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Recent Launch News
China's Wenchang Satellite Launch Center Now Complete... Next Step, Get A Rocket, A Satellite + Then Launch 
[SatNews] As the new center faces the sea to the south and east, there is also no danger of debris from launch vehicles falling into residential areas.
Kacific to Bring Broadband to Kiribati's Most Remote Islands
The agreement comes just as the Pacific island nation plans to privatize its state-owned telecommunications service.
AMSAT Wants You — Design The Next Generation of CubeSat Satellites
Ideas should be based on the CubeSat platform, the standard through which AMSAT will look for launches in the foreseeable future.
DIRECTV 14's Voyage To French Guiana From SS/L Is Accomplished For Arianespace Launch
“DIRECTV 14 shows our commitment to the latest in satellite technology..."
EIAST Completes KhalifaSat's 'Home Grown' Design... First to be Designed + Built in the UAE
In order to achieve all of the new features for the satellite, the company has plans to develop several new technologies.
UPDATES Ariane 5 Lifts Off With Intelsat 30 and ARSAT-1 Brings DIRECTV + Space Communications to Argentina
The launch is now underway following Ariane 5’s liftoff from the Spaceport in French Guiana, burning 5 tons of fuel per second.
NASA's SMAP Arrives + Prepares to Dig In + Study Earth's Moisture
SMAP will provide the most accurate, highest-resolution global measurements of soil moisture ever obtained from space and will detect whether the ground is frozen or thawed.
Arianespace's AVUM Gets Gassed Up + Ready to Roll
...uses liquid bipropellant for primary maneuvering, along with cold gas for attitude control...
PSLV-C26 Launches IRNSS-1C Navigation Satellite 
The Third Navigation Satellite Is Launched By The ISRO
Intelsat 30 + ARSAT-1 Are Given The Green Light For Their Ariane-5 Launch By Arianespace
Flight VA220 is given a "go"...
Arianespace's Two Separate Milestones + In Preparation For Soaring 
[SatNews] Two successful milestones completed in preparation for a launch.
Innovative Solutions In Space Is Preparing To Launch KARI's CubeSats Design Winners
“We look forward to having these first CubeSat contest satellites launched next year.”
Arianespace' Lightweight Vega Prepped With IXV Spaceplane For Fourth Spatial Excursion
The mission’s IXV passenger is an atmospheric reentry demonstrator designed to flight test technologies and critical systems...
ARSAT-1 + SS/L's Intelsat 30/DLA-1 Strapped + Ready For Ariane 5 Launch
 Packing up a horse isn't easy...
Orbital Antares Rocket's Fifth Launch Now Scheduled...Cygnus Will Deliver Cargo To The ISS 
The updated launch schedule has just been announced by Orbital and NASA...
Anomaly Analysis Of Galileo Orbital Injection Failure Completed By Arianespace
"The system thermal analyses have been reexamined in depth to identify all areas concerned by this issue."
Exelis' New Advanced Imaging System Soon Soars Spacewards
Designed to assist with weather forecast improvements and severe weather early warnings...
Mitsubishi + Moog's Contribution To Heavy Lifting Of A Giant Sunflower Successful Launch of Himawari-8
[SatNews] A huge task is not managed single-handedly, especially true when dealing with launching an enormous vehicle skyward fighting gravity every inch of the way.
ISRO Delays Friday's Launch Of Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle...Telecommand System Issue
[SatNews] This will be  the third of the seven satellites planned for the formation of the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System.
People's Liberation Army of China Celebrate National Day... Test Fire A Really Far-Reaching Missile
[SatNews] The DF-31 system has an estimated range of nearly 10,000 kms, enough to deliver a nuclear warhead to the capitals of Europe or the west coast of the U.S.