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Recent Consumer Applications News
SES Launches 24/7 Satellite Ultra HD Test Channel With High Dynamic Range Content 
At the ninth SES Industry Days, SES and industry partners will demonstrate a number of technologies to broadcast Ultra HD with High Dynamic Range content.
UHP Networks Reveal High-Availability VSAT Hubs At CommunicAsia 
UHP (Universal Hardware Platform) technology represents a breakthrough in the VSAT business by making it possible to pack very high processing capability into a small package.
Talking On The Water... OC Sport Selects SpeedCast For Transat AG2R La Mondiale
SpeedCast enables two-way communication and store and forward video broadcast ...
Sky Cable Signs With SES + 251 Philippine Cities and Municipalities Will Enjoy New Direct-to-Home TV 
“The geography of the Philippines presents a unique set of challenges for fiber or terrestrial connectivity. Our satellites are able to overcome these limitations..."
Arianespace's Successful Soyuz Launch As Danielé + Alizée Join The Galileo Family
From most locations, six to eight Galileo satellites will be visible, and in combination with GPS signals, this will allow positioning to within a few centimeters, depending on the service used.
The UK's Satellite Internet Company Is Onboard For Broadband Voucher Program
Eligible residents and businesses will receive a voucher code which they can use with their choice of seven approved suppliers, including Satellite Internet.
RigNet's TSI Restructuring Plan... Refocuses For Better Opportunities
The new integrated structure will result in the reduction of annual costs of approximately $1.0 million.
NSR Weighs Jumping On The UltraHD Bandwagon + Is It Worth It For The ROI?
However, there there has been significantly less discussion on the upcoming revenue impact on UltraHD broadcast—despite this discussion being critical to determining UltraHD’s ROI
General Dynamics Goes Deep For US Navy... DMR Radios Ordered For New US Navy Surface Vessels + Submarines
Once the MUOS network is operational, it will deliver secure, smartphone-like capabilities including crystal-clear voice communications and access to video and mission command information with the quality of service that smartphone users enjoy every day. 
Arianespace's Fregat's Fueling Facility Preps For Soyuz Launch To Galileo Constellation
Named the FCube (Fregat Fueling Facility), the purpose-built installation is utilized to "top off" Fregat upper stages during Soyuz launch campaigns at the Spaceport.
ETL Systems Lists CommunicAsia As The Highlight Of Their Year With New RF Products 
ETL has designed new functionality and increased benefits into a series of products, including reliability in its StingRay RF over Fiber range...
Don't Mess With Texas As Bandera Electric Cooperative Takes On The Digital Divide... And Succeeds
...less than half of Texans living outside an urban area have access to affordable, reliable broadband service. Texas ranks at the bottom of the list at number 44 of 48 states surveyed for access to rural broadband.
Leaping Lizards... LizardTech® To Release Express Server® At 2016 GEOINT Symposium
 “The added ability to download, stream and view LiDAR products from anywhere at any time will be hugely impactful for our customers.”
Kacific's First...Affordable And Available Satellite Ka-Band Service To The Pacific 
Kacific will expand its broadband services...to consumers, enterprises and other public institutions ...where Internet connectivity is currently unavailable, extremely slow or very expensive.
GVF's High Throughput Satellite Asks The $17 Billion Question, How Will HTS Grow The Pie?
“As HTS pricing has fallen by 20 percent or more in some regions over the past 5 years, total HTS demand has risen by nearly eightfold..."
THOR 7 Ka-Band Mobility Service Is Ready... Ahoy, For The Maritime Market
“Today is a day that we have been very much looking forward to.”
Telenor Satellite's Best Scenario... Exceeds Expectations Ka-Band Land-Based Services In Middle East Exceed 200 Terminals
The THOR 7 Ka-band payload delivers regional coverage with a favorable look angle over the Middle East.
C-Com's New Certifications With Hughes + Galaxy, Type Approval from Avanti
Achieving certification is not a simple process – it’s time consuming and costly.
Gogo Goes With SKY Perfect For Perfect Arrangement...More Satellite Capacity For Japan + JAL 
"Gogo has built its networks to be open, which means we can leverage numerous satellites in the Ku-band around the world."
STN Spearheads Move ...Into Asia-Pacific With Solutions To Move Into International Markets
"today people are more mobile than ever before, and we see consumers more readily moving from country to country to pursue career and business opportunities."