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Recent Agencies News
LeoSat... A New Satellite Paradigm Presents At CommunicAsia
LeoSat Enterprises, a new satellite constellation venture.
SES Launches 24/7 Satellite Ultra HD Test Channel With High Dynamic Range Content 
At the ninth SES Industry Days, SES and industry partners will demonstrate a number of technologies to broadcast Ultra HD with High Dynamic Range content.
UrtheCast Receives $5 Million Canada Technology Development Program Award Towards OptiSAR™ Constellation
The 16-satellite OptiSAR™ Constellation is expected to consist of eight X- and L-band SAR satellites and eight high-resolution optical satellites, flying in a paired, tandem configuration. 
UHP Networks Reveal High-Availability VSAT Hubs At CommunicAsia 
UHP (Universal Hardware Platform) technology represents a breakthrough in the VSAT business by making it possible to pack very high processing capability into a small package.
Arianespace Deposits Fuel In BRIsat... Banks On Successful Upcoming Banking Communications Mission
BRIsat will be operated by PT. Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. (BRI), which is one of the world’s first banks to purchase its own satellite.
Talking On The Water... OC Sport Selects SpeedCast For Transat AG2R La Mondiale
SpeedCast enables two-way communication and store and forward video broadcast ...
US + US Military As Well As Norway Will Seek Access To Secure Signal Of Galileo Constellation
At a Galileo meeting this month, those in attendance shared that Galileo's owners were uncomfortable that the largest user of the PRS signal would be the European national military forces.
Arianespace's Successful Soyuz Launch As Danielé + Alizée Join The Galileo Family
From most locations, six to eight Galileo satellites will be visible, and in combination with GPS signals, this will allow positioning to within a few centimeters, depending on the service used.
NovaWurks'™ HISats™ Exciting Program On DARPA's eXCITe Spacecraft
“HISats are designed to radically change the way spacecraft are designed and deployed."
Harris To Continue With Their SCNS Support For NASA
Harris gains extension from NASA for SCNS support program.
The Airbus Foundation + Iranian Red Crescent Society Launch Humanitarian Youth Program
“Resilience is a critical life skill and a major factor that contributes to shaping the endurance and achievement of individuals, industry and nations."
General Dynamics Mission Systems Celebrates Its 5,000th...Delivery Of Radios
...replacing outdated, ground-to-air, air traffic control radios, some of which are almost 50 years old.
Thales Alenia Space's ExoMars Spacecraft Passes Muster Enroute To Mars...
“We are delighted to confirm that the spacecraft is in excellent shape, everything being proceeding on schedule and to ensure that..."
RigNet's TSI Restructuring Plan... Refocuses For Better Opportunities
The new integrated structure will result in the reduction of annual costs of approximately $1.0 million.
NASA/ESA Hubble's Star Cluster Image Is As If Bees Are Buzzing Around A Hive 
 The hive in question is an edge-on lenticular galaxy NGC 5308, located just under 100 million light-years away ...
OSIRIS-REx Arrives At Kennedy Space Center For September Launch
As currently planned, the spacecraft will reach its near-Earth asteroid target, called Bennu (formerly 1999 RQ36), in 2018.
Thuraya + IEC Telecom Keep 'em Smiling At Sea ...Solutions + Latest Innovations In Maritime Hardware At Posidonia 2016 
...ships can now be transformed into remote offices with very little effort.
Arianespace's Soyuz Is Standing Tall + In Final Stages For Launch
Soyuz marked another key step toward Arianespace’s May 24 mission—which is to orbit the latest two FOC (Full Operational Capability) satellites for Europe’s Galileo space-based navigation system.
General Dynamics Goes Deep For US Navy... DMR Radios Ordered For New US Navy Surface Vessels + Submarines
Once the MUOS network is operational, it will deliver secure, smartphone-like capabilities including crystal-clear voice communications and access to video and mission command information with the quality of service that smartphone users enjoy every day. 
Lockheed Martin Factors For The Future... Building GPS With Evolution In Mind For US Air Force
...the Air Force’s next acquisition will be able to offer on-orbit re-programmability so they can be upgraded in space to add new signals or missions, a first for the GPS constellation.