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Backhaul Betterment For USG To Be Advanced By EM Solutions
The new radio systems to be used for high speed data backhaul, even when either end is in motion
Quantum SATCOM Discourse Under Development By China
Protons that have been arranged in specific communication configurations will be issued over long distances.
Fleet Of Comms... A Car Carrying Accord
The roll-out of Fleet Xpress on board the MOL fleet will coincide with planned vessel drydockings, with the owner’s car carriers selected for the first installations.
ST Electronics' Agilis Image Instigation
The initiation of services follows an intensive In-Orbit-Test (IOT) of the satellite since the launch of TeLEOS-1 on December 16th, 2015.
NBN Co's SATCOM Kinship With Remote Australians On Track With SkyMuster II Launch Upcoming
The two NBN satellites will have a combined capacity of 135 gigabits per second and will be able to provide services to approximately 400,000 homes and businesses in regional and remote Australia.
BeiDou's Will Gain Global Reach By 2020
The BeiDou project was formally launched in 1994.
In The Knowing For NISAR
Named NISAR, the satellite is expected to be completed by 2021.
Congratz To Cobham For An ACARS First—Chinese Certification
The product to receive this certification is Cobham SATCOM's AVIATOR 300D system.
Healthy SATMED Support Is Here & Now For The Philippines
This implementation will enhance healthcare provision and deliver accessible e-health services to remote communities on the island of Mindanao.
An Awarding Day For SpeedCast
SpeedCast was presented with the award at the 10th Anniversary of the Annual Communications Alliance COMM Awards Dinner.
FORMOSAT-2... Farewell
Experts last Friday announced plans to decommission FORMOSAT-2.
Euroconsult Has ESP 'Sees Into The Future' ... 23 New Countries In Space Programs By 2025
The value of the 130 satellites is more than double in cost, at almost $12 billion, versus the  more than $5 billion during 2006-2015.
Myanmar Buckles Up Aireon's Space-Based ADS-B For Safer Space Traffic
"We have many challenges installing ground-based surveillance solutions, due to the remote and diverse terrain in our region."
SatTV Philippine B-Ball Slam Dunk
A huge focus will be given on bringing the games to those who cannot come to Manila to watch the games live.
The transmission of NHK WORLD TV in HD has already started via ASTRA 1KR at 19.2 degrees East.
Cape Canaveral Arrival For JCSAT-16 For An Appointment With SpaceX
The satellite was built by Space Systems Loral (SSL) and is now being prepared for launch.
Worldwide Water Scrutiny Could Start With China's WCOM Satellite
The Chinese strategy was unveiled by the nation in Beijing at the Remote Sensing Symposium 2016.
Rural Broadband Penetration Info Bust Out By Gilat
Attend this webinar that is presented jointly by Jose Del Rosario, NSR's Research Director-Manila, and Gilat’s Doreet Oren, Director of Product Marketing.
Alpha Satcom's Encore... Myanmar Wants More Of The Same As Another Company Signs For SATCOM Program
The ultimate compliment is when someone asks for a repeat of a product and or service.
Developing Youth Interest In The Satellite & Space Industry APSCC Event Upcoming
The Workshop has been designed to provide a platform for the brightest up-and-coming engineering students to connect with leading satellite and space industry experts and learn more about the opportunities in the sector.