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SatMagazine and MilsatMagazine are provided FREE by Satnews Publishers and are available to read online or download. Respectively focused on commercial and military areas, the magazines provide monthly features, trends, market analysis and recent developments in international satellite communications. You can access the most recent issues below.

September 2018 Edition

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SatMagazine Features Include:

InfoBeam Part I
Information & News, by the Editors
InfoBeam Part II
Information & News, by the Editors
InfoBeam Part III
Information & News, by the Editors
Uplink: Innovation — The Aerospace Company
The space community was in search of a standard to make launching smallsats more flexible.
Uplink: Innovation — VT iDirect: Progress toward satellite integration with 5G architecture
By Greg Quiggle, Vice President, Emerging Products
Uplink: Innovation — SSL: Satellite advances for a better world...
By Rob Schwarz, Chief Technology Officer
Innovation: C-COM
We are a step closer to developing and manufacturing an antenna system capable of supporting the latest constellation of satellites
The Forrester Report: “We’re in the money...”
By Chris Forrester, Senior Contributor
UPLINK: Innovation — EVERYWHERE Communications
A conversation with Patrick Shay, company CEO
Innovation: Glowlink
The company’s innovative technology is their advanced and patented CSIR™ (Communications Signal Interference Removal)
Uplink: Innovation — Phasor: A new era in connectivity
By JP Szczepanik, Chief Technical Officer
Uplink: INNOVATION — Cloud Constellation: Altering the cybersecurity landscape
By Dennis R. Gatens, Chief Commercial Officer
Uplink: Innovation — Goonhilly Earth Station
Foundations for commercial lunar economy — and Mars
Uplink: Innovation — ViaLite: Miniaturization is cool...
By Richard Jacklin, Director
Insight: Satellite Talent—Candidate experience is key to recruiting success
By Ian Stammers, Founder and Managing Director
Uplink: Innovation — SSPI
The Satellite of Things...
Uplink: Innovation — Satellite Vu: EO can solve the plastics problem...
By Anthony Baker, Chief Executive Officer
Uplink: Innovation — Saft: Overcoming the challenges of LEO satellite batteries...
By Yannick Borthomieu, Space and Defense Product Manager
Uplink: Innovation — Omnetics: Smallsats going deeper into space...
By Bob Stanton, Director of Technology
Uplink: Innovation — Accion Systems: The near future of in-space propulsion...
By Natalya Bailey, Chief Executive Officer
Perspective: mu Space—The Wild Boars are finally going home...
By Philip Nalangan, a communications and media author
Uplink: Innovation Mission Microwave—It’s all about the terminals... the power of RF...
By Steve Richeson, Vice President, Sales and Marketing
An MSUA Executive Leadership Interview With Erwan Emilian, Executive Vice President, Speedcast
By Catherine Melquist, President
Downlink: Point Of View — Global Teleports—Why the promise of 10Mbit/s is an empty one..
By Roger Boddy, Founding Director
Uplink: Innovation — AsiaSat
Wet antenna attenuation?
Uplink: Innovation — Adcole Maryland Aerospace: It’s a small satellite world...
By Darko Filipi, Director of Business Development
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September 2018 Edition

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MilsatMagazine Features Include:

Dispatches Part I
Information & News, by the Editors
Dispatches Part II
Information & News, by the Editors
Innovation: iDirect Government—What Is TRANSEC?
By Karl Fuchs, Senior Vice President, Technology, and Roly Rigual, Senior Director of Systems Engineering
Innovation: Kratos Defense—New Government and IC program alternatives
By Jordan Klepper
The Government Satellite Report
A shift towards working more closely with industry partners to fill satellite communications requirements.
Innovation: Horizon—NewSpace: The next frontier for ISR
By John Beckner, Founder and Owner, Horizon Technologies
Uplink: Innovation — Adcole Maryland Aerospace: It’s a small satellite world...
By Darko Filipi, Director of Business Development
The Aerospace Corporation: An Analysis—Launching U.S. government payloads on foreign soil
By Barbara M. Braun and Eleni M. Sims
Norsat International: Tech—Mitigating vibration effects on the performance of the synthesizer in a block upconverter
By Mehdi Ardavan, RF Antenna Systems Engineer, and Lewis Siemplekamp, Mechanical Engineer
A Globecomm Advisory—Empowering the U.S. Government’s response to international disasters
By Paul Scardino, Senior Vice President, Sales Engineering and Marketing
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