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Russia's Most Difficult Goal...By 2020 GLONASS K-2 Satellites Made 100 Percent Russian
“making a satellite 100 percent Russian” is a hard task."
Indonesia Planning To Acquire Their Own MILSATCOM Satellite
The decision to acquire the satellite was made following a series of discussions held by Commission I with relevant stakeholders
NASA's Hubble Reveals Jupiter's Europa Performing A 'Water Show' Of Sorts 
The plumes are estimated to rise about 125 miles (200 kilometers) before, presumably, raining material back down onto Europa's surface.
GVF... Urgency Of Communications For Displaced Population In Africa To Be Addressed
It is a crisis sometimes overlooked despite the fact that the UNHCR identifies more than three million refugees and 12.5 million internally displaced people in Africa, with another 700,000 who are stateless.”
NASA's Radical Tests Of Globalstar And ADS-B Technologies' Tracking Solution
The first of two 40 minute flights included extreme maneuvering with two 60 degree bank angle turns specifically designed to test the ALAS connection
US Geological Survey... How Satellites Up There Could Predict Human Caused Earthquakes Down Here
Suddenly, Oklahoma looked as tremor-prone as California, mainly due to the spread of wastewater disposal wells in the state.
SIA... Satellites And The Senate
This event showcases our members’ leading edge space-based solutions to regulators and policy makers and underscores the value of the satellite industry to U.S Government, Enterprise and Consumer customers and US society.—Tom Stroup, SIA President.
WORK Microwave's 30th Anniversary It Takes Work To Make A Relationship Work
Established in 1986, WORK Microwave's original strength was in creating clean clock sources.
North Korea's New Engine To Launch A Weapon Or A Satellite?
"This is the kind of thing you try and build to get more rocket capabilities, whether you're trying to build a ballistic missile or space-launch vehicle,"      
The Flukey Incidents That Delayed The Launch Of ULA's WorldView-4 Satellite
At its peak the fire had 1,052 fire fighters from more than 50 agencies and multiple aircraft in a battle to save life, property, and national defense facilities.
DigitalGlobe Reveals The Fire That Detained WorldView-4's Launch
ULA's launch of WorldView-4 satellite was scrubbed last week due to a mechanical issue and then a wildland fire that came uncomfortably close to Vandenberg Air Force Base...
Medyacity And Global VSAT Form Partnership For Second Global Satshow In Istanbul
GVF Collaborates with ESOA, the Event’s Host, to Provide Satellite Industry Support for the Two-Day Conference & Exhibition 
A Major Maneuver By China For Their Tiangong-2 Craft
Tiangong-2 launched from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center via a Long March-2F T2 rocket on September 15th.
Eclipse Avoidance For India's Mars Orbiter
The intention is to maneuver the spacecraft so that the impact of eclipse duration will be reduced.
Signing By JAXA & Turkey Facilitates a Kibo Module Smallsat Launch
This agreements purpose is to offer opportunities to deploy a smallsat—in this case, a cubesat—from the Kibo module.
Israel's Sixth ISR Satellite, Ofek-11, Now Believed To Be Functioning Properly
The IAI-manufactured satellite was launched on September 13th and encountered some unspecified difficulties after entering orbit.
Launch Reminder: ISRO To Launch Pratham & Seven Additional Satellites On Monday
The Pratham satellite weighs 10 kg, is designed to fit within a cube of 30 centimeters and has a life span of approximately four months.
SBIRS Recognizes With Appreciation The Combined Task Force In Decommissioning Ceremony
"We are honored to operate the most capable IR surveillance and warning system ever designed in defense of the US and her allies."
A Smashing Show For China's Tiangong-1
Many of the lab's parts are quite dense and they simply will not burn up on reentry to Earth.
Designed To Counter Global Security Threats — New TPS From SES
Tactical Persistent Surveillance (TPS), SES’s first Government+ product offering, is a highly portable solution capable of quick global deployment and operations.