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ISRO Bringing Their GSAT-11 Satellite Back Into Launch Mode
The 5,700-kg GSAT-11 satellite was slated for launch on May 26 from Kourou, a site in South America that India occasionally uses to launch the...
Gomspace and Aerial & Maritime Have an MOU ... Delivery and Operation of a Global Constellation
The system shall deliver processed ADS-B signals — compliant with ICAO and EUROCAE requirements for air traffic management. 
ViaLite's L-Band HTS for Defense Provides Security for Those Who Defend Others
The link is ideal for the extremely demanding dynamic range applications associated with HTS and defense, and is based on the ViaLiteLong Distance 
Astronomers See Black Hole Destroy Star in a Distant Eruption
Theorists suggested that material pulled from the doomed star forms a rotating disk around the black hole, emitting intense X-rays and visible light
Thales Alenia Space's SWOT Does a Lot ... Achieving Milestones is the Result of Many Who Have Contributed 
a new-generation platform for this program that will be the first of this type to be orbited in compliance with the French Space Operations Act* ...
JAXA Successfully Tests H-IIA Launch Vehicle with New Research Satellite to Detect Missile Launches  
The mission is part of the Information Gathering Satellites (IGS) program, one of whose goals is to detect possible missile launches in the region.
NASA’s Decade of Discoveries and Cosmic Rays with Fermi Satellite 
cosmic rays, particles traveling at nearly the speed of light, could be propelled by supernova shock waves. In 2013, Fermi’s LAT used gamma rays to prove  
SES' 10 New Consortium Project Partners Make QUARTZ Crystal Clear for Satellite Cybersecurity  
the consortium will develop a system that will generate encryption keys in space, and securely transmit those keys to users on Earth via laser.
Harris to Supply U.S. Customs and Border Protection with Advanced Digital Handheld Radios
Harris will supply its XL-200P advanced digital handheld radios that have an intuitive and customizable user interface. The radios are packed with...
Audacy's Inter-Satellite Data Relay Network Receives FCC License to Operate
Audacy will build a relay network that provides spacecraft operators with continuous, real-time connectivity - anywhere from the launch pad to lunar ...
SES Granted FCC Authorization to Expand Their O3b Satellite Constellation
The FCC grant opens significant additional frequencies to SES for use in its non-geostationary (NGSO) constellation and enables it to deploy O3b...
Lo Now 15 Years Later Brazil and U.S. Return to Discuss Satellite Launch From Alcantara Base
Now Brazilian officials say that the sharing of technological knowhow is not a deal-breaker.
A First for ESA’s Aeolus Satellite ... There's No Magic Using this Aladin to Determine Wind Speed
Aeolus is a world first with break-through technology that will make a huge contribution to weather forecasting on a global scale.
Big BepiColombo Preparations for the Mission to Mercury Aboard Arianespace's Ariane 5
include attaching solar wings to the three modules... dressing the spacecraft in protective insulation, installing the sunshield, conducting pressure tests...
Comtech EF Data and Kepler Communications' Solutions to Result in Rapidly Deployable Satellite Communications
will open new business opportunities that necessitate real-time connectivity to satellites, reducing costly and difficult to deploy ground infrastructure. 
FCC OK's Northrop Grumman's Acquistion of Orbital ATK... With Some Requirements...
The FCC will require Northrop Grumman to supply solid rocket motors, or SRMs, to competitors on a non-discriminatory basis as part of a settlement...
The First Engine for the DARPA/Boeing Experimental Spaceplane Assembled by Aerojet Rocketdyne
This new Boeing spaceplane, called Phantom Express, is intended to demonstrate a new paradigm for more routine, responsive and affordable...
UPDATE Orbital ATK to Bring New Weather Satellites Into Play for NOAA
The JPSS satellites will provide operational continuity of space-based weather observations, extending the successful 50 year NOAA/NASA...
Success in the Dark, SpaceX's Falcon 9 Rocket Launches SES' Largest Geostationary Satellite Ever 
Powerful satellite serving Asia-Pacific and the Middle East will ... meet diverse needs of video, fixed data, mobility and government customers.
Thai's Defense Ministry Mulls New Satellite Options Includes Defense Against Threats from Space
Today, satellites are being used for spy missions and Thai defence authorities need to catch up with this technology.