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Amid Coronavirus Outbreak, SpaceX Launch of Argentinian Satellite Postponed
"The restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic could affect the availability of own and external resources for a safe insertion into orbit and ...”
ULA's Successful Launch of AEHF-6 for the U.S. Space Force Space and Missile Systems Center 
... gives senior leadership a survivable line of communications to military forces in all levels of conflict, including nuclear war. The system features ...
Statement From United Launch Alliance as it Launches First National Security Space Mission for the U.S. Space Force 
...that provides global, survivable, protected communications capabilities for national leaders and tactical warfighters operating across ground, sea and air platforms.
ITU Secretary-General’s Statement About the Global Platform to Protect Telecommunication Networks During the COVID-19 crisis
New platform will assist governments and the private sector in ensuring that networks are kept resilient and telecommunication services are available to all
RigNet is Entrusted with National Cybersecurity with Contract from General Services Administration 
"RigNet has a 40-year track record of delivering reliable, high speed and high security communications to the harshest, most remote environments around the world.”
Jeremy Turpin, Isotropic Systems CTO and Co-Founder, Named to SSPI Board of Directors 
Focus on transformational optics for new age antennas, Turpin brings wealth of expertise to industry organization
Satcoms Innovation Group Offers and Welcomes a Range of Online Content
... while many folks are staying within the safety of their homes to avoid the coronavirus, the SIG has announced a range of online content to keep its ... 
GPS is Fatally Flawed. It’s Past Time to Fix It. 
And because GPS was America’s gift to the world, we gave away the code to access it. This has helped make it a global utility. It has also meant that ...
Statement from the DoD, "Partnering With the U.S. Defense Industrial Base to Combat COVID-19"
the progress payment rate that contracts can get paid for will increase from 80% of cost to 90% for large businesses and from 90% to 95% for small ...
FCC Authorizes SpaceX To Deploy A Million Antennas For Starlink Satellites
"Measuring at about 19 inches across, Musk noted that the antennas look like small UFOs." “It looks like a UFO on a stick,”
NASA's Orion Spacecraft Completes Months of Simulated Space Environment Testing
The engineering teams from Airbus, the European Space Agency (ESA), Lockheed Martin and NASA...
NASA's Laser Interferometer Space Antenna Contract Awarded to L3Harris
LISA is an international project led by ESA (European Space Agency) as a...
SpaceX Scrubs Sunday's Launch Moments Before Take Off, and Gets Ready for Wednesday's Launch 
a call was made from a member of the SpaceX team saying, "Disregard. We have an abort." The Falcon 9's main engines had already ignited on 39A's ... 
Rocket Lab's Electron Launch Vehicle Certified by NASA
The certification milestone was achieved largely through the successful...
These Space Surveillance Satellites Just Got an Upgrade
... the four GSSAP satellites can provide data on other man-made objects in space without being interrupted by the weather or atmospheric conditions ...
Kleos to Finalize Launch Preparations Heading to India
...  independent intelligence will complement existing datasets to enable the hidden maritime activity such as drug and people smuggling, piracy ... 
LAUNCH UPDATE: ULA Sets Date for U.S. Space Force's AEHF-6 Satellite
TDO-2 will deploy after Main Engine Cut Off 2 and prior to the anchor AEHF satellite, which is only the second time this event has occurred during a ... 
Esri® Names Maxar Technologies a 2020 Cornerstone Partner
... Esri has integrated Maxar’s industry-leading geospatial data into its Living Atlas of the World, a collection ... including maps, apps and data layers.
Mobile Satellite Users Association's Top Mobility Satellite Innovations Celebrated 
“The innovations within our industry create enormous value to user communities extending to every geography, market and discipline.”
Rocket Lab to Launch Satellites for NASA, NRO and the University of New South Wales
... announced today that its next mission will deploy payloads for NASA, the NRO and the University of New South Wales (UNSW) Canberra Space.