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Recent Manufacturing News
Highly Reflective Of Good Technology, AstroMast Deploys On NASA'/JPL's SMAP
"The AstroMesh Reflector is a central feature of the SMAP spacecraft, which will be used to help monitor soil moisture and thus provide critical data about the state of our planet."—John A. Alvarez, general manager, Astro Aerospace. 
Argentinian Satellite Tracking Station For Chinese Moon Missions Gets The O.K.
Argentina will be able to access the antenna at least 10 percent of the time to develop research projects under a deal between the two countries.
Exelis' CrIS Prepared For Joint Polar Satellite System Integration
“CrIS is proven technology that is already providing high-quality environmental data to the meteorological and climate communities on Suomi NPP.”—Eric Webster,V.P., environmental intelligence, Exelis.
Solar Impulse 2 To Remain In Communications With A Special SATCOM Aviator 300SP From Cobham SATCOM
“The SATCOM AVIATOR 300SP system is the lightest SwiftBroadband SATCOM terminal by a large margin and was specifically developed for Solar Impulse to meet the prime weight criterion."—Johan Gericke, Director Systems Engineering, Cobham SATCOM, technical liaison to Solar Impulse.
@ CABSAT 2015—ETL Systems With Latest In RF Demos...
ETL has more than 25 years experience in the RF satellite signal distribution sector.
@ Satellite 2015: HUBER+SUHNER Will Unveil Radiation Resistant Cables + Space Portfolio
A first-time exhibitor at this event, HUBER+SUHNER will unveil its new SUCOFLEX 200 microwave coaxial cable assemblies including ...
Double Play For PCI Geomatics—Live Demo Regarding DigitalGlobe's WorldView-3 and KazEOSat-1 Support
PCI Geomatics and Digital Globe will be presenting this joint webinar to demo the value of working with very high resolution, super spectral imagery.
@ CMSE 2015 — Resistors and More For Space and Military Use From Vishay Intertechnology On Display
In booth B-3, Vishay will be displaying a wide variety of military-qualified resistors with established reliability.
Iridium Bringing Certus Compatriots Into Service
"We are proud to be teaming up with these companies, which represent the best-in-class in their respective industries."—Matt Desch, CEO, Iridium.
Broadcom SoCs To Mobile World Broadcast... Microwave Backhaul To Be Showcased
The highly-integrated BCM85820 includes full transceiver as well as synthesizer components.
For Broadcast Betterment, Advantech's New SBM75X Satellite Modulator
“The new SBM75X is ideally positioned to operate on the new generation of HTS satellites, due to its advanced capabilities and high data rate.”—Cristi Damian, VP, Advantech Wireless.
A 4x Increase In Spectral Efficiency With Broadcom SoCs
The highly-integrated BCM85820 includes full transceiver as well as synthesizer components.
Route To Continued African Expansion For SpeedCast Brings Geolink Into The Fold
“With the Geolink acquisition, SpeedCast expands its presence and its capabilities in the African market.”—Pierre-Jean Beylier, CEO, SpeedCast.
Getting The Procedural Nod — ESA's Biomass Satellite
The mission will provide the first opportunity to explore Earth’s surface at the ‘P-band’ radar frequency from space.
Trials Completed In U.K. For Secure Deployable Cell Communications
“Chemring Technology Solutions and its partners have proven that a satellite-based communications network can securely and consistently deliver a wide range of end-user services."—Will Tucker, Product Leader, Chemring Technology Solutions.
OHB System Sends HISPASAT AG1 On Its Way To Ottobrunn + OHB Sweden To Develop MATS Sat
Spanish communications service provider and satellite operator Hispasat will be using HAG1 to supply Spain and Portugal, the Canary Islands and America with multimedia services.
A Safe + Successful Journey For Thor 7 To Korou For Earth Departure In April
“With the launch of THOR 7, TSBc looks forward to further extending our position in the market and expanding our regional coverage.”—Morten Tengs, CEO, Telenor Satellite Broadcasting.
Out And About With 5,000 Shipped By KVH For Their mini-VSAT Broadband Offering
Our goal was to win a leadership position through market disruption, changing the way mariners thought about satellite communications by offering small, simple, easy-to-install equipment, fast data speeds, and low airtime costs.”—Martin Kits van Heyningen, CEO, KVH.
Mission Critical Cut Slip Rings Debut For Mission Critical Comms Ops
Manufacturing the highest quality slip ring components to meet customers’ highest wear and tear properties, and to support non-standard and tight tolerances, A.T. Wall can reduce lead time and provide lower and more predictable costs.
RF Ramp Up For U.S. Government Agency By ETL Systems
...two Vulcan matrices were used in conjunction with combiners to design the overall system which will be operated in Australia.