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Success Again as ISRO Launches 30 Satellites and a Workhorse
The co-passenger satellites comprise 29 Nano satellites from 14 countries namely ...
Harris' Advanced Weather Satellite Instrument to be Instrumental in Helping Save Lives in South Korea
Improves weather forecasting to help save lives and property 
TGIF (Thank Goodness It's Friday) for ISRO as They Prepare for Friday's Huge Launch of 31 Satellites
with 30 other nano satellites that will include 29 from 14 different countries and one from India made by students from ...
Thirty-One is the Number of Satellites to Launch Aboard an ISRO PSLV This Coming Friday
The rocket, in its 40th flight, will lift off with Cartosat-2E, an Earth Observation satellite with 30 other smallsats at 9:29 a.m. from the...
Second Docking of China's Tianzhou-1 with the Tiangong-2 Space Lab is Successful
The experiments tested docking technology at different directions, which is of great importance to building a space station...
Signalhorn Streams for South Stream Transport to Remote Connections in Russia and Turkey 
full hardware installation and maintenance connects the remote sites in Russia and Turkey to the control room located in Amsterdam.
ABS-3A Goes to the Heights for the Summit ... Provides Live Broadcast of G7 Summit 
Italy hosted the annual meeting of seven of the world's biggest industrialized economies (G7) in Sicily ...
ISRO Needs to Keep Up With the Time ... Will Launch Back-up Satellite with Working Atomic Clock
one of the seven satellites in the constellation, that has been hobbled by the failure of the atomic clocks on board.
August Anticipation — Japan's Third GPS Satellite (Quasi-Zenith) Launch Now Planned
the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency on Thursday has revealed the launch of the nation's third of the GPS satellites slated for August.
ISRO's Newest Green Idea ... Kerosene for Launch Vehicle's Semi-Cryogenic Engine
this semi-cryogenic engine in the launch vehicle uses refined kerosene which is lighter than liquid fuel and can be stored at a normal temperature.
Australian Space-Based ISR Gains a $500 Million Investment by the Government
Phase 1 of the project will provide Australia with direct and more timely access to commercial imaging satellites to support a wide range of...
KT SAT Signs Multi-Transponder Lease for KOREASAT-5A With DDish TV
KT SAT has made the multi-transponder lease agreement with Mongolian satellite TV operator (DDISH TV) and agreed that...
ArianeGroup's New Sticky Website
The ultimate goal of every site is to encourage their viewers to remain there for a long duration of time, hence the term sticky website.
Delayed Bulgaria's First Satellite Launch Due to SpaceX's Precautionary Measures
SpaceX chose to err on the side of caution as Elon Musk tweeted “Postponing launch to replace fairing pneumatic valve. It is dual redundant, but ...
SES Goes to the Heights with Comtech EF Data's Network Platform
SES Networks will use the Heights Network Platform to deliver high-availability services to their premium customers in the APAC...
LEO Constellation Being Planned by China's Commsat Technology Development Co. Ltd.
Beijing-based private company Commsat Technology Development Co. Ltd. said that from 2018 to 2020 the firm will position 60 satellites at six....
China's First X-Ray Space Telescope Sees Through Dust and Darkness to Find Black Holes, Pulsars and Gamma Ray Bursts
If it finds any celestial body in a state of explosion, it will conduct high-precision pointed observation and joint multiband observation with ...
Russia's Successful Launch of Progress MS-06 for NASA With Supplies and Experiments for ISS 
is delivering almost three tons of food, fuel and supplies to the station, along with a cluster of small satellites to be released in orbit.
Ghana's First Smallsat Set to Make Orbital History in Early July from ISS
GhanaSat 1 will be deployed from the International Space Station (ISS) into orbit at an estimated altitude of 400 kilometers...
NASA's ISS Readies for a 'Home Delivery' and Launch of Soyuz with Progress 67P 
Progress 67 will remain docked at the station for almost six months before departing in December