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Recent Middle East/Africa News
SkyVision's Comms Solutions For Seychelles
“We see an increase in the need for reliable and cost-effective satellite communications, even in countries where submarine cables have been existent for several years now.”
DubaiSat-2's Dubai Imagery Released By EIAST On Satellite's First Anniversary
The satellite is equipped with innovative technology to enhance the maneuvering capability and increase its agility by 300 percent.
Join Gilat For A Free Webinar On December 3rd—Reliable Fixed Broadband Is The Topic
To hear more about transforming the data traffic challenge into an opportunity, you are invited to attend an exciting webinar presented by...
SATCOM Resources + Global Customers Combo Global Invacom Group Limited Acquiring Foxcom
Foxcom will expand its footprint in existing and new geographies while entering new product markets...
Bandwidth Optimization for Es'hail 1's Ka-Band Payloads Enabled Via iSat Produced VSAT
“As a new satellite operator, it is important for us to be able to provide our customers with superior coverage and to fully support their needs for network connectivity.”
The Eutelsat + AMOS By Spacecom Agreement Is Good News For Africa
"By creating a joint effort that aggregates content and improves the commercial reach of advertisers, we are optimizing the broadcast environment."
SATCOM Advances To Be Demo'd + Displayed By Gilat @ CommuniCast Myanmar 2014
“Broadband presents unique opportunities for rapid advances in social and economic development in the region—and satellite is extending its reach."
Gilat + NovelSat POP Goes International Connectivity to Africa w/the NS3000
...is among the first companies in Africa to offer both non-stop East to West coast-to-coast and international connectivity.
U.S. Army's 35th + 50th Signal Battalions Send Stronger Signals in Effort to Contain Ebola Virus
“Connectivity could be a lifesaver if emergency services need to be called in.”
With Multicast Tech From Newtec, + Odyssey™ From Yazmi, E-Learning In Africa Is More Than Viable
"We believe satellite is the perfect candidate for e-learning connectivity."
For African Children: Avanti Connected Education Rolls Out
“Our ‘Connect-Develop-Sustain’ strategy uniquely addresses the numerous challenges facing decision makers within the Education sector across Africa."
Es’hailSat Bests the Competition @ 2014 Arab Satellite Broadcasting Union and BroadcastPro Middle East Awards
To be recognized as 'the best' by your industries' peers is quite a compliment, and so it was for...
Connectivity Clarifications By EMC @ AfricaCom 2014
More than 9,000 attendees and 350 exhibiting companies attend the event each year at the Cape Town International Convention Center...
Having A VSAT Hand In Hydrocarbon Fleet Comms For SpeedCast
“This agreement extends our presence in the energy sector, in the Egypt market, as well as in the larger Middle East/Africa region.”
Express AM6 Visits To Provide African DTH Coverage Via RSCC + Romantis SatBroadcasting™ Tech
“Based on the use of RSCC Express-AM6 spacecraft capacity, this project is a pioneering effort for the African continent."
MNOs Can Now Be In Receipt Of Gilat's Sat-Cell-Hybrid Terminal
"By combining the latest satellite and cellular technologies, Libra allows MNOs to extend their reach..."
Skyware Technologies + IEC Telecom...Sign On ATOMs With Global Xpress 
Increasing the reach within the Asian, African, Middle East and European markets ...
The Enemy: Ebola—SES Delivers Broadcasts To Educate Populace
"Many people do not understand this disease and therefore, tragically, do not seek the medical care they need."
Sub-Saharan African Footprint Capacity Obtained By Crystal TV For SatBroadcasting™
"This is the moment Ghana and Africa have been waiting for—to challenge ourselves as we embrace the future."
Helping African Nations Communicate During Chaos + Destruction
From the base operations in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, one General said, “These systems are like gold out in the field.”