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Ball's VizZen™ Visualizes COTS and Cloud Based Content Management
The software is an open source-based One Object One Time solution that allows multiple data bases to be accessible by a single tool.
Advantech Wireless RF and Microwave Divisions to be Integrated into the Baylin Technologies Group of Companies
This Baylin Technologies acquisition of Advantech Wireless Technologies Inc, will allow the company to extend the firm's product line as well as...
First Launch for the Re-Organized Sea Launch Should be Expected to Occur in 2019
Ukraine’s Yuzhmash, the producer of Zenit launchers, earlier reported they would deliver the first two carrier rockets for the Sea Launch project in...
GATR's TRAC Antenna is Positioned for Widespread Use, According to the U.S. Air Force
support from the U.S.A.F. Small Business Innovation Research/Small Business Technology Transfer Program and the Air Force Research Laboratory
Entire U.S. Farm Economy Can Now Access Mavrx Satellite Platform
For more than four years, Mavrx has built a platform that enables farm managers to optimize operations through a bird’s eye look at yield, planting,...
34th Space Symposium's 2018 Space Technology Hall of Fame® Inductees are Aluminum Alloy 398 and Miniaturized Laser Terminals
Mynaric's key contributions are miniaturized laser terminals that can be produced and sold at scale and which are
GMV Offers SBAS Correction Service and Precision Point Positioning Info at IGNSS in Australia
One of the sessions dealt with Australia and New Zealand’s new-generation, satellite-based, precise point positioning system, a project in...
KSF Space to Support Launching Space Capsule from a Space Balloon in Mexico for Research
This is unique as a platform for high altitude space studies and scientific research.
Broadband Forum Continues Growth with New Members
Operators and vendors, as well as fellow industry bodies and national associations, are among the new sign-ups, demonstrating the breadth and...
Agenda and Speakers for the DSA's Six Annual Global Summit in London Have Been Announced
Held in Europe for the first time since its inception, the Summit will explore a range of topics from universally affordable connectivity to 6 GHz for...
Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS Heads to the Mobile World Congress with New Developments
Wireless low-latency communication and high-precision positioning will enhance flexibility in industrial production processes. Moreover, industrial...
An Impressive 2018 Program Agenda for Global VSAT Forum and Event Management Partners
Sponsored by Integrasys, iDirect, Comtech EF Data, ND Satcom and Newtec, the latest iteration of the annual Connectivity program to address...
Skycasters Joins the Global VSAT Forum
Celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2018, GVF is recognized as the collective voice of global satellite communications industry. The...
Ariana 6's Vinci® Engine Passes 140 Tests that Include Some “Firsts”
The re-ignitable Vinci® engine will power the upper stage of Ariane 6, whose first flight is scheduled for 2020
NASA's New Horizons Zooms at 36,000 MPH and Releases Record-Breaking Photos from Beyond Pluto 
In two hours, New Horizons smashed a 27-year-old record set by Voyager 1 … twice.
NASA's Kodiak's Test Proves Self-Driving Robotic Servicer Can Extend Satellite's Lifespan
Once it locates its target, it can use dexterous robotic arms and software to autonomously grasp, refuel, and relocate a satellite.
Planet's Ground Station in Inuvik May be Excised if License not Received
Planet has been caught in an unusual regulatory situation. The company applied for, and received, a radio frequency spectrum license from another ...
Cecil Spaceport Celebrates Upcoming Launches
Cecil Spaceport is among six that can facilitate horizontal launches. Small rockets strapped to jets will fly out over the ocean and launch from there.  
GLOBECOMM's New CFO ... He Brings Broad Financial Experience to Support Continued Growth
The financial health of a company determines whether the institution thrives or dives, and to attain and maintain good health a company must have ...
Critical Satellite-Derived Datasets from TCarta Aid BMT with Fish Farming Sites in the Arabian Gulf
As a primary input for the modeling phase of the project, BMT obtained five meter resolution Satellite Derived Bathymetry (SDB) products from TCarta...