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Recent Consumer Applications News
 PlanetObserver Launches v4.2 of PlanetSAT 15... Removes Unwelcome Clouds  + Refreshes Cities
Keeping data in the cloud is one thing, but trying to see through a cloud is a different matter that has been accomplished.
Gilat Reports Good News x 3...SkyEdge II-c Terminals for SES's Astra Connect Service
"The number of ISPs that have signed up for our  service using Gilat ... is gaining momentum...excellent opportunities for future growth,"
Marlink on an iDirect X7 Roll...12 Ships of the MSC Cruises Upgrade
“Together we have introduced the latest technology and capabilities..."
Telenor Connexion + Bluefish Technologies Join Forces + Pass a Milestone 
This partnership is a milestone for Bluefish Technologies in the M2M/IoT space.
SIS LIVE is  the DrivingForce Behind Sky News' Success
the vehicle's reduced weight allows it to be installed on a smaller 3.2T vehicle, avoiding large vehicle speed restrictions and so enabling faster travel to the breaking news event.
LizardTech Presents Their Geospatial + Imagery Products To Higher Education
“LizardTech realizes the importance of supporting academic institutions in their training of the next generation of geospatial professionals."
Orion Express Broadens its Horizon w/VIASAT Channels 
"No ads on the air makes TV viewing more comfortable for the subscribers."
Gilat + NovelSat POP Goes International Connectivity to Africa w/the NS3000
...is among the first companies in Africa to offer both non-stop East to West coast-to-coast and international connectivity.
PCI Geomatics Takes Their Talents to the Field...Canada's GIS Day
..was started as a way to provide an international forum for users of GIS technology to demonstrate real-world applications that are making a positive difference in our society.
SatNews Souvenirs from SATCON 2014...Delving Deeper
This is the perfect time—now that the lights are turned off and the building is empty—
VSAT @ 6,000 Meters Above Sea Level... iDirect Conquers Everest
This is a significant milestone in that it is delivering high-speed, reliable connectivity more than 6,000 meters above sea level.
SES + M7 Group...This Healthy Group Needs More Capacity in Czech Republic and Slovakia
 “With the Czech and Slovak market now rapidly moving to HD viewing, it is critical to meet the growing consumer demand for HD content."
Es’hailSat Bests the Competition @ 2014 Arab Satellite Broadcasting Union and BroadcastPro Middle East Awards
To be recognized as 'the best' by your industries' peers is quite a compliment, and so it was for...
SES + Samsung Celebrate a First...Intense Clarity w/ Ultra HD Concert Broadcast from Germany
[SatNews] ...world’s first live concert to be broadcast via satellite encoded in the HEVC standard with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, 50 frame per second and a colour depth of 10 bit.
SATCON 2014  Crystal Solutions Offers Customers Crystal Clear Metadata and Carrier ID Solutions 
CEO Roger Franklin talks interference and metadata analysis solutions.
O3bMaritime... Lightning Fast Connectivity O'er the Waves w/ the First Smart Royal Caribbean Vessel 
Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas is the first cruise ship to provide full broadband connectivity for passengers.
SES Broadband's Astra Connect Does Just That...Ja! Connects 36 German Villages  
 The solution uses a single satellite antenna installed as a central head-end, and the broadband connection is supplied to end-users via Wi-Fi access.
Satcab + Concurrent's Upshift™...   Zap Their Services to Africa's ZAP
SatNews] ...a leading multi-channel video service provider in Africa, has launched unified content delivery solution to power the region’s first Cloud DVR service. 
iDirect Takes a Hike... Ends Up with a VSAT on Top of Mount Everest
...enabling reliable communications amid harsh conditions, which include the combination of extreme cold, moisture, high winds and icing conditions. 
High-Flying Content—FlightPath3D Moving Map Selected
This moving map service from Betria Interactive has been selected for inflight wireless solutions.