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Recent Military News
ULA's Vulcan Verification Pathway Now Has SMC Cooperation
This cooperative, jointly-written agreement facilitates data exchanges and protects proprietary and export-controlled data.
North Korea's New Engine To Launch A Weapon Or A Satellite?
"This is the kind of thing you try and build to get more rocket capabilities, whether you're trying to build a ballistic missile or space-launch vehicle,"      
The Flukey Incidents That Delayed The Launch Of ULA's WorldView-4 Satellite
At its peak the fire had 1,052 fire fighters from more than 50 agencies and multiple aircraft in a battle to save life, property, and national defense facilities.
DigitalGlobe Reveals The Fire That Detained WorldView-4's Launch
ULA's launch of WorldView-4 satellite was scrubbed last week due to a mechanical issue and then a wildland fire that came uncomfortably close to Vandenberg Air Force Base...
Thuraya And IEC Telecom... As Partners Two Are Better Than One At OPV Middle East 2016
With the expansion of Thuraya’s maritime portfolio—vital equipment that keeps crew of navy vessels connected with colleagues, family and friends while away at sea.
SBIRS Recognizes With Appreciation The Combined Task Force In Decommissioning Ceremony
"We are honored to operate the most capable IR surveillance and warning system ever designed in defense of the US and her allies."
Designed To Counter Global Security Threats — New TPS From SES
Tactical Persistent Surveillance (TPS), SES’s first Government+ product offering, is a highly portable solution capable of quick global deployment and operations.
Space And Missile Systems Center Enlists Lockheed Martin For Delivery Of Two More GPS III Sats
“The GPS III SV 9 and 10 satellites are expected to be ready for launch in 2022, thus sustaining the GPS constellation and the global utility the world has come to expect.”
Airbus Defence and Space's Skynet 5A Satellite Makes Moves That Brings New Military Partners
will deliver highly resilient Skynet military satellite communication services notably to the Asia Pacific region, following the move of its Skynet 5A satellite to provide global X-band and UHF coverage in this region. 
Second Sunday Update: ULA Changes Launch Of WorldView-4 Due To A Fire Further Out... September 26  
it's designed to see objects 1-foot-wide in panchromatic mode, has a 4-foot resolution in color, and images 263,000 square miles of the Earth’s surface per day
Critical Analysis Acceleration For The Intelligence Community
General Dynamics will design and develop a cloud-based threat detection and analysis platform.
A GPS Time & Frequency System For Tactical Ops From TRAK
The 8836 can be synchronized from the internal GPS receiver or from an external GPS 1PPS.
Hughes Enlists Airbus Defence & Space ...Pump Product To Quench MILSATCOM Needs
Hughes Network Systems, LLC (HUGHES) has just signed an agreement with Airbus Defence and Space to expand their business partnership to serve this growing market segment.
Israel Injects Ofeq-11 Into Orbit
The Ofeq-11 satellite entered the planned, retrograde LEO for pre-planned testing but the satellite was not acting in the "expected manner."
Harris CapRock's OnePath Is On The Right Path... Long Range Wireless Radio With Extras 
...offers a unique mode of connectivity that is complementary to Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) technology, providing higher throughput and increased redundancy.
General Raymond To Head Air Force Space Command
He will succeed General John Hyten in this position.
US Navy At Guantanamo Bay To Get Pumped Up Internet From ViaSat
The new service from ViaSat will use a managed Wi-Fi network and expects to offer service plans that will be significantly faster than current speeds available at NSGB.
Future Rocket Engines Receive An Aerojet Rocketdyne Demo Boost
Aerojet Rocketdyne tested the preburner at full power and full duration to provide key insights for future engines that use this engine cycle.
GVF ... Asia-Pacific Militaries Prepare For The Worst Through Certification While Working With The Best
We want to provide information that can help save lives. Militaries need quick deployments as satellite communications are an important base for connectivity.
General Dynamics Gets Up And Goes With Fourth Generation SATCOM On-The-Move Antennas
Feedback from military users helped design and develop the new Gen IV model.