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Made in Space Receives NASA Demo Contract for On-Orbit Manufacturing
This flight demonstration contract award follows a successful ground-based testing campaign of Archinaut's core additive manufacturing and robotic...
Headed to the Moon this Weekend as ISRO Prepares to Launch Chandrayaan-2 
Have you got plans for the weekend? How about heading to the moon?
ISRO will launch Chandrayaan-2 on board the GSLV MK-III vehicle from 
Ka-Band SATCOM Terminal with Integrated BUC Debuts from Get SAT
This new SATCOM terminal meets the requirements of military, defense and security markets that are in need of full broadband communications...
RUBI Full Steam Ahead for the ISS ... Cameras That Take Up to 500 Images Per Second
By taking up to 500 images per second, RUBI’s cameras can create a three-dimensional representation of the bubble shapes and analyze the ...
Ball Aerospace Completes Mission Critical Design Review of NASA's IXPE Spacecraft
The IXPE mission is led by NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center, with support from Ball Aerospace, the Italian Space Agency (ASI), Laboratory for...
NASA More Than Halfway Through SLS Structural Testing
the agency’s first rocket built to send humans to deep space since the Saturn V, will have the power to take astronauts to the Moon and ultimately to Mars.
NASA's Satellite's Colorful Imaging of Ground Displacement After Southern California's Major Earthquakes
The USGS reported over 1,000 aftershocks in the region following the July 5 earthquake.
Satellite SAR Measurement Techniques Developed by JPL and Team Detects Subtle Structural Changes
Using a new process, they were able to detect millimeter-size changes to the bridge over time that would not have been detected by the standard...
Blue Canyon Technologies' Smallsats Support Two NASA Ames/MIT CLICK Flight Demo Missions
The new communication capabilities demonstrated by CLICK will enable new classes of smallsat missions, such as swarms for remote sensing or...
NOAA's DSCOVR Spacecraft in "Spacehold"
SCOVR succeeds NASA's Advanced Composition Explorer's (ACE) role in supporting solar wind alerts and warnings from the L1 orbit, the neutral...
Space Development Agency Seeks Industry Information for Space-Based Systems
To further the agency's mission, SDA requests information from industry related to satellite bus, payload, applique, and launch concepts that can...
Opinion ... Space Force is More Important than Space Command
resurrecting a separate unified combatant command for space, the U.S. Space Command that existed from 1985 to 2001, is a sensible decision, but
CNES Selects Airbus' "Significant Leap Forward" for EO ... Constellation Optique 3D 
innovative and all electric platforms, these extremely agile satellites instigate a new way of acquiring, processing and transferring images to the ground.
NASA Signs On SpaceX to Launch IXPE
The IXPE mission currently is targeted to launch in April of 2021 on a Falcon 9 rocket from Launch Complex 39A in Florida. IXPE will fly three...
Science Operations Center for NASA's WFIRST Space Observatory Awarded to STScI
STScI has already performed pre-formulation, formulation, and design activities for the WFIRST mission since 2014. The contract enables...
NASA Successfully Tests a System They Hope They Will Never Need to Use ... Orion's Launch Abort System
launch abort system can outrun a speeding rocket and pull astronauts to safety during an emergency launch, an exercise that everyone hopes never happens.
GPS Up Close and Personal ... Joe Bauman: Bugs in the System and a Scorpion in a Jeep
Isn't it strange how some seemingly innocuous decision made by someone you never knew, years or decades ago, can suddenly sting you in the butt?
Speedcast Government Awarded TacCom II Contract by DHS
TacCom II is designed to provide federal agencies with access to the latest tools and technologies. The contract vehicle features equipment (radios,...
Dress Rehearsal for Space and Missile Systems Center's Orion's First Ever Launch Abort System
“Over 50 years ago, a mission manager sat on this console using analog systems and vacuum tubes. Today, I will be using a digital computer system" 
Four RS-25 Engines Delivered to NASA by Aerojet Rocketdyne for the SLS Core Stage
The RS-25 engine, an advanced version of the Space Shuttle Main Engine, has a strong legacy of safely and reliably powering human spaceflight. All...