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Recent Satellite Operator News
EUMETSAT Priorities Established For The Next Decade — Meteosat-8 Move Approved
Named “Challenge 2025,” the new strategy targets the smooth transition from the current to the next generation of EUMETSAT satellite systems...
Globecomm's Services Increase With Telesat’s Telstar 12 VANTAGE...  Expands Its Service Over Europe and Africa
..."we are excited to now be utilizing the advanced capabilities of Telstar 12 VANTAGE to bring DTH video and other services to our customers in Europe and Africa.”
Shijian-16-2 Satellite Launched By China
The launch took place from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center at 03:21 UTC on Wednesday.
Taiwan To Temporarily Gain Access To Japanese Satellite Services
Until Formosat-5 is put into service, Taiwan will rely on Japan for satellite services.
Airbus A320 + A330 Aircraft Families To Use Inmarsat Cockpit Comms
In a landmark agreement, SB-S will be featured in the Airbus A320 single-aisle and A330 wide-body families.
Safran + Airbus Have Completed Their Airbus Safran Launchers JV
Airbus Safran Launchers was already managing launcher program activities and associated equity stakes.
The Scientific Instruments Aboard Russia's Aist-2D Smallsat Have Been Activated
The satellite is carrying six packages of scientific equipment, five of which were designed by Samara University.
Arizona State University Bringing LunaH-Map Nano To Fruition
The smallsat is called LunaH-Map because of the craft's goal will be to map the distribution of hydrogen on the moon.
Oceaneering International Is Impressed With Harris CapRock + Extends and Expands Managed Services Agreement 
This architecture allows access to committed bandwidth levels at all times—an advancement over traditional contended TDMA networks that share bandwidth across multiple satellite circuits.
First International Deployment Of HughesNet Occurs In Brazil
HughesNet service reaches 85 percent of Brazil’s population.
DigitalGlobe + Esri Improve Their Image... New Long-Term Partnership Expands World Imagery Map
...allowing users to perform advanced analytics at scale against a 15-year time-lapse image library to solve complex problems.
Cooperative Agreement Signed By EUMETSAT + CNES Regarding The ARGOS Data Collection System
The new agreement will ensure the continuation of these vital data into the 2022-2040 timeframe.
 AsiaSat + JIB Expand Partnership... New Viewing Experience NHK WORLD TV HD + SD 
"Our new HD service will bring a brand new viewing experience of high quality news and entertainment content to home viewers and travellers in Asia."
NSSLGlobal Enables BBC Series Of Live Bonded HDR From M.V. Aquarius As They Rescue Migrants 
To avoid having to install an expensive dedicated broadcast network communications specialist, Keith Wood had the innovative idea to bond together two EXPLORER 710 HDR terminals that would traditionally only be used on land.
China's Largest Launch Vehicle To Launch Later This Year
The rocket, designed to carry 25 tons into LEO, will be launched from the Wenchang satellite launch center in south China's Hainan Province.
The Needs Of The Humanitarian Community Served By Télécoms Sans Frontières + Inmarsat
Inmarsat became the first official partner of TSF in 2000 and continues to provide free satellite equipment and airtime wherever the NGO deploys for first responder operations.
More To See Now With DigitalGlobe's WorldView-1 Satellite
WorldView-1 now passes directly overhead Earth locations at approximately 1:30 p.m. local time.
Israel's EROS-B Satellite Rustles Up High Res Images For Rio Olympics
Eros-B will provide security; Israeli firms will transmit live video and guide tourists to the best transport routes between competitions.
Combining Imagery Forces Are Sentinel-1A + Sentinel-1B
With both satellites finally in the same orbit, together they can cover the entire globe every six days.  
China's Successful Launch Of New Generation Long March-7 Rocket
The launch success also marks a key step towards China's plans to eventually operate a permanent space station in the final step of the country's three-phase manned space program.