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Recent Systems News
Panasonic Avionics Says No Missing Planes At Sea Ever Again
The aerospace unit of Japan's Panasonic has developed a new, satellite-based tracking application that can ensure no planes ever go missing at sea again.
Russian Jamming Up The Works With POLE-21
Even a 20 watt transmitter is enough for Pole-21 to jam all signals...
Real-Time Info Access For DoD End-User From SES GS Via O3b Networks
SES S.A. has been awarded this contract to provide an O3b Networks solution for the government customer.
The SpaceNet Open Data Initiative Debuts
SpaceNet is a collaboration between DigitalGlobe, CosmiQ Works, and NVIDIA and the imagery is now freely available as a public data set on Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS).
Truck Tracking Technology Time
L.J. Rogers has selected ORBCOMM Inc. to provide their asset tracking solution.
High Density IP Networks Obtain The First Dual 40 Gigabit Probe From Bridge Technologies
Network operators and digital media organisations will be provided with an analytics solution for thousands of streams and multiple technologies in real-time and in parallel.
New Multi-channel Satellite Demodulator Launched By NovelSat
Rack space requirements have been reduced and NS200X units can also be concatenated to support many more additional DVB-S2-to-IP streams
A RockSTAR Enters Russia
RockSTAR and RockFLEET are designed to deliver precise GPS coordinates over the Iridium network, supporting the safety of thousands of Russian remote workers and maritime vessels.
UltiSat Into ISR For Lockheed Martin & US Army
UltiSat will support the SS-AISR program in AISR data collection, ground-based processing, exploitation, and dissemination for missions worldwide.
The Cloud Is In Space & Is Engaged In Belt Tightening
Four of the world's leading aerospace manufacturers have provided Letters of Technical Confidence.
Russia's Aist-2D Satellite Gets Some New Guidance
The new GNC system aims to control vehicle orientation and to compensate on-board rotating micro-accelerations in the low frequency spectrum.
Coax Bi-Directional Amplifiers Make Their Entrance From Fairview Microwave
These bi-directional amplifiers are designed for use in commercial and military applications and will support any signal type and modulation format.
To Globecomm's Cloud Go The Pest Eradicators
This move will take advantage of newer technologies to offer its customers a better solution for their enterprise communications.
Jakarta Assembly For Alpha Satcom
Alpha Satcom, working with PT Paradise Communications, now adds iForte to their growing list of global customers.
A Cold, Cold Day For ORBCOMM
Northern Refrigerated is using ORBCOMM’s cold chain telematics systems to track, monitor and control their refrigerated trailers.
On The Show Floor... SatService & LP Technologies To Present Their New Remote Spectrum Analyzer
SatService GmbH will present LPT’s newest spectrum analyzer, the LPT-3000RX4, a 4gen remote spectrum analyzer, at IBC2016.
Kudos To Kubos & ISIS—A Spatial Linux Fusion
Kubos also provides a downloadable SDK and a suite of tools.
There's Expanded Sensor Support In Geomatic's New Service Pack Release
Another important addition in the service pack is a new tie-point visualization interface.
A GL Communication's Specialty— Stream Studies
The challenge for modern day IP networks is to provide a good Quality of Service (QoS) for all the different kinds of streams.
On The Show Floor... Crystal Insight To Debut...
This technology will address the growing need for smaller and local TV stations to make content available for streaming and Video on Demand (VoD).