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Recent Regulatory/Government News
SpaceX Scrubs Saturday's Launch for Dragon Resupply Mission 
The CRS-10 mission will be SpaceX’s first launch from historic LC-39A at Kennedy Space Center
DLR Enlists Airbus... France and Germany's MERLIN Mission Measures Methane
...will be the first to use an “active” LIDAR instrument with on-board light source (the laser) that measures at night and through thin cirrus clouds.
Iridium's Next Date for Second Launch of NEXT Satellites... Then Six Launches Every Two Months
This marks a major milestone for the Iridium NEXT program as the testing and validation phase is ahead of schedule and the satellites are working well.  
Russia and Uruguay Warn About Risks of Arms' Race in Space
Russia and Uruguay adopted a joint statement on Thursday warning about risks of an arms race in outer space...
Israel Launches Two Nano Satellites... Part of ISRO's Launch of 104 
The Israeli satellites, designed to aid medical and environmental research,
Harris Brings Battlefield Techniques to IDEX... Keeping Soldiers Connected
These solutions meet urgent security challenges associated with intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) issues and provide opportunities for modernizing force structures
Indian Space Research Organization's Successful Launch... Multiplied by 104!
A child wants one of the red balloons and the balloon man must not get the strings tangled or let the whole bundle of balloons fly away.
Galileo Signal Falsification May be a Problem of the Past
The method still needs to be tested and validated before it can be made available to the general public.
Geoscience Australia and Lockheed Martin Collaborate with Second-Gen Satellite-Based Augmentation System
Users must be confident in the position solutions calculated by GNSS receivers.
SpaceX's Falcon 9 Test Fires on Historic Shuttle Pad... Prepares for Saturday's Launch
This will be the first launch from pad 39A since the orbiter Atlantis blasted off on the shuttle program’s final flight in July 2011.
China to Launch Satellite to Detect Lighted Structures at Night... Photos Clearer than US Satellites
A professor at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that images taken by Luojia-1A will be clearer than those by US-developed satellites.
Es’hailSat Nets Sponsorship of Qatar Total Open 2017... Live MENA Broadcast in HD
broadcast experience includes the Olympics, FIFA World Cup, UEFA Euro Championship, Champions League, English Premier League...
Harris Dials In... $403M Contract with Defense Logistics Agency to Support Harris' Radios
The contract is a continuation and expansion of previous contracts with the DLA and will provide support to additional Harris radio families.
Ball's Contract with NASA/NOAA's Suomi National Polar Orbiting Partnership Satellite is Extended
satellite has significantly impacted everyday safety around the world – largely invisible to the general public and indispensable to the scientific communities
Boeing Awards MT Aerospace Additional Contracts for Most Powerful Super Heavy Launch Vehicle
SLS is the most powerful super heavy lift launch vehicle for manned and unmanned missions to the moon, Mars and the depths of outer space.
SSL Selected by DARPA to Develop a Sort of Space Service Station for Satellites... RSGS Program
...will have the capability to perform multiple servicing missions for both planned and urgent customer needs...
DARPA's Selection of SSL to Service Geosynchronous Satellites... New Rules of the Road
"...RSGS robotics promise a new era in which satellite upgrades and enhancements at GEO are no longer just a dream.” 
ULA's Atlas V on Adjusted Schedule to Launch NROL-79
This is an adjusted launch date as in January ULA stated the NROL-79 mission would be delayed saying....
25 Years Ago... Solar Probe Ulysses' Gravity Boost by Jupiter was Launched Into a Third Dimension
Ulysses got a gravity assist by Jupiter to leave the ecliptic plane to explore the "never seen before" poles of the Sun.​
Gilat and Airbus to Develop Electronically Steerable Antenna for ESA...Funded by Clean Sky 2 
EC’s Horizon 2020 Clean Sky Joint Undertaking (CSJU) selects Gilat to build a fully integrated ESA aero terminal for satellite communication