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The Future Of Satellite In Thailand
Temasek leaders have made the appointment to introduce themselves and to talk about the Singapore-based investment company's long term investment plans for Thailand.
Space Systems Loral's Success...Sends Intelsat 36 Up And Opens Solar Array Panel
Intelsat 36 will begin firing its main thruster later today in order to propel it toward its final geostationary orbit.
Goonhilly Has A New Hire To Lead In Broadcast Services Development 
The Editor apologizes for an error regarding the location of Goonhilly Earth Station. Most certainly it is in the central western area of the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall, EnglandUK.
AMOS By Spacecom Heading To Chinese Ownership
The deal is the latest in a string of Chinese acquisitions in Israel.
Optus' Cell Coverage Succeeds In Remote Australia Such As Oodnadatta
“The use of small cells allow for the efficient provision of telecommunications services in difficult and often costly locations."
ISRO To Launch Four Sats in Three Months And Plans To Go To The Moon And The Sun 
The Indian Space Research Organization has ambitious goals with the launching of four key satellites and trips to the moon and the sun.
Eight Years Past Its Projected Life NSRO Pulls The Plug On FORMOSAT-2 
It was a good run, and a hard worker... lasting eight years past its projected lifetime.
China's Micius Satellite Touts 'Hack Proof' Communications But Tech Sector In Trouble?
Quantum communications relies on the process of “entanglement,” what Einstein called “spooky action at a distance.”
Farming Facilitation With Imagery In India
This private satellite data analytics company aims to build a 15 year archive of satellite images over the Indian subcontinent.
Reliable, Viable, Verifiable—SpeedCast's New Government Comms Work
SpeedCast has just signed a partnership agreement with Airbus Defence and Space to offer military-grade satellite communication services to the Australia and New Zealand governments.
SES Takes The Gold At Olympics In Most Maximum Capacity Category
“SES has provided capacity for the Olympics since 2000, and we are pleased that the capacity demand for Rio Olympics far exceeds the previous editions."
Arianespace's Sixth In 2016...An Epic Launch As VA232 Sends Off Doubles
The satellite’s Ku-band spot beams are to provide broadband services for Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia, while a Ku-band wide beam provides broadcast coverage of Europe, the Middle East and Asia.
JCSAT-16 Post Launch Maneuvers Are All Good
The satellite deployed its solar arrays on schedule following the SpaceX Falcon 9 launch from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida.
Jakarta Assembly For Alpha Satcom
Alpha Satcom, working with PT Paradise Communications, now adds iForte to their growing list of global customers.
SpaceX Is Spot On! Launches JCSAT-16 And Lands Falcon 9, Again... But What To Do With The 'Empties'?
Now, what to do with the 'empties', the stockpile of recovered rockets?
Changing The World With 'Magic Material'—China's Spacecraft & Rockets To Benefit
Aerogel has been widely used in space missions by the United States, Russia and Europe and China has now developed their own aerogel products.
Thuraya Delivering Improved Comms To Vietnam
VNPT will introduce Thuraya’s XT-Lite handsets and maritime communication solution SF2500 for Vietnamese consumers, government agencies and enterprise customers.
A GL Communication's Specialty— Stream Studies
The challenge for modern day IP networks is to provide a good Quality of Service (QoS) for all the different kinds of streams.
Gaofen-3 Going For The "Looks"
The launch was empowered by a Long March 4C rocket at 6:55 a.m. Beijing time, according to the center.
Angara Acknowledgement By Kari For KOMPSAT-6 Launch
The launch will be conducted from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome that's located in northwestern Russia.