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Recent Consumer Applications News
Gilat and Air Esurfing... Provide Broadband to China's Airlines
Gilat’s solution will enable continuous service exceeding 100Mbps and servicing many dozens of passengers per aircraft.
eMarketer's Surprising Growth Estimates For Worldwide Video Audience
Number of digital video viewers will climb to 2.15 billion this year
Global Eagle Entertainment Plays Cricket ... Gains Worldwide Rights 
Matches can (and do!) last for days, the players wear woolly jumpers, and games often break for high tea on the village green.
SES Discloses New Owner of AMC-3... GEE Now We Know
Since then the curtain has been pulled back, press releases issued and the satellite fleet operator has been identified as...
Iridium's NEXT Generation Celebrates Launch of First 10 Satellites
the new satellites will be positioned near a current generation satellite, each moving at approximately 17,000 miles per hour
SES and GEE Ink a Connectivity Deal ...Eagle 1 to Drive Mobility 
"...to reach hundreds of millions of people on the move around the world with a reasonably priced, high-speed Wi-Fi experience that’s equivalent to what they get at their homes or offices."
Airbus Doesn't Want To Be the Only One Having All the Fun... Enter the SpaceDataHighway Challenge
"... is like the first optical fiber in space, but with the added advantage of mobility. Therefore, the scope of possible applications is vast”
Xplore Technologies and CLS America...Take One Tablet and Feel Better About Global Communications 
“Thorium X now allows people to stay connected via satellite 100 percent of the time, and at a fraction of the cost of satellite phones.”
Siemens' SIECAMS® Satellite Geolocation Service Identifies Pesky Interference
The ability to rapidly identify and mitigate interference, intentional or not, is crucial to protecting the core functionality of their most valuable assets. 
RSCC Makes First Payment For Sats Due In 2019  
RSCC is having the two spacecraft built using financial support of...
Arianespce's Work Horse Soared To Success Launching Star One D1 And JCSAT-15
Today's launch involves former satisfied customers whose experience with Arianespace goes back a long ways.
Boeing Has Designs On ViaSat... Two Sats Pass PDR Muster
"The ViaSat-3 class of satellites are the highest power payloads a Boeing-built 702 satellite platform has ever supported, coupled with the efficiency of all-electric propulsion."
Arianespace Is Twice As Good...Closes Out The Year With A Double Launch
and is the second time during the year that Arianespace will orbit two passengers
Thales Alenia Space's Largest Export Contract 
We have faced significant challenges on this program, tight delivery schedules and managing subcontractors from seven countries on three continents.
Marlink Is Smooth Sailing With NSC-Group...VSAT-Based Maritime Broadband
“We see a trend among ship owners where higher data speeds become a pre-requisite for operating smarter..."
Sierra Nevada Corporation ...Sunny Side Up With CYGNSS' Solar Array Panels
Better hurricane forecasting just got even better as CYGNSS, aimed at improved hurricane forecasting, successfully reached orbit.
The Winner Newtec Is A National Champ...Over 33,000 Businesses From 34 Countries
more than 33,000 businesses from 34 countries were involved.
Japan Gettin' Ready For Upcoming JCSAT-15 Launch
For the second time this year, Arianespace will orbit two SSL-built satellites on the same Ariane 5 launcher.
GVF's Roundtable Revealed Now We See With A B C Of Sat Sector Expansion 
...such that by 2025 there will be a 318 percentage point growth in the number of hybrid and HTS compared to the current number.
That's Some Vroon... Goes Big With KVH's Mini-VSAT Broadband™
providing crew members onboard tankers and livestock carriers daily updates of news and sports content, as well as new selections of popular movies and TV episodes.