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Recent Consumer Applications News
Thuraya Aero Came the Distance Providing Overviews to International Government and Military Experts at Space Symposium
Aero gives Thuraya a new sector, that being aviation, and continues to expand as an established global provider of mobile satellite communications... 
Aerospace Announces Two Critical Policy Papers Offering New Advantages and Solutions for Space Traffic Management 
the DOD is examining this issue for several years, time is running out. The neighborhood is changing in space, planners need to act soon to manage ... 
Orange Goes to New Heights in Africa Selecting Comtech EF Data's Heights™ Networking Platform for Critical NGO Projects
the ability to quickly deploy and commission new remotes in additional countries on the African continent as new peace-keeping requirements arise.
Thuraya's 16th Partner Conference Strives for "Better Tomorrow.Together"
Thuraya's Talk a Voice over IP was launched and Thuraya WE, the first dual-mode Satellite and LTE hotspot and Thuraya Aero, an airborne data-sharing...
The USA Science and Engineering Festival Expo Brought STEM to Attendees
This event is the nation’s largest celebration of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) featuring over 3,000 hands-on...
Viasat's Community WiFi Will Envelop Most of Mexico
The new service will bring an affordable WiFi experience directly to consumer's devices, where historically internet service was unavailable or...
Kiwis Deliver to Islanders ... SES and Kiwisat Offer 130+ 'Top-Quality' DTH and HD TV Channels
To support Kiwisat’s DTH platform, SES Video conducted an ELEVATE training program providing antenna installers with the necessary skills ...
Ocean BB Plus Maritime B'Band Service Debuts from SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation
“OceanBB plus” provides faster connectivity and wider service coverage compared to SJC’s current “OceanBB” service. “OceanBB plus” has two ...
Infostellar's StellarStation Amateur Determines if UHF Satellite is Responsive Even If Not Within Antenna's Range
early stages of operation, up-to-date satellite information can help to prevent failure, and many satellite launch failures occur during this phase.
SpaceX Receives FCC's Stamp of Approval to Launch 4,425 Broadband Satellites
"SpaceX states that once fully deployed, the SpaceX system... will provide full-time coverage to virtually the entire planet"
India’s GSAT-11 Satellite is Has Been Received by Arianespace ... Now Just the Wait for Launch on Ariane 5 in May
GSAT-11 will generate a capacity of more than 12 Gbps for users from a single platform.
Survey Reveals 92 Percent of Seafarers See Access to Internet as a Deciding Factor When Choosing Where to Work
75 percent of seafarers can now use the internet at sea, which is a rise of 32 percent or over half a million more crew since the last survey three years ago.
Astro Live Experiences Plans 'Shooting Stars' Using Satellites and Flying Metal Pieces for Tokyo Olympics
... there is space junk flying everywhere from the burned-out remains of defunct satellites and spacecraft that have been accumulating for decades...
WTA's Report Answers Just How Large is the Teleport Industry
How large is the teleport industry in terms of facilities, companies, revenue, antennas in operation, full-time employment,
AFT and SES Networks Bring High-speed Connectivity to Businesses in Africa 
will bring high-speed connectivity to companies in Niger and Burkina Faso, and help bridge the digital divide.
WTA's Certification Webinar Addresses Importance of Quality of Service in the Teleport Operations Team
A webinar sure to get attention as well as certification is WTA's Higher Quality from your Teleport Operations Team
SatixFy UK's New Silicon Based, Electronically Steered Multi-Beam Array Antenna
supports any antenna size up to 1 million elements, any frequency through a dedicated RFIC, any polarization including circular and linear ...
C-COM's Ka-Band Antennas Pass ... Run Rings Around JUPITER™ System that Powers HughesNet™ Gen5 Platform
Operating over the Gen5 service significantly expands C-COM’s addressable market for transportable antenna systems, and will bring very high data ...
Inmarsat Discovers IoT is Major Positive Force in Reducing the Transportation's Carbon Footprint
estimates that heightening travel demands could see global CO2 emissions from transport increase by 60 per cent by 2050, a figure that is based on ...
MEASAT will Deliver SPI International / FILMBOX's TV Channels Across Asia Pacific
...with MEASAT they will be able to expand their 24 hour television channel distribution footprint and reach new audiences across Asia Pacific