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April 20th, 2015 — April 26th, 2015
Orbital ATK Delivers SKY MEXICO-1 To Arianespace A Mile Ahead Of The Milestone = 4 Months Early
The company produced the satellite at its Dulles, Virginia manufacturing facility in just 20 months, four months ahead of the original baseline schedule.
Another Entry Into Aviation History By Northrop Grumman + U.S. Navy With The X-47B
"The AAR system and X-47B both performed as expected."—Pablo Gonzalez, UCAS-D program manager, Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems.
United Launch Alliance Commits To NRO Launch Vehicle Production Services
This modification also procures backlog transportation for the GPS IIF-10 and GPS IIF-11 missions as well as mission specific
Ocean Monitoring To Be Accomplished By Clyde Space + SeaHawk CubeSats...
"We’ll be producing two of the most advanced CubeSats ever built."—Craig Clark, CEO, Clyde Space.
Earth Climate Science Mission Will Be Aboard A New Spacecraft Built By Blue Canyon Technologies
“BCT has created a low-cost, Complete Small Spacecraft Solution that allows customers like APL to focus its resources on the mission science.”—George Stafford, President, BCT.
Russia Commissions Express-AM6 + Which Performs A Delicate Dance While Changing Orbital Slots 
"The Russian constellation development not only enhances the reliability of the satellite system, but also helps to protect the orbital slots,"
Ultra Portable SATCOM System For U.S.A.F. Via GATR Contract
GATR's initial SBIR contract led to the development of a system that is deployable in two cases, each weighing less than 100 pounds.
MSS Operators Face A Challenging Market As Revealed In A New Euroconsult Report
"The growth is mostly from lower-end markets and due to an increase in airtime prices by certain operators."—Wei Li, Senior Consultant + report editor, Euroconsult.
Thales Alenia Space One Step Closer...Completes Preliminary Design Of Koreasat-7 + Koreasat-5A Satellites
This is a major milestone for both KTSAT and Thales Alenia Space, whose the extended powerful version of...
L-Band Receiver To Be Incorporated Into Fox-1C and Fox-1D CubeSats
“Rather than adding a complete new receiver, the L-band ‘Project Downshifter’ will convert the received L-band signal down to the Fox-1 uplink frequency and feed it to the UHF receiver on the Fox-1 satellite."