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Japan's Successful Launch Takes Trash Collection To A New Height
It's inevitable, wherever people go there is trash left behind. And so it is in deepest space, with cast-off equipment from old satellites and pieces of rocket.
SpaceX And Iridium Regroup And Issue Statement Regarding NEXT Launch Date
"Iridium supports SpaceX’s announcement today to extend the first Iridium NEXT launch date into early January, in order to help ensure a successful mission. "
Space Foundation And Deep Space Exploration Comment On Passing of Mercury Seven Astronaut John Glenn
In 1962, Glenn was the first American to orbit the Earth, and the fifth human in space.
Ta-Da! WGS-8 Launches For US Air Force And Enhanced Communications For Troops
Success for United Launch Alliance and the US Air Force as the WGS-8 launch occurred without a hiccup.
Science Survey Stirrings With NASA's GeoCARB
The primary goals of GeoCARB are to monitor plant health and vegetation stress throughout the Americas...
NASA Satellite Restoration Project Awarded To SSL
NASA's Restore-L Project is one of these important projects...
ISRO... Ready And Steady To Launch Remote Sensing Satellite Tomorrow
Between 1994 and 2016, PSLV has successfully launched 121 satellites of which 79 are from overseas, the rest were Indian satellites. 
Es’hailSat At Global Satshow Shows Off Es’hail-2 
With Es’hail-2 and our new teleport on schedule to become operational in 2017, we are scaling up on our marketing and sales efforts
Cobham SATCOM And SpeedCast Become Maritime Mates... Agree About Stabilized Maritime Antennas
The decision was carefully thought out after following a multi-vendor selection process with thought given to technical, commercial and supply chain evaluation criteria.
Switzerland In Stitches...Copernicus Scans Stitched Together 
Kind of like putting a quilt together, except in this case it's huge photos of a country. 
Virgin Galactic's Successful Spaceship Glide Flight Prepares For Future Passengers
Despite the hefty $250,000 price tag, more than 600 would-be astronauts have already signed up
Farmstar For French Farmers Gets Down And Dirty... Enhances Crop Production
These new developments come at the right time: after an extremely difficult year, due to exceptionally poor meteorological conditions...
Russia's Progress Resupply Spacecraft Falls Apart Minutes After Launch On Way To ISS
the debris of the Progress cargo spacecraft supposedly fell in Russia's Republic of Tuva in south Siberia
XCOR And Immortal Data's ShipsLog™ Data Acquisition For A Real Space Cat...The Lynx Space Plane
it is capable of affordably reading and storing data from hundreds of sensors on multiple data acquisition boxes at synchronous rates up to 3200 samples per second.
Brazil Getting Packed Heading To The Moon By 2020 With Nanosatellite Garatéa-L
The scientists plan on taking advantage of one of the most promising kinds of equipment in terms of space exploration.
A CIRAS-ly Mission For Orbital ATK To Drive Solar System Exploration With NASA
Orbital ATK will serve as prime contractor of CIRAS, with support from Space Logistics, LLC, NASA’s Langley Research Center....
United Launch Alliance Celebrates 10th Anniversary With Rockets Rather Than Candles 
You're no doubt familiar with building your own burger or pizza toppings  or choosing colors of a car, but how about building your own rocket?
RUAG's 'To Do List' For OneWeb... Get Busy Building 900 Satellite Structures
In total, RUAG Space will build 900 satellite structures, the largest mass production of satellites in history.
SES Sends Smiles...Mighty M7 Group Carries More HDTV Channels For Eastern Europe 
Increasing choices by offering a wider variety is generally a good thing, and in this instance it certainly is a good thing.
NASA's RapidScat Is A Sad Sat... Decommissioned After Successful Mission Aboard ISS 
Job well done, and now the lights go out. Another satellite is decommissioned, but this one had a unique vantage point as it was attached to the International Space Station.