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Recent Satellite Operator News
NASA's Newest Mission is Ambitious ... $242 Million and Plans to Explore Origins of Universe
Astronomers will use the mission to gather data on more than 300 million galaxies, as well as more than 100 million stars in our own Milky Way.
Arianespace and Open Cosmos Sign Launch Contract
Launched from the Guiana Space Center in French Guiana using a Soyuz rocket, the CubeSat deployment platform is a key to the commercial offering...
Sierra Nevada Mountains Snow Inundation Captured by NASA
In many areas, snow reports have been coming in feet not inches. Back-to-back storms in February dropped 11 feet (3 meters) of snow on Mammoth Mountain...
Historic Israeli Lunar Launch Press Conference Scheduled by SpaceIL and Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI)
This is the world’s first privately funded lunar mission — Israel’s lunar journey will begin this month when the lunar lander “Beresheet” (“In the Beginning”)...
SES Selected to Boost Connectivity and Improve Safety and Security of EU's Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems
These maritime surveillance activities supported by SES Networks are aimed at improving maritime security and safety operations, as well as response to...
State-Of-The-Art SmallSat Production Facility Inaugurated by LeoStella
The company is a joint venture between Thales Alenia Space, joint venture between Thales (67 percent) and Leonardo (33 percent), and Seattle-based Spaceflight Industries...
Arianespace Closes With Open Cosmos and Seals the Deal for Launching Turnkey CubeSat's
delivers solutions for tackling global challenges and specializes in missions for small, low-cost satellites (up to 50 kg.), with short lead times less than a year.
Pentagon: China, Russia Developing Satellite-Killing Lasers
Pentagon says both countries are likely developing an arsenal of anti-satellite weaponry including missiles, cyber attacks and 'directed energy weapons,
Pentagon Review Of SpaceX’s Air Force Certification is Unlikely to Keep the Company Grounded
ULA enjoyed a virtual monopoly on national security launches for over a decade prior to SpaceX’s government certification, but the joint venture faces..
NanoRacks Continues Their Historic Program — Sixth SmallSat Deployment from Cygnus Completed
Cygnus maneuvered to a higher-than-Space Station altitude (445 kilometers) where the NanoRacks External Cygnus Deployment mission released two...
Arabsat's BADR-4 Satellite Delivering TRT Arabi HD via Globecast to Viewers
TRT Arabi (عربي TRT) is an Arabic language channel from TRT (Turkish Radio and Television Corporation), broadcasting to Arabic-speaking audiences in...
Teledyne e2v Completes Image Sensor Delivery for the Sentinel-5/UVNS Mission
The Sentinel-5/UVNS instrument onboard MetopSG-A is focused on global monitoring of key air quality trace gases and aerosols as a part of the...
Abundant Weather and Ice Results in Ending Search in Antarctica for Shackleton's Ship Endurance 
We are, however, very proud of our other achievements... surpassed our primary Expedition objective of undertaking pioneering scientific research at the Larsen C Ice Shelf.
Forrester Reports: Hispasat Acquired
Red Electra is a Spanish electricity utility company and is buying out Abertis’ 89.7 percent holding in Hispasat for 949 million euros. Hispasat recorded 235...
GOES-17 is Now NOAA's Primary Satellite for All Pacific Weather Phenomenon 
The latest milestone for GOES-17 comes exactly 11 months after the satellite first reached its geostationary orbit 22,000 above Earth. Launched March 1, 2018...
Integration of Six OneWeb Spacecraft Completed by Arianespace for Upcoming Launch
The spacecraft — produced by the OneWeb Satellites joint venture of OneWeb and Airbus — will be orbited on Arianespace’s first Soyuz mission...
Plexscape Partners with a Start-Up, Bird.i, to Create Satellite Imagery Within CAD Platform
enable businesses of any size, in various sectors, to bring satellite images, on-demand, right into AutoCAD and other CAD platforms.
Iran's Burn Marks on Launch Pad Indicate Failure to Launch a Second Satellite
Iranian Chief of Staff Mohammad Bagheri said that his country would “not fear threats” aimed at forcing it to negotiate its defense and missile capabilities.
UltiSat's Multi Million Dollar Contract to Provide Airborne SATCOM-On-The-Move Services to Support AISR Programs
to supply an airborne system kit of Multi-INT sensor payload information through near real-time satellite communications onboard a King Air 350ER 
Airbus and Hisdesat's Say It's a Flat World... Flattens TerraSAR-X / PAZ Radar Interferogram
The flattened Cross-Sensor-Interferogram was created from a mixed image pair with four days temporal separation acquired by TerraSAR-X and PAZ