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Recent Military News
ULA's Statement ....Atlas V Rocks 'n NROLs... NROL-61's Secret Is Safe In Space
“Thank you to the entire mission team for years of hard work and collaboration on today’s successful launch of NROL-61."
Air Force Flying High BUCs With Mission Microwave Technology's Ka-Band SSPAs A Follow On Phase II Contract
...we have created industry-leading BUCs and SSPAs using novel power combining technologies and system designs.
Ball Aerospace And XTAR Demonstrate To Air Force First X-Band Hatch-Mounted Flat Panel Antenna
Airlink X-1 represents a significant improvement in phased array technology that will provide the warfighter with vastly enhanced communications.
Moving On Up... Schaub Named As Director Of The Naval Center For Space Technology
Schaub started his career at NRL in 1985.
DMSP Flight-19's Due Diligence Defines Anomaly Cause
The anomaly team determined there was a power failure within the command and control system that affected onboard cryptographic equipment.
I Want My Iranian TV... 100,000 'Illegal' Satellite Dishes Are Destroyed
... in Tehran the military has destroyed 100,000 illegal satellite dishes and receivers because most satellite channels "...deviate the society's morality and culture."
Hail To The Chief! ViaSat's $73 Million DISA Contract To Provide Air Force One And Other Aircraft In-Flight Internet Services 
Additionally, ViaSat's in-flight Internet service enables “a Situation Room in the Sky” experience 
DataPath® Makes 'em Man Packable And Receives Inmarsat Global Xpress Type Approval
DataPath's QCT90 man-pack terminal was designed for both simplicity and ruggedness to deliver quick connectivity in remote locations.  
Have Hydrogen, Will Fly... Russian UAVs Succeed In Syria
UAVs equipped with hydrogen engines showed positive results during  test flights.
A C4ISR & SATCOM Win For Serco
The 10-month contract is valued at $18.9 million. 
Dastardly Debris & The WorldView-2 Satellite
This occurrence was on July 19th.
US Navy's First Carrier-Based UAV Is Named MQ-25A Stingray
The service can now have an official title for the unmanned aerial vehicle that’s had several labels since late last year.
Trio Of Rocket Launches For Russia's Aerospace Force Planned For Later This Year
Three additional launches are planned for 2016.
NSS Salutes Boeing's Century Anniversary... Their Positive Record Inspires The Aerospace World... 'You Just Wait'
Because of Boeing's direct efforts it can be said that humanity is now truly living and working in space.
Hughes' HM300 Military Portable Terminal Passes Muster ... It's Jumpable
...provides portable satellite communications capability for early entry units, forward deployed teams, long range scout teams and executive communications...
US MILSATCOM Investments... On The Rise?
Additionally, more such "watchers of the world" are going to be required to offset hostile threats in space.
New Pads To Be Called Home For Moon Express At Cape Canaveral
Cape Canaveral is also something extra special for Moon Express with two pads ready for action.
Lockheed Martin's WorldView-4 Gets A Checkup Before Checking Out For Launch
WorldView-4 will double DigitalGlobe’s coverage of the world’s highest resolution imagery ...
MUOS 5's Anomaly Aggravation For Lockheed Martin & The US Navy
The anomaly has prevented the satellite's transfer to geosynchronous orbit—temporarily.
Positive Progress Infuses Raytheon's OCX Project
The accuracy of the PNT (Position, Navigation and Timing) signal is supposed to be doubled for OCX when implemented.