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Recent Regulatory/Government News
Final Tweaks of General Dynamics' and CSRA's Merger Agreement
General Dynamics commenced a cash tender offer to purchase all of the outstanding shares of CSRA common stock.
Soyuz Rocket Lanches U.S.-Russian Crew to ISS as U.S. Companies Compete to Again Provide Transport Spacecraft
SpaceX and Boeing are competing under multibillion-dollar NASA contracts, to provide the U.S. astronauts with American-made transport spacecraft.
Cal Poly Readies for Red and Preps Two Smallsats to Travel to Mars
MarCO's mission will be to help relay transmissions from the InSight lander back to Earth.
WTA's Report Answers Just How Large is the Teleport Industry
How large is the teleport industry in terms of facilities, companies, revenue, antennas in operation, full-time employment,
Raytheon Sees the Light at the End of the Location, Location, Location
We will support the U.S. Air Force’s GPS III launch this fall and complete the software build
Harris Selected by Asian Military to Modernize and Upgrade Communications Network
will replace existing disparate systems and integrate both military and commercial products and software into a turnkey solution.
China Plans to Launch and Recover Its First Commercial Satellite by 2020
recoverable satellites will be able to play an important role in space biology, space medicine and space scientific experiments.
Space Foundation's First Recipient of the Admiral James O. Ellis, Jr. Scholarship ... She Earned Her Wings
She was the top engineer graduate of the Test Pilot School and spent five years conducting classified flight tests
Lockheed Martin's $8M Modification from DoD for Advanced Extremely High Frequency, Milstar, and Defense Satellite Communications System III
This modification brings the total cumulative face value of the contract to $775,496,626.
NEC's Satellite Operation Center Ready in April to Provide 3D Animation Visualizations and More
the center can be used to operate multiple satellites simultaneously, as an expansion of operations is planned for the future.
Airbus' Speedy SpaceDataHighway is Even Faster as Sentinel-2A Passes Engaging All Copernicus' Satellites
The SpaceDataHighway has effectively gone from a two-lane highway to an eight-lane super expressway, after the successful commissioning period of the Sentinel-2A ...
AFT and SES Networks Bring High-speed Connectivity to Businesses in Africa 
will bring high-speed connectivity to companies in Niger and Burkina Faso, and help bridge the digital divide.
WTA's Certification Webinar Addresses Importance of Quality of Service in the Teleport Operations Team
A webinar sure to get attention as well as certification is WTA's Higher Quality from your Teleport Operations Team
Thales Alenia Space Ships First Instrument for EarthCARE Project  
ten years of collaborative and constructive work between teams from industry and academia, who have had to overcome tremendous technical challenges.
NRL Celebrates 60 Years of Vanguard I Satellite, Many 'Firsts' were Accomplished in 1958 
Despite this unfortunate setback, the Vanguard Project had still come a long way toward solving the problems of putting a satellite into orbit.
Airbus' OPTIMA Photonics Payload Technology Project is Launched 
Photonic payloads have the potential to revolutionize the design, capacity and capability of future generations of telecommunications satellites.
Indra Wins the Thales Contract Again to Prepare for Galileo with Four New Uplink Stations
A deviation in the data sent by merely one billionth of a second would amount to a positioning error of 30 cm on Earth.
C-COM's Ka-Band Antennas Pass ... Run Rings Around JUPITER™ System that Powers HughesNet™ Gen5 Platform
Operating over the Gen5 service significantly expands C-COM’s addressable market for transportable antenna systems, and will bring very high data ...
International Launch Services Signs Additional Orders to Push the Proton Medium Vehicle
launch assignments for Proton Medium launches that will include the use of both the 4.35 meter and the new 5.2 meter payload fairing.
NOAA's GOES-17 Changes Its Name as It Goes Into Geostationary Orbit
will provide faster, more accurate, and more detailed data in near real-time to track storm systems, lightning, wildfires, coastal fog, and other hazards ...