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Recent New Products News
Full Situational Awareness With FMV Coming Soon With Inmarsat Government's LAISR Service
“LAISR is a game-changing SATCOM service for AISR,” said Susan Miller, president and CEO of Inmarsat Government."—Susan Miller, President & CEO, Inmarsat Government.
A New Standard For Metal Space Frame Radomes Established By L-3 ESSCO
"Extensive independent testing of this new solution in extreme conditions has demonstrated revolutionary safety and performance increases."—Thomas Casale, President, L-3 ESSCO.
2015 Space Technology Hall of Fame Inductees Named By Space Foundation
The Space Foundation's Space Technology Hall of Fame was established in 1988 to increase public awareness of the benefits that result from space exploration programs and to encourage further innovation.
Can Commercial Satellites Still Compete? NSR's Upcoming Free Webinar Will Answer That Question...
Join NSR for this free webinar on April 1st that will examine current and future challenges in the Government and Military Satellite Communications Markets.
Connectivity For M2M and IoT Results In Teclo Networks and Stream Technologies Partnership
“Battery-life is a major operating expenditure and frustration for customers."—Nigel Chadwick, CEO, Stream Technologies.
PCI Geomatics' Development Foot Is On Their Accelerator, For GeoImaging Offering
GXL technology provides significant improvements in automation, speed and efficiency by optimizing and distributing automated workflows.
For Early Development & Testing Of 5G, Keysight Technologies Now Offers Signal-Creation Signal Support
"Signal Studio for custom modulation streamlines development, allowing researchers to try more candidate signals in less time as they explore next-generation waveforms.”—Satish Dhanasekaran, MARCOM Mgr., Keysight Technologies.
In-Flight Connectivity Markets Examined By NSR In Their Latest Report
Based on more than 10 years covering aeronautical satellite connectivity, NSR’s extensive experience in evaluating the changes and trends driving aero SATCOM services is encapsulated in this new report.
New User Tools Released By Latitude Technologies For their WebSentinel 5 Flight Platform
WebSentinel 5 introduces selectable, movable, and resizable panels enabling individual users to build and maintain multiple independent maps and multiple independent messaging sessions.
@ Heli-Expo 2015: Technisonic Debuts Their First Dual Transceiver Airborne Radio
Each TDFM-9100 transceiver can store 3,000 channels per module and be programmed to operate in digital or analog mode on a channel-by-channel basis.
KRYTAR Continues to Grow Their Directional Couplers In The Right Direction
For many space-restricted applications, the compact size makes KRYTAR directional couplers ideal solutions
Of SatBroadcasting™ Interest: Tata Sky Pumps 4K With Ericsson Compression Assistance
Ericsson will provide compression technology for 4K distribution using high resolution 1080P50 format.
Of SatBroadcasting™ Interest: HEVC Of A Time @ ABU DBS For MEASAT, Village Island and Aviindos
With the new DVB-S2X capabilities, the companies will transmit via satellite two (2) 4K video ('Ultra HD') services at 60 progressive frames per second.
Of SatBroadcasting™ Interest— NovelSat To Demo NovelSat NS4... DVB-S2 Standard Surpassed...
“As testing and fine tuning move forward, we expect even better efficiency from NovelSat NS4 when we release it later this year.”—Itzik Wulkan, CEO, NovelSat.
Final System Level Testing Now Set For Airbus D&S' LISA Pathfinder's Modules
LISA Pathfinder’s mission is to test a series of ultra-high precision technologies to be used on a later, and much larger project originally called LISA (Laser Interferometric Space Antenna), which is a gravitational wave observatory.
Series B Financing Acquired For Rocket Lab's Electron SmallSat Launch System
“With unprecedented economy, reliability, fuel efficiency and frequency, Electron is the transformational launch option that small satellite constellations need to usher in a new era of space colonization.”—David Cownan, Board of Directors' Member, RocketLab.
Runnin' On Down The Alaska Highway Networky With Gilat's CellEdge
RuralCom's networks will use Gilat's CellEdge 3G technology to provide satellite-based, high-speed mobile services in previously unserved rural areas of Canada.
Keysight Technologies’ Flexible Signal-Creation Software Useful In Military Com + Satellites +  Test of 5G
The new capabilities are useful in aerospace/defense applications such as military communications and satellites that often utilize custom or proprietary waveforms not directly supported by commercial, off-the-shelf (COTS) test equipment.
Advanced Cargo Sensing System From I.D. Systems Garners U.S. Patent Office Allowance
The system is designed to improve cargo sensing accuracy, maximize device battery life, and provide loaded/unloaded data without the need for an external door sensor.
Two Major Conferences From SMi: 4th ISR 2015 Conference and MILSATCOM Asia Pacific
The London industry event will focus on all three types of ISR—Naval, Airborne, and Land. Click here for more information.