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Recent Military News
ASC Signal Receives NATO Contract For HF Antenna Deployment In Poland
"In our HF products, that means a smaller size and lighter footprint..."—Gordon Smith, HF Product Line Manager, ASC Signal.
Norsat Embarks On A Positive Journey...A Manpack Ultra Portable Ku-Band Satellite
... is a 6-segment, carbon fibre portable terminal weighing less than 40 pounds including the backpack, making it ideal for military Special Forces and government applications that require maximum portability.
Exelis' $27M Contract Supplies Carriage + Release System For MQ-9 Reaper...No Pyrotechnics...Compressed Air
The use of pneumatic technology reduces wear-and-tear and overall system maintenance and life-cycle costs.
How Moog Helped MUOS-3 Slip Into Geosynchronous Transfer Orbit
The controller allows for commonality between the Atlas V and Delta IV launch vehicles with a change in firmware rather than hardware.
ULA + Lockheed Martin...Into The Night Sky A Successful Team Launches U.S. Navy’s MUOS-3
"The Atlas V generated more than two and half million pounds of thrust at liftoff to meet the demands of lifting this nearly 7.5-ton satellite."
Inmarsat Government + Globecomm Systems Complement U.S.' WGS System
...to supply Inmarsat Global Xpress service in support of U.S. government customers.  
UltiSat...Two Key Individuals Unlock Sales + Marketing Strategies
...new director of marketing will be in charge of the company’s branding, messaging, marketing strategy, social media, media/PR and other marketing responsibilities.
Northrop Grumman Appoints VP, Corporate Strategy
In 2013 he was awarded the Secretary of Defense Medal for Distinguished Public Service, the highest award from the secretary available to a non-career civilian.
U.S. Navy, ULA + Lockheed Martin's MUOS-3 Prep To Send Communications To Proctectors In Harm's Way
This government and contractor team knows how important this capability is for our protectors in harm’s way."
 U.S. Navy's MUOS Mobile Warfighters...Weighs In As Heaviest Payload Atop ULA's Atlas 5 
The MUOS-3 satellite will be the heaviest payload to ride into space atop any of ULA’s Atlas V launch vehicles.
U.S.A.F. + SpaceX...A Dragon Launches CATS Into Space 
"...a laser instrument designed to measure clouds and the location and distribution of pollution, dust, smoke and other particles in the atmosphere."
Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) Enterprise Must Be Stabilized, According SecAF
"Our combatant commanders expect and demand the unique ISR capabilities that the Air Force provides."—SecAF Deborah Lee James.
5th MilSatCom Asia-Pacific To Address Future + Benefits Of C-Band In The Asia-Pacific Region + More
There will also be a strong focus on how to implement ICT Tools to ensure cybersecurity.
Cobham Flips Their Chip With News Of Class Y Certification From Defense Logistics Agency
...for the first time, a Class Y designation for the use of ceramic non-hermetic packages in space applications.
SSPI Gala 2015 Launches @ Dinner... Campaign How Satellites Make A Better World
The money we raise supports our membership, chapter and industry-support programs throughout the year.
Harris + U.S. Marine Corps. First Of Its Kind Radio Provides Forces w/Most Advanced Communications Available = $5M
"...a significant impact in defeating terrorists, preventing attacks, and enabling troops to make the right decisions on the battlefield."
SES + Luxembourg Government Get Ready, Get Set... To Build + Launch Military Satellite In 2017 
...would satisfy Luxembourg’s requirements for satellite communications in military frequencies.
SMi's 10th Military Space Conference...Spanish Armed Forces Brigadier Addresses Tricky Technology Used In Warfare 
Topics addressed will range from satellite communication, surveillance, missile defense as well as national updates.
JV Formed By Raytheon + General Dynamics For U.S.A.F. Launch + Test Range Contract
Raytheon and General Dynamics formed RGNext to pursue the opportunity.
Harris + nLogic Go Shopping w/Defense Commissary Agency... Provide Network Communications 
“The commissary system is vital to our military and particularly to military families, who face frequent deployments and relocations.”