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Recent Consumer Applications News
Inmarsat's IsatHub Offers Connectivity + Highest Data Rate Of Smartphones + Tablets
[SatNews] Global connectivity for smartphones and tablets is today a reality...
MTN's Maestro Conducts A Symphony Of A Satellite Solution For Yachts (Ku-/Ka-band Antenna)
[SatNews] The solution will operate in Ku- and Ka-bands simultaneously for yachts that need the highest speeds with the most reliability and the ultimate value. 
Es’hailSat Showcases Es’hail 1, The First Satellite For Qatar...And A Second One Just Ordered (IBC 2014)
[SatNews] ...the Company through its existing and planned satellites, broadcasts diversified and high quality content with anti-jamming capabilities across the MENA region.
Ariane 5 Readies... For ARSAT-1 + SSL's ISDLA-1... To Take To The Skies Soon
[SatNews] ...will greatly expand direct-to-home entertainment offerings in Latin America, as well as provide backup and restoration services...
SES, SmarDTV + Samsung Demonstrate A First...Major Milestone... Ultra HD
[SatNews] "Once again we can see the DVB family of specifications enabling the market to move to the next generation of digital broadcast..."
SatLink Communications ... Has A New Part In The Red Sea... First Streaming Underwater 4K Video Captured On A 4K Smartphone  
[SatNews) “The live filming of this dive from a smartphone shows how far we can push the limits of 4K broadcast."... 
Newtec Wins... Races To Be The First To Deliver New Satellite Transmission Standard + Demonstrate Live DVB-S2X Transmissions (Event)
[SatNews] “We have been involved with the development of the new DVB-S2X standard since its very notion was suggested within DVB..."
Kratos Delivers Powerful Dashboard To Es'hailSat...Optimizes Satellite Operations
[SatNews] Unfortunately, most of this highly valuable data remains under-utilized, trapped within stovepiped software systems that are strong on monitoring but...
Cobham's Triple Play Of News...Introduces A New Generation +  Seasat + Furuno Each Sign A Sailor Onboard...
[SatNews] "It’s the most well designed antenna system we have ever seen and I am confident that it will be able to withstand the harsh conditions at sea for many years..."
Cobham's Transmitters Are In The Node...Self Healing + Ready For Volvo Ocean Race (Event | SatBroadcasting™)
[SatNews] Up to 16 nodes can be combined on a single frequency into the network, which is part of the fluid, self-forming, self-healing mesh system...Offering genuine non-line of sight coverage...
Arianespace—Adds Two Additional Clients To A Growing List + Another Two Space Sendoffs (Launch Contracts)
[SatNews] ..."is one of thegreat success stories, and with Al Yah 3, we are well positioned to reach our goal of becoming a global leader in the provision of advanced satellite service."
Kacific Broadband Satellites + ITU—Remote Resources To Be Established In The Pacific (SATCOM)
[SatNews] Kacific Broadband Satellites has signed a cooperation agreement with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) for the development of satellite...
Globecast Australia Succeeds... Goes Over The Top By Delivering Over The Top (SatBroadcasting™)
[SatNews] ...has developed a DVB – S2 based hybrid IP set-top box, for customers to view satellite and IP services on the one device... 
Rohde & Schwarz's Pulse Analyzer Assures Moog Of Positive Test Processes (Analysis/Reports)
[SatNews] Precise and reliable navigation and flight approach systems are vital to ensuring international aviation safety.
How Satellites Will Fuel the Next Wave of Journalism... (Analysis/Report | SatBroadcasting™)
[SatNews] A whole new frontier of rules...or not...
Advanced Maui Optical + Space Surveillance Technologies Conference ...Leidos' National Security Expert Warns Of 'New World' Threats (Event | Analysis/Reports)
[SatNews] ...develop innovative solutions to drive better outcomes and defend this Nation’s digital and physical infrastructure from ‘new world’ threats.
Keysight Technologies' New AWG Capabilities...Webcast Explores To The Extreme—Speed, Bandwidth + Channel Density
[SatNews] Go where you have never been able to test before: in speed, in bandwidth and in channel density.
Skyline Helicopters Is On Trac To Success With SkyTrac’s Flight Data Monitoring Services
[SatNews] ...will monitor important engine and gearbox data, caution light status and flight data, thereby streamlining efficiencies, reducing costs and increasing revenues.
C-COM + Newtec Combine The Best Of Each...Antennas And Technology... For Dynamic Results
[SatNews] The combination of the highly acclaimed mobile antennas and innovative technologies is expected to open up new opportunities for both companies.
Cinegy's Energy Unleashed At IBC2014...Automation + Playout Solution (Event)
[SatNews] “Over the past few years CiaB became a mantra for everyone, including the industry giants."