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Belt and Road Initiative Partners to Get Customized Weather Satellite Data
By the end of last month, 22 countries, including Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Russia, Libya and Sudan, had responded to the survey.
Japan's New Space Domain Mission Unit Will Enlist 100 Employees to Track Space Debris
The new Space Domain Mission Unit will track space debris such as used rocket parts and old satellites that pose a threat to satellites orbiting Earth...
Northrop Grumman’s Cislunar Habitat Mock-Up Completes Test by NASA ... NextSTEP-2 is One Giant Step
astronaut crews to live aboard the science outpost and is designed for 15 years of operations around the moon, and sustaining an Orion crew of four
Calian's Built in Canada, RF Composite Carbon Fiber Antennas 'Take On' Technical Challenges
carbon-fiber reflector and back structure's strong design limits wind, thermal, and gravity load distortion in all bands, including the Q/V range and above.
Forrester Reports: The FCC May Be Somewhat Supportive of the C-Band Alliance Plans for Satellite Bandwidth Restructuring
“I am cautiously optimistic on what I have been hearing regarding the C-band, different conversations occurring, internal and external, and...
ESA and GomSpace to Tackle and Improve the Most Critical Areas of Smallsat Systems and Subsystems
will tackle the most critical technology areas that could enable the use of small satellites for a science mission with a launch date as early as 2028.
Honeywell Rides to Success On Their JetWave™ with Gilat’s Taurus IFC Modem to Deploy in  China  
aero-modem will enable Honeywell to offer the JetWave within territories and  to roam in-and-out of territories where Gilat’s ground network is deployed.
Russia's Fourth Blagovest Military Satellite Launch Originally Set for May Now Pushed to July
Earlier reports said that the launch of the fourth Blagovest satellite was planned for the first quarter of 2019 but was later postponed to the first...
SpaceX's Falcon Heavy Launch Vehicle Readies to Perform 'Firsts' for DoD/NASA/NOAA Mission 
STP-2 will mark the first-ever DOD launch using a SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch vehicle, as well as the first-ever DOD mission with re-used rocket ...
Elon Musk Shows Off SpaceX’s 60 Internet-Beaming Satellites Packed Together for Launch
permission to launch two groups of satellites...one constellation of 4,409 satellites, followed by a second constellation of 7,518 that will operate
MDA Awarded Contract for SAR/GPS Repeaters
The initial contract includes the development and manufacturing of 10 flight-ready Search and Rescue/Global Positioning System (SAR/GPS)...
From NATO to Horizon Technologies... Two Major End User Orders for FlyingFish™
These orders are significant because they include new fixed and rotary-wing platforms as well as new government end users. The units were ...
Bezos in D.C. Presents His Visions in Space Will Be More than Once in a Blue Moon 
Blue Origin also announced it can meet the current administration's goal of putting Americans on the Moon by 2024 with the Blue Moon lunar lander. 
Airbus and Thales Alenia Space Will Build Two SpainSAT NG Satellites
guaranteeing the continuity of the secure communications services to the Spanish Ministry of Defense and Governmental Agencies using the current fleet.   
A Milestone for Thales Alenia Space in the ExoMars 2020 ESA Mission Development Program
Now it is ready to be integrated inside the Rover named Rosalind Franklin that is provided by Airbus Defense and Space in UK. The European Rover...
Five Russian Satellites Scheduled for Launch in 2020
Five satellites will be delivered to the orbit by rocket carriers in 2020 — one Glonass-M, one Glonass-K2 and three Glonass-K satellites...
Agreement Reached with Russia for Two Additional Seats Aboard Soyuz Rocket for Transporation of U.S. Astronauts to ISS
According to earlier reports, NASA planned to conclude a deal with the Russian Space Agency (Roscosmos) for the purchase of two additional...
Airbus and Siemens Stress Importance of Hybrid-Electric Propulsion at Bauhaus Luftfahrt Symposium
Airbus and Siemens started a collaboration for hybrid-electric propulsion systems to demonstrate the feasibility of these eco-friendly technologies.
Comtech Xicom Technology's New Highs and Lows ... High Power, High Efficiency and Very-Low Leakage X-Band SSPAs and BUCs
X-Band is one of the most difficult satellite communications bands to operate in because the transmit and receive bands are directly adjacent.
Partnership Signed by the PSN Consortium with the Government of Indonesia for the SATRIA Satellite
The SATRIA satellite is a 150 Gigabytes per second (Gbps) Very High Throughput Satellite (VHTS) to cover the entire Archipelago of Indonesia...