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Recent Agencies News
MTN Government Knows Xactly What They're Doing w/X-Band Antenna In Spain...The Largest X-Band In Europe
X-band antennas are configured to operate within both a global beam that is cross-strapped to a steerable spot beam and spot to pot beams.
Keysight Technologies' New 89600 VSA Software’s Pulse Handles Jamming + Threats
the software's pulse analysis option (BHQ) is used in radar and electronic counter measure applications for threats and jamming responses.
Thales Alenia Space's Four O3b Space Constellation Sats Launch New Record For Arianespace 
The 11th launch of the year sets a new all-time record and passes the cumulative mark of 500 satellites in orbit
SES GS' Satellite Transmits Live Historic Orion Test Flight + Re-entry 
NASA's Orion will send astronauts to deep space destinations during future missions.
For California's Severe Drought, NASA Reveals The State Is Short Some 11 Trillion Gallons of Water
Recent California aren't nearly enough to end the multi-year drought.
Globecomm + Tanzania Support Foundation Bring Computers + Hope Of A Bright Future To Rural African School
"Technology is our business and we are proud to donate the equipment to such a good cause. "
ND SatCom FIPS Their Lid... Now That SKYWAN 7000 Series FIPS Is Certified
...it can also undoubtedly be applied by other customers with the need for extra high security when transmitting data over satellite.
Stevenson Astrosat Cracks Open The Whiskey...First Space Systems Bid Celebration
"We cracked open the whisky when we won our first space-systems bid."
Space X Falcon 9's Next Goal...A First...To Launch + Land The Bird On Unanchored Ocean Platform
The odds of success are not great—perhaps 50 percent at best.
Aerojet Rocketdyne's RL10C-1 Exerts Influence For Atlas V + CHAMPS™ Hot-Fire Test For CubeSat Propulsion
“Seeing the culmination of the team’s efforts to develop and qualify this configuration for use on the Atlas Centaur is very rewarding."—Michael Popp, RL10C-1 program manager at Aerojet Rocketdyne. ""The MPS-120 hot-fire test is a significant milestone in demonstrating our game-changing propulsion solution."—Christian Carpenter, MPS-120 program manager.
Airbus Defence and Space Sells Tokyo Spot Image...Run Spot Run, See Spot Run To Direct Receiving Station
...with significant successes in the mapping, agriculture and forestry sectors, generating profit every single year.
India's ISRO... 2015 Will Be Busy, Busy, Busy... 4 + 5= 9 Launches
... with the two engines carrying a giant cup cake-like crew module.
U.K. Space Agency Plonking Pounds Down Into Europe's Space Program
"Our investment at this ESA Ministerial is targeted towards a smart mix of commercial opportunity and inspiring exploration."—Dr. David Parker, Chief Executive of the U.K. Space Agency.
Satellite Storage Demands Now A U.S. Government Accountability Office Study
DOD spent over $130 million for satellite storage over the last 5 years and is expected to spend over $206 million over the next 5 years.
James Webb Space Telescope...GAO Is Number Crunching For Most Complex + Expensive Projects
...delays have occurred on every element and major subsystem schedule—especially with the cryocooler—leaving all at risk of...
ESA's Planck Satellite... Captures Beautiful Dust That Creates Stunning Image
Unlike the unwelcome dust bunnies found under beds, this Galaxy's beautiful dust takes your breath away.
EURO World Network + World Media International's IPTV Technology... Do It Yourself w/BYO TV + No Hassle 
The highest quality content will be king in this environment.
Space Tech Expo + Conference 2015...Take A Sneak Peek + Catch The Early Bird Special                                                                                                                                            
conference focuses on the challenges and opportunities facing the military, commercial, and government space sectors
The NRO + ULA's Atlas V Launches NROL-35's Eye Spy In The Sky For National Defense
Rain may have caused a delay, but this most powerful Atlas ever launched from California is now out of sight..
ILS Successfully Launches Yamal-401 For Russian Telecommunications 
An early Monday morning launch from Baikonur