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Nepal Quake Disaster Now Has NASA | JPL Resources At Hand
The satellite data will be used to compile maps of ground surface deformation and to create risk models.
Electric Propulsion Technology Patent Awarded To The Elwing Company By Japan
This new patent completes Elwing's intellectual property holdings in Japan, allowing Elwing to offer Japanese satellite manufacturers its most advanced propulsion system design.
KVH Names ComMar ....Florida Representative For Their Marine Products
The company has been in a working relationship with KVH for more than 20 years, and now certainly many more years to come.
NSR Asks... Two Paths To Success For In-Flight Connectivity? And Answers...
Service providers offering line-fit IFC equipment on single-aisle aircraft are a fast track to grow volume and increase market share.
TACNAV Systems From KVH Ordered To The Tune Of $1.5 Million
“The system serves as a crucial resource for navigation and battle management, keeping soldiers safe and out of harm’s way wherever they travel.”—Dan Conway, Exec. V.P., KVH.
Billions Of Reasons Why Harris Is Involved In U.S. Army's JTRS HMS Program
“With this contract, the Army is one step closer to putting the radios in the hands of warfighters."—Dana Mehnert, Group President, Harris RF Communications.
ETL Systems...RF Equipment Amps, Splits + Switches @ IMS 2015
“This is the most compact unit of its kind on the market, capable of fitting the greatest number of hot-swap transmit and receive fiber modules in the smallest space,”
Kazakhstan In A Receptive Mode For Inmarsat-5 F3's Arrival
“We are approaching the completion of our GX constellation and the arrival of Inmarsat-5 F3 at the Baikonur Cosmodrome is another significant milestone."—Michele Franci, CTO, Inmarsat.
Inmarsat’s IsatPhone 2 ...Have Antenna Will Travel...First Vehicle Antenna Maintains Connectivity Everywhere
The new antenna kit is beneficial for organizations with teams traveling in remote locations for work and safety.
Jeff Bezo Is Tickled Pink With Blue Origin's Test Launch Of New Shepard... Almost 100 Percent Successful
"In fact, if New Shepard had been a traditional expendable vehicle, this would have been a flawless first test flight."
NASA's MESSENGER...A Bittersweet End To An 11-Year Journey As Mission Is Accomplished
The mood in the Mission Operations Center at APL was both somber and celebratory as team members watched MESSENGER’s telemetry drop out for the last time...
 KVH Keeps Afloat...Launches Global Conference Series + Addresses Key Trends In Maritime Connectivity
"With the exploding demand for broadband at sea coupled with the challenges of controlling costs in a competitive market..."
COM DEV Ups Their Record Breaking $65 Million (Canadian) Commercial Contract w/$10 Million More
Report indicated that the multiple-satellite award was its largest ever commercial contract in excess of $65 million, $38 million of it was recorded as an order. 
Globalstar Europe... It's So Fine That Sat-Fi's Capabilities Enable Connections When Beyond Range Of Mobile Network
“Although we live in a connected world, there are still billions of people who work, play and live in remote locations lacking reliable and affordable voice and data communications."
 Advantech Wireless successfully completes a live demonstration of its Cellular Backhaul LTE Solution in LATAM.
Once again Advantech Wireless has demonstrated its technology is able to support all market applications.
 Globalstar Europe Satellite Services SPOT + Rescue Extreme Athletes In Sahara
With sand in their eyes and no other competitors in line of sight, athletes did occasionally miss the markers and stray off course.
Acquiring Minds Wish To Know... Emerging Markets Communications To Gain MTN Communications
"The acquisition of MTN makes our vision a reality."—Abel Avellan, founder + CEO, EMC.
DirecTV-15 and SKY Mexico-1 Launch Prep Continues @ Spaceport In French Guiana
Scheduled for May, the Ariane 5 flight with DirecTV-15 and SKYM-1 is designated VA223 in Arianespace’s numbering system.
U.S.A.F.'s SBIRS GEO-6 To Pack In Navigation System From Lockheed Martin
"Our team is assuring that SBIRS production will continue to yield vital capabilities for the Air Force's early warning missions."—David Sheridan, V.P. + SBIRS Program Director, Lockheed Martin.
X-Band Capacity Made Available To Nepal Search + Rescue Efforts By XTAR
“Satellite communications are often the first and only link to needed resources in catastrophic natural disasters.”—Philip Harlow, President + COO, XTAR.