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Ball Gives All... Powers On NOAA's JPSS-1 Weather Satellite 
The latest milestone means the satellite is moving toward environmental testing by early 2016 with on-time delivery scheduled for late 2016. 
It's An Honor To Reach The Top Of This Hill... Nominations For Space Foundation's James E. Hill Lifetime Space Achievement Award 
the award recognizes outstanding individuals who have distinguished themselves through lifetime contributions to humankind through exploration, development and use of space, or ... 
Third Time Is Not The Charm As Third Company Has Mishap...SpaceX  Explodes w/Supplies + Experiments On Way To ISS...
The good news is that no one died as a result of this launch anomaly
NASA Accelerates New Horizons Spacecraft... Traveling 32,500 Miles Per Hour... 'Nudges' It Into Pluto's Path
While it may appear to be a minute adjustment for a spacecraft moving 32,500 miles per hour, the impact is significant.
The Knowledge Center Debuts From GVF
"The GVF Training Program has reached a level of maturity and breadth that makes it ideal to serve as the primary, always-available knowledge resource for technical and other SATCOM professionals."—David Hartshorn, Secretary General, GVF.
Aireon + Isavia Enter Into MOU To Improve Safety + Save Fuel 
... will be visible to air traffic control, including over polar and oceanic airspace, where current surveillance is limited or does not exist.
ESA's Rosetta Reveals More Than Simple Balls Of Ice + Dust... This Comet Has Perfect Circular Pits
Almost immediately, scientists began to wonder about several surprisingly deep, almost perfectly circular pits on the comet’s surface.
Military Tests New Comsat With 300 Times The Bandwidth... O3b Networks Demonstrates The Technology
The military has tested a new commercial communications satellite system that potentially offers 300 times the bandwidth of current satellites.
Twenty Years Later, MILSTAR Time Capsule Is Opened @ Offutt AFB In Nebraska
To this day, the MILSTAR mission is still as vital as ever.
Those Oh So Critical First Days In Space Have Now Been Surmounted By Sentinel-2A
"We conducted our first orbital maneuver using the Sentinel-2A thrusters yesterday, and this went exactly as planned."—Franco Marchese, Spacecraft Operations Manager, ESA,
Avascent Webinar To Tackle The Crucial Necessities + Convoluted Challenges Of The Satellite Launch Process
From finding the documentation you need, to understanding the regulatory issues pertaining to commercial satellite launch today, this conversation will provide a snapshot of both present procedures and the future of the commercial communications satellite market.
Arab Advisors Group Reveal... 70 Percent Of Arab Satellite TV Channels Have Online Sites  
Spurred by the increasing uptake of the Internet service in the Arab World, many channels in the Arab TV industry have established an online presence.
Upcoming 33rd AIAA Int'l Communications Satellite Systems Conference Set For Australia's Gold Coast
The 2015 ICSSC is a highly technical conference on satellite systems and the event’s theme is High Throughput Satellites, Other Performance Advances and Applications – Keeping Satellites Essential in a Broadband World.
ASC Signal Sponsors Second In Video Series “Satellites And The Beautiful Game” = 3 Billion Viewers + $4 Billion Return
How the soccer ball got its design...Needing a design that would show up on black-and-white T they modeled it after the Telstar satellite. 
This Hootenanny Is All About Crowdsourced Mapping
"Hootenanny will help us more effectively fuse the data we extract from our imagery with other sources of publically available information.”—Tony Frazier, Sr. V.P., U.S. Government Solutions, DigitalGlobe.
Imagery Content Partnership Formed Between BlackSky Global + AllSource Analysis
The partnership will support a variety of analyses across multiple industries.
Northrop Grumman's New UAS Architecture Implementation Is Successful With NASA's Global Hawk
NASA Global Hawks are preproduction variants of RQ-4 Global Hawks currently in service around the world.
The 83rd meeting of the EUMETSAT Council Goes Polar
The meeting achieved progress in the approval process for the optional Jason-CS program...
NSR Asks... Are The Tides Turning + How Quickly Can We Expect To See The Seas Change?
Does the application sell the connectivity, or does the connectivity enable an application (and does it matter whose application)?
GL Communications Testing Air Traffic Control For Next Gen
One of the six programs addresses a new voice network called the National Airspace System (NAS) Voice System (NVS), based on standard VoIP technology with specific enhancements for air traffic control.