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ManSat...Increases in Free Enterprise In Space Is Impetus For Increases In Board Of Advisors... x 3
"...[the Company] s driving some of the most innovative and impactful commercial strategies that I have seen in the satellite industry in the past decade." 
MTN Government Knows Xactly What They're Doing w/X-Band Antenna In Spain...The Largest X-Band In Europe
X-band antennas are configured to operate within both a global beam that is cross-strapped to a steerable spot beam and spot to pot beams.
Keysight Technologies' New 89600 VSA Software’s Pulse Handles Jamming + Threats
the software's pulse analysis option (BHQ) is used in radar and electronic counter measure applications for threats and jamming responses.
SES GS' Satellite Transmits Live Historic Orion Test Flight + Re-entry 
NASA's Orion will send astronauts to deep space destinations during future missions.
For California's Severe Drought, NASA Reveals The State Is Short Some 11 Trillion Gallons of Water
Recent California aren't nearly enough to end the multi-year drought.
NSR's Brazil Report... Noisy BRICS Bring Questions About A Bubble
This has led to questions of a capacity bubble...to soak up the staggering amount of capacity coming online.
Stevenson Astrosat Cracks Open The Whiskey...First Space Systems Bid Celebration
"We cracked open the whisky when we won our first space-systems bid."
Space X Falcon 9's Next Goal...A First...To Launch + Land The Bird On Unanchored Ocean Platform
The odds of success are not great—perhaps 50 percent at best.
 The 31st Space Symposium Offers Early Bird Rewards + A Stellar Lineup Of Speakers 
....will host a separate event focusing on the evolving security challenges posed in cyberspace.
Satellite Storage Demands Now A U.S. Government Accountability Office Study
DOD spent over $130 million for satellite storage over the last 5 years and is expected to spend over $206 million over the next 5 years.
James Webb Space Telescope...GAO Is Number Crunching For Most Complex + Expensive Projects
...delays have occurred on every element and major subsystem schedule—especially with the cryocooler—leaving all at risk of...
ESA + USGS Water Science School Reveal Mexico City"s Dramatic Collapse Of Earth Due To Water Extraction
...Earth imaging photos of Mexico City reveal ground deformation when ground water is extracted, whether by drought or man. 
Myanmar Encouraged By CommuniCast 2014 Will Launch Ambitious Satellite + ICT Programs
"...this sent a strong message to the world that Myanmar is committed to infrastructure development on a truly massive scale..."
 PlanetObserver's Silver Anniversary... Celebrates 25 Years Of Making Mosaics
The company’s founding principle remains: producing the most beautiful satellite image mosaics of the Earth.
Thuraya + International News Safety Institute Adopt Safety Plans + Products 
...addresses the rising need for providing safety training to protect journalists working in difficult and dangerous environments...
World Teleport Association Names Those At The Top... Top Operator Rankings for 2014
This end-of-year report may surprise the industry's peers.
DigitalGlobe Wants Your Vote In Their Fourth Annual Top Image Contest
Please join DigitalGlobe and vote in the fourth annual Top Image contest.
NetComm Wireless Jumps Into M2M Realm With n-Hub For Healthcare
"...is a game-changer for the global healthcare sector."
Kratos ISE Is Preparing The Way For Es'hail-2 Capacity Management
Kratos ISE will expand that system with a monitoring site at the new Es'hailSat teleport...
New PayTV Report From Euroconsult Reveals Strong Growth
"Emerging markets are home to over 80 percent of the nearly 160 active platforms."