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Recent Launch News
Russia + Peru—Chasqui-1 Released Via A Hand-Launch @ ISS (Satellite)
[SatNews] Oleg Artemyev and Aleksandr Skvortsov, flight engineers of the International Space Station (ISS) crew, will take a spacewalk on Monday and launch a Russo-Peruvian nanosatellite, the...
European Space Agency, SSTL, OHB Systems + Arianespace—Galileo All Fueled Up and Awaiting Push Off (Launch Preparations)
[SatNews] Final functional testing of Europe’s twin Galileo navigation satellites has been completed at...
Arianespace's Soyuz Flight VS09... Gathers Up The Galileo 'Children' For The Ride Of A Lifetime (Launch)
[SatNews] With a constellation of 30 satellites at full deployment, the project will determine accurate locations for most places on Earth and...
Air Force Space Command...In General Change Is Good (Executive Moves)
[SatNews] The general's staff assignments include tours with the Air Force Secretariat, the Air Staff, the Joint Staff and the Commander's Action Group at Headquarters Air Force Space Command as Director.
Orbital's Cygnus™ Travels To 'There' And Back + Takes Out The Garbage... Successful Cargo Delivery To ISS (Service Provider)
[SatNews] Prior to its departure from the station, the astronauts loaded the cargo module with approximately 3,550 pounds (1,615 kilograms) of items for disposal.
Arianespace—Galileo's Agenda Is Full (Launch Preparations)
[SatNews] Arianespace's medium-lift workhorse is "standing tall" in French Guiana—and ready for its Galileo payload—following Soyuz' transfer...
Arianespace, Optus + MEASAT—The Return Of MEASAT-3b (Launch Preparations)
[SatNews] The return of Optus 10 to French Guiana has set the stage for a new phase of payload preparations at the Spaceport with...
UPDATE: ULA + DigitalGlobe... All Fired Up + Somewhere To Go...Up... Picture This With WorldView-3 (Launch)
[SatNews] ...a picture perfect launch today of a satellite that will be providing perfect pictures.
Arianespace, MEASAT + Optus—Settling In For September Event (Launch Preparations)
[SatNews] Preparations for Arianespace’s next Ariane 5 mission marked an important milestone this...
Kratos + ABS...An EPOCH® Decision Expands Fleet Management System + Excites With All-Electric ABS-3A + ABS-2A Satellites
[SatNews] "...system provides us with the uniqueness to be able to operate our satellites from different manufacturers under one umbrella system and optimize the operational efficiency, flexibility and reliability of our satellites."
Arianespace—The "Meet + Greet" For "Doresa" + "Milena" (Launch Preparations)
[SatNews] “Doresa” and “Milena” have met for the first time, paving the way for their upcoming role in advancing the...
MEASAT—Confirmation For -3b Push Off (Launch Preparations)
[SatNews] MEASAT Global Berhad (“MEASAT”) has announced that the MEASAT-3b satellite has been scheduled for launch on...
Arianespace—Dispensing Set-Up  For "Doresa" + "Milena" (Launch Preparations)
[SatNews] The first of two Galileo navigation satellites to be orbited on Arianespace’s August 21 Soyuz flight have been integrated into its...
ULA... Changes In High Places...President + CEO (Executive Moves)
[SatNews] In that position he oversaw 4,500 employees and managed a diverse portfolio for U.S. and international customers.
MDA + NRSC Of India ...Contract Validates India's Confidence In RADARSAT For Natural Disasters + More
[SatNews] ...its capability makes it an ideal complement to India’s RISAT satellite for disaster management and resource monitoring activities.
China—A Remote Sensing Craft Cruises To Orbit (Launch)
[SatNews] Last Saturday, China launched a remote-sensing satellite into...
Avanti Communications, Orbital Sciences Corp. + Arianespace—HYLAS 4 Creation To Start (Satellite Build + Launch Preparations)
[SatNews] Avanti Communications Group plc. (“Avanti”) (AIM: AVN.L) has completed contracts to purchase and launch...

U.S. Air Force Selects Airbus Defense + Space... Services Worth US$500M For LEO Hosted Payloads
[SatNews] ..."is well-positioned to offer the Air Force and other U.S. government customers affordable and dependable access to space for ..."
Arianespace—"Doresa" + "Milena" Being Topped Off (Launch Preparations)
[SatNews] The latest two satellites to be launched by Arianespace for Europe’s Galileo navigation system are being fueled at...
U.S. Air Force...Has A New Attitude Regarding Small Space Satellites 
[SatNews] However, currently CubeSats have limited three-axis stabilization and do not provide adequate maneuverability, or pointing, to meet mission requirements.