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March 16th, 2015 — March 22nd, 2015
O3b Networks + Papua New Guinea University Of Technology... Takes Education Upward...To The Clouds
delivers extremely high throughput and lower latencies than long haul fiber, with round-trip response times of less than 150 milliseconds.
It's The Beginning Of A SatNews Legacy...SatNews Publishers Presents Their Impact Award To...
It's a first, the beginning of a SatNews legacy and it goes to a Superpower.
Thales Selects Harris ...A New Mesh In March Is A Good Reflection On Inmarsat's S-band Satellite
...a new advanced space antenna reflector that is half the weight of competing antennas, is impervious to vibration during launch, and reduces shadows that can block solar arrays on satellites.
Kymeta + Airbus Defence and Space Go Flat w/mTenna™ Flat Panel Satellite Antennas To Maritime Market
These ultra-thin antennas use a holographic approach to electronically acquire, steer, and lock a beam to any satellite.
Gilat Supplies Exelis With Antennas...As Exelis Receives $7.6M For DoD To Keep 'Em On-The-Move
The system has previously supported deployed U.S. Army units and the Department of Homeland Security during critical domestic emergency response missions.
Harris IT Services... Has A Great Work Out  + Exercises Its Options To The Tune Of $13Million
Contractors will provide three months of operations, maintenance and logistics.... various communications, operations, software and related support services.
Orbital ATK Goes Retro + Shields ULA's Atlas V As It Launches NASA's MMS Satellites
This flight also marked the 18th successful flight of the Orbital ATK retro motors. Eight of these solid motors supported separation of the spent first stage.
Harris's Falcon® Flies To The Middle East To Command, Control, Communicate, Compute + Collect $47Million
“These systems provide this nation’s forces with critical real-time tactical information and enable seamless communications across the breadth of the entire brigade combat team.’’
Comtech EF Data Takes This Networking Platform To New Heights™ + Elevates The Quality Of Experience
...is a robust carrier class solution that supports multiple business models simultaneously, from full hub ownership, to collocation at a third party teleport facility to Virtual Network Operator (VNO) operations.
Debuting @ Satellite 2015 Is CPI Satcom Products New SuperLinear TWTA
CPI’s new Ku-band outdoor amplifier (ODU) is optimized for highest efficiency at the linear operating output point.