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Recent Military News
South Korean Concerns Over Potential North Korean Hostilities Could Result In Acquisiton Of An Israeli Satellite
The development also suggests that South Korea does not completely trust that the US will provide the defense it has promised in the event of a military conflict.
Qwaltec Receives Salute From US Navy... $19 M Contract To Operate, Manage & Maintain Ground Systems
support services for NAVSOC to operate, manage, and maintain ground systems, providing continuous, reliable and endurable global space communication...
Raytheon’s OCX, As Expected, Gets OSD Nod
Even though it was the most screwed up program in the Air Force, was behind schedule and had gone grossly over budget...
Airbus Defence and Space And Intelsat General Add A Layer... A MilSatCom Layer For European Defense 
The satellite solutions support national and international voice and data applications for the end-user well into the next decade. 
Raytheon Is Pals With JPALS
The US Navy has now awarded Raytheon Company (NYSE: RTN) a $255 million contract for the development and production readiness of their GPS satnav nexgen precision landing system.
Telescope Transition To Air Force Space Command By DARPA
SST has developed many technological firsts that are helping redefine what telescopes can do.
General Dynamics Mission Systems Supports USCG Rescue Structure
The General Dynamics-built Rescue 21 system enables the Coast Guard to execute its search and rescue (SAR) activities with far greater agility and efficiency.
US Air Force To Meet In Europe... Share Technology And Ideas, Good Idea Or Not?
... the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) would lead Microsatellite Military Utility to determine how miniature satellites could enable allies to work together better...
A Lockheed Martin Oldie, But A Goodie, Supports Cold Comms For The National Science Foundation At The South Pole
A Lockheed Martin-built satellite within the Defense Satellite Communications System (DSCS) recently acquired a new mission, to support this National Science Foundation’s (NSF) station at the South Pole.
Airbus Defense And Space... Host And Stream With A GATOR In North Carolina After Matthew 
The GATOR device is an encapsulated and portable geospatial server for disconnected field use. It’s a ‘grab and go’ appliance that provides Humanitarian Relief Workers and Disaster Response Teams...
Aurora Enrichment For Canadian Department Of Defense By Newtec
Newtec will deliver the MDM9000 which will provide High Data Rate (HDR), Beyond Line-Of-Sight (BLOS) airborne communication between the airborne platform and the DND ground network.
Successful Testing Of The Increments For WIN-T Is General Dynamics Mission Systems Goal
Mission Systems has delivered four TCN-Ls and two NOSC-Ls to the Army to begin the test and evaluation process.
SpaceX And The Mystery Of The Explosion... May Include Sabotage
A real page turner if this was a suspense novel, but it's real life and real companies—and real interesting.
Launch Support For USAF's STP-3 Mission Results In An RFP
The Air Force will award a firm-fixed price contract that will provide the government with a total launch solution including launch vehicle production, mission integration and launch operations for the STP-3 mission. 
TeleCommunication Systems To Manage USMC Satellite Services
The services include Ku- satellite bandwidth, terrestrial support and 24-hour support.
Lockheed Martin Is Enlisted With USAF...  $395 Million For GPS III Satellites 
The contract includes funding for long-lead items and full production for the next two space vehicles (SVs) in the Air Force’s nexgen GPS III constellation.
A Core Solution For Wireless Network Transmission Of Classified Info From PacStar®
PacStar IQ-Core Software with CSfC Plug-in removes the complexity, providing rapid, intuitive communications management for the US Army.
ULA's Vulcan Verification Pathway Now Has SMC Cooperation
This cooperative, jointly-written agreement facilitates data exchanges and protects proprietary and export-controlled data.
DataPath® ...Wanted 200 Employees...Recruits For Jobs In 20 Countries 
DataPath has delivered field services and satellite equipment to the US military for more than 20 years, however this new award expands both ...
North Korea's New Engine To Launch A Weapon Or A Satellite?
"This is the kind of thing you try and build to get more rocket capabilities, whether you're trying to build a ballistic missile or space-launch vehicle,"