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Optus Satellite Signs With Aeeris To Keep Aussies Safe...What Have They Got Up Their Sleeve?
Specifically, managers will know where their remote staff are, view check-in’s and outs, and be notified of ‘man down’ situations automatically and alert staff.
South Korean Concerns Over Potential North Korean Hostilities Could Result In Acquisiton Of An Israeli Satellite
The development also suggests that South Korea does not completely trust that the US will provide the defense it has promised in the event of a military conflict.
Pakistan's PRSS-1 Prelude During World Space Week
Khurram said that with the successful launch of Pakistan Remote Sensing Satellite (PRSS-1), Pakistan will achieve yet another milestone by achieving self-reliance in the observation of Earth through satellite remote sensing.
Indian Ocean Archpelago Getting Mobile SATCOM
The initial phase of the agreement will provision fisheries and anglers with voice products and broadband connectivity over Thuraya’s satellite network.
Myanmar Satellite Forum Enlightenments Event Set For December
Co-located with the CommuniCast Myanmar Exhibition, the Forum takes place at Novotel Yangon Max on Wednesday, December 7th.
Togetherness For Two Chinese Spacecraft
The rendezvous occurred about 393 kilometers above Earth
An Australian Buccaneer Beginning Build For Mission
Buccaneer will perform calibration experiments for Australia’s world-leading over-horizon Jindalee Operational Radar Network (JORN) from LEO.
Providing Satellite Transponder Market Share & Revenues Analysis Is A New Report From The Insight Partners
The global satellite transponder market is also segmented by region into North America, APAC, Europe, South America and Middle East & Africa (MEA).
Chinese Astronauts Heading To Tiangong II For An Extended Visit
On Monday morning, China's Shenzhou XI manned spacecraft was launched from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northwest China atop a Long March 2F rocket.
Retiring From AsiaSat — William Wade, Executive Director, President & CEO
William Wade is going to retire from the firm effective November 1st.
Attention To BRICS PayTV Details...
The report provides holistic historical and future prospects of payTV service penetration, adoption by technology, by operator and by account types, market share analytics of operators and technology use and overall market revenues from 2011 to 2020 at country level.
Emergency Calling Test, Sim & Monitoring For 911, E-911 and NG-911 From GL Communications
Emergency services are the backbone of a civilized society. Police, fire, and ambulance are contacted by a single emergency telephone number.
Finger On The Pulse... China To Launch First X-Ray Pulsar Navigation Satellite
The system, which will rely on a pulsar signal database and is set to exceed current ground-based space navigation systems in timing and accuracy...
The Only Space Station Possibly Remaining By 2024 Will Be A Chinese Entity?
A Long March 5 launch vehicle is scheduled to propel China's experimental core module for their space station around 2018.
Pakistan & China To Build An Economic Corridor Satellite Monitor
Shah was speaking at the inaugural session of a national conference on space science and technology on Saturday.
India's Students Complete Big Project With A Small Result ...A Nano Satellite
“One of the areas in which most of our institutions are yet to make considerable progress is in taking the fruits of research to the people."
Mustering Marvelous Mission Maneuverings By SSL For nbn™
This SSL second HTS was designed and built for Australia’s national broadband network (nbn™) and is now successfully performing post-launch maneuvers according to plan.
No Neckties Were Involved In The Success Of Arianespace's Sky Muster™II & GSAT-18 Launch
From Arianespace's Spaceport in French Guiana the Sky Muster™ launch went without a hitch, indicating that SSL's president, John Celli was not wearing a tie.
SpeedCast's Beylier Gains Another Award
The accolade recognized Beylier's contributions to the SATCOM industry and was presented to him during an October 4th awards ceremony.
AsiaSat Examines How To Mitigate Airline C-Band Interference
AsiaSat has developed the mitigation strategy necessary to minimize the impact of altimeter interference on C-band satellite reception.