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ViaLite Communications - MIL-STD-188-164B Compliance for RF Over Fiber Links
The company confirmed the successful testing of the ViaLiteHD RF over fiber transmission equipment with tests carried out in conjunction with a...
Thursday's Update ULA's Atlas V Rocket Sits in Sunshine Ready for TDRS-M Launch
Thursday the Atlas V rocket with the TDRS-M satellite is ready to go.
Excelitas Technologies - Twenty Years of Success on USAF GPS Satellites
Excelitas’ RAFS technology was launched into orbit aboard the Air Force’s first GPS IIR satellite on July 23, 1997, and remotely activated on August 13, 1997.
A Moscow Mule of a Rocket the Proton Breeze M Celebrates 100 Launches
The launch was the100th heavy lift Proton M, which has been in use since 2001, and ...
Russia Celebrates Launch of First Blagovest Military Comsat
Some observers were puzzled by the apparent excessive capacity of the network for the assumed needs of the Ministry of Defense, another hint of a dual military and civilian application of the system.
U.S. Air Force and MIT Partner to Assist Warfighters ... SensorSat Set for August Launch
"...milestone in fulfilling our commitment to the space situational awareness mission and U.S. Strategic Command."
Globecomm - Comms for a Supercarrier
A 10G fiber optic backbone supports the system as well as the ship’s video surveillance capabilities.  The system includes interface to the ship’s...
DataPath's $37.4 Billion Contract ... Selection of the Fittest for RS3 Program
... and so it is with a 10-year, $37.4Billion contract that DataPath has been awarded.
Kratos RT Logic Could It Become Too Big Too Late to Fit Into New Facility? 
the company would need to begin planning its next expansion well before it moves into the completed addition since it likely will fill the complex about a year after it opens.
Militaries' Digital Armies and Covert Terminal Testing Gain Momentum with GateHouse Telecom 
 In 2016, NATO warded off 500 cyber attacks each month according to statistics compiled by the military alliance.
The Blue Cube ... as Aurora Flight Sciences Selects Blue Canyon Technologies to Provide CubeSat for DeMi Mission
The DeMi mission aims to provide on-orbit performance qualification of MEMS deformable mirrors for closed-loop wavefront sensing.
Thuraya Shares Their Wares and Hits the Road ... Collaborates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
unique SatSleeve+ for example is another popular device that caters to the rising ‘bring your own device’ phenomenon and presents ...
ND SatCom - SKYWAN Interoperability with General Dynamics Mission Systems Fortress®
The combined platform provides an ideal suite for transportable and fixed LTE networks that are increasingly becoming a technology of choice for...
Orbit Communications - SATCOM for Choppers
Built to military standard (MIL-STD), the 30 cm antenna (MPT30) will deliver data communications via satellite to a wide range of military helicopters...
Harris Corporation - Third Advanced GPS III Navigation Payload Is Delivered
The advanced navigation payloads feature a Mission Data Unit (MDU) with a unique 70-percent digital design that links atomic clocks, radiation-hardened...
Satellite that Doesn't Obey Will Have 'Plug Pulled'  ... DMSP Flight 19 Will Begin Tumbling 
Operators lost the ability to command the satellite February 11, 2016, following a power failure within the command and control system ...
EM Solutions - Cobra SOTM Solutions For Australian Navy
The Cobra tri-band terminal supports four connected modems, enables simultaneous communication at X- and Ka-bands...
Harris - Manpacking Comms for the U.S. Army
The Harris AN/PRC-158 multi-channel radio — both dismounted and mounted manpack configurations — is one of three radios the Army...
No Hooray Over Delay ... More Time is Lots More Money with Delay of USAF's Next Gen GPS Satellite 
“The current system is wasting billions of dollars" ...“Our adversaries have already reorganized their space programs and are reaping the benefits.”
Modular Devices' Newest Converters Available for Space, Military Aerospace and Industrial Needs
Modular Devices,Inc. announces their new product releases as follows ...