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From Israel to India NovelSat Works to Achieve Satellite Broadcast Content Security
Major Indian Cricketing Content provider to implement NovelSat’s cutting edge multi-layer content security across its distribution and contribution networks
Thales Alenia Space is Inspired ... Releases Space Inspire Product Line Addressing Fast Moving Market
total mission digitalization and full flexibility enable satellite operators to allocate capacity anywhere, at any time, whatever the waveform.
Santander Teleport Qualifies for WTA's Tier 3 Certification 
The audit process taking us to our Tier 3 certification has been a great exercise for us as it not only confirms the excellent qualities of our ...
"Fly Your Satellite!" Cubesat Program Announced by ESA for University Student Teams
Fly Your Satellite! is an educational program for university students, created by ESA after the launch of seven university cubesats on the 2012 Vega maiden flight...
Air Force Space Command Wargames Reach Successful Conclusion
The SW 19 scenario depicts a notional peer competitor seeking to achieve strategic goals by exploiting multi-domain operations. It included a global...
An NGA Contract to Monitor North Korean Military Facilities Awarded to AllSource Analysis
AllSource is providing a cost-effective and integrated approach to develop military-related GEOINT data sets specifically for North Korea. The NGA ...
ThinKom Collaborates with Newtec to Deliver ThinSat 300 Flat Panel Antenna to Indonesian Federal Police
The field-proven ThinSat 300 antenna is just 4.3 inches high and mounts on a standard roof rack. Total weight, including the radome, is 120 pounds...
Avanti and Arabsat An Amicable Agreement At Last
Avanti and Arabsat have reached an agreement that will allow both companies to operate their respective satellites
Send in the Smaller Robot ... L3Harris Technologies' New T4™ Medium-Sized Robot Goes Where Bigger Robots Can't 
What happens when a robot that can help remove bombs or examine suspicious items is too large to fit into a particular space? BOOM!? Or worse?
This Is What Happens When Two Satellites Collide In Space
Although the possibility of two satellites colliding above our heads seems new and rather frightening, it has happened before.
India's Chandrayaan 2 Appears Lost ... Prime Minister Expresses Pride 'Either Way'
PM Modi give Dr K Sivan the 'I'll be proud of you either way' pat before addressing the anxious crowd.
Chandrayaan-2 Could Lead to U.S., Japan to Set Up Base on Moon
The U.S. space agency National Aeronautics and Space Administration is looking at landing two Astronauts — a woman and a man to the Moon by 
Canadian Space Agency Awards Honeywell with Contract for QEYSSat Mission
Under this contract, Honeywell will build, test, deliver, and provide training for and commissioning of the QEYSSat satellite to will create a link between...
Canadian Laser Aboard NASA's OSIRIS-REx Produces Bennu Asteroid Maps
The OSIRIS-REx Laser Altimeter, or OLA, is equipped with two lasers that scanned the asteroid's surface to produce detailed images of the boulders...
Leidos' $159 Million Contract with NASA for Safely Storing Laptop Lithium-ion Batteries on the ISS
Leidos — in a $159 million, single-award cost-plus fixed-fee contract with NASA — is applying multiple technology innovations such as KULR’s Thermal Runaway Shield (TRS)....
Iran’s Third Attempt This Year to Launch Satellite Appears to End in Failure
Images show smoldering rocket remains on launch pad at Khomeini Space Center; Islamic Republic failed to send satellites into orbit in January and February
U of New Hampshire Hires Raytheon Space Systems to GLIMR for NASA's First Hyperspectral Imager
GLIMR, NASA's selected Earth Venture Instrument-5 investigation, will be NASA's first hyperspectral imager in geostationary, or GEO, orbit...
The James Webb Space Telescope is Now Unified and Fully Assembled by Northrop Grumman
The Northrop Grumman and NASA team started preparations for the milestone seven years ago, when engineers began the design and build of...
Scientists Explore Outback as Testbed for Mars 
ExoMars are doing their due diligence before their missions make the 100-million-plus-mile [160-million-plus-kilometer] trip to the Red Planet,"
Axesat Selects Hughes Ka-band Satellite Internet Service for its Latin American Customers
they focus on serving companies in locations where terrestrial infrastructure is not available.