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Recent Military News
The First Two Geosynchronous Space Situational Awareness Program (GSSAP) Are Declared Operational By U.S.A.F.
"We're extremely honored to declare IOC for the Geosynchronous Space Situational Awareness Program," said Lt. Col. Casey Beard, Commander, 1 SOPS.
NRL's Ionosphere Experiment Launches Sounding Rocket For Dusty Plasma Investigations
The Department of Defense (DoD) Space Test Program sponsored the launch and payload integration for the NRL CARE II mission.
Transas...Something Fishy? ECDIS On Board 20 Vessels Monitors Indonesia's Marine Resources + Fisheries 
"...ECDIS will help us to better monitor the Indonesian waters and support prevention of illegal fishing which is one of key issues for the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries.”
ULA Launches Morelos-3 = 100th Successful ULA One-At-A-Time Mission 
The Morelos-3 launch was accelerated to an earlier position on the Atlas launch manifest. 
Supporting ULA's Morelos-3 Launch—The U.S.A.F.'s 45th Space Wing
Eastern Range assets are based on dependable designs and technology and are arrayed in a highly efficient architecture designed to ensure safety of the launch environment and the public at large.
For Mobile Military Apps, Advantech Wireless Presents A 50 Watt X-Band GaN SSPB/BUC
"The new 50W BUC will allow higher output power, and higher data rates for mission critical, bandwidth hungry operations in challenging mobile military environment."—Cristi Damian, V.P., Business Development, Advantech Wireless.
NSR’s M2M + IoT via Satellite Expands ... Is There A Game Change About To Take Place?
The report expands on previous editions with more granular forecasts than ever before, with the much requested breakout of the dominant Transportation sector.
WORK Microwave Appoints New CEO... He'll Jointly Drive The Company's Strategy + Sales
... concentrating on driving the company’s strategy while broadening the company’s customer reach and sales revenue. 
RFP From USAF For GPS III Push Offs
The Air Force will award a firm-fixed price contract that will provide the government with a total launch solution for the GPS III satellite.
MDA Sees Better At Sea... Improves Ocean Applications Imaging Modes For RADARSAT-2 
The Ship Detection mode is ideal for applications such as monitoring illegal fishing and sovereignty protection.
No Shortage Of Talent At Space Foundations' Space Technology and Investment Forum 
This program is presented by Space Foundation which holds a by-invitation gathering of some of the most innovative, insightful and visionary professionals from the entrepreneurial and investment sectors of space and technology.
AQYR Technologies' Are Infused With An AFRL Contract For Portable Satellite Receive Suites
Both systems are highly-portable, rugged satellite receive suites that can be deployed and operated by a single user.
Advantech Wireless Brings 2Gen GaN SSPA/SSP To Fruition For MilGov Use
These units are designed to replace older generation 750W TWTs, with exceeding performance and lower OPEX cost.”—Cristi Damian, V.P., Business Development, Advantech Wireless.
Specialized Tactical Radios To Be Supplied To U.S. Special Ops Command
“The Harris STC handheld is a highly advanced, multiband radio capable of reaching virtually anyone, anywhere, regardless of waveform or device."—Chris Young, President, Harris Communication Systems.
iDirect's Evolution® 3.3.3 Platform Has A New Layer... Layer 2
Service providers are able to use L2oS to simplify deployment of a satellite network and effectively carry IP traffic anywhere it needs to go.
AQYR Technologies' Sweet $100M Award From US Military For Portable Satellite Receive Suites 
The battle-proven Portable Receiver Suites (PRS) bring command center information and data to the in-field Warfighter, improving mission success and saving lives.
L-3 Communications Technology Enables Apache Helicopters To Reap Comms Capabilities With UAVs 
L-3 will deliver its MUMT-X communications suite with a ROVER 6 modem, multiband radio-frequency equipment, and a directional antenna capable of relaying multiple video streams back to the command center.
Harris Supplying Falcon III Tactical Radios To Latin American Nation
“These radios address the customer’s requirements for high data rate communication networks to support a variety of complex military missions."—Chris Young, President, Harris Communication Systems.
SES Government Solutions Will Support FAA Uplink Requirements On The Ground + In Space 
The data transmitted by the uplink stations will improve the accuracy, integrity and availability of the GPS signals intended to enable aircraft to rely on GPS for all phases of flight including ...
 Advantech Wireless Second Gen GaN Technology Supports The Military Based 300W/400W X-Band SapphireBlu SSPA/SSPB 
"These new SSPAs provide an impressive 60 percent increase in linearity over the previous generation Solid State Technology while reducing the size and energy consumption by more than 50 percent."