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Recent Agencies News
Collaboration Now Official 'Tween DigitalGlobe and the United Nations
UNOOSA and DigitalGlobe will work to develop an online platform to provide easy access to imagery catalogs as well as data and analytical services specifically tailored for the needs of the United Nations.
Exelis' CrIS Prepared For Joint Polar Satellite System Integration
“CrIS is proven technology that is already providing high-quality environmental data to the meteorological and climate communities on Suomi NPP.”—Eric Webster,V.P., environmental intelligence, Exelis.
Kratos' RT Logic's SpectralNet™ A One-Of-A-Kind...Transports RF Anywhere + On Any IP Network
The lossless transport of packetized RF over IP networks—public or private—is now possible, over any distance, even in the presence of real world IP network limitations.
Harris Hires ASC Signal For NOAA's Next Gen GOES-R Satellite... A Good Signal for Processing Critical Weather
"We are proud of having been part of this important project which will help NWS advance the understanding of weather systems and ...
Harris Completes IT Infrastructure's Installation + Integration...An Inspiration For NOAA’s GOES-R Series
The system includes 2,100 servers, 149 racks of network equipment, 317 workstations, and storage services totaling three petabytes.
European Space Agency...Copernicus Gets New Eyes...Sentinel-2A Ready For Space  
This combination is unprecedented in the category optical imagers.
SES... SpaceX To Provide 2 Launch Vehicles 1 Using Electric Propulsion + Other Multi-Mission Both Military + Commercial
The satellite will fully rely on electric propulsion and will be equipped with an electric plasma propulsion system for orbit raising and in-orbit maneuvers.
Vislink's Real-Time Airborne Downlink Keeps U.K.'s Constables Safer...More Important Now Than Ever
Keeping law enforcement safer is critical now, in the U.K. and elsewhere.
ESA + Airbus Defence and  Space + European Data Relay System To Provide Laser Communications Data Rates Up To 1.8 Gb  Per Second
EDRS will provide near-real-time data transfer from Earth observation satellites, drones or aircraft to Earth via Geostationary communication satellites.
Harris CapRock® One's Smartbox Recognizes Multi-Band Antennas + Has a Databox Of Network Footprints 
A databox of network footprints kind of conjures up a box with footprints inside, but that is not so. 
Thales' VENUS Satcom On-The-Move Terminals x 20... For French Forces' Syracuse III Program
By providing a permanent command communication capability in the theater of operations, the solution meets the requirements of ground force units on-the-move .
Kratos' $17 Million Contract...To  Provide Communication System For Mass Transit Communication System 
The public safety and security focused system will provide specialized audio, video and communication capabilities for rapid transit operations and rail related assets.
Exelis' $7.6M Contract  ...Keeps U.S. Army Armored Combat Vehicles w/Mission Command On-The-Move Systems
Exelis delivers a combat-proven, modular, reliable communications system that fully integrates into a variety of armored combat vehicles, commercial SUVs, and military platforms of all descriptions.
Landsat 8 Captured A Do-Over Of Colima Volcano... Makes An Ash Of Itself + This Time It's Taller
...but residents were still warned to remain at least 5 kilometers away from the volcano.
TeleCommunication Systems Provides O3b Network Satellite Products + Services To Government Agencies
...ability to provide satellite terminals, field service support, real time 24 x 7 network monitoring and full-time satellite engineering support provides total  solution experience for its customers. 
NSS Honors ESA Rosetta Mission Team w/2015 Space Pioneer Award
The Rosetta Mission, underway for over a decade, has scored two historic science firsts...
SMi Gathers In London To Present Key Military + Industry Players Of Space Technology
Topics addressed will range from satellite communication, surveillance, missile defense as well as national updates.
RF Ramp Up For U.S. Government Agency By ETL Systems
...two Vulcan matrices were used in conjunction with combiners to design the overall system which will be operated in Australia.
The Naval Research Laboratory Two Space Station Sensors Look at Coastal Oceans + The Ionosphere
“We have the distinction of being the first U.S. payload that was attached [there].”—Dr. Scott Budzien, Principal Investigator, RAIDS, Naval Research Laboratory
Rock Seven's Vessel Tracking System Update...Transmits Location For Over 2 Weeks Even When PrimaryPower Is Cut
With its integral battery, RockFLEET will continue to transmit a vessel’s position for over 2 weeks when primary power is cut.