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UPDATE: Erika Blows Over + ULA Reschedules Launch Of MUOS-4 Launch... Tuesday, September 2
Governor Rick Scott of Florida issued a state of emergency Friday as Tropical Storm Erika headed toward the state after killing at least a 20 people and causing devastating floods in the eastern Caribbean island of Dominica,
Inmarsat's Transformational Launch ... Successful Send Off - It Is The Internet Of Everywhere
“We have been working towards this day ever since we announced plans to create the Global Xpress constellation in 2010..."
AsiaSat's Chairman, Gregoy Zeluck, Tells It Like It Is Regarding The Company's Interim Results For 2015
"The Company does not expect significant positive change in the market environment in the second half."—Gregory M. Zeluck, Chairman, AsiaSat.
All About User Engagement + Loyalty With RR Media's "joiz" Partnership
The joint offering sees all of RR Media’s content management, channel playout and smart global distribution network capabilities seamlessly integrated with join...
To Be Fairing About It, There's Now An On Orbit, Robotic Assembly Of Satellites Study Underway By SSL for DARPA
“The Dragonfly program gives SSL the opportunity to demonstrate our advanced robotics capabilities."—John Celli, President, SSL.
Copernicus' Sentinel-1A Reveals The Fastest Moving Glacier In The World Has A Cow
Icebergs are often so large that they cannot float away easily. They remain, sometimes for years, stuck on the bottom in shallower areas of the fjord...
SpeedCast Awarded Multi-Mil Dollar Contract From InterOil... Keeping 'Em Connected @ 12 Locations
will deliver to InterOil a field connectivity solution, including containerized satellite data and voice communications units, network services, and mobile satellite solutions. 
Inclined Satellites... How Additional Driver Training Can Drive Costs Down ... From GEO To Inclined Sats
Unfortunately, the COMSATCOM services needed to operate these remote vehicles can get expensive—especially considering the way the military...
 The Military Tactical Communications Summit Is Serious Stuff w/Training In Town Hall Forum
...where thought leaders and key policy-makers across U.S. military and U.S. civilian organizations can come together for actionable discussions and debate.
Bruel & Kjaer UK Offers Training To Stop Shakin' w/Their Finger On The PULSE
Owners of Brüel & Kjær’s PULSE data analysis system can learn about its latest updates and benefit from hands on training at the PULSE User day course...
SSL's Satellite Intelsat 34 Is A Good Soldier ... Follows Orders + Performs Post-Launch Maneuvers 
...will support Direct-to-Home television service and broadcast television distribution in Latin America and maritime and aeronautical use in the North Atlantic region.
Fires In The Northwestern U.S. Captured At Night By Suomi NPP
This image was acquired in the early morning local time on August 19 with the Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) sensor on the Suomi NPP satellite.
SOHO's Surprise 'Sun' Satellite Does More Than Planned... Facts About Sun + Bonus Discoveries Of 3,000 Comets
But no one could have predicted SOHO's other observational triumph.
New Revised NSR’s Satellite-Based Earth Observation, 7th Edition ... Reaching Levels Never Before Seen
With dozens of new and smaller satellites currently, or planned, for space-based imagery via a multitude of constellations, the influx of new Earth Observation data is reaching levels never before seen.
Keysight Technologies' Next Free Webcast Is Upcoming...
This webinar will also cover methods in making accurate, repeatable measurements and using analysis features to characterize your designs easily.
While 3 Weakens 4 Strengthens ... 4K Boosts TV Makers' Profits While 3K Slips
Costs for high-end TV panels also dropped, which helped to maintain overall profits. 
That Sinking Feeling Due To The Drought In California Verified Via NASA / JPL Satellite Subsistence Data
New NASA data shows the sinking is happening faster, putting infrastructure on the surface at growing risk of damage.
According To Berg Insight, Expect 1.25 Million M2M Devices In O&G By 2019
“In 2014, M2M solutions in the oil & gas market experienced very healthy growth levels before slowing down at the end of the year when oil prices reached half of previous levels.”—Johan Svanberg, Sr. Analyst, Berg Insight.
2015 IoT Security Conference Reminder ... Early Bird Rates Fly Away Tomorrow, Friday, August 21st
...is the first event of its kind to focus on the key security and privacy issues about IoT and  challenges with the increasing amount of connected devices and appliances.
Nexusguard + Cybersecurity Ventures Report Risks w/LoT Devices Now More Connections To The Internet
These vulnerable devices can be exploited during software updates and used as launch proxy servers that can be targeted at businesses which are then extorted for monetary payment.