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Iridium®'s 10 Satellites are Packed and Ready for NEXT Launch
this launch continues the ambitious deployment pace for the Iridium NEXT program, set to launch a total of 75 satellites on SpaceX Falcon 9 rockets.
ArianeGroup and CNES Confirm Cooperative Plans Towards Common Goals 
An agreement that brings companies closer together, to collaborate towards a common goal, strengthens both and is a positive step. 
Satellite Data Exchange Deal Signed 'Tween Vietnam and Japan
The pact aims to assist the DataCube program in Vietnam, which is an Earth Observation-satellite database used for the development of other ...
EchoStar 105/SES-11 Spacecraft Ships to Florida for Upcoming SpaceX Launch
... is a dual-mission satellite for U.S.-based operator EchoStar and Luxembourg-based operator SES.
The Goal of ATLAS Space Operations and NASA is to Advance Commercial Space Technology Through New Partnership
ATLAS will be working alongside NASA Goddard Space Flight Center to advance the development of the ATLAS LINKS system, which is as a state-of-the-art...
Next-Generation Antenna Development by Kymeta Receive Two NASA SBIR Grants
Organizations receiving SBIR grants are required to develop solutions with practical significance that have commercial and non-commercial...
UHP Networks Releases RUN a Real Marathon of FaaS Broadband Data Solutions Powered by Intelsat's EpicNG
to deliver solutions that create value and deliver connectivity to areas that previously did not have access to broadband services.
Spunky India Forges Forward with Plans to Resume Launches by November or December
The Chairman, however, admitted that the failed mission was not insured. “We don’t insure our own launches ..."
Irma is Gone, Launch is On ... ULA Plans V NROL-42 at Vandenberg AF Base
ULA Atlas V NROL-42 launch of a classified payload in support of national security.
ULA Ready to Roll with NROL-42 as Payload is Mated to Atlas V
Today’s L-3 weather update shows 40 percent favorable conditions for launch.
SMi's Mobile Deployable Communication Conference Stresses Security Against Cyber Warfare 
With the critical threat of cyber warfare intensifying, there is now a pressing need to ensure secure communications can be effectively operated in ...
MDA's APXS Instrument Aboard NASA's Mars Rover Curiosity Celebrates Successful Operation
APXS determines the relative abundances of elements in rocks and soils of the red planet, providing scientists with information on water activity, the...
Adieu, Cassini, Well Done ...  With Today's Final Journey of a 13-Year Mission
"From designing the trajectory seven years ago, to navigating through the 22 nail-biting plunges between Saturn and its rings, this is a crack shot group ...
Canadian Students' Cubesat Can Take the Heat ... and Does ... Capturing a Major Solar Flare
satellite began beaming messages back to Earth just in time to capture the most powerful solar flare in more than a decade.
Globecast and SES' Two Transactions... Doubles U.S. Cable Content ... Renews Fourth Transponder on Centre of the Arc
AMC-18 satellite form what has become the sweet spot for regional content delivery and the backbone for much of Globecast’s media delivery ... 
Arianespace Does Some Heavy Lifting to Get Ready for the Upcoming Galileo Mission
which is one of two sea-going roll-on/roll-off ships that transport launcher hardware from Europe to the South American launch site for ...
NASA Cassini's 13-Year Mission to End with Ultimate Sacrifice ... Death by Dive Into Planet
An amazing journey that took 13-years. NASA's Cassini will end its own life on Friday by diving into Saturn so as to ensure that Saturn's moons remain ...
PCI Geomatics' Geomatica 2017, Service Pack 1 Provides Precision Improvements
This service pack adds significant accuracy and precision improvements through major updates to DEM extraction, atmospheric correction and ...
Thuraya Has No Fear as They Prepare for Disasters
Be prepared, and they are.
UNOOSA and JAXA Select Team for KiboCUBE Program
KiboCUBE is an initiative that offers educational and research institutions from developing countries the opportunity to deploy smallsats (CubeSats) from...