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Recent Military News
SMC's AEHF Program Wins Notable Award
The team was cited for its revolutionary Block Buy space acquisition strategy...
A RIFL2E Shot From Canada For AISR + SATCOM
"This was the first time in Canada that we achieved such large data rates, so far north." — Jean-Francois Rivest, DRDC’s Director Science and Technology Air
U.S. Army's 35th + 50th Signal Battalions Send Stronger Signals in Effort to Contain Ebola Virus
“Connectivity could be a lifesaver if emergency services need to be called in.”
Harris' Falcons Fly w/the Canucks' Armed Forces... C$180 Million Contract  
[the radio] provides unprecedented situational awareness through wideband battlefield networking.
Veterans Day, Lest We Forget...
Veterans Day, lest we forget...
This Delta IV Launch Vehicle's Seafaring Days
"The Delta rocket travels by boat because it's too large to be transported any other way."
Helping African Nations Communicate During Chaos + Destruction
From the base operations in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, one General said, “These systems are like gold out in the field.”
Oorah! As Marines Celebrate Their 239th Birthday
A message from the Commandant of the Marine Corps
Harris' Newest Addition... Engineering Facility in Florida Brings New Jobs That Help Militaries
...its commitment to develop advanced software for tactical radios used by the U.S. military as well as militaries and public safety officials around the world.
KVH TACNAV Beefs Up Armored Vehicles + Keeps Them Heading in the Right Direction
"Providing precise navigation as well as coordination of vehicles in critical situations is an important tool that helps keep soldiers oriented wherever they operate.”
Latitude Technologies @ Canadian Chopper Conference... SATCOM Solutions
This Canadian exhibition will include the company's IONode™ flight data management system.
Boeing... No Sticky Problems with Successful Anti-Jamming Tests of New Technology  
 “With threats to secure communications becoming increasingly frequent and sophisticated this enhanced capability to warfighters on the ground is critical.”
Gilat's Presentation @ London's Global Milsatcom 2014... Satellite Communications for Defense and Homeland Security 
[SatNews] “In today’s net-centric battlefield when ‘beyond-line-of-sight’ tactical communications for land, sea and air are required, satellite is an obvious solution.”
New Anti-Jamming Comms Technology OK With Current Satellites + Terminals
“We’ve confirmed this technology can be applied quickly and affordably to existing assets, especially operational WGS satellites and ground terminals."
CPI Awarded Contract...Continue With Critical Ground Data Terminals For U.S.Military
"ISR systems provide critical communications links to our military personnel and must be capable of operating in a network-centric battle-space where there is no room for error or delay." 
Big Data, Small Packages—Progress For Airbus’ Ultra Compact Satellite Terminal + VSAT Capacity
Covering military and luxury, the providers’ smallest X-band terminal service is available while their VSAT capacity has increased, respectively.
COMSATCOM Capacity To Be Provided By AIS Engineering + SES GS For PM WIN-T's JSEC
The Task Order is valued at over $50 million over the life of the contract.
Aerojet Rocketdyne Propels + Pushes GPS IIF-8 Satellite Upwards
Propulsion included an RL10A-4-2 upper-stage engine, a dozen attitude control thrusters and six helium pressurization tanks.
KRYTAR Announces New Compact, Ultra-Broadband 4-Way Power Divider
This new 4-way power divider lends itself to emerging wireless ultra-broadband designs and many test and measurement applications.
Harris Falcon III Wideband Radios Heading Into Central Asia For Armed Forces
The order will deliver high-frequency and multiband tactical radios to an Asian nation's armed forces.