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Recent Manufacturing News
Major Milestone For SpeedCast With New O&G Accord
“Over time, this customer has the potential to provide significant global growth to SpeedCast’s existing energy market share.”—Keith Johnson, SVP of Energy, SpeedCast.
Aquila Space Gets To The Core Of The Matter With Creonic
Creonic and Aquila Space are working on pushing the throughput above 300 Mbps.
Comtech EF Data Announces Product Updates...
The updates are now available on the Comtech EF Data website.
NexGen Rocket Engine Tests for NASA's Space Launch System Have Now Been Successfully Completed
Four RS-25 engines will help power the SLS core stage during launch.
SSL-Built Sky Muster Makes The Journey To Kourou For Arianespace Action
“The satellite for Australia’s broadband network is a very advanced broadband satellite that will cover the entire Australian continent including its offshore islands."—John Celli, president of SSL.
To Be Fairing About It, There's Now An On Orbit, Robotic Assembly Of Satellites Study Underway By SSL for DARPA
“The Dragonfly program gives SSL the opportunity to demonstrate our advanced robotics capabilities."—John Celli, President, SSL.
New Business Continuity Services Debuts From Optus Satellite
"In the event of a crisis or business disruption, customers can choose to activate the service based on their business need.”—Paul Sheridan, V.P., Optus Satellite.
SVS Satellite Systems Signs An Important Deal With Cobham
"SVS will have the license for Cobham's standard satellite communications Diamond reflector designs."—Abdullah Saglam, GM, SVS Satellite Systems.
Israeli Youth Participate In A Satellite Building Contest
So far, some 20 applicants have submitted video entries via ISA's Facebook page presenting their devices.
TV Globo's SNG Fleet Gets All Pumped Up With Newtec's Broadcast Satellite Modulator
The upgrade fits into an all HD production strategy and includes the entire SNG news fleets of the Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Brasilia TV Globo stations.
This Is Pretty Cool From Lockheed Martin
The High Power Microcryocooler is a high-reliability system designed for continuous operation over a lifespan in excess of 10 years and is the industry’s highest power density cryocooling system.
The Rollout Of Skyline Communication's DataMiner 9.0 Will Occur @ IBC2015
“Continued innovations at the core of DataMiner enable operators to pull data from millions of CPE devices almost in real time."—Ben Vandenberghe, CEO, Skyline Communications.
EXIM De-Funding One Of The Major Reasons For Upcoming Boeing Satellite Manufacturing Job Reductions
Boeing is, apparently, continuing to work with ABS to uncover other means of financing for the new satellite.
Swift Satisfaction: Newtec Pushes 20 Mbps Into 2 MHz
"This latest achievement shows that we are also committed to helping our customers minimize their OPEX by pushing the limits of spectral efficiency.”—Serge Van Herck, CEO, Newtec.
An External Platform + Three SmallSats Berthed @ ISS For Research Missions
“We look forward to working with NanoRacks and the research community on taking advantage of this critical hardware device to unlock further discovery right outside of the station."—Ken Shields, Director of Operations, CASIS.
Keysight Technologies' Next Free Webcast Is Upcoming...
This webinar will also cover methods in making accurate, repeatable measurements and using analysis features to characterize your designs easily.
Indigenous Peruvian Tribes In The Andes Gain Connectivity, Thanks To NewCom International
"Now, for the first time ever, our teachers can communicate with their families while here.”—Hannah Rae Porst, Director, Willka Yachay
While 3 Weakens 4 Strengthens ... 4K Boosts TV Makers' Profits While 3K Slips
Costs for high-end TV panels also dropped, which helped to maintain overall profits. 
Hurricane Forecasting To Improve With NASA's CYGNSS
"We are now in the last phase of the mission prior to launch and the beginning of a new era in hurricane observations."—Chris Ruf, CYGNSS principal investigator, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.
DataMiner From Skyline Communications Reaches CSI Awards Finals
“Delivering services across hybrid network technologies has never been this easy and efficient."—Steven Soenens, Product Marketing Director, Skyline Communications.