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ULA's Statement Re: Successful Launch of NROL-42's Secret Mission for the National Reconnaissance Office 
This launch was fraught with challenges and delays ... beginning with Hurricane Irma to the replacement of batteries in Atlas V, but the team ...
G'day as OHB Heads to Australia to International Astronautical Congress
OHB employees sought-after experts at the International Astronomical Congress IAC 2017 – the international sector get-together taking place in Australia
Be One Step Ahead of the Competition ... Learn About the Changes in the Industry at the Satellite Innovation Symposium 
It is known that rapidly evolving technology as well as mergers and acquisitions are changing satellite market dynamics at an accelerating pace.
A Substitute Navigation Satellite is Now Being Worked on by ISRO
IRNSS-1I was earlier approved as a ground spare, to be sent to space in an emergency. The Indian Space Research Organisation has been training a...
Contract Awarded to Landsat 8/9 Team Member, a.i. solutions
Under the requirements of the contract, a.i. solutions will provide key flight dynamics and mission planning for the ongoing Landsat 8 mission, develop...
Saturday is Rescheduled Date for ULA'a Launch of NROL-42 Mission
ULA has rescheduled the launch of NROL-42.
AsiaSat's New General Counsel ... She Will Oversee All Legal Affairs
The new lady on board brings substantial expertise with the ability to practice law on several continents.
Satellite Communications & Broadcasting Markets Survey ... Must Embrace Innovation to Recover and Thrive
Despite a decline of over $2 billion in annual regular capacity revenues, Euroconsult forecasts the total market to grow to $15.3 billion in 2026.
Ball Aerospace's TEMPO Instrument for NASA Passes Spectrometer Testing
... selected by NASA as the first Earth Venture-Instrument to provide hourly measurements of air quality across North America.
Iridium®'s 10 Satellites are Packed and Ready for NEXT Launch
this launch continues the ambitious deployment pace for the Iridium NEXT program, set to launch a total of 75 satellites on SpaceX Falcon 9 rockets.
ArianeGroup and CNES Confirm Cooperative Plans Towards Common Goals 
An agreement that brings companies closer together, to collaborate towards a common goal, strengthens both and is a positive step. 
So Far So Good ... ULA Ready to Roll With NROL-42 Launch for National Security 
The mission, for the National Reconnaissance Office, is set to lift off on a ULA Atlas V rocket ...
Satellite Data Exchange Deal Signed 'Tween Vietnam and Japan
The pact aims to assist the DataCube program in Vietnam, which is an Earth Observation-satellite database used for the development of other ...
EchoStar 105/SES-11 Spacecraft Ships to Florida for Upcoming SpaceX Launch
... is a dual-mission satellite for U.S.-based operator EchoStar and Luxembourg-based operator SES.
The Goal of ATLAS Space Operations and NASA is to Advance Commercial Space Technology Through New Partnership
ATLAS will be working alongside NASA Goddard Space Flight Center to advance the development of the ATLAS LINKS system, which is as a state-of-the-art...
Next-Generation Antenna Development by Kymeta Receive Two NASA SBIR Grants
Organizations receiving SBIR grants are required to develop solutions with practical significance that have commercial and non-commercial...
UHP Networks Releases RUN a Real Marathon of FaaS Broadband Data Solutions Powered by Intelsat's EpicNG
to deliver solutions that create value and deliver connectivity to areas that previously did not have access to broadband services.
Spunky India Forges Forward with Plans to Resume Launches by November or December
The Chairman, however, admitted that the failed mission was not insured. “We don’t insure our own launches ..."
Irma is Gone, Launch is On ... ULA Plans V NROL-42 at Vandenberg AF Base
ULA Atlas V NROL-42 launch of a classified payload in support of national security.
ULA Ready to Roll with NROL-42 as Payload is Mated to Atlas V
Today’s L-3 weather update shows 40 percent favorable conditions for launch.