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Recent Military News
Russia and Uruguay Warn About Risks of Arms' Race in Space
Russia and Uruguay adopted a joint statement on Thursday warning about risks of an arms race in outer space...
Harris Brings Battlefield Techniques to IDEX... Keeping Soldiers Connected
These solutions meet urgent security challenges associated with intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) issues and provide opportunities for modernizing force structures
Orbital ATK's New Involvement with USAF's STPSat-6
The multipurpose satellite will operationally demonstrate advanced communication capabilities, collect space weather data and...
Bringing HD Video via SATCOM to Rotary Aircraft is a Hughes DISD Tech Advancement
This new advancement in SATCOM technology integrates the Hughes HM200 airborne modem and two lightweight antennas mounted on top...
Advantech Wireless' New AMT-83L Military-Grade Satellite Modem to Show Off at Satellite 2017
This is the first worldwide satellite modem to be certified with MIL-STD-188-165A by DISA.
Harris Dials In... $403M Contract with Defense Logistics Agency to Support Harris' Radios
The contract is a continuation and expansion of previous contracts with the DLA and will provide support to additional Harris radio families.
Israel Aerospace Industries Unveils Export Version of Heron TP
It is designed to operate at very long range, using an integral satellite link and is and is capable of operating in extreme weather conditions.
Vishay's Capacity for a New Capacitor That Meets MIL-PRF-3906/33 Specs
This device is the industry's first such capacitor qualified to the MIL-PRF-39006/33 specification to offer capacitance from 15 μF to 680 μF...
Paradigm's Swarm45 Ka-Band Terminal Gets Telenor's Blessing... Opens Market Opportunities
“We are pleased that the Swarm45 terminal, the smallest terminal yet, has been approved to operate on THOR 7."
Curtiss-Wright has Got the COTS Italy’s ELV SpA Needs for the New Mid-Size Vega-C
Curtiss-Wright’s cost-effective COTS electronics systems approach was selected to support this challenging performance/cost target.
Airbus and ENGIE Ineo Help France Plan Controlling Future Military Air Operations 
It will be rolled out on around 60 sites in mainland France.
Boeing and US Air Force are in a Good Position with a Five Year Agreement for Global Positioning Systems
Collectively, Boeing GPS satellites have accrued more than 550 years of on-orbit operation.
United Launch Alliance Trims Back Employees to be Competitive with SpaceX and Others
...the largest space launch contractor to the federal government, is seeking voluntary departures to trim an unspecified number of positions.
OHB Commits to Junior Professorship to Ensure Secure Space Communications 
is a good fit for OHB’s portfolio, such as the versatile SmallGEO satellite platform...
Security Missions in Mali, Niger and Somalia Receive Airbus Defence and Space SATCOM Support
Led on behalf of the European Union, these missions aim to support the efforts of the respective governments to strengthen their stability...
GaN Gains for Advantech Wireless
The Advantech Wireless solution is designed for the most stringent environmental military standards...
Intelsat... Critical Reliable Space Communications Means Keeping World 'Always On'
So much of our regular daily lives relies on space communications, bank ATMs and gas stations, air traffic safety, smartphones and GPS...
Advantech's Multimillion Dollar Contract Outfits a NATO Nation with Military SATCOM Terminals
These advanced systems are the smallest fully integrated units on the market today
NSR Reports a Resurgence of MILSATCOM Capabilities Spirited by Japan's DCN-2 Satellite
players in the military and government satellite markets should ask is, "Are we finally going to see a ‘pivot to Asia’?
SpaceX Shuffles Schedule...Working on New Launch Pad for a February Launch
SpaceX has not released any details about the extent of the damage to the Air Force launch complex, but the company already...