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Current Satellite News
March 30th, 2015
NOAA's New Civilian Weather Satellites To Be Built By OrbitalATK
Orbital will design and fabricate the JPSS spacecraft, integrate government-furnished instruments, conduct satellite-level testing, and support in-orbit check-out and mission operations.
Arianespace's Soyuz Launches A Pair...Galileo Discovered Jupiter's Satellites + Two Satellites Named In His Honor Go Into Space
Among the many accomplishments of Galileo was the discovery of the four largest satellites of Jupiter (named the Galilean moons in his honor) and today two satellites named after him have been launched.
NASA Sends Two Astronauts To ISS For A Long Time...One Year In Space + The Effects On The Human Spirit
Two humans said farewell to Earth for nearly 12 months to settle into the ISS for one year. Scott Kelly's identical twin brother is a retired NASA astronaut, which could make the experiments more interesting.
Moog's Propulsion Systems Push Adam + Anastasia Galileo Satellites
Moog built the entire Galileo Propulsion System, which includes monopropellant engines, fill and drain valves, latch valves and pressure transducers including the complete thermal control system installation and harnessing.
Arabsat's Dirab Earth Station Gains Siemens SIECAMS For CID + Satellite Monitoring
"Carrier ID is a global, industry-wide initiative aimed at speeding up the resolution of interference and improving the quality of service for all users of satellite communications."—Khalid Balkheyour, President & CEO, Arabsat.
Boeing's GPS IIF-9 Confirms Its On Orbit Health
“Boeing, ULA and the Air Force successfully launched four GPS IIFs last year, the highest operations tempo in over 20 years, and this latest mission marks the first of three launches planned in 2015.” —Dan Hart, V.P., Boeing Government Space Systems.
UK Space Agency Appoints Avanti...Takes iKnowledge To 250 Rural Schools In Tanzania
The iKnowledge program will equip up to 250 schools in rural and underserved areas of Tanzania with ICT infrastructure.
OHB Builds 'em So They Can Fly Away... Adam + Anastasia
“This was a very emotional moment for all of us who eagerly watched the launch and the activities of the next few hours in Bremen, Toulouse, Kourou and everywhere around the world..."
Supernet Wins Innovation Award...Rescue + Relief Made Possible... C-COM’s iNetVu® Vehicle Mounted Auto-Acquire Antenna
...given in recognition of developing innovative communication solutions for rescue and relief organizations operating in disaster stricken areas, where other communications infrastructure is not available, or has been destroyed.
SES Government Solutions + XipLink Join Forces To Deliver... Moving From SkyPipe™ To XipOS
"...Their optimization appliances are an ideal fit for the SES GS strategy to provide mission critical capacity to our Government customers at a lower cost per bit."
Airbus Ships Off Most Powerful Broadcast Satellite...Arianespace Receives + Readies For Lift Off
...will provide additional digital television entertainment services for more than 20 million DIRECTV customers in the United States. 
Altegro Sky Bringing High Speed Ka-Band Capacity To The Far East
"satellite broadband Ka-band is the solution that could be a sort of "magic wand" for us this year."—Sergey Pekhterev, CG AltegroSky.
Satellite Technology From Avanti To Support Pan-African Aviation Project
"SBAS-AFRICA brings an innovative and pragmatic approach to deploying SBAS services in Africa."—Matthew O’Connor, COO, Avanti Communications.
Airbus Defense and Space Takes Elevation To A New Level With WorldDEM
with pole-to-pole coverage coupled with accuracy and quality,  that are the defining characteristics of the WorldDEM. 
An OHB System AG Endowment For A New University Chair
The endowment of the chair will be provided for six years to promote scientific research at the University of the Armed Forces in Munich.
ITAR Compliance is No Longer a Choice, It is a Necessity—ASDEvents Seminar
Take your understanding of ITAR Compliance to a new level.
@ Coastal GeoTools Conference—LizardTech Showcasing Geospatial Solutions
This conference is held every two years and focuses on geospatial data, tools and technology for coastal resource management professionals.