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Recent Agencies News
World Teleport Association Certifies COMSAT Top Level Tier 4 at Two U.S. Teleports 
This has been COMSAT’s goal since the beginning of the Teleport Certification Program and they are proud to be the first two in North America
Brazil Plans for Lucrative Small Sat Launch Business, But First Must Provide U.S. Safeguards
A previous attempt at a U.S.-Brazilian space partnership was scuttled in 2003 when the TSA ran into resistance from the leftist government of former ...
Commercial Satellite Contract Awarded by NASA to General Atomics
GA-EMS’ hosted satellite services provide a unique opportunity for customers to launch experimental hardware and payloads into Earth orbit...
NASA and JPL's GRACE-FO Satellite Ready to Throw the Switch on a Backup System
The mission has not acquired science data since mid-July due to an anomaly with a component of the Microwave Instrument on one of the GRACE-FO 
RUAG Space Played an Important Role for ICESat-2
The RUAG Space GNSS navigation receivers allows ICESat-2 to maintain its position down to a critical few centimeters, giving the satellite’s multi-beam laser system...
DISA's Additional Second Operations Watch Floor is '24/7 Active-Active' Ensuring National and Military Security 
Active-Active gives the agency an advantage to further the warfighter’s success in defense of our nation and to increase the lethality of the DOD
ULA's Successful Launch of NASA's ICESat-2 and the End of an Era of a Reliable Rocket 
“This vehicle has truly created a legacy throughout its history launching NASA, critical U.S. military satellites and commercial clients.”
ARABSAT's Latest Announcements, Agreements and Enhancements of Their Hot Spot to be Showcased at IBC
The Secretary General praised ARABSAT's satellite communications, ranking them among the world class international satellite operators through its ... 
NASA's New Director of Marshall Space Flight Center is a First ... She's a Singer
will lead one of NASA's largest field installations, with almost 6,000 civil service and contractors and an annual budget of approximately $2.8 billion.
NASA and Roscosmos Release Their Joint Statement Regarding the Recent ISS Leak
“NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine and Roscosmos General Director Dmitry Rogozin met for the first time yesterday via teleconference to...
Luxembourg Space Agency Debuts
The management of the Luxembourg Space Agency has been entrusted to Marc Serres, who until then was Head of Space Affairs at the Ministry of the Economy and...
NASA's BioSentinel Smallsat Selects DDC's NAND Flash Memory for OBC Integration
DDC’s 192 gigabit NAND flash provides the smallsat spacecraft with compact, high density memory, along with the advantages that a 24-bit bus...
National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Awards Seven Geospatial Analytics Contracts
BIG BAA contracts are part of NGA’s effort to enhance the ability to use advanced algorithms and machine learning to characterize geospatial data.
Russia's Samara University's Water and Alcohol Propulsion System for Nanosatellites
The development opens the possibility of creating a reliable and inexpensive system for maneuvering of such devices in the orbit
Northrop Grumman Receives $19+ Million Mod Contract from the DoD for DSP Support
This support provides root-cause analysis as a key component of the lifetime extension of DSP orbital assets, as well as mission event analysis...
DARPA Actively Addressing AI
Starting in the 1960s, DARPA research shaped the first wave of AI technologies, which focused on handcrafted knowledge, or rule-based...
Maxar's SSL Advanced HTS Built for Telesat Reports to Work Beginning with On-Orbit Operations
Optimized performance and capacity on Telstar 18 VANTAGE demonstrate SSL’s capabilities in powering the new space economy.
Potential $600 Million for DigitalGlobe's Contract with National Reconnaissance Office
The EnhancedView program seeks to provide authorized government staff with access to high-resolution commercial imagery derived from...
Space Foundation Washington, D.C. Enlisted this Colonel to Head Strategic Operations
as the U.S. Army Legislative Affairs Principal Military Deputy, where he was responsible to the Secretary of the Army on congressional issues. 
Jacksonville's Cecil Airport is Under Control with Plans for Spaceport Control Center
JAA's newly designed air traffic control center at Cecil Airport and Spaceport will stand 135 feet tall, replacing the airport's current 55-foot tower.