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Indonesia Planning To Acquire Their Own MILSATCOM Satellite
The decision to acquire the satellite was made following a series of discussions held by Commission I with relevant stakeholders
Arianespace Mission Mustered On A Fairing Day
This upcoming mission will deliver the two telecommunications payloads into geostationary transfer orbit.
Singtel Brings Inmarsat's Fleet Xpress To Asia & "K" Line Ship Management Singapore
The installation was recently completed on “K” Line Ship Management Singapore’s (“K” Line) container ship Houston Bridge.
SCATSAT-1 & Seven Smallsats Travel With Alacrity To Their Slots
SCATSAT-1, a weather satellite with a five year mission life, is a follow-on mission for the country's Oceansat-2.
North Korea's New Engine To Launch A Weapon Or A Satellite?
"This is the kind of thing you try and build to get more rocket capabilities, whether you're trying to build a ballistic missile or space-launch vehicle,"      
A Major Maneuver By China For Their Tiangong-2 Craft
Tiangong-2 launched from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center via a Long March-2F T2 rocket on September 15th.
Eclipse Avoidance For India's Mars Orbiter
The intention is to maneuver the spacecraft so that the impact of eclipse duration will be reduced.
Signing By JAXA & Turkey Facilitates a Kibo Module Smallsat Launch
This agreements purpose is to offer opportunities to deploy a smallsat—in this case, a cubesat—from the Kibo module.
Launch Reminder: ISRO To Launch Pratham & Seven Additional Satellites On Monday
The Pratham satellite weighs 10 kg, is designed to fit within a cube of 30 centimeters and has a life span of approximately four months.
A Big Welcome To Meteosat-8 At 41.5 Degrees East
Meteosat-8 is EUMETSAT’s contribution to the Indian Ocean Data Coverage (IODC) service.
A Smashing Show For China's Tiangong-1
Many of the lab's parts are quite dense and they simply will not burn up on reentry to Earth.
4K Content From X-Treme Video Delivered By AsiaSat 4
This UHD content on 4K-SAT will include some of the most stunning extreme and outdoor content.
First Sweden-Southeast Asia Business Summit...Swedish Minister Joins Telenor Connexion's CEO
Telenor Connexion, Telenor Group’s company dedicated to the Internet of Things, views Asia as an important market and ...
Plenty Of Fueling Around For Arianespace As Preparations For Ariane 5 Flight VA231 Continue
With Ariane 5 now under Arianespace's responsibility, the launcher is in position to receive two passengers: the Sky Muster II and GSAT-18 telecommunications satellites.
MEASAT Knows How To Operate... Was Recognized At World Satellite Business Week
The annual World Satellite Business Week conference recently adjourned in Paris this last week, but not before awards were handed out.
Kiwis Say OK To Rocket Lab's Launches 
"This contract is an important milestone in the work the Government is doing to support the development of a New Zealand-based space industry,"
Russia Plans Tourist Trips To The Moon... But It's Expensive...$150 Million 
"We are considering eight potential candidates which are ready to pay for such an expedition."
Airbus Defence and Space's Skynet 5A Satellite Makes Moves That Brings New Military Partners
will deliver highly resilient Skynet military satellite communication services notably to the Asia Pacific region, following the move of its Skynet 5A satellite to provide global X-band and UHF coverage in this region. 
Ahoy! SpeedCast Launches SpeedMail+ O'er The Waves 
...features more than 90 satellite beams consisting of global C-band, L-band, and Ku-band coverage from more than 70 satellites located in every region around the world.
Protocol Emulators Make Their Appearance From GL Communications
The product involved are the firm's MAPS™ CAP  and MAPS™ INAP Protocol Emulators.