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Frost & Sullivan's In-Depth Look @ MILSATCOM
“Currently, unused satellite spectrum capacity is delaying the migration to high throughput frequencies and hence lowering MilSatCom hardware expenditures."
Contribution + OU Broadcasting Services Analyzed By NSR
This second edition NSR report phases out the fading population of analogue feeds, focusing instead on digital channel resolutions from SD to HD, 4K and 8K.
Great Balls Of Bolides—NASA Maps Fireballs
“How big is the population of larger asteroids that we really need to worry about? We need to better understand that.”
NSR Pounds The BRICS + Offers SATCOM Capacity Analysis
This report answers the key questions concerning each BRICS country market...
NAOJ + JAXA...Record Sun's Enormous Sunspot Cluster 66 x the Size of Earth
...space probe and observatory have recorded huge sunspot activity with a sunspot cluster 66 times the size of Earth
NASA’s Near-Earth Object... Mapping Fireballs
That impact released the energy equivalent of 440,000 to 500,000 tons of TNT, and it was the largest meteor to hit Earth in this period.
Russia's Orbital Space Station—To Be, Or Not To Be...
"We are looking into various options, while building an orbital station as a substitute for ISS is one of them..."
Ash Aloft From Alaska's Pavlof Stratovolcano
By November 15, Pavlof was lofting ash plumes to an altitude of 30,000 feet (9 kilometers), high enough to disrupt commercial airline flights.
Orbital + NASA How Many Balloons Will US$185M Buy? Science Balloons, That Is 
 Not the kind of balloons given in a birthday balloon bouquet, or a hot air balloon...these are a special Science Balloon Operations program.
PCI Geomatics Takes Their Talents to the Field...Canada's GIS Day
..was started as a way to provide an international forum for users of GIS technology to demonstrate real-world applications that are making a positive difference in our society.
SatNews Souvenirs from SATCON 2014...Delving Deeper
This is the perfect time—now that the lights are turned off and the building is empty—
NASA a Golden Anniversary Tracking Satellites w/Laser Technology... What Was Good Then Is Even Better Now 
Before the end of the decade, the technique had gone international, with five stations in the U.S. and France...
NSR Delves Into The Impacts Of UAS On SATCOM
This report analyzes the civilian and military UAS markets for both HALE and MALE platforms, in terms of the growth in their number of airframes, in-service SATCOM terminals, revenues, and capacity demand by frequency bands.
DARPA Is POD'ling Along To Foster Hosted Payload Capabilities
DARPA’s Phoenix program has shared its Hosted POD Assembly Interface Control Document.
NASA...Iceland's Hot Tempered Volcano Shakes + Spreads Molten Rock to Area Larger than New York's Manhattan Island
[SatNews] The ground has shaken with more than 700 earthquakes of magnitude 3.0 or stronger; at least 60 have been above magnitude 5.0.
What's The Big Deal Regarding Stratospheric Hydrogen Chloride? Canada's SCISAT Reveals All...
SCISAT has become internationally known as the satellite that provides measurements of more than 40 atmospheric constituents.
KVH TACNAV Beefs Up Armored Vehicles + Keeps Them Heading in the Right Direction
"Providing precise navigation as well as coordination of vehicles in critical situations is an important tool that helps keep soldiers oriented wherever they operate.”
ORBCOMM + SkyWave Mobile Communications...the Sky's Not the Limit With this Acquisition
[SatNews] This acquisition has a definite goal...create the largest global space-based M2M communications company.
Seamless Access To Satellite Imagery Know-How Being Offered
Join this webinar to learn how you can make better decisions with Airbus DS data combined with ENVI analytics.
Society of Satellite Professionals International (SSPI) Launches Workforce Survey
This study is set to be released in February 2015...