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Recent New Products News
The Knowledge Center Debuts From GVF
"The GVF Training Program has reached a level of maturity and breadth that makes it ideal to serve as the primary, always-available knowledge resource for technical and other SATCOM professionals."—David Hartshorn, Secretary General, GVF.
Cobham SATCOM Delivers The First Stabilized Drive-Away VSAT Antenna
focused on ultra-reliable connectivity even in situations where the vehicle is experiencing sudden movements or rocking on its suspension while the antenna is transmitting.
TSoIP Is Now Supported By NovelSat For Their Entire Line Of Satellite Transmission Offerings
“Together with standard ASI video transmission and IP support, NovelSat has now expanded its compatibility with support for all IRDs and encoders that use TSoIP.”—Dan Peleg, CTO, NovelSat.
Those Oh So Critical First Days In Space Have Now Been Surmounted By Sentinel-2A
"We conducted our first orbital maneuver using the Sentinel-2A thrusters yesterday, and this went exactly as planned."—Franco Marchese, Spacecraft Operations Manager, ESA,
NovelSat Adds TSoIP Support to its Full Line of Satellite Transmission Products + No Jitters
NovelSat now combines the world’s most spectrum-efficient satellite transmission with TSoIP support for the broadcast industry
Satellite To Spin Shooting Stars Of The Colorful Kind
Lena Okajima, who holds a doctorate in astronomy, says her company—ALE—is intending to launch a micro satellite that can eject shooting stars at exactly the right time and place to put on a celestial show.
Cobham Antenna Systems Goes Polar... Dual-Polar MIMO Base Station
This makes the range an ideal choice for system roll-outs, even if frequencies are likely to change during planning processes.
 Advantech Wireless' Second Gen GaN Technology SapphireBlu™ Series For Broadcasting Apps
"This is a safe investment for the future.” 
Debris Detention Demo'd By GMV
“This flight exercise represents one more step towards efficient space-debris removal techniques."—Mariella Graziano, Executive Director, Space-Aerospace Segment, GMV.
Global MPLS Implementation Ramps Up KVH's mini-VSAT Broadband Network
“We are now moving traffic to and from our hubs over state-of-the-art private network connections, as opposed to the public Internet."—Rick Driscoll, V.P., Satellite Products + Services, KVH.
Globecomm Earns US$14M... Selected By Malaysia + Indonesia's TV + Data Service Providers 
The contract awards are as varied as the company’s expertise, ranging from television program acquisition and direct-to-home (DTH) TV distribution to VSAT hubs for data networking.
Airbus Defence & Space Brings A Trio Of New Service Levels To Warfighters + Remote Workers
“Welfare communication is vital for military operations and humanitarian missions, but it’s impossible to have a one size fits all system."—Steve Kelly, WelComE Service Manager, Airbus Defence & Space.
Getting A GaN'd Good BUC'ing Is Advantech Wireless' New 300W Offering
“The improved GaN reliability and low size allow perfect integration into the ship stabilized antennas."—Cristi Damian, V.P., Business Development, Advantech Wireless.
The Ultimate In Whiplash? China's Super "Eye" Enables Two Spacecraft Flying Eight Times Faster Than Bullets Safe Docking 
 the new "eye" can see clearer under direct sunlight, which will greatly improve safety.
Modular Devices' 2 New DC-DC Converters ... For Tiny Scaleable Cubes + Micro-Miniature Sats + More For Space
This new series of DC-DC Converter is designed for us terrestrials...
Ultimate DIY... World’s Longest 'Selfie' ... Satellite Imagery Tasking Via SpyMeSat Mobile App
And with “the World’s Longest Selfie Stick” new tasking feature, any mobile user can now to task a satellite to take a new picture if archive imagery does not meet their need.
Timor-Leste's Mobile Comms Needs To Be Supplied By O3b Networks For Bharti Airtel
Bharti Airtel will use the improved connectivity to support growth of 2G/3G customers across Timor-Leste.
The Switches Are Now In The Works For A Commercial Comms Satellite By COM DEV International
"We are increasingly seeing HTS payloads included on commercial communications satellites, to enable the operators to exploit a growing market opportunity."—Mike Williams, President, Products Division, COM DEV International.
The Speakers Have Been Announced For The Space Foundation's Space Technology + Investment Forum
Enjoy the in-depth discussions and content rich briefings about current trends and opportunities, networking activities, private meetings and the chance to hear about ground-breaking innovations.
EOMAP Adds To The Interest In The South China Sea With Shallow Water Bathymetry
“Such techniques from satellite allow us to map these islands from space and provide options for continuous mapping at regular intervals."—A.S. Mittal, CEO, EOMAP Asia Pacific.