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June 20th, 2016 — June 26th, 2016
More MUOS Makes Five ...ULA Launches MUOS-5 + Completes The US Navy's Five-Satellite Constellation
“I am so proud of the team for all their hard work and commitment to 100 percent mission success. It is amazing to deliver our second national security payload from the Cape in just two weeks."
NSR Asks... Is The US Government Setting Its Own Industry Up To Fail?
In what will be a challenge for incumbent and new market entrants, US Government launch demand is not expected to increase at a comparable rate in the coming decade.
Russia's Report Reveals Location Of US Military Satellites In Free Space Database 
The databases would apparently help make orbit operations more secure and hazard-free, but would also contribute to shedding more light on the militarization of outer space, which Moscow has opposed for many years.
Returning A Falcon 9 Booster To Port Canaveral Could Be Costly For SpaceX
Two other proposed routes for new rail service from Port Canaveral also have been proposed, although the port had put those proposals on hold while it focuses on the feasibility of a rail route through the Air Force station.
Doves Depart For Orbit
Spaceflight has negotiated the launch of 81 satellites on behalf of their customers and has contracts to deploy more than 150 satellites through 2018.
Up, Up And Away Ariane 5 Whisks Record Payload...Today's Launch Of EchoStar XVIII and BRIsat
...it delivered a total calculated mass of 10,730 kg. into geostationary transfer orbit (GTO)—setting a new launch benchmark for the Ariane 5 ECA version
Thales Alenia Space's Pay-Off For Payload... They'll Supply The Heart Of The System For RSCC’s Express-80 + Express-103 
Thales Alenia Space Italy won a competitive international tender to supply the communications payloads, the “heart of the system...”
A New Space Station Being Planned By Axiom Space LLC
The move to initiate a new space station was discussed by Suffredini at the recent NewSpace 2016 Conference in Seattle, Washington.
Boeing's Broadband Satellite Spectrum Battle: Read The Complete Article @ GeekWire
"The Boeing Co. is laying out plans to put more than 1,000 satellites into low Earth orbit to provide broadband Internet service—..."
Moving On Up... New Interim COO @ Astrosat... She Was Hired On The Spot
Astrosat has had great success in finding Earth-bound applications for space-based or ‘downstream’ data, that is, large data sets beamed down from orbiting satellites