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Recent Regulatory/Government News
ULA Launches Morelos-3 = 100th Successful ULA One-At-A-Time Mission 
The Morelos-3 launch was accelerated to an earlier position on the Atlas launch manifest. 
Swiss Space Systems Partners w/D&B Group To Locally Launch Small Sats ... 'Space For All' Vision
The UAE is the country where everything is possible, a country where the vision of a man—of many men—can become reality,
RFP From USAF For GPS III Push Offs
The Air Force will award a firm-fixed price contract that will provide the government with a total launch solution for the GPS III satellite.
Ahoy RigNet + Inmarsat! Fleet Xpress Delivers High-Speed Coms To Offshore Service + Supply Vessels
“RigNet differentiates itself in the oil and gas industry by providing fit-for-purpose technologies to help our energy customers operate remotely in a more productive, efficient and safe manner,”
“There are No Borders in Space” Presentation By Lockheed Martin's Chairman, President + CEO, Marillyn Hewson
“The next space age starts now, and with today’s technology, we are closer to the stars every day,”
MDA Sees Better At Sea... Improves Ocean Applications Imaging Modes For RADARSAT-2 
The Ship Detection mode is ideal for applications such as monitoring illegal fishing and sovereignty protection.
Harris Receives $38 Million From Central Asian Nation = Provides Tactical Radio Support Services 
Harris will establish in-country capabilities to provide training, technical support and maintenance services.
Norsat Makes It Possible For 'The Little Engine That Could' w/Customized Low Profile Multi-Band Antennas 
"We are excited to announce that the SM2600D was designed into a customer’s product, with the end customers being various class 1 railroad companies.”
Spaceflight Goes Big For The 'Wee' Ones... Purchases SpaceX Falcon 9 For Cost Effective Ridesharing Small Sat Industry
Spaceflight publishes launch pricing and schedules online, aiming to make access to space as easy as booking an airline ticket.
Ruslan International's Encore... Transports For The Second Time ARSAT Satellite To French Guiana
...is a huge step towards seeing an array of telecommunications services such as television, telephone and Internet access delivered across South America by an Argentine-owned satellite.
No Shortage Of Talent At Space Foundations' Space Technology and Investment Forum 
This program is presented by Space Foundation which holds a by-invitation gathering of some of the most innovative, insightful and visionary professionals from the entrepreneurial and investment sectors of space and technology.
NASA Extends Boeing's 'Biggie' $1.18 Billion Contract As Prime Contractor For The International Space Station
Boeing’s contract includes a task to assess the feasibility of extending the life of the station’s primary structural hardware even further, through the end of 2028.
Thales Alenia Space + CNES 'Dive In' To Design + Develop Poseidon-3C's Radar Altimeter On SWOT Oceanography Satellite 
These instruments added the measurement of river and lake heights, creating a boom in "space hydrology", which is at the heart of the SWOT mission. 
Ariane Flight VA226 Stands Ready + Waits For The Order To Launch Tomorrow
...during the mission is Sky Muster, which will deliver broadband services to more than 200,000 rural and remote Australians.
China Times It Right Launches A First .... Satellite w/Hydrogen Atomic Clock
For the first time the satellite featured a hydrogen atomic clock.
Lockheed Martin's Fence Of Dynamic Proportions For Spatial Investigations Passes Crucial CDR
The Space Fence S-band radar system design will detect, track, and catalog orbital objects in space more than 1.5 million times a day to predict and prevent space-based collisions.
NASA Engages 27 Organizations To Lead STEM Programs
Goals also include enabling STEM education, improving U.S. scientific literacy, advancing national educational goals, and leveraging science activities through partnerships.
WTA's 'Family' Just Got Bigger... Eutelsat, Globecomm + Signalhorn Apply For Teleport Certification
Eutelsat, Globecomm and Signalhorn joined du, Elara Comunicaciones, GlobalSat and The Talia Group agree to serve as beta customers for the program.
nbn Stirs Australia's Desire To Become A Broadband Leader In Rural + Remote Homes + Business 
Australia will become a genuine leader in rural and remote broadband provision with every home and business in the country able to get 25Mbps/5Mbps broadband
iDirect's Evolution® 3.3.3 Platform Has A New Layer... Layer 2
Service providers are able to use L2oS to simplify deployment of a satellite network and effectively carry IP traffic anywhere it needs to go.