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Arianespace's Soyuz Launches A Pair...Galileo Discovered Jupiter's Satellites + Two Satellites Named In His Honor Go Into Space
Among the many accomplishments of Galileo was the discovery of the four largest satellites of Jupiter (named the Galilean moons in his honor) and today two satellites named after him have been launched.
NASA Sends Two Astronauts To ISS For A Long Time...One Year In Space + The Effects On The Human Spirit
Two humans said farewell to Earth for nearly 12 months to settle into the ISS for one year. Scott Kelly's identical twin brother is a retired NASA astronaut, which could make the experiments more interesting.
OHB Builds 'em So They Can Fly Away... Adam + Anastasia
“This was a very emotional moment for all of us who eagerly watched the launch and the activities of the next few hours in Bremen, Toulouse, Kourou and everywhere around the world..."
Airbus Ships Off Most Powerful Broadcast Satellite...Arianespace Receives + Readies For Lift Off
...will provide additional digital television entertainment services for more than 20 million DIRECTV customers in the United States. 
Airbus Defense and Space Takes Elevation To A New Level With WorldDEM
with pole-to-pole coverage coupled with accuracy and quality,  that are the defining characteristics of the WorldDEM. 
April 1st Is The Deadline For ICSSC 2015 Abstracts...
The conference will be held on the beautiful Gold Coast of Australia from September 7 through 10, 2015.
ConocoPhillips O&G Operations Go With SpeedCast SATCOM Services
The high-performance IP connectivity will be used for operational and social communications, including data and voice, as well as crew welfare applications.
Telemetry Ground Station Solution To Be Built By ORBIT Communications
The integrated turnkey solution is based on ORBIT’s AL-4034 5m S-band telemetry system.
Capacity On MEASAT's AFRCIASAT-1a Afforded To iSat Africa Ltd.
"AFRICASAT-1a will play a key role in serving the region’s rising demand for managed services.”—Raj Malik, Sr. V.P., MEASAT.
For Enterprise Customers Of Inmarsat's Global Xpress, SpeedCast Is Now An Authorized VAR
"Inmarsat’s portfolio of SATCOM solutions, including the Global Xpress service, is a valuable addition to our comprehensive suite of satellite solutions.”—Andrew Burdall, V.P., Strategic Business Development, SpeedCast.
The Fukushima Daiichi Power Plant On The Four Year Anniversary Of The Disaster, Captured By DigitalGlobe
As Japan marks the anniversary of the March 11, 2011 disaster, officials concede that recovery throughout the region is lagging.
Télécoms Sans Frontières Provides Communications After Angry Cyclone Pam Devastates Vanuatu
Communications from Telecoms Sans Frontiéres reports on their assistance after cyclone Pam hit Vanuatu, an island nation located in South Pacific Ocean.
Vanuatu Woes Targeted By SES + Digicel For SATCOM Relief Projects
We are glad that we can play a part in restoring communications networks and to provide humanitarian relief via satellite."—Deepak Mathur, Sr. V.P., SES.
Khrunichev's Proton Lifts Off... Airbus' DS Express AM-7 Provides SatBroadcasting™ + Communications For Russia
North Telecom Selects MEASAT’s AFRICASAT-1a For VSAT Services ...Clear Catering To Customers  
..."increasingly recognizing the advantages of AFRICASAT-1a in providing competitive high throughput capacity across Africa.” 
WTA Announces Three Winners Of 2015 Teleport Awards for Excellence...The Winners Are...
The teleport, operational since 1987, provides access to over 200 geostationary satellites.
Arianespace...Site Of Two Galileo Satellites That Have Come Together...Mounted On Dispenser System
Providing a highly accurate global positioning system under civilian control, the complete Galileo constellation will consist of 30 satellites in total.
Arianespace To Send Up A Block Of High Resolution Skybox Imaging Satellites
 This new contract with Skybox marks our first U.S. customer...
SES + Global Eagle Entertainment Improved Capacity x 3...Three SES Satellites
“Our collaborative work with GEE is aimed at enabling this in-flight connectivity solutions leader to go anywhere it wants to grow and innovate to meet the needs of airlines and...”
A Major Acquisition Play In the O&G World By SpeedCast For Hermes Datacomms...
“This game changing acquisition opens a new chapter for our energy business, greatly expanding the scale, scope and capabilities of our business.”—Pierre-Jean Beylier, CEO, SpeedCast.