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Recent Manufacturing News
On The Show Floor... ETL Systems To Demo & Detail...
Among the technologies on display will be ETL Systems’ new Hurricane series switch Matrix/Router.
GOES-R Goes To Titusville
GOES-R is projected to improve all sorts of weather forecasting.
The Hertz Is On For OHB
The contract for satellite-side technology management is worth a total of around 10 million euros.
Major Maritime Moves By Satcom Global & Intellian
Satcom Global has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Intellian.
Complete AFSPC-6 Immersion For Orbital ATK
Orbital ATK designed, manufactured, integrated and tested the GSSAP satellites at their state-of-the art manufacturing facility in Dulles, Virginia.
Advantech Wireless Sending SOTM Modem To NATO Aligned Nation
The AMT-83L possesses a much higher data rate...
UltiSat Into ISR For Lockheed Martin & US Army
UltiSat will support the SS-AISR program in AISR data collection, ground-based processing, exploitation, and dissemination for missions worldwide.
The Cloud Is In Space & Is Engaged In Belt Tightening
Four of the world's leading aerospace manufacturers have provided Letters of Technical Confidence.
Gridiron Prep For PSSI Global
PSSI is now able to transmit 10 channels on a single satellite transponder.
Farming Facilitation With Imagery In India
This private satellite data analytics company aims to build a 15 year archive of satellite images over the Indian subcontinent.
Reliable, Viable, Verifiable—SpeedCast's New Government Comms Work
SpeedCast has just signed a partnership agreement with Airbus Defence and Space to offer military-grade satellite communication services to the Australia and New Zealand governments.
Coax Bi-Directional Amplifiers Make Their Entrance From Fairview Microwave
These bi-directional amplifiers are designed for use in commercial and military applications and will support any signal type and modulation format.
Keysight's Free Satellite Earth Station Performance App 
This free offering from Keysight Technologies reveals how to perform precision validation, maintenance and repair of satellite Earth stations using the company's FieldFox handheld analyzer.
A Winning IoT Combo For ORBCOMM
The offerings winning this recognition include the company's PT 7000 and the ORBCOMMconnect multi-network management portal.
To Globecomm's Cloud Go The Pest Eradicators
This move will take advantage of newer technologies to offer its customers a better solution for their enterprise communications.
JCSAT-16 Post Launch Maneuvers Are All Good
The satellite deployed its solar arrays on schedule following the SpaceX Falcon 9 launch from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida.
Jakarta Assembly For Alpha Satcom
Alpha Satcom, working with PT Paradise Communications, now adds iForte to their growing list of global customers.
Propulsion Evolution For Smallsats En Route From Aerojet Rocketdyne
Additionally, the use of AF-M315E will result in a safer, more efficient and higher performance alternative relative to traditional hydrazine propellant.
A Cold, Cold Day For ORBCOMM
Northern Refrigerated is using ORBCOMM’s cold chain telematics systems to track, monitor and control their refrigerated trailers.
Changing The World With 'Magic Material'—China's Spacecraft & Rockets To Benefit
Aerogel has been widely used in space missions by the United States, Russia and Europe and China has now developed their own aerogel products.