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UK to Launch £5Billion Galileo Replacement as MoD Identifies EU 'Security Flaw'
“So if satellites suddenly failed to work, the impact on all our lives would be colossal.
“With falling costs and advancing technologies, we now see space as the extinction of Earth.
Gilat Satellite Approaching NIS 2 Billion Acquisition by Unnamed Multinational
The deal’s value reflects a 25% premium on Gilat’s market capitalization on market open Sunday
NSR Publishes Their Commercial Satellite Ground Segment, 4th Edition, Analysis and Report
This is the first and only report to segment equipment shipments and revenues into STB, modems, antennas and RF Equipment...
Transformation of the EO Industry Focus of Frost & Sullivan's Global Earth Observation Market Analysis
While surveillance and analytics solutions are being derived from massive data mines delivering diverse solutions across markets, multiple start-ups...
A Bridge to Somewhere ... Australian-UK Space Bridge Webinar
...influence an emerging mechanism that provides the framework for effective collaboration and co-development of the space industry between two nations; the UK and Australia.
Global Smallsat Market Forecast to 2024 Published by ResearchAndMarkets
The global nanosatellite and microsatellite (smallsat) market size is expected to grow from $1.5 billion in 2019 to $3.6 billion by 2024, at a...
‘Operating in Space: Current Multilateral Policy Issues and Challenges’,  by Her Excellence Kara Owen, British High Commissioner to Singapore
This should provide inspiration for discussions on the Prevention of an Arms Race in Outer Space under the UN Disarmament Committee in New York and the Conference of Disarmament in Geneva.
Smallsat Expertise: The SmallSat Symposium's Exceptional Speaker Lineup
This comprehensive assembly of industry leaders will present keynotes, technical briefs as well as market briefs in an engaging and balanced...
Satcoms Innovation Group and Goonhilly Earth Station Host SIG Annual Workshop 2020
This event centers around the technical issues created by LEO launches, discusses the innovations needed to resolve those challenges and shares the current available solutions.
Space Milestones: Here are the Missions to Look Forward to in 2020
It will also, if successful, be the furthest distance from Earth that a spacecraft which is capable of carrying humans has ever flown. The Orion spacecraft is comprised of the ...
Formal Authorization Received by Iridium from IMSO to Provide GMDSS Service
The Letter of Compliance was formally presented to Iridium CEO Matt Desch by the Director General of IMSO, Captain Moin Ahmed, during a...
World Teleport Association's Top Operator Rankings for 2019... Global 20, Independent 10, and Fast 10
A new year and new decade, and with these milestones, so it is that the World Teleport Association (WTA) published its annual rankings for the Top Teleport Operators of 2019.
Scientist Invents New 'Light Sail' that Could Speed-Up Space Travel, Help Reach Closest Star to Sun
would be able to reach the nearest star to Earth, Proxima Centauri, in about 21 years, despite being a daunting 4,244 light-years away from Earth.
A New Decade — A New Satellite Industry
The Keynote for this years 2020 SmallSat Symposium will be delivered by Lieutenant General John F. Thompson, Commander, Space and Missile...
Expectations: 2020 Satcom Finance Trends
Some trends as voiced last year are fairly clear – the wholesale lease vs. service debate has been put to rest in a telecommunication economy...
SpaceFund's First Three Investments Announced
SpaceFund is excited to continue to grow the firm's portfolio in 2020 and the first fund is still open for investment...
Asia-Pacific to be the Leading Region for 5G Tech Adoption
An analysis of GlobalData’s Asia Pacific Mobile Broadband Forecast Pack reveals that APAC will be the largest region followed by North America...
WTA's Tier 3 Certification of PlanetCast’s New Delhi (Noida) Teleport
PlanetCast commented on the development saying that they operate the largest teleport in this part of the world and they are providing services to top broadcasters across ...
Satellogic Will Launch Two New Earth Observation Satellites as It Expands Operations
The company's overall goal is to provide not only Earth imaging to its customers, but also analytics and insights derived from the data gathered by its satellites.
A 40th Anniversary for Arianespace and a Successful 2019
The company recorded a solid operational and business performance in 2019 by orbiting 24 satellites with nine launches, while signing 14 launch...