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Recent Systems News
Sensor Payloads To Be Developed By Northrop Grumman For SBIRS #5 and #6
"We are committed to reducing cost and payload development cycle times, while still providing exceptional data to our military and intelligence stake holders."
Boeing's X-37B Comes Home After A 674-Day Spatial Excursion
This landing of Boeing's X-37B concluded a 674-day experimental test mission for the U.S. Air Force Rapid Capabilities Office.
Fresh From An Ariane 5 Launch, SSL's Built Intelsat 30 Is Performing Post-Launch Maneuvers As Planned
With deployed solar sails, all is going according to plan...
Oil Exploration + Production Space-Based Monitoring Activities For MDA...
Detection and tracking the movement of oil on water through all weather conditions, 24 hours a day
Engineering + Risk Assessment Reviews Completed By Shield Aviation For UAS
"The granting of the IFC for the ARES UAS is an extremely important milestone as it recognizes its airworthiness and safety of flight for ARES UAS."
By 2020, A New SATCOM Radio System For Russian Signal Troops
"...development work is now being carried out on the creation of a modern, interference-resistant, broadband satellite communication systems..."
Kacific to Bring Broadband to Kiribati's Most Remote Islands
The agreement comes just as the Pacific island nation plans to privatize its state-owned telecommunications service.
DigitalGlue Launches Harmonic Upgrade For TMC Design Corporation
The latest video delivery infrastructure project will refresh encoding, decoding, and multiplexing systems for a key defense client...
Cooperation 'Tween Alta Devices + Airware Bring The Sun Into UAV Play
“For precision agriculture, search and rescue, or land surveying, UAVs need to fly longer and farther than today’s systems provide."
Latitude Technologies To Introduce New DL150 FANS SDU At NBAA 2014 Convention
The Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition will feature the manufacturer’s complete product family of data monitoring equipment.
Soldier's Network — General Dynamics' C4 Products Hit the Ground at Fort Bliss
The C4 Systems’ products include tactical radios, cyber-defense products, mission command capabilities and communications network systems.
For ST Engineering, Securing Contracts Is What It's All About...
“ST Electronics continues to focus on our three key business areas of satellite communications..."
New HTS Will Pack COM DEV Int'l Ka-Band Equipment
"...it leverages our expertise in Ka-band communications and is our first contract on a new satellite platform..."
ScheduALL's Power Of Self-Provisioning Spotlight @ SATCON
Self-Provisioning Power will be on display at SATCON...
Scientists Name The 45-Meter Boulder On Rosetta’s Comet After An Egyptian Pyramid
Rosetta began its close observation phase on October 10 at just 10km from comet 67P...
KVH Receives $19 Million Order for FOG-based Navigation Systems
[SatNews] Tactical navigation systems integrated with fiber optic gyros and GPS provide armored vehicle crews with improved situational awareness.
MUOS Connection Completed By General Dynamics C4 Systems For SRW Manpacks
"... this is a significant step forward in placing the full power of the Army's tactical network in the hands of soldiers."
Severe Storms Early Warning Instrument For GOES-R Delivered By Lockheed Martin
“GLM will have the potential to save lives by using lightning as a reliable indicator of severe weather, like tornadoes."
U.S. Army Tactical Nets Expansion Via 4G LTE Demo'd By General Dynamics C4 Systems
"...the General Dynamics' secure wireless broadband network can give soldiers greater access to mission intelligence using their smartphone or tablet computer."
Coming Soon From iDirect—Protocol Transparency Through L2oS
L2oS could be considered as an expressway for information transport.