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Recent New Products News
Aircraft Tracking Enabled Satellites From Spire — A Webinar To Explain
Starting in 2017, Spire will begin launching aircraft tracking enabled satellites and start beta testing Spire AirSafe with the firm's first customers.
Marine Electronic Lifesaving's New Entry From ACR Electronics
The ACR EPIRB received a National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) Product of Excellence Award in 2016.
UAS To Offer A $23.6 Billion Revenue Opportunity For SATCOM & Geospatial Industries
The persistent demand for (ISR) by the Defense & Intelligence community in hostile areas drives the demand for unmanned airborne solutions.
TE Technology's Pin Technology Goes Modular For Rugged Environments
TE’s press-fit stacking connectors are well suited for mezzanine and rigid flex board-to-board attachment and provide reliable signal integrity.
Blue Origin's Factory Going Up
Construction on the New Glenn rocket factory has started...
Pay As You Go SatTV For Sub Saharan Africa From Azuri Technologies
Customers obtain a complete home power package that includes a 24 inch television with built in satellite TV service...
An OBH First Arrives In Kourou
OHB developed the SmallGEO platform within ESA’s Advanced Research in Telecommunications Systems (ARTES) program.
The Expansion Of The Smallsat Market—An NSR Assessment
The market now approaches a point of diversification...
Jola Jumps Into Africa With Satellite Service
Jola provides affordable satellite Internet to the aforementioned geographical area as well as into areas with limited connectivity options.
Virgin Galactic's Successful Spaceship Glide Flight Prepares For Future Passengers
Despite the hefty $250,000 price tag, more than 600 would-be astronauts have already signed up
A Tactical Debut By iDirect Government
The iDirect Series Tactical Hub is a ruggedized, compact, durable and deployable solution that is easy to set up due to its reduced size, weight and power (SWaP).
XCOR And Immortal Data's ShipsLog™ Data Acquisition For A Real Space Cat...The Lynx Space Plane
it is capable of affordably reading and storing data from hundreds of sensors on multiple data acquisition boxes at synchronous rates up to 3200 samples per second.
Transformational DVB-S2X Technology Incoming From iDirect
iDirect’s DVB-S2X solution is the result of a significant investment to co-develop a state-of-the-art ASIC chipset...
With Estimations Of 500+ Smart Devices In Operation By 2022, This Keysight IoT Webinar Will Prep All
The nexgen of engineers will face extraordinary challenges as they solve problems relating to...
The Early Birds Obtain The Discount — SmallSat Symposium 2017, Silicon Valley
The countdown has started for the early bird registration discounts for the SmallSat Symposium 2017, Silicon Valley, in session in February of next year.
Thuraya's Dual Mode Makes SIM SIMple ... Talia Now Offers Two Worlds In One Phone 
Two phones in one provides communication without boundaries
Home On The Range... RF, That Is...
All models provide 1 dB gain compression output power of at least +20 dBm with higher output levels optional up to 10 watts.
According To NSR, An Optimistic Future For the M2M/IoT Industry
While competition within the M2M market will increase, opportunities also exist, such as dual-mode solutions...
Harnessing Geospatial Data Webinar Opens The Door For Breakthrough Apps Builds
The webinar will be held on December 8th at 10:00 a.m. EST / 10:00 a.m. PST
VSAT & Broadband To Pump In $133.7 Billion In 2015 to 2025 Service Revenues
This new NSR report forecasts the global installed base for fixed VSATs to increase by 12.2 million by 2025...