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SatMagazine and MilsatMagazine are provided FREE by Satnews Publishers and are available to read online or download. Respectively focused on commercial and military areas, the magazines provide monthly features, trends, market analysis and recent developments in international satellite communications. You can access the most recent issues below.

March 2019 Edition

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SatMagazine Features Include:

InfoBeam Part I
Information & News, by the Editors
InfoBeam Part II
Information & News by the Editors
InfoBeam Part III
Information & News by the Editors
The Forrester Report: 8K is launched... but where is the 8K content? Will satellite benefit?
By Chris Forrester, Senior Columnist
Passionate About Alaska: Serving the underserved... bridging the digital divide with a new kind of satellite
By John Gedmark, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Astranis
Satellite... Today and Tomorrow: An important element of the Internet of Things connectivity mix
By Emmanuel Cotrel, Chief Executive Officer, FMC GlobalSat
Synthetic Diamonds to Empower SATCOM: Innovative conductive technology to minimize thermal waste
Jeanette Quinlan, Director of Space Systems, Akash Systems
Advanced Satellite Technologies for IoT: The potential for satellite connectivity in IoT
By Payal Kaul, Research Analyst, Grand View Research
Aero Roaming: A game changer for consumers, operators and carriers
By David Shiff, Vice President, Aeronautical Sales, Hughes
Satellite Deployment
The future of the CubeSat launch technology, by Stefano Antonetti
Maritime Networks...Ready for streaming
By Tore Morten Olsen, President, Maritime, Marlink
Data Service Growth Drives...A year of change and SATCOM innovation
By Dr. Thomas Fröhlich, Chief Executive Officer, WORK Microwave
Seraphim Capital’s Space Predictions for 2019
The key trends for space tech start-ups...
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March 2019 Edition

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MilsatMagazine Features Include:

Dispatches Part I
Information & News by the Editors
Dispatches Part II
Information & News by the Editors
Dispatches Part III
Information & News by the Editors
Arctic Comms for Warfighters: The connectivity required within a brutal environment and potential future conflict
By Dan Gager, Vice President of Business Development, COMSAT, Inc.
DoD’s Automated Satellite Roaming: How the technology protects against denial of satellite services
By Dr. Mark Dale, System Architect, EM&C, Kratos Defense
Empowering the Warfighter: A better way to keep pace with technology
By Ken Peterman, President, Government Systems, Viasat
Versatile and Robust X-Band: Impressive performance for MILSATCOM
By Krystal Dredge, Director of Marketing, and Dr. Ian Timmins, Principal RF Engineer, AvL Technologies
Increasing the Warfighter’s Bandwidth: The innovative use of the WGS’ Global Broadcast Service
By Carl D’Alessandro, President and CEO, Windmill Int’l, and President of the company’s wholly-owned subsidiary, AQYR
Size May Not Matter: Why bigger may not be better... for antennas
By Dr. Rowan Gilmore, Chief Executive Officer, EM Solutions
Missile Warning and Defense: For today, tomorrow and beyond...
By Brad Bolstad, Director, Raytheon Space Systems
The Portable Radome: Protecting SATCOM terminals from environmental hazards in the field
By David Walton, Vice President, Walton De-Ice (W.B. Walton Enterprises, Inc.)
The TCPED Information Revolution: Adapting to the 21st century
By Mark Knapp, Director of Business Development, National Security Programs, Kongsberg Satellite Services (KSAT)
The Hunt for Talent: How to attract viable and reliable candidates for your company or organization
By Barry Vince, Founder and Owner, Two Roads Professional Resources
The Government Satellite Report: mPOWER — What is it and when can we expect it?
By Ryan Schradin, Executive Editor, GSR, and MilsatMagazine Senior Columnist
Enhanced Comms for the Warfighter: Meeting those needs...
By Aaron Titus, Business Development Manager, Norsat International
Command Center: John Serafini
Chief Executive Officer, HawkEye 360
A Common Ground System: More than a step foward
By Andrew Werner, Director for Space Products, a.i. solutions
Are Mission Critical Communications...stuck in 1912?
By Anatoli Levine, Director, Products and Standards, Softil
A New Chapter in...Government procurement of satellite solutions
By Skot Butler, President, Intelsat General
The Crucial Need for Mobile: The case for a global telemedicine vehicle network
By Drew Klein, Director of International Business Development, C-COM Satellite Systems
Realistic Mission Modeling: Underpinning the technological advantage in a complex space threat environment
By Mike Wasson, Senior Director for Department of Defense, Space Operations Business Development, Analytical Graphics, Inc. (AGI)
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