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Glonass-M Satellite Acquires Designated Orbit After Soyuz-2.1b Launch
The satellite’s injection into orbit was carried out by the Fregat acceleration unit.
Russia's Rogozin States His Nation Won't Catch Up To The US In The Space Race... Then Eats His Words
Rogozin took to Facebook later in the day to say that his quotes had been taken out of context.
US Army's SMDC Provides Ukrainian Soldiers With Specialized Space Training In Dealing With Disrupted Space Operations
"... told us they were experiencing a lot of denied, degraded and disrupted space operations in their conflict with Russian separatists in the Ukraine."
Raytheon + Israel's UVision Will Develop Loitering Airborne Solutions
The adapted system will meet the US Army's requirement for Lethal Miniature Aerial Missile Systems, also known as LMAMS. 
SpaceX's Perfect Launch + Perfect Landing... Again! As It Sends Off THAICOM-8 
But the rockets landed Friday and three weeks ago have sustained more damage...That's not surprising, since their landings were considered the most difficult yet to pull off.   
Russia Successfully Tests An Anti-Satellite Missile... For The Second Time
American defense officials said Russia conducted a successful flight test of a developmental anti-satellite missile on Wednesday that is capable of destroying satellites in orbit.
Chinese Quantum Satellite Expected To Launch In July
Quantum communications research has become a focus and frontier of global research in physics.
Two Hundred Billion Yuan Generated By The Satellite Industry In China
Satellite technology has been widely used in various domains in China.
UrtheCast Receives $5 Million Canada Technology Development Program Award Towards OptiSAR™ Constellation
The 16-satellite OptiSAR™ Constellation is expected to consist of eight X- and L-band SAR satellites and eight high-resolution optical satellites, flying in a paired, tandem configuration. 
Arianespace Deposits Fuel In BRIsat... Banks On Successful Upcoming Banking Communications Mission
BRIsat will be operated by PT. Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. (BRI), which is one of the world’s first banks to purchase its own satellite.
US + US Military As Well As Norway Will Seek Access To Secure Signal Of Galileo Constellation
At a Galileo meeting this month, those in attendance shared that Galileo's owners were uncomfortable that the largest user of the PRS signal would be the European national military forces.
GeoSync Microwave™ Has Hot Offer... A Variety Of 'Hot Swappable' Options In Their New RD Series  
The two independent converter assemblies are “hot swappable” through the rear of the chassis.
Sky Cable Signs With SES + 251 Philippine Cities and Municipalities Will Enjoy New Direct-to-Home TV 
“The geography of the Philippines presents a unique set of challenges for fiber or terrestrial connectivity. Our satellites are able to overcome these limitations..."
The Federal Aviation Administration's Office Of Commercial Space Transportation Is Now Fully Funded
This amendment brings appropriations for this office in line with the President’s Budget Request and fully funds FAA/AST.
Arianespace's Successful Soyuz Launch As Danielé + Alizée Join The Galileo Family
From most locations, six to eight Galileo satellites will be visible, and in combination with GPS signals, this will allow positioning to within a few centimeters, depending on the service used.
NovaWurks'™ HISats™ Exciting Program On DARPA's eXCITe Spacecraft
“HISats are designed to radically change the way spacecraft are designed and deployed."
The Airbus Foundation + Iranian Red Crescent Society Launch Humanitarian Youth Program
“Resilience is a critical life skill and a major factor that contributes to shaping the endurance and achievement of individuals, industry and nations."
General Dynamics Mission Systems Celebrates Its 5,000th...Delivery Of Radios
...replacing outdated, ground-to-air, air traffic control radios, some of which are almost 50 years old.
Thales Alenia Space's ExoMars Spacecraft Passes Muster Enroute To Mars...
“We are delighted to confirm that the spacecraft is in excellent shape, everything being proceeding on schedule and to ensure that..."
China Has Plenty Of Plans With Launching Of 30 BeiDou Navigation Satellite Systems Now + In The Future
According to China daily. Fifteen years after the satellite system was launched, it is now generating $31.5 billion for major companies such as...