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Recent Launch News
Airbus' OPTIMA Photonics Payload Technology Project is Launched 
Photonic payloads have the potential to revolutionize the design, capacity and capability of future generations of telecommunications satellites.
DigitalGlobe Selects SpaceX to Launch First Two Legion Satellites of the Planned EO Constellation
DigitalGlobe and SpaceX are working together for the first time to launch the WorldView Legion constellation. The initial block of the multi-satellite...
Air Force Awards Valuable EELV Launch Services Contracts to SpaceX and ULA
SpaceX has been awarded a $290,594,130 firm-fixed-price and United Launch Alliance (ULA) has been awarded a $351,839,510 firm-fixed-price 
SmallSat Launch Availability in Japan to Expand Via Kanematsu Partnership with Vector Space Systems
Based on the execution of this representative agreement, KG will provide customers with services stimulating demand for smallsat launches ...
International Launch Services Signs Additional Orders to Push the Proton Medium Vehicle
launch assignments for Proton Medium launches that will include the use of both the 4.35 meter and the new 5.2 meter payload fairing.
Iridium's NEXT Step ... All 10 Satellites for the Fifth Iridium® NEXT Launch Arrived at Vandenberg AFB
...and they can’t wait to see this fifth set arrive in space to keep up the momentum.
Ukrainian Government's Intense Effort to Build Spaceport in Western Australia ... Would Launch Tomorrow If They Could
...has struggled to gain traction within a sector that has...lacked a champion in an Australian space agency and is jaded by pie-in-the-sky proposals that ... 
UPDATE: Officials Discuss Arianespace's Soyuz Launch ... Four O3b Satellites Go Up ... Join 12 Others ... Five More to Go
With 154 Thales Alenia Space satellites orbited since 1981 by Arianespace, and 11 more in our backlog, we will certainly continue to partner ... 
SES Successfully Launches Four for Three ... Four O3b Satellites that Drive Digital Equality with Fiber-Like Connectivity
From connecting underserved communities and meaningfully transforming lives through improved broadband access, to ...
Startup Allegedly Launches Rogue Satellites Without FCC Permission
It's a tale as old as time: a Silicon Valley startup is denied permission by the government to launch satellites, so the startup redesigns the satellites, and 
NASA is Cool with the CubeCats and Will Launch the U of Cincinnati's Students' LEOPARDSat-1
We were the ones who decided to do this mission and apply for a launch. It was not a faculty member who did this for their research. We have the ... 
ILS to Drive Two Effective Space SPACE DRONE™ Satellite Servicing Spacecraft to Orbit
The SPACE DRONE™ spacecraft is a 400 kg. spacecraft (1m x 1m x 1.25m) that has a universal, non-intrusive docking system to rendezvous...
A Blue Sky Ahead as Blue Origin and Sky Perfect JSAT Shake on a Satellite
agreement involves sending up a yet-to-be-named Sky Perfect JSAT satellite on Blue Origin’s New Glenn rocket, which is currently under development.
mu Space Seals the Deal with Blue Origin to Fly Aboard the New Glenn
New Glenn, its orbital launch vehicle that will carry people and payloads to low-Earth orbit destinations and beyond.
Vector to Conduct Dedicated Launch of Alba Orbital PocketQube Satellites from Kodiak, Alaska
Vector recently submitted its first launch application to the Federal Aviation Administration to enable orbital launching from the Pacific Spaceport ...
Arianespace Given Clearance for March 9 Launch of Four SES O3b MEO Satellites
Approval was granted after the regular pre-launch review for Arianespace flights — which confirmed the readiness of Soyuz and its multi-satellite...
OneWeb Readies for Global Constellation Launch and Now Three New Senior Executives
network will be able to provide affordable, turnkey, broadband-quality access to connect people to the global internet, no matter where they live.
Maxar Technologies’ SSL Celebrates Hispasat 30W-6's Successful On Orbit Operations
The satellite incorporates technical innovations that will help reduce mass and improve performance, resulting in an enhanced business case for...
Arianespace Flight VS18 with Four O3b MEO Satellites for SES Now Delayed
This delay will enable additional checks as part of the resumption of launches from the Spaceport in French Guiana. The Soyuz launch vehicle ...
SpaceX's Falcon 9 is the Ultimate 'Night Light' as it Launches Hispasat's 30W-6 Satellite
And it's a go with a beautiful night launch as Falcon 9 soars through the Florida sky.