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Scottish Space Technology On The Launch Pad And Getting A Jumpstart
Jumpstart is exhibiting in Newcastle at the Collaborate to Innovate Space Conference 2015, organized by the North East Satellite Applications Centre of Excellence, which will be attended by more than 200 senior industry delegates.
TeleCommunication Systems Acquired By Comtech Telecommunications
Under the terms of the merger agreement, unanimously approved by both companies’ Board of Directors, Comtech will make a first step cash tender offer at $5.00 per TCS share.
Satellite Switch Supply Cemented Into Place For COM DEV International
This new contract assures COM DEV of $8.5 million of switch orders over the two-year duration of the agreement.
Support Of The USAF's Satellite Control Network Goes To Harris Corporation
Harris will provide operations, maintenance and logistics support to Air Force satellite operations at the 50th Space Wing at Schriever Air Force Base, Colorado, and other worldwide locations.
Euroconsult's Report Reveals 2 Percent Revenue Growth For Commercial FSS Operators
Significant cause for concern in the FSS industry has been recognized in recent months as highlighted by ...
Honeywell Acquires COM DEV + Spinout Of exactEarth
On the closing date, Honeywell will pay $10,000,000 in escrow for distribution to COM DEV shareholders following closing.
A Boost To John Hopkins University From The U.S.A.F.'s Space & Missile Systems Center
"The end goal of our strategy is to have two or more domestic, commercially viable launch providers that also meet national security space requirements."—Lt. Gen. Samuel Greaves, Executive Officer for Space + SMC Commander, U.S.A.F.
Colloquium Champions Expertise On Space + Regulatory Issues—Publisher Payne + Retired General Petraeus
‘This is the 4th year we’ve run this conference and it’s grown every year, from 60 our first year to more than 120 attendees last year."—Chris Stott, Chairman and CEO, ManSat.
Metatron Global Funding Delivers Dollars + Joins Deep Space Industries On Asteroid Mining Quest 
“DSI is not your usual company. Our business plan is not your usual business plan.  It takes a special kind of investor to step up and support what we are doing."
GAO Reports On SSA's Core Efforts + Planned Budgets
According to DoD, a potential of 375 sensors and systems—satellites, ground-based radars, and optical telescopes—are available to contribute to SSA across the government and commercial sectors.
Contract Rec'd By Firefly From NASA To Demo A CubeSat Launch
"We have worked tirelessly during the last 18 months to develop Firefly Alpha, a vehicle that will be different from anything that has come before it."—Dr. Thomas Markusic, CEO, Firefly.
NSR's Analysts Answer Questions Regarding Small (Sexy) Satellite Constellations...Why Now?
For Research Director Jose Del Rosario, the satellite industry is “sexy” again. 
Q3 For C-COM Satellite Systems Is Financially Beneficial
This is the Company’s 14th consecutive quarterly dividend and their 18th consecutive profitable quarter.
Acquiring Minds Wish To Know... ScheduALL Acquired By Net Insight
The acquisition of ScheduALL is an important strategic initiative for Net Insight.
AQYR Technologies' Are Infused With An AFRL Contract For Portable Satellite Receive Suites
Both systems are highly-portable, rugged satellite receive suites that can be deployed and operated by a single user.
NSR’s 5th Edition Satellite Operator Financial Analysis (SOFA) There's No Sitting Down On The Job w/These Dramatic Stats 
do our traditional FSS satellites with transponder counts in the dozens just become obsolete?
Gilat Expectations For 2015 Are Revised... + The Development + Supply Of In-Flight Connectivity Solutions
"Our revision is due to recent decisions to delay several large-scale projects by our customers, mainly in Mexico and Russia and in our defense-related activities."—Dov Baharav, Chairman + interim CEO, Gilat.
Intelsat Has Had A Terrible Week ...
 Intelsat shares are down by 54 per cent since the start of the year.
Strategic Transaction Of The Year Awarded To UrtheCast By Euroconsult During World Satellite Business Week
Euroconsult's Annual Earth Observation Business Awards recognize companies that are transforming and driving the satellite industry, contributing to its growth and innovation.
Acquiring Minds Wish To Know... Communications & Power Industries Brings ASC Signal Into Their Fold
Under the acquisition agreement, CPI acquired ASC Signal from Resilience Capital Partners.