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Recent Military News
United Launch Alliance Launches... Go SBIRS GEO Go! For US Air Force
“I can’t think of a better way to kick off the new year.”
USAF Dispatches SBIRS To Orbit For Enhanced Global Situation Awareness
The 460th Space Wing at Buckley AFB, Aurora, Colorado, operates the SBIRS system.
Aerojet Rocketdyne's Power and Thrust Sends USAF's SBIRS GEO Flight 3 Skyward
mission will provide key capabilities in the areas of missile warning, missile defense, technical intelligence and battlespace awareness,
TacComms Configuration and Management Improves With PacStar's® IQ-Core® Software
IQ-Core Software simplifies the setup and operation of tactical communications systems.
ULA Launch of USAF's SBIRS GEO Flight 3 Scrubbed Violation of Safety Criteria  
SBIRS mission scrubbed violation of...
Japan's First Missile Defense Satellite Set For Launch
The goal of this satellite is to detect and then track missiles that are launched from North Korea...
SMi's 12th Annual Military Space Situational Awareness... London in April an Early Bird Offer
...explore key situational awareness challenges in an increasingly contested, congested and competitive space.
SMi’s 7th MilSatCom Asia Pacific in Singapore this May... Early Bird Offer Ends Soon
Just as highways are becoming more congested, so it is with space. And space in space is becoming more congested, contested and competitive,
Russia Admits Military Satellite Constellation...Surveillance of Enemy Vehicles and Vessels  
has one important capability that its US-A predecessor didn't: to listen in on communications sent by enemy ships and vehicles, including communications using closed channels.
NSR Goes to a Higher Place... Above Controlled Airspace
Who are the main players and what is their development roadmap?
Airbus Sells Shares...in Atlas Elektronik Group
Selling their shares enables the company to focus on its core business.
LizardTech Goes For The CoN
GeoExpress is LizardTech’s flagship software product...
Eye Spy... Israeli Satellite Sees 'Stone' Russian Missiles
Heavy rains forced the Russians to move the missile systems, thereby exposing them to satellite photography.
Pentagon Finally Launches Study... Future Needs of Military SATCOM
The objective is to inform future Pentagon decisions on military satellite communications.
US Defense Agency Orders Norsat's GLOBETrekker 2.0 Terminals
The GLOBETrekker 2.0 terminal was selected due to the functionality of the unit's built in spectrum analyzer...
US Army's Field Services Contract Bagged By DataPath
More than 200 DataPath field service technicians will now be sent to various military commands in 20 countries.
First Satellite For Brazil's Visiona Scheduled For Launch This March
The satellite will be shipping to French Guiana shortly for launch...
COMSAT Keeps 'Em In The Air And Coming Back For More... Millions In Biz
multiple AISR customers and additional critical mission sets resulted in  COMSAT’s recently fielded state-of-the-art Managed Services Operations Center
Land Image Acquisition By Göktürk-2 Satellite Hits 23.8 Million Kilometers
The satellite was transferred to the Air Force Reconnaissance Satellite Command following the commissioning activities and trajectory tests...
Lockheed Martin Is Headed In A New Direction... Improved GPS Satellite Ground System For USAF
They were given the green light, the go, the high five. The US Air Force has approved Lockheed Martin’s ...