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Recent Agencies News
UK Space Agency + Ofcom Sign MOU + Added Bonus w/Insurance Premium Tax Exemption For UK Spacecraft Operators
MOU will see the UK Space Agency and Ofcom forming a CEO-level liaison group and a space spectrum advisory committee to develop a close and transparent relationship.
Garbage In Garbage Out...SpaceX Takes Out The ISS' Trash + Makes A Splash
The month-long mission ended with a successful, if damp, landing and the 3,100lb of completed scientific experiments, broken hardware, and dirty clothes has been successfully retrieved.
NASA's SMAP Possesses Multi Talents...Tests Soil Moisture + Can Determine Frozen Or Thawed
"Fourteen years after the concept for a NASA mission to map global soil moisture was first proposed, SMAP now has formally transitioned to routine science operations,"
Harris' Falcon III® Successfully Demonstrates MUOS Waveform By Operating On-Air
MUOS waveform operated on-air between two Falcon III® radios and
to add MUOS waveform to fielded radios requires software-only upgrade.
Space + Missile Systems Center Successfully Launches the AFSPC-5 Mission From Cape Canaveral Air Force Station
When there's a launch there are always several agencies/companies involved, and subsequently an announcement from each. Here's the latest from the U.S.A.F.
X2nSat + Spaceport America Sign MOA... The First VSAT Provider To Build For the Next Generation
"I truly believe the world is a better place when the unconnected are connected."
DigitalGlobe's IKONOS Built By Lockheed Martin Retires...  Celebrates A Lifespan Twice Its Original Expectancy 
 A bittersweet end to memories both tragic—Manhattan after 9/11—and joyful—images of the Olympic villages.

The Domino Effect...Launch Of Inmarsat’s Third Global Xpress Satellite Delayed Due To Failure Of Centenario Satellite
“This is the third time our Global Xpress program has suffered launch delays because of Proton launch failures."
Space Tech Expo Opens Tuesday... Experts In Emerging Technologies In Attendance
This is an opportunity to capitalize on the new market era of expanded private-sector applications and opportunities.
NASA's OPALS Facilitates Space-to-Ground Optical Communications Research
NASA's Optical Payload for Lasercomm Science (OPALS) on the space station has been conducting cutting-edge research on data transmission since June 2014.
Alabama Interns' Software Code Assists In Nepal... SERVIR Team's Hi-Res Imaging Sends Support Recovery 
It is allowing the recipien to receive and print the images and provide them to Nepal government agencies to guide recovery efforts and help those in need.
ESA's Memories... Forty Years Ago... The Evolution From A Ground Station In Spain To The Estrack Network
Four decades of tracking creates memories.
Optical Surfaces Provide A Lighter Reflection For Maximum Telescopic Performance... Discovering Celestial Objects
To discover new celestial objects and to study known objects more accurately, ultra-high precision telescope mirrors that do not increase payload weights
ESA + UK-Built Technology Deliver X-Ray Optics For BepiColombo... Will Measure Small Scale Features On Mercury 
...the instrument will use novel X-ray optics to determine small-scale features on Mercury and find out what the planet’s surface is made of.
RADARSAT-2 Data To Be Supplied To The Netherlands By MDA
The RADARSAT-2 information will be used to provide Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) information for government users, as well as for scientific and research purposes.
Enterprise Wireless Alliance + pdvWireless Placed On FCC's Public Notice w/Joint Petition For Realignment 
 “We are pleased with the FCC’s prompt action placing the proposed rules on Public Notice."
RigNet Extends Two-Year Contract ...Increases Bandwidth w/Upstream Middle Eastern Oil & Gas Company
Through this contract, RigNet is delivering a fully-managed end-to-end IP network solution using VSAT technology for last-mile connectivity. 
Exelis Brings Sierra Nevada Corporation On-Board To ARM The JPSS-2 Mission Instrument
JPSS is scheduled to launch in early 2017, and JPSS-2 is planned for launch during the fourth quarter of 2021.
Satellite Mapping Reveals Latin America Agriculture Waning Due To Economic Downturn
“Nearly every agricultural region across Latin America slowed down in expansion
NASA's CDR For SLS Moves Forward...
"We are making advances every day on this vehicle."—Todd May, Program Manager, NASA SLS.