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SSL's Contract From U.S. DARPA Dragonfly Program ... Robotics Self Assemble Large Satellites While In Orbit
..."to demonstrate our advanced robotics capabilities with a mission that has the potential to transform the way satellites are built.”
UPDATE: Erika Blows Over + ULA Reschedules Launch Of MUOS-4 Launch... Tuesday, September 2
Governor Rick Scott of Florida issued a state of emergency Friday as Tropical Storm Erika headed toward the state after killing at least a 20 people and causing devastating floods in the eastern Caribbean island of Dominica,
Comtech EF Data Announces Product Updates...
The updates are now available on the Comtech EF Data website.
NexGen Rocket Engine Tests for NASA's Space Launch System Have Now Been Successfully Completed
Four RS-25 engines will help power the SLS core stage during launch.
Almost Time To Launch ULA's Atlas V For U.S. Navy's MOUS-4 
"With OVI, the team developed an innovative process that provides safer and more efficient launch processing of the Atlas vehicle.”
SSL-Built Sky Muster Makes The Journey To Kourou For Arianespace Action
“The satellite for Australia’s broadband network is a very advanced broadband satellite that will cover the entire Australian continent including its offshore islands."—John Celli, president of SSL.
To Be Fairing About It, There's Now An On Orbit, Robotic Assembly Of Satellites Study Underway By SSL for DARPA
“The Dragonfly program gives SSL the opportunity to demonstrate our advanced robotics capabilities."—John Celli, President, SSL.
Inclined Satellites... How Additional Driver Training Can Drive Costs Down ... From GEO To Inclined Sats
Unfortunately, the COMSATCOM services needed to operate these remote vehicles can get expensive—especially considering the way the military...
 The Military Tactical Communications Summit Is Serious Stuff w/Training In Town Hall Forum
...where thought leaders and key policy-makers across U.S. military and U.S. civilian organizations can come together for actionable discussions and debate.
NASA's Marshall Center Has A New Direction Thanks To A New Director Of Center Operations
...he had already spent a decade as a Navy officer, serving at sea and in the Pentagon, seeing the world and even seeing war.
This Is Pretty Cool From Lockheed Martin
The High Power Microcryocooler is a high-reliability system designed for continuous operation over a lifespan in excess of 10 years and is the industry’s highest power density cryocooling system.
The Rollout Of Skyline Communication's DataMiner 9.0 Will Occur @ IBC2015
“Continued innovations at the core of DataMiner enable operators to pull data from millions of CPE devices almost in real time."—Ben Vandenberghe, CEO, Skyline Communications.
SSL's Satellite Intelsat 34 Is A Good Soldier ... Follows Orders + Performs Post-Launch Maneuvers 
...will support Direct-to-Home television service and broadcast television distribution in Latin America and maritime and aeronautical use in the North Atlantic region.
EXIM De-Funding One Of The Major Reasons For Upcoming Boeing Satellite Manufacturing Job Reductions
Boeing is, apparently, continuing to work with ABS to uncover other means of financing for the new satellite.
ULA's Atlas V 551 Stands Ready ... Launch Of U.S. Navy's MOU-4 Soon
a next-generation narrowband tactical satellite communications system using orbiting satellites and relay ground stations to improve communications for U.S. forces on the move.
Fires In The Northwestern U.S. Captured At Night By Suomi NPP
This image was acquired in the early morning local time on August 19 with the Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) sensor on the Suomi NPP satellite.
An External Platform + Three SmallSats Berthed @ ISS For Research Missions
“We look forward to working with NanoRacks and the research community on taking advantage of this critical hardware device to unlock further discovery right outside of the station."—Ken Shields, Director of Operations, CASIS.
SOHO's Surprise 'Sun' Satellite Does More Than Planned... Facts About Sun + Bonus Discoveries Of 3,000 Comets
But no one could have predicted SOHO's other observational triumph.
Lockheed Martin Gives Tanks To Orbital ATK For Fuel Tanks Contract
“This contract and technology are important elements of our modernized A2100 satellite.”
New Revised NSR’s Satellite-Based Earth Observation, 7th Edition ... Reaching Levels Never Before Seen
With dozens of new and smaller satellites currently, or planned, for space-based imagery via a multitude of constellations, the influx of new Earth Observation data is reaching levels never before seen.