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ManSat...Increases in Free Enterprise In Space Is Impetus For Increases In Board Of Advisors... x 3
"...[the Company] s driving some of the most innovative and impactful commercial strategies that I have seen in the satellite industry in the past decade." 
Rapid Response Solution Deployed By Luxembourg Government, SES TechCom and HITEC Luxembourg
On behalf of SES and as a member of the NSCF-emergency.lu joint undertaking, we are pleased to provide the Luxembourg Government and their development partners with a satellite-based communication infrastructure...”—Gerhard Bethscheider, Managing Director, SES TechCom.
From Baikonur With Thrust, ASTRA 2G Aims For Lift Off
The satellite will have a launch mass of 6 tons, a wingspan of 40m, once its solar arrays are deployed in orbit, and a spacecraft power of 13kW...
MTN Government Knows Xactly What They're Doing w/X-Band Antenna In Spain...The Largest X-Band In Europe
X-band antennas are configured to operate within both a global beam that is cross-strapped to a steerable spot beam and spot to pot beams.
Airbus Defence and Space Second In Record For Longevity...This Satellite Must Have Taken All Its Vitamins
Expected to serve 10 years in space, this healthy satellite lasted 23.5 years.
Hubble Reveals... Just In Time For The Holidays A Sweep Of Glitter In A Dwarf Galaxy
It is thought to have never had a dormant period—a period during which no stars were formed—lasting longer than 100 million years.
The First Indigenous Satellite Build Is Planned By Turkey—TÜRKSAT 6A—Plus, GÖKTÜRK-2 Celebrates Second Anniversary... On Orbit
TAI Facilities in Ankara, Turkey, will build this new satellite...
Twenty-Five Year HISPASAT Anniversary Could Also Net Prize Winning Submissions Thousands Of Euros
The prize is open to all submissions from academic and industrial backgrounds that offer a solid, innovative, satellite telecommunications project...
Thales Alenia Space's Four O3b Space Constellation Sats Launch New Record For Arianespace 
The 11th launch of the year sets a new all-time record and passes the cumulative mark of 500 satellites in orbit
PocketQube Shop Offers A New Kit That Packs All Of The Main CubeSat Building Blocks
"Our mission is to democratize low-cost access to space for Planet Earth and this kit is a key stepping stone to enabling this goal."—Tom Walkinshaw, Founder/CEO, PocketQube Shop.
ND SatCom FIPS Their Lid... Now That SKYWAN 7000 Series FIPS Is Certified
...it can also undoubtedly be applied by other customers with the need for extra high security when transmitting data over satellite.
Stevenson Astrosat Cracks Open The Whiskey...First Space Systems Bid Celebration
"We cracked open the whisky when we won our first space-systems bid."
Pad Placement For Soyuz... Push By Arianespace For O3b Networks' Four Satellites
Arianespace's December 18 flight will be its third at the service of O3b Networks...
Twenty Russian RD-181 Rocket Engines Allegedly Heading To U.S.
Energomash is reportedly going to deliver 60 engines to Orbital Sciences...
KA-SAT To Assist Wireless Innovation With Water Emergencies In The U.K.
“During emergencies, such as last winter’s flooding, this vehicle becomes the focal point and control center for those on the ground."—Clive Dickens MBE, Senior Technical Engineer for Operational Control, Thames Water
Airbus Defence and Space Sells Tokyo Spot Image...Run Spot Run, See Spot Run To Direct Receiving Station
...with significant successes in the mapping, agriculture and forestry sectors, generating profit every single year.
Vessel Tracking System Now Offers New Least Cost Routing Module
GSM when inshore and Iridium when offshore...
U.K. Space Agency Plonking Pounds Down Into Europe's Space Program
"Our investment at this ESA Ministerial is targeted towards a smart mix of commercial opportunity and inspiring exploration."—Dr. David Parker, Chief Executive of the U.K. Space Agency.
SES Check Off To Do List...Czech + Slovakian Public TV Tests Ultra HD Content 
“Having produced and broadcast all our shows in HD, RTVS is keen to remain the trendsetter in Ultra HD broadcasting..."
ESA's Planck Satellite... Captures Beautiful Dust That Creates Stunning Image
Unlike the unwelcome dust bunnies found under beds, this Galaxy's beautiful dust takes your breath away.