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Recent Consumer Applications News
RSCC + OOO Isatel...Send Shivering SatCom Service To Scientific Ice Research In Arctic & Antarctic
[SatNews] The current solution is based on maritime VSAT, affording the user on board a wide range of cutting-edge digital communications services.
House of Representatives—STELA For SatTV Subscribers Passes (Legislation)
[SatNews] Satellite content providers will now be able to repurpose signals from other markets when their...
VBox + Home Network Storage...TV Gateway’s New Take on DVR/PVR Recording
[SatNews] The new feature allows simultaneous recording of multiple programs to Network Shared Folder or Network Attached Storage (NAS), giving users expanded storage for content...
ORad + France NRJ HITS—The Paris DTT Network Goes For Ultra HD (Of SatBroadcasting™ Interest—4K)
[SatNews] France NRJ HITS has implemented Orad’s broadcast graphics solutions to manage the channel branding and image conversion for its...
Avanti Communications, sQuid, Whizz Education + Camara Education—Project iMlango To Help Kenyan Girls (SATCOM)
[SatNews] The UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) has announced a ground-breaking strategic partnership with the private sector to...
Hughes Network...Steady With Thales Defense & Security On Wheels + Ready Anywhere... Anytime
[SatNews] This robust and private network solution can be deployed virtually anywhere, making it ideal for emergency ...
Liquid Telecom + Eutelsat—Sub-Saharan Africa Attention (SATCOM—Business)
[SatNews] Liquid Telecom, a data, voice and IP provider in Africa, is stepping up resources leased from Eutelsat Communications (Paris:ETL) to meet increasing demand for IP...
Globecast... Casts Complete Connectivity Coverage For Content Services (Event | Content Services)
[SatNews] ...coverage solutions using satellite capacity, global fiber backbone and CDN networks, the company’s content preparation expertise ensure its clients’ content is correctly packaged and formatted for delivery, regardless of platform and location.
NSR's Satellite Capacity Report...Plays Catch Up With Supply = A Healthy Indicator (Analysis/Report)
[SatNews] Nearly every satellite being launched will carry traditional Ku-band, thus adding 1500 transponders of just Ku-band by 2017.
SatService Gesellschaft's... SMU Sends The Right Signals + All The Cards Are Stacked In Your Favor (SatBroadcasting™)
[SatNews] Each card module is designed to fulfill a specific function and the combination of different card modules gives you the possibility to solve your signal handling problems.
Microspace—Campus Content Delivery (SatBroadcasting™)
[SatNews] Microspace is always excited about providing satellite service for new and underserved markets and are pleased to announce a recent addition...
Artel's Spin On Media Transport Solutions... Support Interoperability
[SatNews] Ramping up for IBC2014 companies are touting their products, and so it goes with...
EUMETSAT...DVB-S2 Based EUMETCast-Europe Service To Become Operational
[SatNews] ...the standard will give a more flexible and affordable implementation, and allow the service to grow without ...
Globalstar...Little Bo Peep Won’t Lose Her Sheep...Not with 12,000 STXII Simplex Transmitters (M2M)
[SatNews] "...losing livestock to predators, or through illness, not only affects that year’s revenue, but can also have a profound impact on the quality of a farmer’s breeding foundation for years to come.”
GTX's Sole Resouce Has A Great Memory...Includes A Bread Crumb Trail (GPS Wearable Tech)
[SatNews] There is no limit to how far the GPS can track a person and the soles cache data should the wearer lose connectivity at any point, providing a “bread crumb” trail.
Air Force + SpaceX...Tests Three Flights + Certifies Falcon 9 Launch System
[SatNews] Three successful flights have placed this company in line with the competition.
ORBCOMM's M2M Solution Is Celebrated With Award
[SatNews] “With its long service life, advanced solar technology and versatile communications capabilities, our internally designed and developed solution captures the innovation and forward-thinking that is driving the M2M industry.”
CompassCom Leads In The Right Direction =  Real-Time Tracking + No-Cost Connector To Esri GeoEvent Processor
[SatNews]   ...server is routinely used to monitor vehicle fleets and field crews by public works departments, public safety agencies, trucking companies, departments of transportation and all levels of government.
SkyTrac’s Overdue Notification, Erring On The Side Of Caution (M2M)
[SatNews] This simple feature can dramatically enhance situational awareness of global flight operations and radically increase search and rescue response time in worst case scenarios.
Cobham Celebrates ...Combines 40 Years Of Expertise With Diamonds + A New Product Catalog 
[SatNews] Splashes and horns...A wide range of state-of-the-art horn-based and splash plate feed systems...