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Recent Manufacturing News
Antwerp Space Cleaning Up For Important Projects
In this ultra-modern, secured work space, the Antwerp based company will be making components for various, international space projects.
A Wending Its Way November 6th Launch Date Set For WorldView 4
This launch had to be cancelled on the original launch date of September 18th due to an extremely aggressive fire that consumed some 12,000 acres across Vandenberg's South Bases.
Phasor Solutions Are Gogo Bound
Gogo's breakthrough technology is powerful and flexible and can, therefore, facilitate multiple in-flight connectivity applications.
Gilat Satellite Networks Sprints With Their Backhaul
Sprint expects to deploy Gilat's high-speed Capricorn VSATs as a cellular backhaul solution.
Heightening South Korea's Satellite System Will Be Thales Alenia Space
The Korean regional system KASS will enhance the positioning performance provided by the current GPS satellite navigation system and will also address Glonass and Galileo in the future.
Will They Bring Bagpipes? Scotland's Clyde Space Envisions Small Sat Offices In US
A sales office in Northern California, and a manufacturing center will open on the east coast, to complement the six satellites a month being delivered...
NASA Selects Orbital ATK...Will Be Busy Building Another Advanced Land Surface Mapping Sat
Landsat represents over four decades of imagery, providing valuable data for agriculture, global change research, emergency response, and disaster relief.
The Astrome Plan Is to Launch 150 Satellites By 2020
About 150 satellites weighing 120 kg each would be orbiting the Earth, taking turns in Internet beaming, thereby forming a network in space.
Honeywell Aerospace & Satcom Direct Tie In For Inmarsat Aviation Service Distribution
SwiftBroadband-Safety hardware is available for initial retrofit installation on existing aircraft today and will become a standard option on new aircraft deliveries from 2018.
Into The Black Sea Goes Thuraya With A New Service Partner
The agreement to distribute services and products to European end users follows Thuraya’s recent expansion of its maritime portfolio with the launch of Atlas IP.
Thaicom Contracts With China Great Wall Industry Corporation For A New Satellite
The satellite project is valued at approximately $208 million.
South African Satellite Launch Looks "Iffy"
India's launch calendar is packed and it looks difficult to launch the South Asian satellite in December.
China's Chang'e 5 Lunar Probe Set For Mineral Mission
The scientist said the analysis of the structure and component of the samples to be collected by Chang'e-5 would help scientists deepen the study into the formation and the evolution of the moon.
Kratos Defense & Security Solutions JFCC Space Contract Mod Brings The DoD Into Their Service Domain
JFCC Space is responsible for executing continuous, integrated space operations to deliver theater and global effects in support of national and combatant command objectives.
Additional Distribution Support For Inmarsat's SwiftBroadband-Safety Aviation Service By SITAONAIR
SwiftBroadband-Safety represents a paradigm shift in the advancement of aviation safety services by using secure IP-based broadband connectivity.
New Converters Debut From POWRMOD
Several new models have been released in the firm's POWRMOD series...
Pakistan's PRSS-1 Prelude During World Space Week
Khurram said that with the successful launch of Pakistan Remote Sensing Satellite (PRSS-1), Pakistan will achieve yet another milestone by achieving self-reliance in the observation of Earth through satellite remote sensing.
ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter Gains Elliptical Orbit Around Mars — Concerns Over No Word Regarding The Schiaparelli Lander
The ESOC teams are trying to confirm contact with the Entry, Descent & Landing Demonstrator Module (EDM), Schiaparelli.
Indian Ocean Archpelago Getting Mobile SATCOM
The initial phase of the agreement will provision fisheries and anglers with voice products and broadband connectivity over Thuraya’s satellite network.
Marlink's XChange Media Is A Big Deal For Crew Satisfaction
Deployment of XChange Media across the UASC fleet was carried out remotely and completed in less than a week.