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SatMagazine and MilsatMagazine are provided FREE by Satnews Publishers and are available to read online or download. Respectively focused on commercial and military areas, the magazines provide monthly features, trends, market analysis and recent developments in international satellite communications. You can access the most recent issues below.

We also offer periodic print and PDF guides focusing on specific SATCOM issues. They are also available below.

Maritime SATCOM Guide
2016 Edition
This publication serves as a guide to fleet operators, sea captains, and maritime satellite equipment and service providers worldwide. It spotlights insights from a number of providers who wish to inform interested consumers as to their roles in this ever-increasing and crucial market. Also offered are their valid opinions, based upon their experiences within maritime SATCOM for your own maritime business operations.

September 2016 Edition

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SatMagazine Features Include:

InfoBeam Part I
Information & News by the Editors
InfoBeam Part II
Information & News by the Editors
InfoBeam Part III
Information & News by the Editors
SatBroadcasting™: News-On-The-Move... Fast, First Rate SATCOM
By Volker Jarsch, Director, SATCOM Solutions, ND SatCom
Catching The Wave With HTS: A Newtec Perspective
By Jo De Loor, Market Director for Multi-Service, HTS and Enterprise, Newtec
A Bridge Technologies Focus: Kvamnet: Overcoming The Challenges
By Simen Frostad, Chairman, Bridge Technologies
The Forrester Report: Satellite Battles Over Europe
By Chris Forrester, Senior Contributor
SatBroadcasting™: Advancing The Technologies Of Broadcast Satellite Communications
By Jan Molter, Managing Director, Hiltron GmbH
THOR 7 — High Performance For The High Seas A Telenor Perspective
By Helen Jameson, Founder, SpaceScript
An Interview With Erik Otto Evenstad
Senior Adviser, Spectrum Management, Telenor Satellite, Regarding RFI...
Making The Invisible... Visible
By Russ Matijevich, V.P., HawkEye 360
Expanding Smallsat Capabilities & Making Them Affordable
By Vytenis Buzas, CEO and Co-Founder, NanoAvionics
An EARSC Case In Point: Winter Navigation In The Baltic
All of Finland’s ports freeze over in a normal winter
Paving The Way For Global Smallsat Innovation: A Tyvak International Perspective
By Dr. Marco Villa, CEO, Tyvak International
SatBroadcasting™: RF Interference Is No Longer A Titanic Disaster For Satellite Broadcasters
By Itzik Wulkan, CEO, NovelSat
Tackling The Challenges Of Satellite Communications Bandwidth
By Lars Christensen, M.Sc.C.S, Chief Architect, GateHouse Telecom A/S
Accurate Pointing Is Crucial For Transportable Antennas
By Tony Wilkey, Senior V.P., AvL Technologies
The Digital Era: Ship To Shore
By Leticia Diaz del Rio, Global Business Manager, Maritime, Thuraya
HTS & DTH — A Symbiosis Of Service
By Anver Anderson, General Manager, STN
Partnership With Understanding: Forming Relationships That Drive Success In The New Era Of Satellite
By Rajanik Mark Jayasuriya, V.P. for the Satellite Network Group (SNG), ST Electronics
A Comtech EF Data Focus: Performance Challenge Of 3G Over Satellite
By Richard Swardh, V.P., Market Development, Comtech EF Data
Winning The Frigid Fight For STN Teleport A W.B. Walton Perspective
By Dan Freyer, President, ADWAVEZ Marketing LLC
COTS For Smallsat Spatial Success
By Jaime Estela + Martín Canales, Spectrum Aerospace Group
Developing Technologies For A Bright Future A Datum Systems Perspective
By Dave Seeman, Director of Sales, Datum Systems
SatBroadcasting™: Overcoming The Challenges Of Satellite News Gathering (SNG)
By Juan Martinez, Technical Area Director, Integrasys
The Heyman Report: A Golden Jubilee For Russia’s Soyuz
By Jos Heyman, Tiros Space Information
From Polar Support To A Global Ground Network A KSAT Perspective
By Stig-Are Thrana, US Sales Director, Head of the Silicon Valley Office, Kongsberg
A New Satellite Is En Route & Preparing For Greater Growth A Spacecom Perspective
By Jacob Keret, Senior VP, Marketing and Sales, North America, Europe, Middle East
How Satellites Put A Better Wine In Your Glass
By Robert Bell, Executive Director, SSPI & WTA
Satisfying High Power Uplink Amplifier Demands A Spacepath Communications Perspective
By Terry Hall, Engineering Department Manager, Spacepath Communications Ltd.
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September 2016 Edition

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MilsatMagazine Features Include:

Dispatches Part I
Information & News, by the Editors
Dispatches Part II
Information & News, by the Editors
Space Mission Force: Developing Space Warfighters For Tomorrow
The Space Mission Force will be the new standard for space operators
POV: How SATCOM As A Service Can Help The DoD Modernize Effectively And Affordably
By Rebecca Cowen-Hirsch, Senior Vice President, Government Policy, Strategy, & Outreach, Inmarsat Government Services, Inc.
The Heyman Report: Spaceplanes That Never Were...
By Jos Heyman, Senior Contributor
GovSat InSights: New Technologies & Better Methods To Acquire Them
By Ryan Schradin, Executive Editor, GovSat Report (Sponsor: SES Government Solutions)
Portable Products Must Exceed The Weight Of Expectation: A Spectra Perspective
By Simon Davies, CEO, Spectra Group (UK) Ltd.
A SATCOM Frontier Perspective—Spreading Critical DoD Space Capabilities Over More Satellites
By Intelsat General SatCom Frontier Editorial Team
MILCOM 2016 — Offering 35 Years Of MILSATCOM Knowledge
Operating with the tagline “Secure Communications At The Speed Of Cyber,”
A Trident Systems Focus: Cross Domain Collaboration With Radios
The Mini-Secure Communications Controller (Mini-SCC) is a man-portable device for cross-connection of disparate communications links
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