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Beidou Betterment x2 Blasts Off From Xichang Satellite Launch Center
The two satellites reached their target orbits 3-1/2 hours after the launch and they will be used to test a new type of navigation signaling and inter-satellite links, and also provide navigation services.
MSG-4 Turned Over To EUMETSAT
The release of the first image generated by the SEVIRI imager on board MSG-4 in some eight days will be an important milestone.
The World’s First Combustion Free, Externally-Powered, Space Launch Thruster Successfully Tested By Escape Dynamics
“Our recent tests are a major step forward in the continued advancement of our externally-powered high Isp thruster and validation of our efforts to change the manner of orbital launches.”—Richard F. Schaden, co-founder + Chairman of the Board, Escape Dynamics.
A 3-D Printed UAS Successfully Launches + Flies From Royal Navy Warship
"The Royal Navy's Maritime Capability organisation is very interested in conceptual applications of unmanned and highly automated systems."—Royal Navy's Commander Maritime Capability (Aviation), Cdr. Bow Wheaton.
Space Foundation's Space Technology & Investment Forum Brings In Additional Subject-Matter Speakers
Subject matter experts will share their experiences with securing funding and identifying creative financing solutions to launch new products and services.
A New, Multi-Transponder Partnership For ABS With The Federated States Of Micronesia
“The partnership with ABS supports our goal of satisfying the growing broadband demands and services that best meet our users’ needs in a wide geographic environment.”—John Sohl, CEO, FSMTC.
Scientific Satellite Launch Is In China's Plans For 2016
The first satellite of the space studies program is a dark matter particle explorer satellite, expected to be launched by the end of this year.
SPAR Point Group's LiDAR Mapping Forum ... Call For Papers
The success of ILMF 2015, which saw more than 800 professional attendees from 27 countries ...
Launcher Elements For A Dual Launch Mission In September Arrive In French Guiana For Arianespace Action
The Ariane 5 launch this September with NBN Co 1A and ARSAT-2 is designated Flight VA226 in Arianespace's numbering system.
EUMETSAT Eager To Take Command Of MSG-4
During commissioning, EUMETSAT will conduct an extensive testing program to verify the end-to-end system performance.
Testing Time For The Sentinel-5 Precursor Satellite
The mission has made use of the AstroBus Platform Line developed by Airbus Defence and Space where the avionics and platform are based on a standard, but customizable design that covers a large variety of low Earth Orbit applications and can be tailored to customer requirements.
SSPI Continues To Make The Strong Case For Satellite—Bringing Order To Disaster
"The solution greatly improved our ability to operate and to deliver the assistance to our beneficiaries that they needed so much.”
AVIWEST Is Preparing For Several Product Demos @ IBC2015
AVIWEST's advanced live video contribution platform enables broadcasters to capture and broadcast live HD or SD video over multiple networks.
EUTELSAT 8 West B + Intelsat 34 Co-Passengers + Will Be Seventh Liftoff In 2015 At Arianespace
These pre-launch activities kicked off this month, following separate arrivals of the two spacecraft.
CDR Completed By Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin + TeleCommunications Systems For AEHF Terminal
"This milestone brings the LCT a major step closer to completion so assured connectivity can be affordably extended to tactical users."—Tim Frei, V.P., communication systems, Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems.
This NOAA Sensor GOES For Hospitalization + Receives A Clean Bill Of Health
The first satellite in the GOES-R series is scheduled for launch in 2016.
U.S. Air Force Academy + Surrey Satellite Technology-US...Supply The Crucial Needs Of Space Weather Forecasting 
“iMESA-R will measure the first two of those parameters in low-Earth orbit.”—Dr. Richard Balthazor, Space Physics and Atmospheric Research Center (SPARC), U.S. Air Force Academy.
Chinese Interest In Sea Launch?
Currently, Energia of Russia is the majority owner of Sea Launch.
Boeing Proves The Power Of Military Ka-Band Services Through Inmarsat-5 F2 Satellite + Demos Digital GPS Signals
“These tests show users how they can seamlessly switch in the field between Inmarsat Global Xpress and WGS signals.”—Jim Mitchell, V.P., Boeing Commercial Satellite Services (BCSS).
"Making Waves" Is The Theme Of This Year's CASBAA Convention...
“Linear TV is still a major force in the Asia Pacific region, but there is no denying that the industry today is in a state of flux.”—Christopher Slaughter, CEO, CASBAA.