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US Space LLC Files Suit Against Orbital ATK & ATK Space Systems For Breach Of Contract
ATK Space Systems was supposed to honor a 2010 agreement creating the ViviSat joint venture, US Space said.
Graduate Certificate Opportunities Available For International Space University Alumni
SU Faculty members based in Europe and North America will guide the individual research projects over the next four months.
The Energy SATCOM Markets Owns The Spotlight In A New NSR Webinar
Regardless of oil pricing trends, there are clear needs for communications.
The Potential Of EHF Is Tested By Eutelsat & Space Systems Loral
The two companies are analyzing the potential of the Q/V band (40-50 GHz) as an enabler of future Terabit satellite broadband programs.
Join iDirect At The HTS 2016 Roundtable—Growth Opportunities For SATCOM-Based Broadband Solutions
To be explored, in-depth, will be a range of issues that pertain to the massive growth opportunities for the market for satellite-based broadband solutions
Comtech Xicom Technology's New Compac GaN Solid-State X-Band SATCOM Block Upconverter
"With limited budgets and increasing bandwidth demands for both commercial and military SATCOM systems, users are looking to benefit..."
Crack That Code... Draper Sponsoring Chronos Geospatial Challenge
Draper is sponsoring the Chronos Data Science Contest, which will monetarily reward competitors who come in first, second or third place.
NSR's Satellite Manufacturing + Launch Services Analyzes The Design, Construction + Launch Of New Satellites
Encompassing global demand across all satellite applications and from LEO to GEO and beyond...
NASA's Kepler Plays Marbles... In Search Of Planets That Resemble The Blue Marble
"Coronagraphs are like visors in your car—you use them to block the light of the sun so you can see the road."
NSR Addresses The Elasticity Of Demand... How To Ensure It Doesn't Snap Back
One of the hottest topics in satellite telecommunications is the concept of elasticity of demand.
JAXA's ASTRO-H Satellite Left To Its Own Devices
The organization has made every effort to confirm the status of ASTRO-H and to regain the satellite's functions.
BlackSky And United Nations Join Efforts To Create Constellation That Will Help Mankind
BlackSky and the UN plan to utilize data and images collected from small satellites in revolutionary ways.
Telenor Satellite To Host iRG Interference Event In Early May
The workshop will educate the audience about recent developments, as well as giving case study examples of interference resolution.
A Global Forecast — The Satellite Transponder Market
Commercial communication applications are projected to dominate the global satellite transponder market over the forecast period.
NSR Finds That The Fundamentals For UltraHD Via Satellite Are Strong
The pieces of the UltraHD puzzle are finally beginning to come together—this will drive higher ARPUs, higher leasing revenues, and global growth opportunities long term.
NSIDC's Daily Sea Ice Updates In Hot Water... Issues With The Satellite Data 
The special sensor on F-17 is experiencing difficulties, therefore the sea ice time series are temporarily suspended.
ESA Says "Fly Your Satellite!" And So They Did... Including A First For Amateur Radio
Signals from all three have been received on Earth.
KVH's Milestone Exceeds 6,000 TracPhone Satellite Communications Antenna Systems
Since that early market introduction, the company has ramped up to an average of nearly 1,000 systems per year for five consecutive years...
Military Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Market Report 2016-2026 Reveals Drive Up In Demands
The global military unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) market is a dynamic one that will register strong growth during this period.
Airbus Defence And Space Detects Changes After Huge Hurricane In Farquhar Island, Seychelles 
Impressive changes to an island that was practically blown away. EO satellites revealed almost total devastation.