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Recent Regulatory/Government News
Up + Away... ULA's Atlas V Rocket Whisks USAF's GPS IIF-12 Into The Blue
It's a go! Success with USAF's GPS IIF-12 launch from the Cape.
US Air Force Launches GPS IIF-12 Satellite + The End Of An Era
"Today's launch is a significant achievement in the history of GPS, as we launch the last of the GPS IIF satellites to be delivered on-orbit."
NASA Reflects On Webb's Final Mirror Installation The Biggest + Most Powerful Space Telescope... Ever
"...we look forward to installing the other optics and conducting tests on all the components to make sure the telescope can withstand a rocket launch."
USAF's Poignant Final GPS IIF-Series Satellite Launch... End Of An Era
Although this will be the finale for GPS IIF launches, the need for GPS IIF capabilities remains strong to update the constellation and maintain the high level of accuracy required by the GPS systems.
Harris CapRock Takes Five... 5 x Winner Of WTA's 'The Independent Top Twenty' + One More Award                                                                                                                                                                                                         
“Our position on the WTA’s Top Teleport Operator Rankings reflects our commitment to our customers that no matter how remote or variable their environments may be, their communications will be second to none.”
The Satellite Interference Reduction Group Welcomes Newest Member... NovelSat
 "Joining IRG was a logical step for us, and we look forward to being more involved in the group’s global activities.”
Kiwis Get Healthy... Wireless Nation's Agreement Mobile Health NZ Transmits Health Education Sessions Via Van Satellite
... provides fast broadband access anywhere in New Zealand, with a focus on connecting rural New Zealand and bridging the digital divide.
NASA Engineers Tapped to Build First New-Fangled Integrated-Photonics Modem
...that could transform everything from telecommunications, medical imaging, advanced manufacturing to national defense.
A Swede Launch....TEXUS 53 Launched From Esrange Space Center
...is a sounding rocket program with the primary aim to investigate the properties and behaviour of materials, chemicals and biological substances in a microgravity environment.
UAE Public Satellite Service License Granted By UAE To Inmarsat
The license gives Inmarsat permission to offer its services to public and private sector users.
NASA Announces Lucky Cubesats... Science, Technology Missions for First Flight Of Space Launch System
...air a demonstration of the Near-Earth Asteroid Scout (NEA Scout), a CubeSat that uses solar sail propulsion for low-cost exploration and reconnaissance of an asteroid.
NSR Asks Capacity @ What Cost?
...offers a comprehensive and unbiased understanding of why satellite capacity pricing is evolving as it is, and where it may go in the future.
Harris Digs Digital... Offers All Digital Navigation Payload For US Air Force's GPS III SV 11 + Beyond 
The features provide greater flexibility, affordability and accuracy versus existing satellites and include ...
Kratos Offers A 'Freebie'...The World Teleport Association's Report, The Teleport Of Tomorrow
As a sponsor of the report, Kratos is providing a complimentary copy of the report for a limited time.
Exoatmospheric Kill Vehicle Claim Success With Aerojet Rocketdyne's DACS In MDA Test
The design, development and qualification of these design improvements were performed at Aerojet Rocketdyne’s Los Angeles site.
A Path Forward for Commercial Use of Higher Frequency Spectrum For IoT Proposed By TIA
TIA proposed that fixed-satellite service (FSS) be permitted to continue operating under existing rules...
The Way Forward For A Complete US-Built Space-Launch System
But, while there is hope in the future, there is no alternative to the Russian rockets.
And The Beat Goes On...For Arianespace The 70th Consecutive Successful Ariane 5 Launches A Telecommunications Satellite 
...the ability to respond to the specific needs of one of its clients in record time, as the launcher was adapted to accommodate a single satellite rather than the customary two satellites for which Ariane 5 ECA has been optimized.  
Airbus Defence + Space Proudly Announce Another Successful Launch Of Ariane 5
“This first successful flight in 2016 underlines again the extraordinary reliability of Europe’s Ariane 5 launcher, one of the world’s largest and most complex launch systems."
Ariane 5 Launches...Arianespace's Year-Opening Mission Intelsat 29e...One Of The Most Advanced Digital Payloads
"It was cloudy all day today, and Stéphane—I don't know how you did it—but as the rocket was ready to go, the clouds parted  and it was a beautiful evening."