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The First Indigenous Satellite Build Is Planned By Turkey—TÜRKSAT 6A—Plus, GÖKTÜRK-2 Celebrates Second Anniversary... On Orbit
TAI Facilities in Ankara, Turkey, will build this new satellite...
Twenty-Five Year HISPASAT Anniversary Could Also Net Prize Winning Submissions Thousands Of Euros
The prize is open to all submissions from academic and industrial backgrounds that offer a solid, innovative, satellite telecommunications project...
Driving The Changes That Are Needed In The Satellite Industry... SSPI's Gala Benefit Dinner
SSPI kicks off their "How Satellites Make A Better World" campaign...
Northrop Grumman Brings The Fire Scout MQ-8B To The USCG
"I'm confident that we'll demonstrate increased NSC effectiveness while lowering the Coast Guard's operational costs."—George Vardoulakis, Vice President, Medium Range Tactical Systems, Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems.
Robinson, Welch, Tadros + Clark Elected To The Board Of The Hosted Payload Alliance
"Since its inception, the HPA boasts many accomplishments working with government to further the development of a new hosted payload contracting vehicle..."—Nicole Robinson, Hosted Payload Alliance Chair.
Key GVF Initiatives To Be Driven By New Board Of Directors
"As the satellite communications industry addresses major challenges and opportunities, the need for a strong, well-credentialed GVF Board has never been greater.”—David Hartshorn, Secretary General of GVF.
An Endorsement By ASC Signal For SSPI's "Better World" Campaign
“Sponsorship is our way of thanking the Society for its contribution to the growth our business."—Keith Buckley, CEO, ASC Signal.
Demo Flights Prove Successful For Kratos' Unmanned Systems Division
"These recent successful flights of our high performance unmanned aircraft represent important progress for our Company's unmanned systems initiative."—Eric DeMarco, President and Chief Executive Officer of Kratos Defense & Security Solutions.
Pad Placement For Soyuz... Push By Arianespace For O3b Networks' Four Satellites
Arianespace's December 18 flight will be its third at the service of O3b Networks...
 The 31st Space Symposium Offers Early Bird Rewards + A Stellar Lineup Of Speakers 
....will host a separate event focusing on the evolving security challenges posed in cyberspace.
Moog Assists With NROL-35's Ascent + Positioning
he ULA Atlas V 541 rocket that carried the National Reconnaissance Office satellite into space includes several items supported by Moog.
Space Start-Up Incubations Planned By Space-Nest.
"An appropriate framework will enable small, innovative companies with strong teams to develop emerging technologies into commercialized products."—Ofer Lapid, Co-Founder, Space-Nest.
Space Tech Expo + Conference 2015...Take A Sneak Peek + Catch The Early Bird Special                                                                                                                                            
conference focuses on the challenges and opportunities facing the military, commercial, and government space sectors
Einstein's Theory Of Relativity To Be Put to The Test By Airbus D&S
Airbus Defence and Space is creating a “super clock” for the European Space Agency (ESA) that comprises two atomic clocks as well as laser and microwave links to the Earth.
Space-Based Observation Instrument From SwRI To Be Shown @ American Geophysical Union's Event
"SSIPP uses a classic, two-stage pointing system similar to larger spacecraft, but in this case the first stage is a pilot who initially steers the instrument..."—SwRI Systems Engineer Jed Diller.
Competing In The APAC Mobile Markets Focus of WTA + NewSat @ PTC'15 Event
The opportunity for satellite capacity is clear. However, how can managed service providers best seize the opportunities created by demand for mobile services?
Into Edinburgh, Scotland, Goes COM DEV INT'L For MESL Microwave Acquisition
"We are now moving to a new phase in U.K. operations. We have seen growth in revenue in our Aylesbury facility over recent years and are anticipating further substantial growth in this supportive environment."—Michael Pley, CEO, COM DEV International.
Less Than A Week Away... The O3b Networks' Four Satellite Launch

The O3b business model focuses on three key deliverables: high capacity, fiber-like latency, and bandwidth that is significantly lower in cost.
Fregat + Fairing Finished—Arianespace Milestone For O3b Launch Completed
Thales Alenia Space built the satellites as prime contractor, with the spacecraft having individual liftoff masses of 700kg.
Boeing's CDR For Ground Segment Completed As Well As Baseline Design For NASA's CST-100
“This is an important step towards achieving human-rated certification."—Boeing Commercial Crew Program Manager John Mulholland.