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Recent South/Central America News
Double Payload Preparations Begin At Arianespace 
The payload preparations have begun and they are undergoing checkout procedures at Spaceport's building 55. 
Prep Protocols Underway For Dual Intelsat Satellite Push by Arianespace
Payload preparations for Arianespace's next Ariane 5 dual-passenger mission are moving into full pace.
Prepped For The Next Step—Launch
Intelsat 33e integrates one of the most advanced commercially-available digital payloads in the world.
Brazil's Ruralweb Enlists Gilat’s Cloud Solutions And NOCs The Internet Into Most Hard-To-Reach Areas On Earth
"We also take pride in helping to deliver Internet service to some of the most hard-to-reach areas on the planet.”
MVS USA Has A Handle On Olympic Satellite Coverage For Broadcasters
The company has been conducting business in Brazil for nearly a decade and offers a variety of land, sea and air L-band solutions.
Hiltron's Got Its Game On And Is Good As Gold ...Completes Latvia Teleport Satellite Expansion To Bring Olympics To Europe
...this satellite communication project includes a five-channel satellite link that will carry television content to Europe from the 2016 Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro.
First International Deployment Of HughesNet Occurs In Brazil
HughesNet service reaches 85 percent of Brazil’s population.
Israel's EROS-B Satellite Rustles Up High Res Images For Rio Olympics
Eros-B will provide security; Israeli firms will transmit live video and guide tourists to the best transport routes between competitions.
PrecisionHawk Helps Shape The Fourth Industrial Revolution... Awarded Technology Pioneer By World Economic Forum
"PrecisionHawk is among those companies that help shape the Fourth Industrial Revolution, a technological revolution that will fundamentally alter the way we live, work and relate to one another."
Inmarsat's First Demos In LATAM For Fleet Xpress Also Involve Globalsat Group + Cobham SATCOM
The seminars were conducted in Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche, Mexico, and focused on the maritime and offshore markets in the Gulf of Mexico; and in Mazatlan, Sinaloa.
SSL Banks On Good Returns As Indonesian Bank's Satellite BRIsat Performs According To Plan
...to provide expanded secure banking communications to almost 60 million customers across the Indonesian archipelago, including locations where banking services were previously unavailable.
Up, Up And Away Ariane 5 Whisks Record Payload...Today's Launch Of EchoStar XVIII and BRIsat
...it delivered a total calculated mass of 10,730 kg. into geostationary transfer orbit (GTO)—setting a new launch benchmark for the Ariane 5 ECA version
Airbus Defense And Space... It Takes A Team For A Successful Launch 
“Yet again, Ariane 5 has demonstrated itself as a leader on the world market, which doesn’t just happen by chance.”
Airbus Safran Knows How To Lift Up The Big Ones...Record Weight For Ariane 5 Launch
This Arianespace launch pushed 10.730 tons into space, which is a new record for the Ariane 5 launch vehicle—the previous record was 1.5 tons...
Arianespace Flight VA230 Moves Closer + Closer To Launch
Riding atop a mobile launch table, Ariane 5 was transferred to the ELA-3 launch zone from the Spaceport's Final Assembly Building
SpaceX Launches Sats But, Alas... Returning Rocket Crashes... EUTELSAT 117 West B + ABS-2A Successfully Soar Skyward
"Maybe hardest impact to date. Drone ship still ok," Musk shared on his social media account.
No-Go For Arianespace Flight VA230 — Next Planned Liftoff Window Is June 17th
As a result of this anomaly, Arianespace has decided to delay the launch.
Flight VA 230 Given The OK To Blast Off On June 16th
This mission is designated Flight VA230 in Arianespace's launcher family numbering system.
Arianespace Sets New Launch Date For Flight VA230
As a result of this anomaly, Arianespace has decided to postpone the Flight VA230 launch.
Launch Is On For INTELSAT 31 Thursday... After Explanation Of ILS Proton Delay Cause
The ground system was wrongly identified as the cause of today’s delay. The flight connector issue has been resolved and the vehicle cleared for flight.