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Orion Ready + Set to Roll to Launch Pad @ Kennedy Space Center
“We’re ready to launch it into space and test every inch.”
Developing: Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo Explodes, One Deceased
Scaled Composites conducted the powered test flight, which suffered a catastrophic anomaly.
Artel Video Systems @ CC@ 2014 With Broadcast Media Transport Solutions
Artel Video Systems will demonstrate its comprehensive solution for transporting broadcast-quality media.
A Review Of CASBAA's Opening Day + The "Beyond The Box" Theme For SatBroadcasting™
“While technology has changed, what hasn’t changed is understanding the consumer and knowing what they want.”
ATK's Major Roles In GPS IIF-8 Launch
“The Atlas V and GPS programs encompass the scope and scale of ATK’s highly engineered products and affordable innovation."
Russian Meridian Satellite Makes For Space
The Fregat upper stage with a Meridian dual-use communications satellite had successfully separated from the third stage of the Soyuz-2.1a carrier rocket.
Optus Satellite's Optimistic Project... Expand FOXTEL's HD Services 
The Australian companies have signed a five-year agreement that gives select FOXTEL customers access to nine new HD channels. 
Lava Lapping @ Pahoa, Hawai'i
The flow was reportedly advancing by about 15 feet (5 meters) per hour.
Gilat to Showcase 3G/LTE Backhauling at China Satellite 2014
Highlighted will be the company’s TDMA SkyEdge II-c Capricorn VSAT and SOTM antennas.
EUMETSAT + CNES Conference Ka-Band Altimeters + The Jason Mission
New frontiers of altimetry is discussing the mission performance of new Ka-band altimeters and of the current Jason mission.
Third Group Of Four Satellites Should Realize Release This December
“These additional satellites will provide more capacity and drive even higher performance."
Airbus Defence & Space's Innovation Turns In a Winner... European Satellite Navigation Competition 2014
The winners illustrated the fundamental importance of robust, reliable, and secure time and positioning signals for Europe's digital society...
European Space Successes In The Spotlight...
The exhibition is organized around three pillars: knowledge and innovation, services for citizens and competitiveness.
General Dynamics and EDGE Innovation Network Prep for Edgy Event...Host Winter Institute 2014
"The lessons learned from this exercise will identify what works, and what needs work, so when a disaster strikes, first responders can focus on helping survivors..."
Metadata Accuracy Is The Goal Of Crystal Solutions @ SATCON
“Inserting metadata enables new business and revenue models..."
Geolink Satellite Services Has High Hopes @ 2014 NetHope Global Summit
The Paris-based satellite solutions provider will be available to meet with attendees to discuss their connectivity projects.
Laser Communications Symposium 2014: The Current State Of The SpaceDataHighway, Hopefully No Pot Holes
The symposium will focus on soon-to-be available innovative laser technology that will revolutionize how geospatial data and information is managed on...
Skybox for Good + Google — Donated Satellite Imagery to Benefit Nonprofits
Fresh satellite imagery is now available for projects that save lives, protect the environment, promote education, and positively impact humanity.
Moving On In... Clyde Space' Success Requires More Room...
“We’re growing pretty fast just now and have literally run out of space for new recruits, so our move to our new premises can’t come soon enough."
EIAST....Eye Spy in the Sky... @ 2014 SPIE Optics + Photonics Conference 
...is developed on a yearly basis, so as to keep up with the latest innovations in the field which make it difficult to protect images worldwide.