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Bitcoins In Space...A Bitcoin For Your Thoughts... How About A Constellation Of BitSats?
[SatNews] “While this announcement may surprise some people, it is actually very much in line with our spacecraft development plans, including...
AFCEA + George Mason University C4I Center's Symposium...STEM Workforce Truth Or Hype? + Plugfest (Events)
[SatNews] Will the U.S. have enough in the future technical workforce if students aren't involved in STEM?
Arianespace’s Vega... Preps For  Kazakhstan’s First Earth Observation Satellite (Launch)
[SatNews] ...once again demonstrating its capability to accommodate a full range of payloads with the smallest member in their launcher family...
ESA's Experiment... Hopefully No Lumps In This Gravi-2...Just Happy Plants 
[SatNews] Will plants still know which way to grow their roots on Mars or will they go haywire?
Costa Rica + Central America—Joining The Global SatFamily (Launch Preparations)
[SatNews] The Central American Aeronautics and Space Administration (ACAE) has officially announced that the first Central American satellite, built in Costa Rica, will be...
Exelis + FAA—Elevation Accuracy For Nationwide Aircraft Net (GPS—ADS-B)
[SatNews] Exelis (NYSE: XLS) has completed a nationwide infrastructure upgrade that will enable air traffic controllers to track...
SkyBitz®...At Your Service + Subscription...Trailer Tracking + More (M2M Tracking)
[SatNews] ... is an entirely new way for customers to employ its trusted asset management solutions without any upfront capital.
SkyWave ...No Sacrifices With Dual Satellite-Cellular HSPA Device (M2M Asset Tracking)
[SatNews]  ...including "Last gasp" battery option to send last know GPS position and other info in the event power to the terminal is lost
Globecast + Anevia's...Over-The-Top Suite Solutions (OTT)
[SatNews] "...we are now well positioned to deliver innovation to broadcasters and pay-TV operators for years to come without being hindered by performance limitations."
NASA + SpaceX...Launches A Dragon Filled With Experiments + More (Launch)
[SatNews] This Dragon wings through space with experiments to keep the astronauts busy...
A Kepler View—An "Earth Cousin" Is Discovered (Exploration—NASA)
[SatNews] Using NASA's Kepler Space Telescope, astronomers have discovered the first Earth-size planet orbiting a star in the "habitable zone"—the range of distance from...
Satellites Know When A Volcano Will Blow (Earth Imaging)
[SatNews] "The findings suggest that satellite radar is the perfect tool to identify volcanic unrest"...
Union of Concerned Scientists Webinar...The Realities Of China's ASAT Weapons Armed With Kinetic Kill Vehicle
[SatNews] The system appears to be designed to place a kinetic kill vehicle on a trajectory to deep space that could reach...
EMCORE...  Terahertz Systems Lauded ...Receives Compound Semiconductor's 2014 Industry Award
SatNews] Recognition by your peers of a job well done is meaningful validation ...and so it was for this Company with the award presentation of...
NASA—LADEE Loses It + Greets The Moon (Spacecraft)
[SatNews] Ground controllers at NASA's Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, California, have confirmed that NASA's Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE) spacecraft impacted...
Space Foundation—The Intersection of Cyber 1.4 + the 30th Space Symposium (Event)
[SatNews] Space and cyberspace intersect at the Space Foundation's Cyber 1.4 conference on Monday, May 19, at The Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA—the conference provides...
Lockheed Martin—Designed To Investigate The Weather In Space (Satellite—Instrument)
[SatNews] Lockheed Martin [NYSE:LMT] has delivered a new solar analysis payload that will help scientists measure and forecast space weather, which can damage ...
NASA's Kepler Seeks Earth Twin...Possible Match!  (Kepler Space Telescope)
[SatNews] The next steps in the search for distant life include looking for true Earth-twins—
McMurdo's...Second Webinar...No Need To Search Any Further For Answers To Search + Rescue Systems
[SatNews] technological advancements will enhance distress beacon detection rates, improve location accuracy and reduce emergency response times to potentially save even more lives.
SkyWave Creates Waves By Joining Global M2M Alliance
[SatNews] The M2M sector has seen tremendous growth and is expected to continue this trend well into the coming decade.