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Recent Military News
Media Broadcast Satellite and Kymeta Sign Agreement for SOTM and SOTP Applications
The KyWay™ terminals will form an integral part of MBS’ tailored SATCOM-On-The-Move (SOTM) and SATCOM-On-The-Pause (SOTP) applications...
Symantec's AI Cyber Security Product Prevents a Cyber Attack from Thrip, a Notorious Group
This is likely espionage. The Thrip group has been working since 2013 using operating system tools, so organizations won’t notice their presence.
Coming Together ... Secure World Foundation and Partners Establish Consortium for Satellite Servicing Standards
process took awhile, but the pace seems to have picked up and is moving forward so standards for cooperative on-orbit servicing can be determined. 
Military Tactical Communications Summit from ASDEvents Set for Mid-September
This event  will focus on advancing network capabilities by delivering enhanced C4ISR and information dominance to the current and future...
ViaLite's L-Band HTS for Defense Provides Security for Those Who Defend Others
The link is ideal for the extremely demanding dynamic range applications associated with HTS and defense, and is based on the ViaLiteLong Distance 
Kratos RT Logic Scores with U.S.A.F. SMC Pilot Phase 2 Program Award
Kratos’ system will enable government satellite users to roam, similar to the way cell phone users roam through multiple cellular networks. This will be...
U.S. Navy's FLTSAT Satellite Simulator Contract Goes to General Dynamics Mission Systems
The simulator, a model of a Navy Fleet Satellite (FLTSAT) communications satellite, will help students hone their skills in managing the technical...
Thuraya on the Defensive Displays Military and Government Satellite Technology Solutions at Eurosatory Defense Exhibition
robust solution to military missions in surveillance, special ops, border protection as distant aircrafts stay in touch with headquarters via satellite ... 
Harris Delivers Their Next Advanced Nav Payloads to Lockheed Martin for U.S.A.F.'s GPS III Satellites
The GPS III navigation payload features a Mission Data Unit (MDU) with a unique 70 percent digital design that links atomic clocks, radiation-hardened...
Lo Now 15 Years Later Brazil and U.S. Return to Discuss Satellite Launch From Alcantara Base
Now Brazilian officials say that the sharing of technological knowhow is not a deal-breaker.
Rohde & Schwarz's SCA-Based Waveforms Enables Communications Among Armed Forces and Countries 
This makes it possible to port SCA-based waveforms from other manufacturers as well as existing waveforms, providing both security for...
Orbit Communications Systems' Repeat Asian Navy Customer Orders Satcom Systems Totaling US$1.1 Million
A satisfied Asian Navy client has returned to Orbit Communications Systems to order approximately US$1.1 Million of Orbit Communications' products.
Airbus Defence and Space Celebrates 25 Years of Commercial Satellite Imagery Downlink Success for U.S. Air Force
Eagle Vision allows downloading and processing of un-classified commercial satellite imagery directly in the field, as the satellite passes...
U.S. Marines to Improve Their COTM this Fall with Lockheed-Martin Built MUOS
The U.S. Marine Corps will be the first service to widely deploy the system as it has already fielded thousands of MUOS-capable AN/PRC-117G radios over...
Mission Critical Wireless TacComm Solution Launched by Keysight Technologies
Ensuring the robust inter-operation of satellite systems, avionics, surveillance, or radar for mission critical wireless communications...
Thai's Defense Ministry Mulls New Satellite Options Includes Defense Against Threats from Space
Today, satellites are being used for spy missions and Thai defence authorities need to catch up with this technology.
SES Government Solutions to Provide HTS Services to DoD Customers
The total amount of all orders placed against the BPA cannot exceed USD $516.7 million over a five-year period of performance from ...
Viasat's SATCOM Just Got Better and Safer for Canada's Armed Forces and Government with ViaSat-2
Defense against electromagnetic, terrestrial or cyber-attacks... communication packets protected even in highly contested environments.
U.S. Air Force Salutes Harris with a US$130 Million Contract to Develop Improved Hand-Held Video Data Link Radios
This enables real-time intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance information ... to be distributed from the air to warfighters on the ground.
Kratos Demos Unmatched Capabilities of Their High Performance UAS
These flights successfully demonstrated and validated multiple capabilities unachievable by previous unmanned aircraft systems in this category...