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 Orbital ATK's SATMEX-1 Checks Out + Checks Off The 'To Do' List For CIRECTV Now In Orbit
“Orbital ATK not only delivered the satellite four months early, but the satellite mission and in-orbit testing proceeded flawlessly,”
 Orbital ATK's SATMEX-1 Checks Out + Checks Off The 'To Do' List For CIRECTV Now In Orbit
“Orbital ATK not only delivered the satellite four months early, but the satellite mission and in-orbit testing proceeded flawlessly,”
Arianespace Lines 'em Up For Another Launch... EUTELSAT 8 West B + Intelsat 34 
 The fourth Ariane 5 for liftoff in 2015 has begun...
Airbus Defence and Space Delivers Heart Of LISA Pathfinder Space Probe... Ready To Ride Einstein's Waves 
LISA Pathfinder is paving the way for a future large space observatory that ultimately will directly observe and precisely measure gravitational waves.
Harris' MNVR Testing Completed During U.S. Army's NIE Event
“The MNVR LUT is a great example of the benefits of defense marketplace competition because it demonstrates...”—George Helm, President, DoD Business, Harris RF Communications.
ULA's Tightrope Act...Maintaining Industry's Lead Of 96 Missions 100 Percent Success + Achieving National Rocket Independence   
"...if the current law is not modified, America will not have assured access to space and competition will have been unintentionally eliminated, giving the new entrant a monopoly,"
Klas Telecom's Voyager ECK Checks Out On The DISA DoD + The DoD's Approved Products List
Government executives can connect to it whatever laptop computer or phone they are accustomed to using and aren’t constrained to interfaces of unfamiliar GOTS personal electronics devices.
Mobile Classified Capability From The DoD Now Operational
“The operational mobile classified capability brings us one step closer to the Joint Information Environment vision, where our warfighters and national level leaders can access a secure infrastructure and applications from any device, anytime, anywhere."—Kim Rice, Mobility Portfolio Manager, DISA
Nigeria Plans To Launch Indigenous Satellite By 2030
Dr. Onu advised the new Nigerian administration to look into the Assembly Integration and Testing Center (AIT) as their priority for space sector development.
This Hootenanny Is All About Crowdsourced Mapping
"Hootenanny will help us more effectively fuse the data we extract from our imagery with other sources of publically available information.”—Tony Frazier, Sr. V.P., U.S. Government Solutions, DigitalGlobe.
The Historic Shuttle Landing Facility @ Kennedy Space Center Gets A NASA + Space Florida Commitment
"The most storied runway in the world will now become the cornerstone of Florida's next generation commercial spaceport."—Frank DiBello, President + CEO, Space Florida.
Northrop Grumman's New UAS Architecture Implementation Is Successful With NASA's Global Hawk
NASA Global Hawks are preproduction variants of RQ-4 Global Hawks currently in service around the world.
NSR Asks... Are The Tides Turning + How Quickly Can We Expect To See The Seas Change?
Does the application sell the connectivity, or does the connectivity enable an application (and does it matter whose application)?
GL Communications Testing Air Traffic Control For Next Gen
One of the six programs addresses a new voice network called the National Airspace System (NAS) Voice System (NVS), based on standard VoIP technology with specific enhancements for air traffic control.
Espial Goes OTT In A Bluestreak... Acquires Bluestreak Technologies
"Bluestreak brings software expertise and experience integrating leading over-the-top services..."
RUAG Celebrates 250th Fairing Launch
RUAG Space has cause to celebrate...
It's A Go! Arianespace's Vega Flight VV05 Takes Sentinel-2A—To Join Copernicus Group
Vega Flight VV05, the Arianespace Vega mission with Europe’s Sentinel-2A Earth observation satellite is now underway...
The Ultimate In Whiplash? China's Super "Eye" Enables Two Spacecraft Flying Eight Times Faster Than Bullets Safe Docking 
 the new "eye" can see clearer under direct sunlight, which will greatly improve safety.
Precision Aviation Group Keeps Airways Safer w/Global Distribution Of Guardian Mobility Products
According to the FAA... “123 accidents between 2001 and 2010 could have been identified beforehand if airlines had safety management systems in place...”​
 Roscosmos Plans A Center For Earth Remote Sensing ... Operating All Russian Surface Surveying Spacecraft
... plans to set up a single center for services of Earth’s remote sensing (ERS) that will operate all Russian surface surveying spacecraft...