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Recent South/Central America News
Arianespace' ISO 50001 Energy Plans For Guiana Space Center Now In Place
Arianespace is the first company in French Guiana to deploy this type of initiative.
Argentinian Satellite Tracking Station For Chinese Moon Missions Gets The O.K.
Argentina will be able to access the antenna at least 10 percent of the time to develop research projects under a deal between the two countries.
Landsat 8 Captured A Do-Over Of Colima Volcano... Makes An Ash Of Itself + This Time It's Taller
...but residents were still warned to remain at least 5 kilometers away from the volcano.
A Safe + Successful Journey For Thor 7 To Korou For Earth Departure In April
“With the launch of THOR 7, TSBc looks forward to further extending our position in the market and expanding our regional coverage.”—Morten Tengs, CEO, Telenor Satellite Broadcasting.
Telenor's Thor 7, SSL-Built Satellite Getting All Containered Up For Travel To Kourou For Launch
“The satellite built by SSL will deliver a very bandwidth efficient and flexible service for major shipping routes and recreational vessels.”—Morten Tengs, V.P. + CEO, Telenor Satellite Broadcasting.
BlackBridge’s New Global Precision Imagery... Helps Farmers Sow Rewards w/ Farmers Edge Agriculture Platform
"Our customers will benefit from this distinctive service in Precision Edge with accurate and timely information on crop variables,
Vega Given The Green Light For IXV Launch On The 11th
The IXV payload will test reentry technologies that can be used in developing systems and advanced technologies for future transportation systems.
GlobeNet PoPs w/New Brazil Office 
The PoP will feature diverse network paths to its award-winning submarine cable system and supports GlobeNet's product portfolio
Of SatBroadcasting™ Interest—Dataxis Notes DirecTV LATAM payTV Subs Outnumber U.S. payTV Subs...
Dataxis predicts that 2015 will signal the year when Latin American subscribers will finally outnumber U.S. customers.
Vega Is Loaded + Ready To Launch The IXV Spaceplane
The upcoming Vega mission marks the launcher’s second flight within the European Space Agency-managed VERTA  program to showcase this vehicle's flexibility and versatility.
Confirmed Speakers For VSAT Latin America 2015 Announced...
Back for its third year, VSAT Latin America 2015 is set to be the most progressive event yet presented, with the latest topics within VSAT Latin America market and beyond all to be discussed.
Advantech Wireless Making A Mesh For LATAM Entity
This contract also includes full set of integration logistics and support services as well as satellite bandwidth provisioning.
McMurdo Group To The Rescue...Saving Lives In Cyprus, Brunei, Argentina + U.S. 
...one of the world’s top two providers of ground station infrastructure...which has helped save nearly 35,000 lives since 1982.
SpaceX Selected To Launch ViaSat-2 A Game Changer...Seven Times Geographic Area + Twice The Bandwidth
“We can do that by building a network with lots more network capacity at a cost that will attract more customers..."
A Hub Happening For Gilat In LATAM
"Our technology supports multiple applications over the same platform very effectively."—Russell Ribeiro, Regional Vice President, LATAM, Gilat Satellite Networks.
NSR's Brazil Report... Noisy BRICS Bring Questions About A Bubble
This has led to questions of a capacity bubble...to soak up the staggering amount of capacity coming online.
Pad Placement For Soyuz... Push By Arianespace For O3b Networks' Four Satellites
Arianespace's December 18 flight will be its third at the service of O3b Networks...
Less Than A Week Away... The O3b Networks' Four Satellite Launch

The O3b business model focuses on three key deliverables: high capacity, fiber-like latency, and bandwidth that is significantly lower in cost.
Fregat + Fairing Finished—Arianespace Milestone For O3b Launch Completed
Thales Alenia Space built the satellites as prime contractor, with the spacecraft having individual liftoff masses of 700kg.
Gilat + OpenSky Order VSAT Network For ANTEL = Internet Access To Schools + Defense Related Enterprises
“We were looking for a technologically strong satellite platform provider to meet a very demanding set of needs."