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China's Place In The Space Race
End of year brings with it a reflection of what was, what is and hopefully what will occur.
Cobham Takes Away The Jitters... Steady In Space With RadHard Microelectronics For NOAA's GOES-R Satellite
 The payload instruments aboard GOES-R require almost jitter-free operation.
Thales Alenia Space Welcomes ESA Ministerial Council Decision
Thales Alenia Space welcomed announcements of the allocated budget, approved strategic priorities...
UAS To Offer A $23.6 Billion Revenue Opportunity For SATCOM & Geospatial Industries
The persistent demand for (ISR) by the Defense & Intelligence community in hostile areas drives the demand for unmanned airborne solutions.
CENTRI Consortium Coalescence
IoTAS also solves the security challenge for companies as it protects IoT data in the Cloud...
ISRO... Ready And Steady To Launch Remote Sensing Satellite Tomorrow
Between 1994 and 2016, PSLV has successfully launched 121 satellites of which 79 are from overseas, the rest were Indian satellites. 
World's Longest Bidirectional 60 GHz Band Phased-Array Link
At a link distance of 300 meters, the 32-element array achieved a data rate of greater than 2 Gbps over all scan angles up to ±45 degrees.
The Expansion Of The Smallsat Market—An NSR Assessment
The market now approaches a point of diversification...
Farmstar For French Farmers Gets Down And Dirty... Enhances Crop Production
These new developments come at the right time: after an extremely difficult year, due to exceptionally poor meteorological conditions...
With Estimations Of 500+ Smart Devices In Operation By 2022, This Keysight IoT Webinar Will Prep All
The nexgen of engineers will face extraordinary challenges as they solve problems relating to...
NASA's RapidScat Is A Sad Sat... Decommissioned After Successful Mission Aboard ISS 
Job well done, and now the lights go out. Another satellite is decommissioned, but this one had a unique vantage point as it was attached to the International Space Station.
Dine With Satellite Industry Luminaries — The Better Satellite World Awards Upcoming
At the dinner, SSPI will honor the four recipients of the 2016 Better Satellite World Awards...
Experts To Assemble In London For The In-Flight Online Revolution
The broader implications of strong aeronautical connectivity growth to be the focus...
According To NSR, An Optimistic Future For the M2M/IoT Industry
While competition within the M2M market will increase, opportunities also exist, such as dual-mode solutions...
Harnessing Geospatial Data Webinar Opens The Door For Breakthrough Apps Builds
The webinar will be held on December 8th at 10:00 a.m. EST / 10:00 a.m. PST
VSAT & Broadband To Pump In $133.7 Billion In 2015 to 2025 Service Revenues
This new NSR report forecasts the global installed base for fixed VSATs to increase by 12.2 million by 2025...
Brazil's EchoStar 23 To Launch In The New Year... And Report About SpaceX Explosion 
SpaceX is expected to inform insurance underwriters about the cause of the September 1 failure,
Blue Canyon Technologies Is Cool As A Cube As They Launch RAVAN The First 3U CubeSat Into LEO
It's big because it's a first, but it's small—what got launched—so it's a Big deal about a Small object.
FSS Headwinds Examined By Euroconsult
A more positive outlook for the FSS industry is foreseen after 2017...
Revenues, Trends, Opportunities & Business Prospects In The Military Satellites Market
This 270 page report from ASDReports provides 294 tables, charts, and graphs illustrating the most lucrative areas in the industry and the future market prospects.