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SatMagazine and MilsatMagazine are provided FREE by Satnews Publishers and are available to read online or download. Respectively focused on commercial and military areas, the magazines provide monthly features, trends, market analysis and recent developments in international satellite communications. You can access the most recent issues below.
March 2015 Edition

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SatMagazine Features Include:

InfoBeam Part I
Information & News by the Editors
InfoBeam Part II
Information & News by the Editors
InfoBeam Part III
Information & News by the Editors
InfoBeam Part IV
Information & News by the Editors
Transforming the Management Of Network Ops To Support Rapid Services Growth
By Don Imhoff, Vice President, Enterprise Solutions, Kratos Networks, A Division Of Kratos Defense & Security Solutions
Linearity Of GaN-Based SSPAs: An Advantech Technology Focus
By Cristi Damian, M.E.E., Vice President, Business Development, Advantech Wireless
Leveraging The Latest Interference Mitigation Strategies
By Jeffrey Chu, President + Chief Executive Officer, Glowlink Communications Technology
Broadband Satellite Communications... Catching Up With 4G
By Dr. R. Gilmore, Chief Executive Officer, EM Solutions Pty Ltd.
Hacking Satellites— The New Frontier In Security Breaches
By Conrad Smith, Chief Technical Officer, SRT Wireless
SatBroadcasting™: Satellite Signal Simulation Via Multichannel Signal Generation
By Peter Lampel, Product Manager, Digital Video Test Equipment, Rohde & Schwarz + Seann Hamer, Vice President, Communication Products, SED Systems
High Power Amplifier Selection For Satellite Uplinks: A CPI Technology Focus
TWT technology continues to be a key player in the industry
Welcome To The Multiservice Era: Be Flexible, Be Efficient + Be Scalable
By Jo de Loor, Marketing Director, and Kerstin Roost, Public Relations Director, Newtec
Keeping Point-To-Point Satellite Networks Simple: Teledyne Paradise Datacom Q-MultiFlex™ Focus
By Tony Radford, Vice President, Teledyne Paradise Datacom
SatBroadcasting™: HDR + 4K Are Changing The Way We “View”
By Simen Frostad, Chairman, Bridge Technologies
All Aboard: How SATCOM Can Win The Train Connectivity Challenge
By Doreet Oren, Director of Product Marketing, Gilat Satellite Networks.
A SmallSat, Cost Effective Approach To X/Y Antenna Ground Terminals
By Alex Nichols, Technical Director, Ground Systems Group, TeleCommunication Systems Inc.
The Future Is Hybrid
By Paul Scardino, Senior Vice President, Sales-Engineering-Operations-Marketing, Globecomm
Interference: The Importance Of Training
By Martin Coleman, Executive Director, Satellite Interference Reduction Group (IRG)
SatBroadcasting™: A Case In Point—ETL Systems + SIS Live... Betting On The Farm In The U.K.
selecting ETL Systems, SIS has ensured the efficient delivery of the U.K.’s live news contribution feed along with bespoke television to thousands of betting shops across the country.
In The Pursuit Of SATCOM Opportunities
By Jacob Keret, Senior Vice President of Sales, North America, Europe and the Middle East, Spacecom
A Game Changer: Crossing The “RF Over IP” Chasm
By Scott Criley, Product Director, RT Logic
Careers: The Path To The Future— Measuring Wealth... What Has Changed?
By Bert Sadtler, Senior Contributor
The Space Data Center’s Beta Test
By Mark Rawlins, Chairman, The Space Data Association (SDA)
SSTL Joins The GEO Club
By Maurizio Vanotti, Head of Telecommunications, Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd.
Diversity Is The Key For Today’s North American VSAT Marketplace
By Robert Smibert, Founder + Chief Executive Officer, Virgin Technologies
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March 2015 Edition

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MilsatMagazine Features Include:

Dispatches Part I
Information & News, by the Editors
Dispatches Part II
Information & News, by the Editors
Command Center: Peter F. Hoene, President & CEO, SES Government Solutions
Special Guest Appearance: Tip Osterthaler, former president & CEO, SES Government Solutions
Advances in Communications-On-The-Move (COTM)
By Karl Fuchs, Senior Contributor and Vice President of Technology, iDirect Government
Emerging DOD Needs Require Innovation: A Hughes Perspective
By Rick Lober, Senior Contributor and Vice President, General Manager, Hughes Defense and Intelligence Systems Division
HPA Corner: New And Advanced Technologies
By Amy Akmal, Communications, Space Systems, Northrop Grumann
Extending The Lifetime Of High Power TWTAs
By Heidi Thelander, Senior Director, Business Development, Comtech Xicom Technology
Instability Drives Mobility for Special Ops & Army
By Carolyn Belle, Analyst, NSR USA
Driving Down the Cost of Phased Array Antennas
By Josh Bruckmeyer, System Architect, Harris Corporation
Eyes On Targets: Aerial Surveillance
By Mike Payne, Global Chief Technical Officer, VISLINK
A Case In Point: KenCast is Well-Suited To Aid JMA’s HimawariCast
By Dan Delventhal, MBA, CBCP, Director of Sales and Marketing, KenCast, Inc.
GPS Signal Solutions: A Moog Technical Focus
By Brian Giesinger, Senior Avionics Engineer, and Igor Lazbin, Senior Staff Spacecraft Guidance Navigation and Control Engineer, Moog Broad Reach
Expeditionary Warfare Demands Exceptional Communications
By Garr R. Stephenson, Jr., Head of the Airborne Comms-On-The-Move Division, UltiSat, Inc.
More Classified Programs & Technical Track Expansion At the Space Foundation’s 31st Space Symopsium
Cyber 1.5 on Monday and Wednesday’s Space Classified program—as well as the growth of the Technical Track program that was introduced last year
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