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Recent Satellite Operator News
CETel + ARABSAT As Collaborators Expand Their Options + Extend C-Band
"It's the right product at the right time for customers looking for answers to the ever increasing cost pressure in their areas of business.”
ESA Provides Hitchhiking CubeSats w/A Surreal Ride ...AIM An Amazing Adventure On An Asteroid
 Think of it as the ultimate hitchhiking opportunity...
The Upcoming UK Space Agency's Second CubeSat Mission Is Definitely Taking Shape
The suite of three payloads will be developed by UK academic-industrial partnerships that will use the mission for rapid and cost-effective demonstration of new and innovative space technologies.
Electrical Empowerment Via Boeing Results In Signal Sendings For ABS and EUTELSAT Satellites
The satellites were launched as a conjoined stack on a single SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, demonstrating a patented Boeing technology that promises to noticeably reduce launch costs.
Jumpin' On With Jupiter... Hughes' Providing Technology Upgrade To TS Global Network
“Service providers need cost-effective solutions for upgrading their capabilities without necessarily uprooting their network infrastructures.”—Vaibhav Magow, senior director, Asia/Pacific Region, Hughes.
Super News From Superbrands For Avanti Communications
“The award of Business Superbrand 2015 status serves as very welcome recognition of our strategy."—Matthew O'Connor, COO, Avanti Communications.
Walton De-Ice... Gives Ice Buildup The 'Cold Shoulder'... Just A Shake Achieves 100x Energy Savings    
Customers can achieve up to 100x energy savings, and 20x less data loss using Walton products...
U.S.A.F.'s New SBIRS Ground System Successfully Integrated
Under the Increment 2 system, all operational control will be consolidated under one primary Mission Control Station (MCS) with a single backup control station.
Runnin' On Down The Alaska Highway Networky With Gilat's CellEdge
RuralCom's networks will use Gilat's CellEdge 3G technology to provide satellite-based, high-speed mobile services in previously unserved rural areas of Canada.
Comtech EF Data's SATCOM Products Now Servicing The First O3b Networks' Customers
“The CDM-760 has been an enormous success within the trunking market. The same award winning modem can now be used on O3b."—Bob Hansen, CCO & Sr. V.P., Comtech EF Data.
SES' Keynote Presentation... Satellite Holds The Key To Unlock Architecture Of Future Networks + Accelerate Digitization
"Mobile players are facing enormous challenges and the risk that the evolution of network demand and usage lead to an unmanageable congestion..."
Newtec Technology Enables Nippon TV To Deliver World’s First DVB-S2X 256APSK Transmission 
The trial campaign saw Nippon TV transmit 5MHz bandwidth with a 256APSK carrier from a Satellite News Gathering (SNG) truck to the Superbird-B2 satellite.
SES' New Chief Development Officer Isn't New To SES
Christophe also played an instrumental role in the acquisition of New Skies (2005), the GE share redemption (2007) and the investment in O3b Networks (2009).
SatBroadcasting™: Massachusetts Excise Tax: Tax on Video Programming Delivered by Satellite Was Not Discriminatory.
These satellite service providers believe this excise tax discriminates against interstate commerce by the way it only applies to video programming provided through satellite and not cable.
SpaceX Launches Two Communications Satellites...Sparks A First...Fully Electrically Powered Xenon-Ion Thrusters
The xenon-ion propulsion engine harnesses magnetic fields instead of rocket fuel for propulsion.
Double Play For PCI Geomatics—Live Demo Regarding DigitalGlobe's WorldView-3 and KazEOSat-1 Support
PCI Geomatics and Digital Globe will be presenting this joint webinar to demo the value of working with very high resolution, super spectral imagery.
Highly Reflective Of Good Technology, AstroMast Deploys On NASA'/JPL's SMAP
"The AstroMesh Reflector is a central feature of the SMAP spacecraft, which will be used to help monitor soil moisture and thus provide critical data about the state of our planet."—John A. Alvarez, general manager, Astro Aerospace. 
Argentinian Satellite Tracking Station For Chinese Moon Missions Gets The O.K.
Argentina will be able to access the antenna at least 10 percent of the time to develop research projects under a deal between the two countries.
Collaboration Now Official 'Tween DigitalGlobe and the United Nations
UNOOSA and DigitalGlobe will work to develop an online platform to provide easy access to imagery catalogs as well as data and analytical services specifically tailored for the needs of the United Nations.
Kratos' RT Logic's SpectralNet™ A One-Of-A-Kind...Transports RF Anywhere + On Any IP Network
The lossless transport of packetized RF over IP networks—public or private—is now possible, over any distance, even in the presence of real world IP network limitations.