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Recent Agencies News
Inmarsat Selects Satcom Global As Global Xpress VAR For Maritime And Enterprise Markets
Inmarsat’s powerful new Ka-band capabilities enables Satcom Global to diversify and enhance their service portfolio...
ETL's New Lightweight Fiber Delivers Like An Athlete That Goes The Distance At Outdoor Broadcast Events
...works through an outdoor transmit fiber extender module, connected to an omnidirectional antenna that receives the wireless camera signals direct from the live events.
IBC 2016's Judges' Award Is Out Of This World And Goes To... NASA
NASA has ensured that every moment of the space exploration program has been captured, firstly with film cameras and then video, including the globally viewed footage of Neil Armstrong setting foot on the moon in 1969.
M-Three Satcom Can Assist In Three Critical Services At IBC
M-Three Satcom provides excellent service for TV and Radio channels for distribution in DTH and for DTT and DAB contribution through Hot Bird—Eutelsat 13 East, E9A, E70B, E28A and others.
CPI's ASC Signal Division's Contract Sends Its Spira-Cone™ Antennas To Indonesia
This model includes mode voting technology, which is widely used in non-commercial HF systems, and extends the use of that technology into the commercial sector.
NASA's Chandra Discovers A Record Breaking Galaxy Cluster And A Baby Boom Of Stars
“This galaxy cluster isn’t just remarkable for its distance, it’s also going through an amazing growth spurt unlike any we’ve ever seen.”
Europe's Sentinel Sats Provide Amazing Mapped Ground Movement Of Italian Earthquake.
“The InSAR data show that the earthquake has warped the Earth's surface by a maximum of 23cm..."
ULA Decides To Vent
OSIRIS-REx is scheduled to closely survey the asteroid prior to obtaining a sample from the surface.
GOES-3 Satellite Goes Dark And Cold After 21 Years In Antarctica
Over 14 days and 20 orbital adjustment maneuvers, the satellite was carefully nudged into a 'graveyard' orbit, safely removed from the other still-operating geostationary satellites
A Dragon's Big Pacific Splash Includes Rodents And Heart Muscles' Studies For NASA
Samples will also be returned from two rodent-based investigations, the Mouse Epigenetics and Rodent Research-3-Eli Lilly experiments.
Is Anyone Out There? A Star's Radio Signals Spike... Scientists Seek SETI's Help
But astronomers have also asked SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) to take a closer look at whether they could be a message from ET. 
ISRO Successfully Tests Air-Breathing Scramjet Engine
This is akin to "lighting a matchstick in a hurricane condition and sustaining the flame" for six seconds. 
United Launch Alliance Involved With NASA Again — Mars 2020
The Mars 2020 rover mission is part of NASA's Mars Exploration Program.
The Future Of Satellite In Thailand
Temasek leaders have made the appointment to introduce themselves and to talk about the Singapore-based investment company's long term investment plans for Thailand.
Arianespace Passes Readiness Milestone Launch Less Than A Day Away
Today's readiness milestone, held prior to each Arianespace mission from the near-equatorial launch base, confirms the heavy-lift vehicle and its dual-satellite payload are flight-ready....
Airbus Safran Launchers Broke A Weight Lifting Record With Ariane 5's Launch
Today the rocket was the heaviest yet, and beat its existing payload record of more than 10.7 tonnes, set by the previous launch.
SpeedCast Racks Up Another Feature... Addition Of Global Xpress Services For Global Government
GX is the world’s first globally available mobile broadband service from a single operator to deliver seamless, secure, high-speed connectivity on land, at sea, and in the air from a single operator.  
NASA Says 'Hello Again, Where Were You?' To Its Sun Watching Stereo-B Satellite
NASA never gave up, but still, when the satellite reappeared after a 22 month hiatus, or whatever, they were pleasantly surprised.
Optus' Cell Coverage Succeeds In Remote Australia Such As Oodnadatta
“The use of small cells allow for the efficient provision of telecommunications services in difficult and often costly locations."
RigNet Throws Out A Net To Capture A Contract... Software As A Service For Offshore Fleet
The end-to-end connectivity solution includes RigNet’s deployment of CrewWifi, a SaaS offering, over the existing managed services.