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Recent Military News
U.S.A.F.'s New SBIRS Ground System Successfully Integrated
Under the Increment 2 system, all operational control will be consolidated under one primary Mission Control Station (MCS) with a single backup control station.
U.S. Coast Guard Commandant Admiral Paul Zukunft Regarding Appropriation Actions
"Unreliable funding jeopardizes aircraft, cutter and boat maintenance and operations."—Admiral Xukunft, U.S.C.G. Commandant.
U.S. Navy and Marine Corp.'s Readiness Severely Suffers Under Sequestration... And More To Follow...
“This means longer timelines to arrive, less time to prevail, if we do, more ships and aircraft out of action when in battle, more sailors, Marines and merchant mariners killed.”—Navy Adm. Jonathan W. Greenert.
Thales' VENUS Satcom On-The-Move Terminals x 20... For French Forces' Syracuse III Program
By providing a permanent command communication capability in the theater of operations, the solution meets the requirements of ground force units on-the-move .
Exelis' $7.6M Contract  ...Keeps U.S. Army Armored Combat Vehicles w/Mission Command On-The-Move Systems
Exelis delivers a combat-proven, modular, reliable communications system that fully integrates into a variety of armored combat vehicles, commercial SUVs, and military platforms of all descriptions.
SMi Gathers In London To Present Key Military + Industry Players Of Space Technology
Topics addressed will range from satellite communication, surveillance, missile defense as well as national updates.
IBC2015  Just In... Deadline Extension For Innovation Awards Entries...Hurry Enter Now 
Due to popular demand IBC has decided to extend the deadline for entries for the IBC Innovation Awards by one week to Friday 27,  2015. 
MDA + Airbus Defense and Space Contracted To Modernize U.S.A.F.'s Mobile Ground Stations
Once upgraded, the systems will be able to receive and process imagery from the RADARSAT-2 and RapidEye satellites...
Editorial: ISRO's New Space Commission Member...India Is Waking Up To The New Realities In Space + National Security
The induction of the Foreign Secretary suggests a fresh impetus to space in India’s international engagements, both in the strategic and commercial spaces.
GPS Source's Newest GNSS Antenna Can Take The Extremes + Still Deliver
The signal reception is unaffected by placement of the antenna. Designed to operate in the most extreme and demanding applications...
U.S. Navy Decides On SBG Technology Solutions For Mission Critical Comms Support
“We will use our longstanding experience with the Navy and PEO SS to execute these mission-critical communications functions for the Navy.”—Vic Blanco, Director of Contracts, SBG.
Space Foundation's Douglas S. Morrow Award Goes To The Super Orion Team...NASA/Industry EFT-1...Test Early, Test Often 
"The world once again on a firm course of space exploration that will get us out of low Earth orbit, taking humans back to the Moon and on to Mars and beyond." Space Foundation Chief Executive Officer Elliot Pulham
TE Connectivity... Who Knew?... New Light Coatings + Ink Reduces Antenna's Weight + Available For Aerospace and Defense 
Conductive inks and coatings are key tools in lowering size, weight and power (SWaP) because they allow developers to replace metal components with coated plastic or composite parts.
MilDef Systems Provides Cargo + Logistic Unit Monitoring + Tracking For FMV Sweden
 It utilizes satellite communications infrastructure to ensure continuous secure operation, anywhere in the world.
Protection Partnership Performed By Clavister
"Protecting against these threats will require security that is embedded into the devices themselves, to create distributed but secure environments."—Jim Carlsson, CEO, Clavister.
SSPI Buy A Ticket, Make It A Better World + Maybe Win A Magnum Of Cabernet Sauvignon...It's A Win-Win
"...they have led the building of companies that are name brands in the business and whose best days are still ahead of them.”
Kratos' Monics® Provides Capabilities For NewSat's Jabiru-1 Satellite
[provides] the ability to monitor payload traffic and to detect and analyze RF interference, even if that interference is hiding within the main carrier.
General Dynamics Enables U.S. Military To Place Calls From Arizona To MUOS Satellite
With the new over-the-air test capability, radio products can make calls from the Scottsdale lab to an orbiting MUOS satellite to evaluate voice and data performance.
NSR's Report...Satellite-Based Earth Observation...Don't Let The Clouds Get You Down
Initially devised to counter the testing by North Korea of missiles flying over its territory in 1998...
General Atomics + U.S. Air Force...How Many Reaper Attack Drones Can Be Purchased w/$279.1?
The turboprop-powered, multi-mission Reaper armed drone can fly for more than 27 hours between refueling at speeds to 240 knots at altitudes to 50,000 feet.