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Spectra Group's (UK) Queen’s Award for Enterprise Provides Life Saving Capabilities
Life and death in the battlefield can be the result of visibility, whether from Line of Sight to Beyond Line of Sight, and when this is accomplished it 
Relativity Space to Launch mu Space's Satellite Using 3D Printed Terran 1 Rocket
Relativity’s patented 3D printing technology platform, together with Terran 1’s flexible architecture, provides mu Space a faster and more reliable ...
Terrasat Communications' Newest ... IBUC 3 to be Revealed at Satellite 2019
This latest in Terrasat's technology is now an ultra-lightweight, super compact, available up to 40W and comes with a three-year warranty.
Viasat's Key Milestone ... Ships 1,000 BATS-D Link 16 Radios
Viasat has steadily increased BATS-D production capabilities in response to growing demand. The BATS-D handheld Link 16 radio is part of Viasat’s...
Airbus' New Head of Space Systems ... He is "One of Their Most Experienced Executives in the Division"
he is one of their most experienced executives in the division and with his extensive industrial expertise, accumulated over many years in our company, 
Amid Worry Over Space Wars, America Already has Tools to Shoot Down Satellites
Russia and China, too, have anti-satellite technologies. They are including space in the future war plans.
BAE Systems Makes Space Missions More Flexible with New Software-Defined Radio Assembly 
provides multiple receive and transmit channels that can be configured for different applications, like weather sensing, flexible communications payload, 
The Pentagon is Investing in Space Robots to Repair Satellites
robots offer the best bet for inspecting and repairing high-altitude satellites, especially with the number of satellites set to skyrocket due to a budding 
DISA Awards Iridium with EMSS Ground Site Contract
Dedicated for use by the U.S. DoD, their Iridium gateway serves as the uplink and downlink point for the DoD’s EMSS communications capabilities through 
Blue Canyon Technologies' New Mexico Expansion is One of the Largest to Create Some of the Smallest Satellites 
The new space will be an advantage to support execution of the DARPA Blackjack Phase 1 program, as well as the AFRL ASCENT program.  
The Lockheed Martin Built AEHF-5 Satellite for the USAF Arrives in Florida for Launch
The satellite was transported from the Lockheed Martin satellite integration facility in Sunnyvale, California, via a C-5 Super Galaxy aircraft. The C-5...
Northrop Grumman Now Engaged with U.S. Cyber Command's Cyber Mission Force to Provide ISR Support
Under the CES contract, Northrop Grumman will identify, develop and implement cyber capabilities on Unified Platform to further enable the...
Poland and USSTRATCOM Agree to Share Space Services and Data
“Agreements like this one, between responsible nations, are critical to setting norms that encourage peaceful space operations.”
DoD Defense Innovation Unit and Space and Missile Systems Center Awards Project to ATLAS Space Operations
The competitively awarded rapid prototyping program will run for 12 months and will deliver a complete satellite communications platform tailored to the...
India’s DRDO Head Suggests Test Was Not a 'One-Off' and Outlines Counterspace Capability Ambitions
Reddy’s comments suggest that its March 2019 ASAT test was not a one-off, at least under the leadership of current Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
The Innovative ThinSat Program to be Powered by Alta Devices Solar Cells
ThinSats are part of a program to set a new standard for STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics) education in the U.S...
Boeing to Outfit U.S.Navy Poseidon Aircraft with WGS Comms Kits
Fiscal 2019 research, development, test and evaluation (Navy) funds in the amount of $19,118,429 are being obligated on this award, none of which will...
Kubos Receives SBIR Award from U.S. Air Force
Kubos has developed a spacecraft software framework and development infrastructure using a tailored version of Kubos commercial products. This...
The Competitive DARPA Launch Challenge is... Launched
The commercial small-launch (10 to 1000 kg.) industry has embraced advances in manufacturing, micro-technologies, and autonomous...
Hughes Awarded Contract by Boeing for the USAF's Protected Tactical Enterprise Service Program
The PTES program will provide tactical warfighters with a joint ground platform designed to deliver protected communications services through...