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Recent Military News
WORK Microwave Has Been Hard at Work + Will Reveal Their Defense Solutions at MilSatCom 2014
The industrialized, lightweight, and tamper-proof defense electronics equipment performs even in the toughest, most demanding remote environments.
Thales' MILSATCOM Systems Keep Qatar Communicating
The solution is built around Thales’ high-performance System 21 technology...
Sensor Payloads To Be Developed By Northrop Grumman For SBIRS #5 and #6
"We are committed to reducing cost and payload development cycle times, while still providing exceptional data to our military and intelligence stake holders."
Boeing's X-37B Comes Home After A 674-Day Spatial Excursion
This landing of Boeing's X-37B concluded a 674-day experimental test mission for the U.S. Air Force Rapid Capabilities Office.
Engineering + Risk Assessment Reviews Completed By Shield Aviation For UAS
"The granting of the IFC for the ARES UAS is an extremely important milestone as it recognizes its airworthiness and safety of flight for ARES UAS."
By 2020, A New SATCOM Radio System For Russian Signal Troops
"...development work is now being carried out on the creation of a modern, interference-resistant, broadband satellite communication systems..."
Getting BLOS'd Around By Gilat @ SMi's Global MilSatCom In London
BLOS technologies that are battle-tested and ready for deployment...
Hosted Payload Alliance Plays Host + Addresses 18 Progressive Topics in Satellite Communications
... a conversation with key government officials to discuss what goes into the Assessment of Alternatives (AOA) when it comes to ...
DigitalGlue Launches Harmonic Upgrade For TMC Design Corporation
The latest video delivery infrastructure project will refresh encoding, decoding, and multiplexing systems for a key defense client...
Latitude Technologies is 'IONode ION100 Certified' for Airbus EC135 Helicopter
[SatNews] This company is now certified for the solutions they provide to helicopters, and is the smallest and lightest in the industry.
Soldier's Network — General Dynamics' C4 Products Hit the Ground at Fort Bliss
The C4 Systems’ products include tactical radios, cyber-defense products, mission command capabilities and communications network systems.
Two Army Vets Will Each Receive Raytheon Scholarships Of $10K
"The Raytheon Patriot Scholarship honors and aids military heroes who have selflessly served their country."
MUOS Connection Completed By General Dynamics C4 Systems For SRW Manpacks
"... this is a significant step forward in placing the full power of the Army's tactical network in the hands of soldiers."
Sierra Nevada Corporation Selected By DoD For STPSat-5 Build
"The Space Test Program has a rich history of providing support to continue our Nation’s leadership in delivering enhanced space capability to protect our military men and women..."
U.S. Army Tactical Nets Expansion Via 4G LTE Demo'd By General Dynamics C4 Systems
"...the General Dynamics' secure wireless broadband network can give soldiers greater access to mission intelligence using their smartphone or tablet computer."
TeleCommunication Systems + L.R. Kimball Combine Forces Provide Advanced Cybersecurity Services for a Multitude
 ...partnership focuses on critical infrastructure protection for agencies including public safety agencies, education institutions and social services. 
On-Orbit Checkout Completed By Boeing For GPS IIF-7, TOT 50th Space Wing
“Handover to the 50th Space Wing is a huge milestone in a GPS satellite’s journey, confirming that it’s been put through its paces and all looks good."
Harris CapRock Communications RESOLVEs + Reduces Potential For Those Pesky Network Outages
[SatNews] ...accelerates the resolution of incidents by automating repetitive diagnostic tasks while reducing the number of incidents that require hands-on support.
Raytheon UK's Landshield Is Anti Jamming Savvy For US + UK Military Vehicles   
[SatNews] The requirement follows a Presidential directive that all U.S. forces should be able to operate in a GPS denied or constrained environment.
Russia To Build Space-Based Ballistic Missile Warning System
"...we will be able to detect sea and ground launches of various types of ballistic missiles..."