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nbn Musters Up The First Demo Of The SkyMuster™ Service
In the coming weeks, nbn plans to launch end-user trials to around 200 premises in regional Victoria.
Hispasat Ground Segment Gain For Indra
The company will prepare the ground segment so that it can carry out the monitoring and control of the new Hispasat 1F and Amazonas 5 satellites.
Kiwis Get Healthy... Wireless Nation's Agreement Mobile Health NZ Transmits Health Education Sessions Via Van Satellite
... provides fast broadband access anywhere in New Zealand, with a focus on connecting rural New Zealand and bridging the digital divide.
Live TV Feed Aboard All Nippon Airways Via Panasonic Avionics
In addition to exclusive live television, ANA’s new experience also offers high-speed connectivity.
Eutlesat 65 West A Marches Along At Arianespace In Preparation For March Launch
...was installed atop the workhorse vehicle's already-assembled components: the core cryogenic stage and two solid propellant boosters.
And The Beat Goes On...For Arianespace The 70th Consecutive Successful Ariane 5 Launches A Telecommunications Satellite 
...the ability to respond to the specific needs of one of its clients in record time, as the launcher was adapted to accommodate a single satellite rather than the customary two satellites for which Ariane 5 ECA has been optimized.  
Airbus Defence + Space Proudly Announce Another Successful Launch Of Ariane 5
“This first successful flight in 2016 underlines again the extraordinary reliability of Europe’s Ariane 5 launcher, one of the world’s largest and most complex launch systems."
Ariane 5 Launches...Arianespace's Year-Opening Mission Intelsat 29e...One Of The Most Advanced Digital Payloads
"It was cloudy all day today, and Stéphane—I don't know how you did it—but as the rocket was ready to go, the clouds parted  and it was a beautiful evening."
For Those In Samoa + The Pacific, Bluesky + ABS Improve Their Internet Connectivity
"ABS aims to reset both the quality and affordability expectations in the Pacific region for the betterment of all the customers who we aim to serve,” said Tom Choi, CEO of ABS.
Powered By Thomson Video Network, DISH HD Asia Launches
HD and Ultra HD 4K Service Leverages All-New HEVC Capabilities Built Into Latest Version of MediaFlexOS Software and ViBE® VS7000 Encoder.
European Space Agency Set To Launch Two
Proton is to be launched on January 27 via a Rokot booster with European Sentinel-3A on February 4.
Now Open For Business
Inmarsat has opened a new office in Toa Payoh, Central Region Singapore.
All In the Space Talent Pool!
INTERNATIONAL space experts are pooling their talents to use the space industry to help solve global food and water security issues.
Pivotel Gives Voice To Australia
Pivotel Satellite announces the launch of Inmarsat voice services for its customers.
A Harmonic Relationship With AsiaSat
The UHD channels on AsiaSat 4’s UHD platform are available free-to-air across the satellite’s enormous footprint
O3b Connectivity Assured For Lae (PNG) Via New Agreement With SpeedCast
SpeedCast operates the new O3b service in Lae, which is the second O3b terminal deployed by the SpeedCast Group in PNG and the sixth overall.
Christmas Every Day Of The Year For O3b Networks + SpeedCast International
Since launching the O3b service on Christmas Island, there has been a 300 percent increase in data usage.
On Orbit Test Results For AddValue Prove Fruitful
Addvalue’s IDRS is an innovative new service that addresses a long standing constraint confronting the operation of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites.
ETL Systems Product Showcase @ Convergence India
Among the products on display at ETL’s booth at Convergence India are the 32x32 Enigma Matrix and the 16x16 Victor Switch Matrix/Router.
Satellite Number Five For India's Navigation System To Storm Space On January 20
ISRO said navigation payload will transmit navigation service signals to the users, and will be operating in L5-band and S-band.