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NSS' Tribute... Pioneer in Artificial Intelligence With A Real Sense Of Humor... Late NSS Governor Dr. Marvin Minsky
MIT Media Lab presented Marvin with a gift in honor of his lifetime commitment to MIT students. "What a beautiful thing. What does it do?"
The Aerospace Corporation + International Space University Sign MOU Announcing Closer Cooperation
Both being non-profit organizations, many fields of synergy and potential cooperation could be explored under this agreement, such as...
USAF's NROL-45 Launches... Rocks 'n' Rolls It's National Reconnaissance Payload Into The Blue
A perfect launch in the early morning hours...
Aerojet Rocketdyne's Most Powerful Booster Engine Launches National Security Payload Into Orbit for US 
...the rocket was boosted off the pad by the RS-68A—the world’s most powerful liquid-hydrogen/liquid-oxygen booster engine, which provides 702,000 pounds of liftoff thrust.
Thales Alenia Space + ESA Sign €450 Million Contract ...Will Build Sentinel-3C and D Satellites For Copernicus Program
The main objective of the Sentinel-3 mission is the global observation of oceans and land, including their “color” and temperature, along with a precise measurement of ocean heights.
The Coalition For Deep Space Exploration's Director Comments On The FY2017 NASA Budget... Deeply Concerned...
The Coalition is disappointed with the proposed reduction in funding below the FY16 Omnibus for NASA’s exploration programs.
Checking Out El Niño Is Northrop Grumman's Built NASA Global Hawk
The NASA Global Hawk is one of several assets being used by scientists from NASA and NOAA to advance understanding and predictions of tropical storms, winter storms and major floods.
Spaceflight Awarded First GSA Schedule Contract For Satellite Launch Services...Easy... Order CubeSats Online
US government agencies can now easily order CubeSat or MicroSat launches online, complete with pre-approved launch prices and a streamlined process
 GVF Connectivity 2016: Air, Sea, Surface, and Rail: Evolving the "New" New Verticals
Forty-one percent of airline passengers are willing to pay for wi-fi connectivity 
Conference To Bring "Space To Earth"
During five days of talks, participants will have the chance to network and attend workshops on a variety of topics related to this theme.
Up + Away... ULA's Atlas V Rocket Whisks USAF's GPS IIF-12 Into The Blue
It's a go! Success with USAF's GPS IIF-12 launch from the Cape.
The 45th Space Wing Supports The USAF's Twelfth + Final Launch Of GPS IIF Satellite
"This is a significant milestone for GPS, the 50th GPS satellite to be delivered on-orbit,"
Boeing Completers The GPS IIF-12 Milestone...Launches The Last In The Series
Following on-orbit tests, GPS IIF-12 will be formally declared operational in approximately one month...
SES-9 Targets Launch For Late February
In order to minimize the impact of moving the launch from late last year, SpaceX is supporting a mission modification.
RFI Monitoring + More For DoD From Kratos' SAT Corporation's MONICS®
Kratos has been tasked with end-to-end protection of the commercially-leased bandwidth for U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) and U.S. Pacific Command (PACOM).
Smallsats AggieSat4 + BEVO-2 Kibo'd From ISS
The satellites will demonstrate communication protocols between them and with ground stations...
NASA Reflects On Webb's Final Mirror Installation The Biggest + Most Powerful Space Telescope... Ever
"...we look forward to installing the other optics and conducting tests on all the components to make sure the telescope can withstand a rocket launch."
Harris CapRock Takes Five... 5 x Winner Of WTA's 'The Independent Top Twenty' + One More Award                                                                                                                                                                                                         
“Our position on the WTA’s Top Teleport Operator Rankings reflects our commitment to our customers that no matter how remote or variable their environments may be, their communications will be second to none.”
SES Introduces Plus...Partners w/O3b's MEO Satellites + SES's GEO Widebeams 
SES's first Plus product, Enterprise+ Broadband, was launched across five markets in Africa in November.
The Satellite Interference Reduction Group Welcomes Newest Member... NovelSat
 "Joining IRG was a logical step for us, and we look forward to being more involved in the group’s global activities.”