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2015 Space Technology Hall of Fame Inductees Named By Space Foundation
The Space Foundation's Space Technology Hall of Fame was established in 1988 to increase public awareness of the benefits that result from space exploration programs and to encourage further innovation.
Can Commercial Satellites Still Compete? NSR's Upcoming Free Webinar Will Answer That Question...
Join NSR for this free webinar on April 1st that will examine current and future challenges in the Government and Military Satellite Communications Markets.
Certifiably So, Latitude IONode Good To Go For S-76 Helicopters
The STC is applicable for all IONode models...
Paving The Way For UK Commercial Space Ops
Work to establish the feasibility of a UK spaceport began in 2012.
Sicral 2 Safely Settled @ Guiana Space Center For Launch In April
Sicral 2 is one of the basic building blocks in Italian-French defense cooperation.
Arianespace' ISO 50001 Energy Plans For Guiana Space Center Now In Place
Arianespace is the first company in French Guiana to deploy this type of initiative.
GeoSync Microwave Provides A Quad-Band Test Translator ...Check It Out @ Satellite 2015 
An important advantage for Ka-band performance is the suppression of the second harmonic of the Ka-band LO to <-50 dBm.
@ Heli-Expo 2015: Technisonic Debuts Their First Dual Transceiver Airborne Radio
Each TDFM-9100 transceiver can store 3,000 channels per module and be programmed to operate in digital or analog mode on a channel-by-channel basis.
Electrical Empowerment Via Boeing Results In Signal Sendings For ABS and EUTELSAT Satellites
The satellites were launched as a conjoined stack on a single SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, demonstrating a patented Boeing technology that promises to noticeably reduce launch costs.
Super News From Superbrands For Avanti Communications
“The award of Business Superbrand 2015 status serves as very welcome recognition of our strategy."—Matthew O'Connor, COO, Avanti Communications.
Crucial Comms For Volvo Ocean Race Are In Cobham's Hands
The Cobham TCS NETNode Mesh IP radio provides IP connectivity for email and internet access, with COFDM modulation to integrate video, audio and GPS information.
Of SatBroadcasting™ Interest: HEVC Of A Time @ ABU DBS For MEASAT, Village Island and Aviindos
With the new DVB-S2X capabilities, the companies will transmit via satellite two (2) 4K video ('Ultra HD') services at 60 progressive frames per second.
SES' Keynote Presentation... Satellite Holds The Key To Unlock Architecture Of Future Networks + Accelerate Digitization
"Mobile players are facing enormous challenges and the risk that the evolution of network demand and usage lead to an unmanageable congestion..."
SatBroadcasting™: Massachusetts Excise Tax: Tax on Video Programming Delivered by Satellite Was Not Discriminatory.
These satellite service providers believe this excise tax discriminates against interstate commerce by the way it only applies to video programming provided through satellite and not cable.
Interference Is A Big Deal In DC — Time To Delve Into Solutions
The groups will also be on hand during the exhibition to discuss satellite interference and ways to mitigate it.
Win the Opportunity to be Awarded a Magnum of Satellite Wine... @ The SSPI Gala In DC
The SSPI thanks SatNews and Siesta Estate Wines for producing this special magnum bearing the Mission Patch for the “Better Satellite World” campaign.
All Set For Mid-May, Space Tech Conference Is Getting Ready To Open The Doors In Long Beach, California
New to the agenda this year is the SmallSats Focus Day.
Double Play For PCI Geomatics—Live Demo Regarding DigitalGlobe's WorldView-3 and KazEOSat-1 Support
PCI Geomatics and Digital Globe will be presenting this joint webinar to demo the value of working with very high resolution, super spectral imagery.
Highly Reflective Of Good Technology, AstroMast Deploys On NASA'/JPL's SMAP
"The AstroMesh Reflector is a central feature of the SMAP spacecraft, which will be used to help monitor soil moisture and thus provide critical data about the state of our planet."—John A. Alvarez, general manager, Astro Aerospace. 
U.S. Navy and Marine Corp.'s Readiness Severely Suffers Under Sequestration... And More To Follow...
“This means longer timelines to arrive, less time to prevail, if we do, more ships and aircraft out of action when in battle, more sailors, Marines and merchant mariners killed.”—Navy Adm. Jonathan W. Greenert.