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Airbus Defence and Space + Spectrum Geo Know How to Shake Up Surveys of Croatia’s Oil Seeps + More
Results suggest a strong correlation between higher confidence slicks and structural features interpreted from a seismic survey acquired of offshore Croatia in 2013.
NASA's Webb's Critical Heart Monitoring...Patient Survives Coldest Place Ever On Earth
This is 260 degrees Fahrenheit colder than any place on the Earth’s surface has ever been.
NSR Relates..."What Happens When HTS Beams Fill Too Fast…or Too Slow?"
...there has been a learning curve that HTS has been through, and to some extent, is still on...
FlightAware Flies High With Capabilities ...Includes Tracking Flights Without Flight Plans 
...additional foreign and worldwide data sources, and the ability to track flights without available flight plans, in the U.S. and abroad. 
IRG Builds Strong STEMs.. Teaches + Learns From Kids
...to  impassion youngsters about the work... who are unaware of the wealth of opportunities within the satellite industry
Teal Group Analysts Forecast Defense Electronics Market Leaders...Including the Big three... For 2014-2023
This analysis determines that Lockheed Martin, among others, will dominate the market over the next decade.
Satellite Industry Association Media Statement ...Satellites Are Fundamental In Telecommunications Infrastructure
...are the result of substantial resources being expended on research, development and planning, and SIA is concerned about the impact of the FCC’s proposals on these services. 
Gilat's Free Webinar Reveals How Mobile Operators Can Be Fast + Far Reaching
how can coverage be profitably extended to the most remote areas? Quick answer is satellite backhaul.​
Airbus Defence + Space's MEASAT-3b Goes Operational...the 34th Eurostar to Press the Boundaries
Together, they will make up Asia's most robust Direct-To-Home (DTH) satellite television neighborhood.
NASA's SMAP Arrives + Prepares to Dig In + Study Earth's Moisture
SMAP will provide the most accurate, highest-resolution global measurements of soil moisture ever obtained from space and will detect whether the ground is frozen or thawed.
NSR's Latest Assessment of M2M + Internet of Things via Satellite
 ...provides not only the most comprehensive analysis of this fundamental satellite telecommunications market, but now includes an assessment of the terrestrial M2M market.
iSAT Africa Connects Via MEASAT's AFRICASAT-1a...
“MEASAT welcomes iSAT Africa onboard the AFRICASAT-1a satellite."
The Use Of Commercial Satellites By Militaries And Governments Examined By NSR...
GMSC 11 features more detailed and event-driven scenarios than ever before...
International Climate Symposium 2014 + World's Leading Experts On Climate Challenges
"...bringing together scientists and space agencies to connect satellite observations to the climate challenges we are facing."
HISPASAT Celebrates A Silver Anniversary + Awards Prize Money For A Project
This Company has seen many changes and improvements over their past 25 years, and to ensure that the positive momentum continues there is a contest...
Technologies To Counter Interference Will Hold The Spotlight In London @ IRG + Inmarsat Event
Launching these sessions will enable attendees at our workshop to understand the latest technology available to help them tackle interference.”
Loctronix® Catches Jammers In the Wild + Right Around The Corner...Webinar To The Rescue
[SatNews]  Their use or even possession in the U.S. is illegal; however, they can still be purchased for as little as $30.
Over The Next Decade, Euroconsult Projects 353 EO Satellite Launches
Organizations from 41 countries are expected to launch EO satellite capacity by 2023, compared to 33 over the previous decade.
NSR's 6th Handle On EO Debuts This Month
The dynamic market for satellite-based imagery has been driven to new heights...
The Drive Is Intesifying By The Mobile + Wireless Industry To Gain C-Band Access
The analysis discovered that in most regions of the world at least 30 percent of spectrum for IMT services is not yet licensed.