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Thales Alenia Space Ships First Instrument for EarthCARE Project  
ten years of collaborative and constructive work between teams from industry and academia, who have had to overcome tremendous technical challenges.
SmallSat Launch Availability in Japan to Expand Via Kanematsu Partnership with Vector Space Systems
Based on the execution of this representative agreement, KG will provide customers with services stimulating demand for smallsat launches ...
International Launch Services Signs Additional Orders to Push the Proton Medium Vehicle
launch assignments for Proton Medium launches that will include the use of both the 4.35 meter and the new 5.2 meter payload fairing.
Ukrainian Government's Intense Effort to Build Spaceport in Western Australia ... Would Launch Tomorrow If They Could
...has struggled to gain traction within a sector that has...lacked a champion in an Australian space agency and is jaded by pie-in-the-sky proposals that ... 
MEASAT will Deliver SPI International / FILMBOX's TV Channels Across Asia Pacific
...with MEASAT they will be able to expand their 24 hour television channel distribution footprint and reach new audiences across Asia Pacific
Self-Installing Terminal to be Developed by Isotropic Systems and Quika Ltd.
Quika, a high-throughput Ka-band satellite network operator, and Isotropic Systems will jointly develop an ‘out of the box’ consumer web experience...
UPDATE: Officials Discuss Arianespace's Soyuz Launch ... Four O3b Satellites Go Up ... Join 12 Others ... Five More to Go
With 154 Thales Alenia Space satellites orbited since 1981 by Arianespace, and 11 more in our backlog, we will certainly continue to partner ... 
mu Space, SES Networks and Hughes Will 'Build a Bridge' by Providing Broadband Access to Rural Thailand
Thailand’s telecom industry database, only 12 percent or about 8.3 million of the country’s 69 million population currently has access to broadband.
A Blue Sky Ahead as Blue Origin and Sky Perfect JSAT Shake on a Satellite
agreement involves sending up a yet-to-be-named Sky Perfect JSAT satellite on Blue Origin’s New Glenn rocket, which is currently under development.
DataMiner Makes the Finals ... Named WTA Teleport Technology of the Year Finalist
relay services between different transmission technologies, acting as a gateway between satellite and fiber in most cases, but they also deal with ... 
Testing to Start on Telesat's Phase-1 LEO Satellite by Optus Satellite
Phase 1 testing will enable Optus to experience the advantages of Telesat’s system — including ultra-low latency and high speeds – and assess the role...
NSR Reports China's Ambitious Constellation of 300 Small Satellites in LEO
In a sense, China will change or un-level the playing field.
Lockheed Martin Initiates JCSAT-17 Production for SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation
Built on Lockheed Martin's new, advanced LM2100 bus, the satellite's payload incorporates S-band transponders with a flexible processor along...
Cobham SATCOM's PTT Technology Incorporated into Australia's Largest Fire Service
By combining satellite and land mobile radio into a single ubiquitous network, the new technology significantly extends the reach of data and...
Comtech EF Data Goes to New Heights with Heights™ Networking Platform Portfolio Offering New Remote Gateways
allows service providers and end-users to move the entire VSAT system onto an antenna and away from environmentally controlled shelters.
China's Mission to the Far Side of the Moon Will Include Test Microsatellites to Make History
The two microsatellites take advantage of extra space on the launch and will tag along for the journey to the Moon. 
UPDATE Two News Items: ISRO Ready to Launch Two Rescue Satellites and Delay of Lunar Mission   
replace the faulty first navsat IRNSS-1A... The three atomic clocks... meant to provide precise locational data had stopped working two years ago.
ArianeGroup's Tour De Force as Subsidiaries Join Together at Satellite 2018
It will be a first for the ArianeGroup at Satellite 2018 as its subsidiaries Arianespace, Pyroalliance, and Sodern, will all be present and sharing ...
SatVoice Comms Evaluations Blends Inmarsat and Airservices Australia into a Partnership
Through the partnership with Inmarsat, Airservices Australia will help airlines and operators to complement conventional voice communications ...
Arianespace Integrates Four for Three ... Four Satellites for O3b ... Milestones Met for March Departure
By scaling its MEO fleet, SES is adding 38 percent more capacity across the globe and growing the addressable market from 45 to 50 degrees ...