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Commercial Space Ventures "Take Off" — A Dentons Focus
At present, United States Government review processes tied to the launch licensing framework—such as the Payload Review process—are limited to payloads launched from the United States.
NOAA/NASA's Suomi Satellite Shoots It Out In Wyoming
Currently 22,448 acres, the Maple Fire grew an additional 6,233 acres yesterday.
Aerojet Rocketdyne Puts The Pedal To The Metal For NASA...Tests Engine That Will Go To Mars
“As a nation of explorers, we constantly look beyond the horizon, and Mars is the most logical place for humanity to expand our knowledge of the solar system.
ISRO To Launch Four Sats in Three Months And Plans To Go To The Moon And The Sun 
The Indian Space Research Organization has ambitious goals with the launching of four key satellites and trips to the moon and the sun.
Eight Years Past Its Projected Life NSRO Pulls The Plug On FORMOSAT-2 
It was a good run, and a hard worker... lasting eight years past its projected lifetime.
USAF's New Warfare ...Satellites Instead Of Bombers Or Fighters 
Burt said the Air Force is shifting to a new style of warfare that will integrate the service's entire arsenal, including space systems and computer attacks.
China's Micius Satellite Touts 'Hack Proof' Communications But Tech Sector In Trouble?
Quantum communications relies on the process of “entanglement,” what Einstein called “spooky action at a distance.”
Statement From ULA... Delta IV Tears Through The Midnight Sky And Launches Strategic Command Satellites 
Night launches are beautiful when all goes well, and all went well for the AFSPC-6 mission tonight.
WTA Awards The Moosburg Teleport With Full Certification
To achieve Full Certification under WTA’s program, a teleport operator completes a +170-item questionnaire and submits it to WTA.
Industry Investments Presented In Depth At Space Foundation's Recent Boutique Forum
Space Foundation offered a venue that was able to present a number of panels and discussions that could only be described as intensely interesting and informative.
No Sitting On This SOFA As NSR Produces Financial Analysis
NSR’s upcoming Satellite Operator Financial Analysis, 6th Edition (SOFA6) offers readers the financial metrics of satellite operators across the globe.
Global Telesat Communications Wins 'Votes' To Supply Mobile Satellite Services In African State Elections
further evidence that our expanding global footprint is firmly establishing us as a premier provider of satellite-based communications products and services across the world.
Keysight's Free Satellite Earth Station Performance App 
This free offering from Keysight Technologies reveals how to perform precision validation, maintenance and repair of satellite Earth stations using the company's FieldFox handheld analyzer.
A Winning IoT Combo For ORBCOMM
The offerings winning this recognition include the company's PT 7000 and the ORBCOMMconnect multi-network management portal.
Airbus Defence And Space's UK-DMC2... It's No Disaster To Celebrates Seven Years Of Disaster Monitoring
When combined with weather data, locust forecasts can be created and used to focus the application of pesticides, which in turn can help prevent the spread of locust swarms.
CGS' New MicroWave Imager Weather Forecaster Now With Super Powers 
The scientific information provided with extremely high radiometric accuracy will lead to an outstanding improvement of weather forecasts and ..."
NASA''s Sat Shots Of Louisiana... Anything But 'Big Easy'
Feast or famine—flood or drought—sometimes it seems as though nature only works in the extremes.
NASA's Newest... Ixion Initiative Team Tests Converting Rockets Into Habitats For Humanity In Space
...will demonstrate a revolutionary, low-cost concept via the conversion of a Centaur rocket upper stage which will be attached to the International Space Station
NASA's OSIRIS-REx To Tame An Astroid
The OSIRIS-REx spacecraft is traveling to Bennu, a carbonaceous asteroid whose regolith may record the earliest history of our solar system.
NSR... Are Satellites The Stars In The Satellite Ecosystem?
That may be well and good, but there's no value to the satellite if it doesn't have a ground terminal.