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Recent New Products News
AST Keeps Satellite Communications on the Edge and in Control with Launch of INTEGRA
The first real-time application control for satellite communications.
On the CommunicAsia2017 Show Floor... Thuraya's Product Parade...
The highlight of the year is the recently launched Thuraya Aero and Thuraya WE...
Advantech Wireless' Second Generation Advanced GaN Technology 100W to 125W Ka-Band BUC
“GaN technology allows us to reach power levels that were not possible before, and ..."
Quintech Electronics' Extreme Order from US Government Intelligence Agency for XTREME 8
The XTREME 80 is the only L-band matrix configured as either a 16x64 or 32x32 in the same 2 RU chassis.
New Mobile App from AsiaSat
The platform also offers users convenient access to the latest news, events, services and TV channel reception information of AsiaSat.
NITRO RAN Optimizer Solution Debuts from Thaicom
With the introduction of the RAN optimizers NITRO30 and NITRO100, Thaicom is rounding out its end-to-end cellular backhaul service portfolio.
Opportunities of $32 Billion Projected by NSR for Airborne SATCOM
Driven by higher demand for broadband connectivity, this installed base will generate over $32 billion in revenue over the next decade, as air travel continues its rise around the world.
IoT Going Beyond the Limits of Cellular with the Just Released Iridium Edge™
A plug-and-play designed solution, Iridium Edge enables companies of all sizes to rapidly expand their IoT applications beyond cellular coverage.
Advantech Wireless' ASAT II™ WaveSwitch™ Makes Waves at CommunicAsia 2017 with Waveform Switching
The system will dynamically assign from Advantech Wireless’ RCSXTM selection of waveforms - ASCPC™, MF-TDMA, and SCPC DVB-S2/S2X.
For Use at Q-Band, AtlanTecRF Releases Enhanced SATCOM Loop Test Translators
AtlanTecRF Loop Test Translators are already in use on all continents in lower frequency bands from L- to Ka- and the extension into...
An NSR Analysis — An Update of the Asian Satellite Market
The launch of the 4th Inmarsat Global Xpress satellite occurred at a very busy time for the satellite industry in Asia Pacific.
The New Leonis Ka-Band Chipset Joins Arralis Product Portfolio
This first of its kind Ka-band chipset from Arralis comprises all of the circuits that are required to build a Ka-band satellite...
The Route to Space Alliance is Formed by European Hauliers
The Route To Space Alliance is represented across 13 sites in four countries and features 185.000m2 of depot space, 45.050m2 of...
Smallsat Demonstrator Angels Will Carry Thales Alenia Space Argos Neo Instrument
Argos Neo is a miniaturized data collection instrument, developed by Thales Alenia Space as prime in conjunction with Syrlinks, a manufacturer of...
On the CommunicAsia2017 Show Floor... ETL Systems Debuting Their Hurricane and More...
The customizable Hurricane RF matrix is designed to change and adapt with the ever-changing requirements of the latest satellite teleports.
The Heights Dynamic Network Access Technology from Comtech Telecommunications Corp. is Now Available
Heights Dynamic Network Access is a revolutionary, dynamic network access technology designed for the Heights Networking Platform's return links.
During SES Industry Days, 4K High Frame Rate Technology via Satellite to be Demo'd
The 4K HFR content will be transmitted live via an ASTRA satellite at 19.2 degrees East and displayed on LG’s OLED TV...
The WE Satellite and LTE Portable WiFi Hotspot Enters the Market from Thuraya
The terminal facilitates seamless roaming for consumers, from satellite to terrestrial LTE services or vice versa...
World's First Drone Payload for RF Testing of SATCOM for Drones Delivered by AtlanTecRF
The Drone Payload has the advantage of being able to provide the loop-back from heights above the ground which would be simply....
European Satellite Hub Construction Started by Airbus
The ultra-modern building, for the development and integration of satellites, will enable the Friedrichshafen site to handle future satellite requirements.