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Recent Service Provider News
Kratos' RT Logic's SpectralNet™ A One-Of-A-Kind...Transports RF Anywhere + On Any IP Network
The lossless transport of packetized RF over IP networks—public or private—is now possible, over any distance, even in the presence of real world IP network limitations.
31st Space Symposium Opening Ceremony Will Feature Space Awards and a Performance by Enra
The Space Foundation's 31st Space Symposium is scheduled for April 13-16 at The Broadmoor.
Geospatial Buttress For MonMap By BlackBridge
"The characteristics of the RapidEye constellation are extremely suitable for a huge country like Mongolia."—Dr. M. Saandar, Director, MonMap.
Gilat Satellite Networks Brings New Cellular Solutions To Mobile World Congress In Spain
 its integrated small-cell-over-satellite solution that enables full turnkey deployment of 2G/3G networks in even the most remote regions
An Analysis Of The SmallSat Influx Over The Next Five Years From Euroconsult
75 percent of the 510 satellites to be launched during the next five years will be for government civil and defense agencies.
Globalstar's SPOT Gen3's Critical Role...1,450 Runners Outfitted w/SPOT In "The Toughest Foot Race On Earth"
Called 'The Toughest Foot Race on Earth – in 2015 and Beyond'...days running across saltpans, up desert-mountains, ruined towns and the occasional sand storm.
Globecomm Spreads Its Wings....New Office In Jakarta w/Sales, Customer Support + Engineering
...the office will market the company’s new line of M2M and Media Platform services, network and satellite-related services to...
Harris Hires ASC Signal For NOAA's Next Gen GOES-R Satellite... A Good Signal for Processing Critical Weather
"We are proud of having been part of this important project which will help NWS advance the understanding of weather systems and ...
ORBCOMM + Komatsu Agree To Keep Agreeing...M2M Services Agreement
Extends 14-year relationship of delivering world-class heavy equipment telematics solutions...
NSR Takes On Satellite Manufacturing + Launch Services 
In a constantly evolving sector that in 2014 experienced the introduction of new launch vehicles, vast satellite architectures, and a growing need for flexibility and broad capabilities...
Harris Completes IT Infrastructure's Installation + Integration...An Inspiration For NOAA’s GOES-R Series
The system includes 2,100 servers, 149 racks of network equipment, 317 workstations, and storage services totaling three petabytes.
European Space Agency...Copernicus Gets New Eyes...Sentinel-2A Ready For Space  
This combination is unprecedented in the category optical imagers.
SES... SpaceX To Provide 2 Launch Vehicles 1 Using Electric Propulsion + Other Multi-Mission Both Military + Commercial
The satellite will fully rely on electric propulsion and will be equipped with an electric plasma propulsion system for orbit raising and in-orbit maneuvers.
Russia's Express-AM7 Arrives In Baikonur...Next Step Is A March Launch
On orders from RSCC, the Express-AM7 spacecraft was manufactured by Airbus DS.
Vislink's Real-Time Airborne Downlink Keeps U.K.'s Constables Safer...More Important Now Than Ever
Keeping law enforcement safer is critical now, in the U.K. and elsewhere.
Route To Continued African Expansion For SpeedCast Brings Geolink Into The Fold
“With the Geolink acquisition, SpeedCast expands its presence and its capabilities in the African market.”—Pierre-Jean Beylier, CEO, SpeedCast.
DigitalGlobe... Now Available To All Customers 30 cm Satellite Imagery..."Seeing A Better World™" 
...it can resolve objects on the ground such as above-ground utility lines, manhole covers, building vents, fire hydrants, and individual seams on locomotives.
ESA + Airbus Defence and  Space + European Data Relay System To Provide Laser Communications Data Rates Up To 1.8 Gb  Per Second
EDRS will provide near-real-time data transfer from Earth observation satellites, drones or aircraft to Earth via Geostationary communication satellites.
Harris CapRock® One's Smartbox Recognizes Multi-Band Antennas + Has a Databox Of Network Footprints 
A databox of network footprints kind of conjures up a box with footprints inside, but that is not so. 
Getting The Procedural Nod — ESA's Biomass Satellite
The mission will provide the first opportunity to explore Earth’s surface at the ‘P-band’ radar frequency from space.