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Recent New Products News
Future-Casting By Lockheed Martin At The University Of Colorado Boulder
The $3 million sponsorship by Lockheed Martin, spread over four years, will establish new academic programs focused on radio frequency (RF) systems.
High Density IP Networks Obtain The First Dual 40 Gigabit Probe From Bridge Technologies
Network operators and digital media organisations will be provided with an analytics solution for thousands of streams and multiple technologies in real-time and in parallel.
On The Show Floor... ETL Systems To Demo & Detail...
Among the technologies on display will be ETL Systems’ new Hurricane series switch Matrix/Router.
Honeywell Certifies...Inmarsat's NexGen GX Aviation JetWave™ Makes a Big Splash
...airlines, business aviation operators and leading aircraft companies can offer high-quality connectivity even at 40,000 feet, using a single network from a single provider.
C-COM Is Always inMotion To Bring A New Vu Of Their Products To IBC 
Both antennas works with the iNetVu® 7710 Controller to provide Cross-Pol performance, and acquisition is within minutes anytime, and anywhere.
ESOA & GVF With SSPI To Present Second Annual Global Satshow In November
This two-day conference will be held at a 5,000+ square meter exhibition center and will be packed with more than 200 exhibitors.
The Cloud Is In Space & Is Engaged In Belt Tightening
Four of the world's leading aerospace manufacturers have provided Letters of Technical Confidence.
Gridiron Prep For PSSI Global
PSSI is now able to transmit 10 channels on a single satellite transponder.
Farming Facilitation With Imagery In India
This private satellite data analytics company aims to build a 15 year archive of satellite images over the Indian subcontinent.
Industry Investments Presented In Depth At Space Foundation's Recent Boutique Forum
Space Foundation offered a venue that was able to present a number of panels and discussions that could only be described as intensely interesting and informative.
No Sitting On This SOFA As NSR Produces Financial Analysis
NSR’s upcoming Satellite Operator Financial Analysis, 6th Edition (SOFA6) offers readers the financial metrics of satellite operators across the globe.
Coax Bi-Directional Amplifiers Make Their Entrance From Fairview Microwave
These bi-directional amplifiers are designed for use in commercial and military applications and will support any signal type and modulation format.
Advantech Wireless Passes The BUC... Increases In Sales Of GaN Technology SSPA And BUCs 
These units are specifically designed for maritime applications, where bandwidth demand has grown well beyond initial expectations ...
Lockheed Martin's Hot New Cool Solution ... Improved Microcryocooler Is Smaller & Faster
"We can cool an IR sensor in three minutes, versus the 12 to 15 minutes of current systems. That's crucial when lives are on the line."
Training UAE Space Industry Future Leaders Is A Lockheed Martin Calling
This program is for early career professionals across the UAE aerospace industry and will run for the next four months and will include training in the UAE and in the United States.
Changing The World With 'Magic Material'—China's Spacecraft & Rockets To Benefit
Aerogel has been widely used in space missions by the United States, Russia and Europe and China has now developed their own aerogel products.
Gigabits Galore Examined By NSR In Their New Global Satellite Capacity & Supply & Demand Report
Overall, the trend is undeniable that the satellite industry is now reaching the point where HTS is the norm.
A GL Communication's Specialty— Stream Studies
The challenge for modern day IP networks is to provide a good Quality of Service (QoS) for all the different kinds of streams.
NSR's EO Market Report'll Be Here Before You Know It...
NSR’s EO8 report offers analysis of seven different vertical markets across five regions for four different instrument resolutions and two types of imagery (optical, SAR).
On The Show Floor — Spacepath Communications BUCkles Down For IBC2016
This unit will be showcased at the firm's stand along with their range of HPAs that were introduced earlier this year.