch A Weapon Or A Satellite?
"This is the kind of thing you try and build to get more rocket capabilities, whether you're trying to build a ballistic missile or space-launch vehicle,"      
The Flukey Incidents That Delayed The Launch Of ULA's WorldView-4 Satellite
At its peak the fire had 1,052 fire fighters from more than 50 agencies and multiple aircraft in a battle to save life, property, and national defense facilities.
Israel's Sixth ISR Satellite, Ofek-11, Now Believed To Be Functioning Properly
The IAI-manufactured satellite was launched on September 13th and encountered some unspecified difficulties after entering orbit.
Launch Reminder: ISRO To Launch Pratham & Seven Additional Satellites On Monday
The Pratham satellite weighs 10 kg, is designed to fit within a cube of 30 centimeters and has a life span of approximately four months.
Open Source Smallsat Makes Headway For December Launch
UPSat is the first complete delivery to ISISpace as part of the QB50 project
The Waiting Game... Space Systems Loral Awaits Preparations To Ship EchoStar XXI
SSL has completed final shipment preparations at their facility where the spacecraft will remain in storage until EchoStar receives notification of launch vehicle availability.
Plenty Of Fueling Around For Arianespace As Preparations For Ariane 5 Flight VA231 Continue
With Ariane 5 now under Arianespace's responsibility, the launcher is in position to receive two passengers: the Sky Muster II and GSAT-18 telecommunications satellites.
Russia Plans Tourist Trips To The Moon... But It's Expensive...$150 Million 
"We are considering eight potential candidates which are ready to pay for such an expedition."
Second Sunday Update: ULA Changes Launch Of WorldView-4 Due To A Fire Further Out... September 26  
it's designed to see objects 1-foot-wide in panchromatic mode, has a 4-foot resolution in color, and images 263,000 square miles of the Earth’s surface per day
A CubeSat's Aqua Approach To The Moon Under Development By Cornell University Students
The team is led by Mason Peck, a former senior official at NASA and associate professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering.
Launch Reminder: DigitalGlobe's WorldView-4 By United Launch Alliance Atlas V On Friday, September 16th
Liftoff will occur from Space Launch Complex (SLC)-3 at Vandenberg Air Force Base, California.
China Set To Lift Tiangong-2 Spacelab Today
Tiangong-2 is a prototype spacelab that will test life support, repair systems and refueling technology for the future 60-ton Chinese Space Station.