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Recent Military News
Göktürk-1 Gains Space
The launch was carried out by Arianespace from the European spaceport in Kourou in French Guiana at 14:51 CET aboard a VEGA launch vehicle.
Turkey's Göktürk-1 Satellite Ready For December 5th Launch
The Göktürk-1 satellite will transfer photographs and images to the Turkish Air Force Command's Satellite Ground Station.
A Tactical Debut By iDirect Government
The iDirect Series Tactical Hub is a ruggedized, compact, durable and deployable solution that is easy to set up due to its reduced size, weight and power (SWaP).
Arianespace's Vega Is 'Pop Topped Off' For Turkey's GÖKTÜRK-1 Optical Satellite
Turkey’s first governmental satellite for Earth observation, providing very high-resolution images for both civilian and military applications.
A Refreshing Success For Lockheed Martin
This upgrade by Lockheed Martin to the existing ground control system provides the Air Force with flexibility.
China's Competitive Cost Of Commercial Launch Company Slashes Pricing
Expace announced they would charge around $10,000 per kilogram of satellite payload which is said to be less than half the prevailing commercial price.
NASA's RapidScat Is A Sad Sat... Decommissioned After Successful Mission Aboard ISS 
Job well done, and now the lights go out. Another satellite is decommissioned, but this one had a unique vantage point as it was attached to the International Space Station.
Satcom Global Has A Terrific Aura...And A VSAT Solution As Well
Aura will set new standards for military, maritime, offshore, and enterprise businesses with flexible global communications both at sea and on land.
US Army WIN-T Testing Involves Intelsat General & RiteNet
The Army conducts a range of testing using the Warfighter Information Network (WIN-T) at these two facilities...
Amplifier Advancements Addressed By ETL Systems
ETL’s range of RF power amplifiers offer high efficiency, broad frequency coverage and a compact form-factor.
Harris Manpack Certified To Bring More To MUOS
Harris has delivered more than 30,000 MUOS-capable AN/PRC-117G tactical radios...
A Spatial Unfurling For MUOS-5
The MUOS-5's two unfurlable mesh antenna reflectors manufactured by Harris Corporation successfully deployed on October 30th.
Veterans Day, Lest We Forget...
Veterans Day, lest we forget...
NATO Alliance Ground Surveillance To Receive GovSat SATCOMs Service
The contract is for an end-to-end service and includes the delivery of satellite capacity in commercial Ku-band.
Skynet Comms Stanchion For UK's Red Arrows Tour
Airbus Defence and Space owns and operates the hardened Skynet X-band satellite constellation of eight satellites...
Estonian Defense Evolution Energized By Bittium And TacComms Diversification 
The order contributes to a reform that aims to improve the Estonian Land Forces’ IP data transfer capability and availability.
General Hyten, Formerly Of Air Force Space Command, Takes The Reins At STRATCOM
General Hyten was responsible for organizing, equipping, training and maintaining mission-ready space and cyberspace forces and capabilities for North American Aerospace Defense Command, STRATCOM and other combatant commands around the world.
US Navy and Lockheed Martin Delighted With Successful MUOS 5 Deployment
The satellite will begin on orbit testing before being turned over to the USN for further testing and eventual commissioning into service. 
There's A New Paradigm... He's Hired To Develop International Business In Middle East And Asia
he was CEO at Vislink, and prior to that Managing Director of Advent Communications, heading up Vislink Group’s Asia Pacific Singapore operation.
L-3's ROVER™ To Handle New UK MOD's Comms Program
This capability will enable the exchange of ISR information, including FMV, across the battlespace via a wideband IP network.