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Recent Satellite Operator News
SSL-Built Sky Muster Makes The Journey To Kourou For Arianespace Action
“The satellite for Australia’s broadband network is a very advanced broadband satellite that will cover the entire Australian continent including its offshore islands."—John Celli, president of SSL.
Arianespace Gathers Momentum For Galileos Going, Going + Gone To Orbit Event
The two spacecraft to be orbited by Arianespace on Flight VS12 will be the fifth and sixth OHB-built satellites.
ISRO Launches An 'Onam' A Gift To India... Improved Communications w/India's Largest Satellite Antenna 
The cuboid-shaped satellite includes a first-of-its-kind S-Band unfurlable antenna with a diameter of six meters, ISRO's largest antenna ever made for a satellite. 
 ARABSAT BADR-4 Is Better For RTI ... Bigger Appetites Can Enjoy On A Smaller Dish
"We are thrilled to bring RTI to our viewers to enjoy a very original and native attractive African content."
TV Cultura Plugs Into Intelsat Enhancing Brazil's DTT  = 300 Terrestrial Towers 
“Ensuring reliable, high quality and secure content distribution on a global basis is often a complex, exercise.”
United Launch Alliance's New Gameplan w/U.S. Air Force ... Less Lifting Proves Safer + Saves Time
"With OVI, the team developed an innovative process that provides safer and more efficient launch processing of the Atlas vehicle.”
New Business Continuity Services Debuts From Optus Satellite
"In the event of a crisis or business disruption, customers can choose to activate the service based on their business need.”—Paul Sheridan, V.P., Optus Satellite.
Copernicus' Sentinel-1A Reveals The Fastest Moving Glacier In The World Has A Cow
Icebergs are often so large that they cannot float away easily. They remain, sometimes for years, stuck on the bottom in shallower areas of the fjord...
SpeedCast Awarded Multi-Mil Dollar Contract From InterOil... Keeping 'Em Connected @ 12 Locations
will deliver to InterOil a field connectivity solution, including containerized satellite data and voice communications units, network services, and mobile satellite solutions. 
SSL's Satellite Intelsat 34 Is A Good Soldier ... Follows Orders + Performs Post-Launch Maneuvers 
...will support Direct-to-Home television service and broadcast television distribution in Latin America and maritime and aeronautical use in the North Atlantic region.
ULA's Atlas V 551 Stands Ready ... Launch Of U.S. Navy's MOU-4 Soon
a next-generation narrowband tactical satellite communications system using orbiting satellites and relay ground stations to improve communications for U.S. forces on the move.
Es’hailSat Hires Promer Qatar Contracting Company W.L.L ... Gonna Build A Teleport
... has the optimum solution for broadcasters in the region not only in terms of technical capabilities and performance, but also in terms of security of content.
Optus Satellite... Nothing Small About Small Business' Optus Satellite Business Continuity
... service supports critical communications via Optus’ Satellite network rather than traditional terrestrial network infrastructure, effectively providing an alternate route for traffic to bypass terrestrial network outages.
Fires In The Northwestern U.S. Captured At Night By Suomi NPP
This image was acquired in the early morning local time on August 19 with the Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) sensor on the Suomi NPP satellite.
An External Platform + Three SmallSats Berthed @ ISS For Research Missions
“We look forward to working with NanoRacks and the research community on taking advantage of this critical hardware device to unlock further discovery right outside of the station."—Ken Shields, Director of Operations, CASIS.
SOHO's Surprise 'Sun' Satellite Does More Than Planned... Facts About Sun + Bonus Discoveries Of 3,000 Comets
But no one could have predicted SOHO's other observational triumph.
Lockheed Martin Gives Tanks To Orbital ATK For Fuel Tanks Contract
“This contract and technology are important elements of our modernized A2100 satellite.”
HISPASAT Takes On The Digital Divide + Delivers Connectivity In Colombia Through Kioscos Vive Digital
enables telephone services and Internet connections to be established regardless of the geographical location of the user, via the simple installation of a small antenna
New Revised NSR’s Satellite-Based Earth Observation, 7th Edition ... Reaching Levels Never Before Seen
With dozens of new and smaller satellites currently, or planned, for space-based imagery via a multitude of constellations, the influx of new Earth Observation data is reaching levels never before seen.
Hurricane Forecasting To Improve With NASA's CYGNSS
"We are now in the last phase of the mission prior to launch and the beginning of a new era in hurricane observations."—Chris Ruf, CYGNSS principal investigator, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.