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Recent Agencies News
ULA Provides Updates Re: OA-6 Anomaly + MUOS V Processing Status
The Atlas V MUOS-5 launch is targeted for early summer; a new launch date has not been secured on the Eastern Range.
OneWeb Petitions The FCC For LEO Satellite Constellation Access To US Markets
OneWeb's non-geostationary satellite constellation will make broadband access available today to many individuals across the world who have limited or no access.
A UAS Traffic Management System Is In The Works
Silent Falcon will be implementing a client that interacts with the NASA UTM.
BlackSky And United Nations Join Efforts To Create Constellation That Will Help Mankind
BlackSky and the UN plan to utilize data and images collected from small satellites in revolutionary ways.
Advantech Wireless And Decibel Technology Make Great Sounds As Reseller/Partners
..."our recent expansion in Southern Asia has led to the need to establish high quality sales and support channels for our products.”
Outerlink Global Has FAA STC Approval and Rings In Bell Helicopters
IRIS combines multiple features currently available from various vendors into one single solution at a fraction of the cost that an operator would pay for each of the components it replaces.
NSIDC's Daily Sea Ice Updates In Hot Water... Issues With The Satellite Data 
The special sensor on F-17 is experiencing difficulties, therefore the sea ice time series are temporarily suspended.
ESA Says "Fly Your Satellite!" And So They Did... Including A First For Amateur Radio
Signals from all three have been received on Earth.
DISA's Name Change Better Reflects True Missions
The 164,000 square foot, $100M facility features a global operations center and also includes a cafeteria and fitness center.
Ball Aerospace Scores Instrument Builds For NOAA's JPSS-3 & -4
Ball Aerospace will manufacture, test and deliver two OMPS instruments, support instrument integration on the JPSS-3 and JPSS-4 spacecraft, and provide launch and post-launch support.
Arianespace Launches Sentinel-1B... On Its Way To Meet Its Twin ...Copernicus Now Compete
Working together, the Sentinel-1 satellites will image the entire planet every six days.

High Power Solar Electric Propulsion In Development By NASA
NASA has been refining development of spaceflight electric propulsion technology for more than five decades.
Boosters For NASA's SLS Cast At Orbital ATK'S Utah Facility
Casting involves filling the insulated metal case with propellant and allowing it to solidify or “cure” for several days.
EMC Receives Multi-Year Contract ...Provides Mission Critical Operations To Oilfield Services Company
"While others are cutting back to accommodate market conditions, we are investing in the future to distinguish our global leadership in mission-critical communications and content.” 

Military Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Market Report 2016-2026 Reveals Drive Up In Demands
The global military unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) market is a dynamic one that will register strong growth during this period.
Airbus Defence And Space Detects Changes After Huge Hurricane In Farquhar Island, Seychelles 
Impressive changes to an island that was practically blown away. EO satellites revealed almost total devastation.
Liftoff at NASA's 16th Annual Student Launch Challenge
Nearly 50 middle and high school, college and university teams from 22 states competed in the challenge, demonstrating advanced aerospace and engineering skills related to real-world activities and programs on NASA's Journey to Mars.
NSR Likens Darwin's Theory Of Survival Of The Fittest To Adaptable Changes In The Satellite Industry
 report found that in commercial markets, average annual GEO orders will decline by 5 percent, and non-GEO orders will increase by more than 600 percent in the coming decade.
Mars Orbiter Satellite Designs Now Being Solicited By NASA
Under the direction of NASA’s Mars Exploration Program, the agency’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California, is conducting pre-formulation planning for this possible orbiter mission.
NASA In Discussions With Orbital ATK For VAB Use at Kennedy Space Center
If an agreement is negotiated, NASA will act as the overall site operator for the facility.