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National Security Agency (NSA), ViaSat + Harris Corporation—Wideband Small Tactical Terminal Receives The Blessing (Tactical Terminal)
[SatNews] The Wideband Small Tactical Terminal (STT) (KOR-24A), co-developed by ViaSat Inc. (NASDAQ:VSAT) and Harris Corporation (NYSE:HRS), has been certified by NSA and is...
National Science Foundation + UCSD's Satellite Sensors Put New Twist On Smokey Bear's "Only You Can Prevent Fires...With WIFIRE"
[SatNews] The new cyberinfrastructure system monitors and forecasts the paths of wildfires, the number and scale of which are on the rise in the U.S.
ATI Present New Flash-Flood Warning System = Mass Notification + Flood Monitoring Using Wireless VHF Radio Communication
[SatNews] Having the capability to notify others of an impending emergency is invaluable, and now there is one for ...
CCW + SATCON In New York City...Efficiency At Its Best With Two Simultaneous Conferences (Events)
[SatNews] Plan now for these events scheduled in November.
Wednesday Update: ULA + U.S. Air Force...ANGELS Ride Share + Launch AFSPC-4 To Provide High-Altitude Surveillance (Launch)
[SatNews]  A successful launch, and as as the dust settles comments directly from the experts.
Ariane 5 Celebrates Big...Lifts The Biggest Payload Ever... Named After The Father Of The Big Bang Theory (Statements + Launch)
[SatNews] Aptly named after the scientist responsible for the Big Bang theory, this launch of 20 metric tons is the heaviest payload ever.
Here's Looking @ Earth—Aerosol Activity (Imagery)
[SatNews] More than three decades ago, scientists began developing instruments that could monitor Earth’s ozone layer by observing how the atmosphere scattered...
DARPA—Five NexGen Technologies for Positioning, Navigation + Timing (PNT)

[SatNews] It is difficult to imagine the modern world without the Global Positioning System (GPS), which provides real-time positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) data for countless military and civilian uses.
Ariane 5... Readies For Some Heavy Lifting Of Heaviest-Ever Payload...Georges Lemaître ATV (Launch)
[SatNews] Because the liftoff mass is greater than 20 metric tons necessitates that its separation from the launcher is planned for nearly one hour and four minutes after this July 29 liftoff.
NASA, Boeing, Sierra Nevada Corporation + SpaceX—Progression To A New American Spacecraft (Business)
[SatNews] Spacecraft and rocket development is on pace this summer for NASA's aerospace industry partners for the agency's Commercial Crew Program as they progress...
NSR's Report...All About Sweet Spots + Ku-Band Connectivity
[SatNews] It is also where the market for connectivity has already taken off with over 680 planes already connected.
55th Strategic Communications Squadron + DISA—Recognition Of Excellence (MILSATCOM—Award)
[SatNews] The men and women of the 55th Strategic Communications Squadron recently learned that their dedication to excellence was about to be awarded with...
RSCC + OOO Isatel...Send Shivering SatCom Service To Scientific Ice Research In Arctic & Antarctic
[SatNews] The current solution is based on maritime VSAT, affording the user on board a wide range of cutting-edge digital communications services.
Space Systems/Loral + U.S.A.F...Busy Company Just Got Busier...Qualifies For U.S. Government Payloads (Business Moves)
[SatNews] As a manufacturer of commercial satellites with 74 GEO satellites currently on orbit, and in partnership with MDA, which has a long history of LEO satellite experience, including ...
NASA... Celebrates Chandra's 15th Birthday With Photos + Shock Waves Millions Of Miles Per Hour (Event | Satellite)
[SatNews] NASA has released four new images of supernova remnants, showing spectacular cosmic vistas that are the glowing debris fields created when massive stars exploded at the ends of their lives.
VBox + Home Network Storage...TV Gateway’s New Take on DVR/PVR Recording
[SatNews] The new feature allows simultaneous recording of multiple programs to Network Shared Folder or Network Attached Storage (NAS), giving users expanded storage for content...
Sierra Nevada Corporation—Making It Past Milestone 9 (Spacecraft Testing)
[SatNews] Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) has successfully passed Milestone 9, the Risk Reduction and Technology Readiness Level (TRL) Advancement Testing milestone, for several critical...
JAXA + Quasi-Zenith Satellite—Japanese Government Pinpoints Natural Disasters Down To Centimeters  (Satellites)
[SatNews] An updated disaster prevention and evacuation system is more vital than ever after a devastating mudslide hit Nagiso early in July…
Arianespace Sets The Date For The Big Bang Mission (Launch)
[SatNews] This fifth and final European ATV – designated Georges Lemaître after the Belgian physicist and father of the Big Bang theory...
Hughes Network...Steady With Thales Defense & Security On Wheels + Ready Anywhere... Anytime
[SatNews] This robust and private network solution can be deployed virtually anywhere, making it ideal for emergency ...