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Will New Plasma Thrusters Keep Next-Gen Satellites Safe?
The Air Force has hired a Michigan company to see if thrusters based on plasma could help satellites evade incoming fire.
SpaceX Launches the Dragon with NASA's Supplies and Science Laboratory
... en route to the ISS with a myriad of items ranging from goodies for the astronauts this holiday season to scientific experiments that include barley ...
Two Launches in Two Days to the ISS ... Next Russia is Ready 
They checked out the tele-robotically operated rendezvous unit (TORU) today in the unlikely event they would need to remotely maneuver the ...
Spaceflight's SEOPS-2 Mission with Three Smallsats to Travel to ISS
The payloads will travel to the ISS through a NASA Commercial Resupply (CRS) mission aboard a SpaceX Dragon scheduled to launch atop a...
Construction of Tokyo 2020 G-Satellite Completed ... Including Animated Characters
announced the completion of its “G-Satellite Go to Space” satellite, which will orbit the Earth during the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020.
United Launch Alliance Delays Launch of Boeing's Orbital Flight Test Starliner
Additional time was needed for the ULA and Boeing teams to complete an analysis of the issue, replace the duct and complete processing ahead of 
China Launches New Earth Observation Satellite
The microwave remote sensing satellite is capable of providing photographs with a resolution of better than a meter.
Chinese Spy Blimp Spotted by Satellite Image in Disputed South China Sea
Satellite surveillance imagery captured by an Israeli satellite firm has revealed China’s deployment of a spy blimp in an apparent effort to monitor disputed portions of the South China Sea.
Orbit Logic Awarded FLAPPER by NASA
FLAPPER’s goal is to significantly reduce (and in time, eliminate) the human resources expended in the traditional process of detection and...
Ball Aerospace’s AAAS Fellow ... She is Recognized for Substantial Contributions
her distinguished record in the diverse fields of planetary science and infrared astronomy, science policy and advocacy, and aerospace industry leadership.  
China's First Electromagnetic Satellite Bears Fruitful Results
The satellite has enabled China to obtain a global geomagnetic map and an ionospheric map with its own intellectual property rights.
‘PR Disaster’: NASA Ditches Historic All-Female Spacewalk After Spacesuits Won’t Fit
‘PR disaster’: NASA ditches historic all-female spacewalk after spacesuits won’t fit. People on social networks are struggling to understand how NASA 
Scientists Developing Robotic Networks to Make Smart Satellites
The team uses artificial intelligence termed genetic fuzzy logic, and they were able to get the three robots, later five, to move the token to the desired spot.
NASA, French Space Laser Measures Massive Migration of Ocean Animals
This vast animal migration — the largest on the planet and a critical part of Earth’s climate system — has been observed globally for the first time thanks
Hypersonic and Ballistic Space Senor Tracking Phase IIa Contract Assigned to Northrop Grumman
Northrop Grumman is developing a highly capable, affordable, survivable and extensible space-based sensing solution for hypersonic and ballistic...
Forrester Reports: The U.S. 5G Hunger Games
There are two major elements in terms of the CBA’s ability to consider the spectrum to be under their total stewardship. First, the operators have paid...
PocketQubes are Ready for Rocket Lab’s ‘Running Out Of Fingers’
Onboard this rideshare mission are six spacecraft comprised of 5cm PocketQube microsatellites from satellite manufacturer and mission ... 
Arianespace Launches Egypt's TIBA-1, Inmarsat's GX5 and Celebratory Statements
During these past 40 years Ariane has launched; the Galileo satellites; orbiting ATVs for servicing the ISS; the Herschel & Planck telescopes, and ... 
ISRO's Successful Launch of 13 Nanosatellites
Cartosat-3 satellite is a third generation agile advanced satellite having high resolution imaging capability.
Airbus Spain's ELSA+ is the Leader of Active Antennas
for the first time the spacecraft is able to adapt to the customers’ business cases as and when needed by means of software control.