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Forrester Reports: Virgin Orbit Sues One Web to Pay Up + Avanti Signs a Five Year Master Deal
Despite this legal battle, it seems Branson‘s team are staying friends with OneWeb — at least until the contracted flights have taken place — and say
ABS and INTERSAT Complete Their Nairobi Workshop
With the growing trend to localize content, ABS has partnered with INTERSAT to set up teleport infrastructure in Nairobi to offer data and video services on ...
African Space Industry's Report Reveals Over US$7 Billion Annual Revenue, to Exceed US$10 Billion by 2024
African engineers built 14 of the 35 satellites, including those they built in Africa and others using facilities outside of Africa.
Israel's Homeland Security ... Virtual Assistant Revolutionizing Maintenance Field
A new virtual assistant for defense systems maintenance uses augmented reality (AR) glasses to display repair information through holograms.
Russia Launches Its Most Powerful Telecom Satellite
Dogged by a string of failures and quality control concerns in 2006-2015, Protons will be phased out and replaced by Angara rockets over the next decade.
The Ivory Coast's Digital Migration to be Accelerated with SES
Under this multi-year agreement, 60 analog turned digital channels will be broadcast with brighter, sharper picture and better sound, via the SES-4...
SOTM Terminal from Get SAT Gains Armed Force Tactical Coms Contract
Nano Sat-H is an ultra-portable lightweight, low-profile terminal optimized for 'on-the-move' applications and man-carried portability and mobility...
In Orbit ... Gazprom Space Systems' Yamal-601 Satellite Designed and Built by Thales Alenia Space 
They are also proud to have provided the most powerful communications satellite operating in Russian orbital slots, in term of bandwidth.
SES Ensures Success for Ivory Coast Digital Migration 
... will then be available to all Ivorian television (TV) viewers who have a digital set-top box, or an integrated digital TV with a built-in DTT decoder. 
MOUs Between Space Florida and Israel's Innovation Authority ... Space Collaboration
Israeli authorities called the collaboration with Florida the most effective they have, and want to extend it beyond space, to agriculture and cyber...
Elbit Systems' $127 Million Contract to Provide Tactical Radio Systems to an Army in South Asia
The radios to be supplied will include several configurations for integration onboard a range of armored fighting vehicles and tanks at the battalion and company levels. 
Ovzon and GetSAT Agree to Develop SOTM Terminals
By combining SOTM terminals developed by GetSAT and Ovzon's secure, end-to-end, mobile broadband satellite service, both companies strengthen...
Final Pre-Launch Prep Completed for the AMOS-17 Launch
The satellite is scheduled for launch later this summer to the 17 degrees East orbital position, is specifically designed for meeting the growing...
SES Satellite Delivers AfricaXP's Bouquet for African Viewers ... Free to Air Local Channel
Delivered via SES satellites, this bouquet is supplied by AfricaXP, the leading independent African network, which is well-known for its Nollywood....
Announcing Orbital Micro Systems' Global Sales Director ... He Was With Google, Digital Globe, Lockheed Martin and More
He has a proven track record in enterprise data sales, in executive sales with industry leaders like Google, Digital Globe, and SkyBox Imaging.
CETel is Spotbeam On as It Serves an Increasing Connectivity Demand in North Africa  
Chad and South of Libya have little to no terrestrial connectivity and require stable, reliable and efficient solutions for data and voice transmissions.
Impressive Milestone of 10,000 Cumulative Years on Orbit by BAE Systems' Radiation-Hardened Electronics
computers command Mars rover terrestrial operations...direct guidance, navigation and control for satellites, including telemetry, health, and status  info
Honeywell Rides to Success On Their JetWave™ with Gilat’s Taurus IFC Modem to Deploy in  China  
aero-modem will enable Honeywell to offer the JetWave within territories and  to roam in-and-out of territories where Gilat’s ground network is deployed.
Airbus and Thales Alenia Space Will Build Two SpainSAT NG Satellites
guaranteeing the continuity of the secure communications services to the Spanish Ministry of Defense and Governmental Agencies using the current fleet.   
On-Board Processing ASICs to be Supplied by SatixFy for Airbus Payloads
The SX-4000 is designed on an advanced silicon process node that enables higher integration and lower power and mass in space, while...