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Russia's Express-AM7 Slides Into Slot Ready For Service After In-Orbit Testing
“The commencement of the satellite operations is another important step towards completely eliminating inequality of access to information among our citizens..."
ARABSAT Celebrates Newtec's 30th Anniversary w/Ambassador, Diplomats, Business + Industry Delegates
“Arabsat is pleased to take part in this event as Newtec is one of our most valuable strategic partners."
Optical Surfaces... Here's Looking At You w/Light Weight Mirrors for Satellite + Astronomical Telescopes
To discover new celestial objects and to study known objects more ...accurately, ultra-high precision telescope mirrors that do not increase payload weights are increasingly required for experiments conducted outside the Earth's atmosphere. 
Juniper Research Reveals An Anticipated 4x Market Increase By 2019 For OTT Market
 ...TV providers, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, will generate $31.6 billion by 2019, up from just under $8 billion in 2014.
NASA's Famous Telescope Celebrates A Silver Anniversary... Cheers! To Hubble
In its quarter-century in orbit, the observatory has transformed our understanding of our solar system and beyond,
NASA's RapidScat The Eye-In -The-Sky Doesn't Blink At Nasty Storms
The instrument's data on ocean winds provide essential measurements for researchers and scientists to use in weather predictions, including hurricane monitoring.
A New Webinar From Keysight Technologies Gets Into 5G Waveform Generation + Analysis Using A Flexible Testbed
Challenges of today’s 5G research are the many waveforms, frequencies, and bandwidths being investigated.
NSR's Maritime Satcom Markets, 3rdEdition Covers A Lot Of Water...From M2M/IoT To Non-GEO HTS
Providing a complete picture of the maritime market, readers can navigate through the trends, drivers, and restraints shaping the maritime industry—from end-user trends to the latest SATCOM developments. 
NorStar Space Introduces NorthStar A Constellation Of 40 Satellites For Diverse Markets To Improve The World
Constellation of 40 satellites will enable predictive analytics to meet global challenges to diverse markets worldwide including Mining, Forestry, Energy, Oil and Gas, Agriculture, Fresh Water, Oceans and Fisheries. 
NASA/ESA's Hubble...Galaxies Sputter + Die From The Inside Out...'Red + Dead'  
...three billion years after the Big Bang, these galaxies still made stars on their outskirts, but no longer in their interiors.
Airbus.... Group Annual General Meeting Announcements
Airbus Group N.V. would be renamed Airbus Group SE and continue to have its registered seat and head office in Amsterdam. 
Space Dynamics Laboratory Receives Patent For Multiple Petal Deployable Telescope... Continues 55 Year Legacy
To do this, it requires no positioning sensors and precision positioning actuators typical on prior deployable space telescopes.
ABI Research...Middle East and Africa's Commercial Telematics Subscriptions To Reach 4 Million by 2020
With economic growth fueled by human and natural resources in Africa and the oil and gas industry in the Middle East, opportunities exist to...
Airbus Defence and Space Ensures Customer Support In Europe, Middle East and Far East w/New Field Service Partners
Six more partners join Airbus Defence and Space Field Service Alliance 
BlackBridge's Global Reference Takes Global Positional Accuracy to a Higher Level
The alignment and compatibility of RapidEye ortho-products with other high-accuracy geospatial datasets have improved significantly.
SpaceX's Sixth Successful Start...However, Tipsy Landing Could Be Deadly
Musk described Tuesday’s landing “too hard for survival.”
NSR To Offer Complimentary Webinar With A Focus On LEO-HTS Supply
How does an industry brace itself for the possible resurrection of LEO constellations— this time with a broadband data focus?
“The images that GOLD will take are unprecedented. It’s something that scientists have wanted since the beginning of space exploration.”"
Satellite Connectivity For Aeronautical Markets Pursued By NSR In An Upcoming Report...
This complete analytical tool helps readers track the development and advances of this evolving market and answer fundamental questions about aeronautical SATCOM services.
 SSPI Opens Scholarship Program To Deserving Students...Assist w/High Costs Of Undergrad + Post-Grad Studies
The SSPI Scholarship Program assists deserving students with meeting the high costs of undergraduate and post-graduate study in satellite-related disciplines.