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February 23rd, 2015 — March 1st, 2015
SatLink Communications Takes NovelSat Satellite Modems To The Sea... Ahoy! Maritime Services  
Modem is the industry’s most flexible, scalable satellite modem, offering a wide range of modulation options and superior link reliability...
Harris CapRock® One's Smartbox Recognizes Multi-Band Antennas + Has a Databox Of Network Footprints 
A databox of network footprints kind of conjures up a box with footprints inside, but that is not so. 
OHB System Sends HISPASAT AG1 On Its Way To Ottobrunn + OHB Sweden To Develop MATS Sat
Spanish communications service provider and satellite operator Hispasat will be using HAG1 to supply Spain and Portugal, the Canary Islands and America with multimedia services.
SES... SpaceX To Provide 2 Launch Vehicles 1 Using Electric Propulsion + Other Multi-Mission Both Military + Commercial
The satellite will fully rely on electric propulsion and will be equipped with an electric plasma propulsion system for orbit raising and in-orbit maneuvers.
Kratos' RT Logic's SpectralNet™ A One-Of-A-Kind...Transports RF Anywhere + On Any IP Network
The lossless transport of packetized RF over IP networks—public or private—is now possible, over any distance, even in the presence of real world IP network limitations.
Harris Hires ASC Signal For NOAA's Next Gen GOES-R Satellite... A Good Signal for Processing Critical Weather
"We are proud of having been part of this important project which will help NWS advance the understanding of weather systems and ...
Out And About With 5,000 Shipped By KVH For Their mini-VSAT Broadband Offering
Our goal was to win a leadership position through market disruption, changing the way mariners thought about satellite communications by offering small, simple, easy-to-install equipment, fast data speeds, and low airtime costs.”—Martin Kits van Heyningen, CEO, KVH.
Comtech Telecommunications' Double Talk Earns 5.0 Million for Network Expansion Project in Asia 
[The Company] equipment was chosen as being the most efficient for the application after the customer conducted a thorough competitive analysis and various technology demonstrations.
For Broadcast Betterment, Advantech's New SBM75X Satellite Modulator
“The new SBM75X is ideally positioned to operate on the new generation of HTS satellites, due to its advanced capabilities and high data rate.”—Cristi Damian, VP, Advantech Wireless.