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Recent SmallSat News
Thirty-Eight Smallsats Set for Orbital Assignments from Cygnus and ISS
Aboard the Orbital ATK Cygnus flight to the ISS were 38 smallsats...
A Big Dream for Israeli High School Students' SmallSat is Successful 
It is the only QB50 nano-satellite constructed by high school students. The others were developed by college students.
ULA Launches OA-7 Cygnus' John Glenn ... From Sand to Sky
From sand to sky, many celebrate the successful launch of OA-7 John Glenn, Orbital ATK's rocket carries supplies to the ISS.
Awesome Aussies to Send Off Collaborative CubeSats
Large space stations eventually have to come down through the atmosphere, with something that big it’s important to know exactly where they will land.
ULA Reports All Is Well for Upcoming OA-7 Cygnus Resupply Mission
OA-7 will include approximately 3,380 kg (7,452 lb) of internal cargo and an 83 kg (183 lb) external deployer carrying CubeSats.
Orbital ATK Honors Astronaut John Glenn ... Spacecraft OA-7 Cygnus Ready to Launch 
Glenn, the first American to orbit Earth...
It's Cool to Build a Cube Satellite and Belong to this Organization 
“Earth is just one pinch of sand in the universe.”
Satellite Crashes Could Soar by 50 Percent Due to Lower Costs and Glut of Launches
'There has been a paradigm shift in the manufacturing of satellites. The cost of making a single communications satellite usually runs to hundreds of millions of pounds...'
An International Space Project Places South Africa on the Satellite Industry Map
The satellites will eventually be deployed into LEO over a period of 30 to 60 days as the ISS orbits the Earth.
Kubos Corporation Garners $1.65 Million in Funding
This news means more advancements are on the horizon for Kubos for their open-source satellite flight software, KubOS.
Curtiss-Wright Acquisition Flight Units Build for Orion Spacecraft Successfully Delivered
Curtiss-Wright is one of only a handful of suppliers that provide electronic subsystems to the Orion and Space Launch System (SLS) programs.
University of Alberta's Ex-Alta 1 Smallsat to Dig Into Space Weather
Ex-Alta 1 is part of a newer generation of technologies that puts space exploration and research within reach of students and smaller startup companies.
Shovels Fly as Ground is Broken For OneWebSatellites Spacecraft Integration Facility
The company expects to produce a satellite every eight-hour shift.
Here Come the Supplies... ULA's Launch Date for Orbital ATK's Cygnus™ Resupply Mission for NASA and ISS
So you're flying in the International Space Station and you've been looking forward to getting some more of your favorite snacks. Good news... 
Two new satellites to be built by Space Flight Laboratory
FL specializes in implementing high-performance nano-, micro- and smallsat missions at low cost on tight schedules.
WALI smallsat nearing completion at Western Michigan University
The WALI team is about 75 percent done with the design of its CubeSat.
Virgin Orbit enters the commercial space environs
Virgin Orbit will offer flexible, routine and low cost launch services for small satellites (smallsats) via the LauncherOne system.
Constellation development and construction on GomSpace's agenda for Sky and Space Global
The first delivery of satellites will be in 2018.
The Sky and Space Global nano trilogy is ready to launch
The “Ready for Launch” designation follows the completion of the Integration and Verification testing phase at GomSpace.
US DoD to Help Ensure Sky and Space Global's Smallsats' Safety...
This agreement provides for space situational awareness services as well as real-time info to ensure...