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ANA & H.I.S.Have A Yen For Space Tourism
The companies have invested a total of 50 million yen ($438,000) to accelerate development of a spacecraft that can carry two pilots and six passengers.
ISRO's RESOURCESAT-2A Has A December 7th Launch Date
The 44.4 meter tall PSLV C36 is expected to place the 1,235 kg RESOURCESAT-2A into an 827 km polar Sun Synchronous Orbit (SSO) about 18 minutes after lift off.
WorldView-4's First Image Released By DigitalGlobe
The first image, captured on November 26th, reveals the Yoyogi National Gymnasium in Shibuya, Tokyo...
A Moving Experience For Spacecom As The Firm Acquires AsiaSat-8's Ku- Capabilities
AsiaSat-8 will be co-located with Spacecom's AMOS-3 for a four year period.
China's Competitive Cost Of Commercial Launch Company Slashes Pricing
Expace announced they would charge around $10,000 per kilogram of satellite payload which is said to be less than half the prevailing commercial price.
Russia's Progress Resupply Spacecraft Falls Apart Minutes After Launch On Way To ISS
the debris of the Progress cargo spacecraft supposedly fell in Russia's Republic of Tuva in south Siberia
Picture This... Canon Electronics Gets Spacey
The company's experience designing and manufacturing devices should help the JAXA team select the best rocket parts...
Thaicom Can C Better As iSAT Africa Provides More Channels With Enhanced C-Band Services 
TV viewing just got better as the result of an agreement between...
NASA's RapidScat Is A Sad Sat... Decommissioned After Successful Mission Aboard ISS 
Job well done, and now the lights go out. Another satellite is decommissioned, but this one had a unique vantage point as it was attached to the International Space Station.
EO Synergies To Be Developed Thru EARSC & Japan Space Systems
The memorandum serves to provide a framework for understanding and cooperation between the Parties to achieve their common goals...
Kiwis Put Rocket Lab's Test Flight On Hold... Maybe A Santa Conflict?
Rocket Lab's first test flight has been delayed... just a bit.
Airbus Defense and Space's SpaceDataHighway is Open for Traffic...Way Faster Than The Autobahn 
the SpaceDataHighway transfers high-volume data from Earth observation sats at a data rate of 1.8 gbps and can transmit up to 40 terabytes per day.
PISAT-2 Smallsat Coming To Fruition
Students will work with the Indian Institute of Astrophysics (IIA) on the project, which will be supported financially by the university.
China's Long March-3C Exerts Its Influence On Tianlian 1-04 Satellite
The satellite is going to join three predecessors to ensure global network operation for the constellation.
Russia's Soyuz-2LK Ready To Rock 'n' Roll In 2020... If They Can Get A Bank Roll
"We’re open for any cooperation with our French partners and we’ll offer the Soyuz-2LK carrier rocket on the world market."
A Data Management Revolution From SpeedCast & Axxess Marine
"This kind of flexibility enables customers to have complete control over their service—something that is unprecedented in the maritime industry."
Arianespace...May Be End Of Year But No Slow Down In Heavy Lifting...Two Sats Set To Fly
Star One D1 is the largest satellite ever built for Brazil’s Embratel Star One
AST Involved In Weather Warning Implementation System In Malaysia
The government agencies were unable to forecast and predict the water level at the dams and rivers...
Going To Geospace Is JAXA's ERG
The satellite, named the Exploration of Energization and Radiation in Geospace (ERG), will study the region of outer space near Earth...
The Underserved In Indonesia Are Addressed By Newtec Technologies
The multi-service platform will be used by PSN to deliver satellite Internet access.