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May 16th, 2016 — May 22nd, 2016
SpaceX Lands On Its Feet + Receives National Space Society's 2016 Space Pioneer Award For Just That
Creating reusable rockets is a fundamental requirement for spaceflight to be inexpensive enough for general and large-scale use.
Cislunar Outpost Has Orbital ATK's Support As The Next Step In Human Space Exploration
Orbital ATK was recently selected by NASA to study an initial version of a cislunar habitat that could evolve over time to a much larger research platform with many of the capabilities required for a human mission to Mars.
A Dragon Splashes Down... What Did It Bring Home From The ISS?
In fact one might be surprised to learn that there is a space suit worn on a space walk that was cut short when the astronaut reported  a water bubble inside his helmet.
Lockheed Martin Factors For The Future... Building GPS With Evolution In Mind For US Air Force
...the Air Force’s next acquisition will be able to offer on-orbit re-programmability so they can be upgraded in space to add new signals or missions, a first for the GPS constellation.
THOR 7 Ka-Band Mobility Service Is Ready... Ahoy, For The Maritime Market
“Today is a day that we have been very much looking forward to.”
Smallsat Optical Comms To Be Developed By LGS Innovations For DARPA
LGS will be responsible for developing a pair of laser communication terminals.
A Game Changer In Global Intelligence Community...Fusion Of Satellite Imagery IHS Jane And Airbus Defense And Space 
IHS Jane’s has been using imagery from Airbus Defence and Space for over two years, breaking significant news stories on a second Russian base in Syria, new developments in North Korea’s nuclear program as well as island building in the South China Sea.
GVF's High Throughput Satellite Asks The $17 Billion Question, How Will HTS Grow The Pie?
“As HTS pricing has fallen by 20 percent or more in some regions over the past 5 years, total HTS demand has risen by nearly eightfold..."
General Dynamics Goes Deep For US Navy... DMR Radios Ordered For New US Navy Surface Vessels + Submarines
Once the MUOS network is operational, it will deliver secure, smartphone-like capabilities including crystal-clear voice communications and access to video and mission command information with the quality of service that smartphone users enjoy every day. 
Dubai's SkyStream Contracts CPI ASC Signal For Ka-Band System
This award is the latest international contract for Ka-band antennas recently received by CPI's ASC Signal Division.