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Recent North America News
New Advanced Systems and Development Directorate @ Space and Missile Systems Center
Two SMC directorates are merged and charged with charting the future for Air Force Space Command...
BlackBridge's RapidEye Imagery Focuses On Alaska For AAC
"Alaska is a difficult state to image, with demanding terrain and short acquisition windows, but the RapidEye constellation is well suited for this challenge."
GPLink To Demo Maritime Monitoring Systems In New Orleans in December
Whether a single vessel or a vast fleet, gplink is designed to help keep vessels on the water longer and increase a company's bottom line.
NASA's Prize Money These Cubes Will Get You Five Million For Champion CubeSats  
"Prize competitions like this engage the general public and directly contribute to NASA's goals while serving as a tool for open innovation."
Sub-Saharan Service From Globalstar Empowers Geoforce
"In the oil and gas industry, in particular, there is a requirement for borderless global equipment tracking."
Contribution + OU Broadcasting Services Analyzed By NSR
This second edition NSR report phases out the fading population of analogue feeds, focusing instead on digital channel resolutions from SD to HD, 4K and 8K.
For Small SatSpaces, A. T. Wall's Flexible Waveguides Fill The Bill
...even the most difficult flexible waveguide applications are met...
NASA's Confidence in Orbital’s Pegasus Rocket... the Launch of an ICON...
It is the world’s only small space launch vehicle that has been certified with NASA’s Risk Category 3, which the space agency reserves for its highest value space missions. 
Great Balls Of Bolides—NASA Maps Fireballs
“How big is the population of larger asteroids that we really need to worry about? We need to better understand that.”
Globalstar's Sat-Fi Takes Smart Phones To Another Level...Reliable Connectivity On Land + Sea
"This device might become one of the most 10 beneficial inventions."
Northrop Grumman + NASA...An Ultralight that is a Good Reflection on SMAP Mission
"Ultralightweight technology is critical to meet the demanding requirements of this mission,"
Telenor Connexion + Bluefish Technologies Join Forces + Pass a Milestone 
This partnership is a milestone for Bluefish Technologies in the M2M/IoT space.
New Dejero Technology Bonds SNG Feeds Via Mac Notebooks
"...covering breaking news cost-effectively from remote locations has never been easier."
The Geospatial Connection To UAVs To Be Examined By LizardTech In New Mexico
“The UAV market is expanding so rapidly that it’s easy to get overwhelmed..."
LH2 Engine Tests By XCOR Aerospace For United Launch Alliance Successful
"This test marks the first time liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen have been supplied to a rocket engine with a piston pump."
India's GSAT-16 Is All Fueled Up + Ready To Go With Co-Passenger DIRECTV-14 In Early December
The mission with GSAT-16 and DIRECTV-14 will be Ariane 5’s sixth launch in 2014.
Advantech Wireless BUCs A New Airborne Trend
“GaN based SSPBs are ideally positioned for the next generation Airborne SATCOM terminals."
LizardTech Presents Their Geospatial + Imagery Products To Higher Education
“LizardTech realizes the importance of supporting academic institutions in their training of the next generation of geospatial professionals."
NSR Pounds The BRICS + Offers SATCOM Capacity Analysis
This report answers the key questions concerning each BRICS country market...
NAOJ + JAXA...Record Sun's Enormous Sunspot Cluster 66 x the Size of Earth
...space probe and observatory have recorded huge sunspot activity with a sunspot cluster 66 times the size of Earth