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Recent Launch News
Russia Admits Military Satellite Constellation...Surveillance of Enemy Vehicles and Vessels  
has one important capability that its US-A predecessor didn't: to listen in on communications sent by enemy ships and vehicles, including communications using closed channels.
SpaceX's Successes... Launches Iridium's NEXT Satellites and the Booster Returns 
...the new satellites will be positioned near a current generation satellite, each moving at approximately 17,000 miles per hour as testing begins.
JAXA's Failure to Launch a Tiny Satellite From a Small Rocket
“It’s very regrettable. We’d like to determine the cause” of the failure,..."
Iridium's NEXT Generation Celebrates Launch of First 10 Satellites
the new satellites will be positioned near a current generation satellite, each moving at approximately 17,000 miles per hour
ULA's First Launch of 2017... USAF's SBIRS GEO Flight 3 Detects Missiles and Incoming Threats
SBIRS, considered one of the nation's highest priority space programs, designed to provide global, persistent, infrared surveillance capabilities to meet 21st century demands
ISRO's Aim of 103 Satellites' Launch... Forget Setting a Record Just Maximize Capability
"We are not looking at it as a record or anything."
Russia Makes Progress on Destruction of Progress MS-04 Cargo Vehicle 
...the conclusion that the oxidizer tank of the third-stage engine was ripped open with an impact of fragments that emerged with the destruction of ...
China Shares Satellite's Shots ...First Hi-Res Earth Observation
Zhang said that compared with foreign commercial Earth observation satellites, SuperView satellites have better resolution, accuracy and coverage.
SpaceX Prepares Falcon 9 for Launch and Landing... Just Read the Instructions
...valued at $492 million, it was the largest single launch deal ever engaged. 
Japan Scrubs Experimental Launch of CubeSat by Modified SS-520 Sounding Rocket 
If the launch is successful, SS-520-4 will become the smallest rocket ever to deliver a payload into orbit.
Small Rocket, Smallsat, Big Launch — All Part of JAXA's Master Plan For Less Expensive Launches
The smallsat to be carried by the small rocket is the University of Tokyo’s TRICOM-1, which weighs some 3 kg.
Arianespace's Two New Contracts In New Year...JSAT and Intelsat
On January 4, 2017 Satnews.com shared Arianespace's announcement regarding...
China's New Rocket Launches a Trio
...are experimental satellites to test technologies of low-orbit narrow-band communication and VHF Data Exchange System
SpaceX's NEXT Delay... Again... Extreme California Weather
Certainly Musk never wants to experience the devastation of what occurred during a similar test September 1 in Florida, when a flaw in the design led to... 
Russia's Siberian Extreme... Creates World's First Satellite from a 3D Printer
...dynamic modeling, along with 3D printing, allow developers to reduce the satellite's weight, give it strong characteristics and resist vibration.
NOAA Whoa, Again... Joint Polar Satellite System Delay
Certainly a disappointment when it was announced that NOAA's Joint Polar Satellite System (JPSS) spacecraft had a technical issue.
SpaceX's Delay-a-Day...On a One Day Hold
...the engines ignited before turning off seconds later, while the rocket remains anchored to the launch pad.
NASA Sends Psyche and Lucy On A Most Excellent Adventure... Explore Early Solar System
it's is the only known object of its kind in the solar system and the only way humans will ever visit a core. We learn about inner space by visiting outer space.
SpaceX Gets Back Up On The Proverbial Horse and Plans A Launch 
“SpaceX usually pushes ahead a lot faster, so it seems like they’re not rushing ahead at this point, which is a good thing.”
One Hundred and Three Smallsats, Sitting on a PSLV...
The rocket in question is the PSLV-C37 and the date is set for February from the Satish Dhawan Space Center in Sriharikota.