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Recent South/Central America News
Arianespace Deposits Fuel In BRIsat... Banks On Successful Upcoming Banking Communications Mission
BRIsat will be operated by PT. Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. (BRI), which is one of the world’s first banks to purchase its own satellite.
Arianespace's Soyuz Is Standing Tall + In Final Stages For Launch
Soyuz marked another key step toward Arianespace’s May 24 mission—which is to orbit the latest two FOC (Full Operational Capability) satellites for Europe’s Galileo space-based navigation system.
Arianespace's Fregat's Fueling Facility Preps For Soyuz Launch To Galileo Constellation
Named the FCube (Fregat Fueling Facility), the purpose-built installation is utilized to "top off" Fregat upper stages during Soyuz launch campaigns at the Spaceport.
Arianespace Processing For BRIsat Is Underway
Preparations have included the fit-check, which is a regular milestone for Arianespace spacecraft passengers.
Advantech Wireless Takes VSAT Services And Solutions To LATSAT
LATSAT will bring together over 200 executive-level participants from the entire Latin American satellite communications value chain...
BRIsat And EchoStar 18 Being Primed By Arianespace For Mission
BRIsat was delivered by a chartered Antonov An-124 cargo jetliner, which touched down at Félix Eboué Airport near the French Guiana capital city of Cayenne.
Airbus' CEO Pilots Perlan 2 Glider As Mission II's Team Preps For Journey To The Edge Of Space
An experienced helicopter pilot and an aviation enthusiast, Enders also took the controls of the glider to experience the unique handling qualities of an aircraft optimized to fly in air almost as thin as the atmosphere on Mars. 
A Pair Of Galileo Push Offs For Arianespace
This month’s dual Galileo payload mission is designated Flight VS15 in Arianespace’s launcher family numbering system.
Globalsat Group Appoints Chief Financial Officer To US Team... He Will Streamline Operations 
 “there is an increasing amount of business being done in Latin America which requires meeting a special set of challenges, involving organizational, financial, regulatory and human factors.
Gilat Extends Cell & Broadband Coverage In Peru
Gilat’s X-Architecture has the flexibility to support any number of frequency bands.
Eurovision Rio Olympics & Facebook African Broadband Needs To Be Satisfied By SES & Gilat
Bringing Rio Olympics to the world and high-speed broadband connectivity services to Sub-Saharan Africa in support of Facebook’s Express Wi-Fi program all SES projects.
Intelsat's Game Is On For The Rio Olympics
High throughput satellite technology makes its first EpicNG play at the Games this summer.
Arianespace Anounces Soyuz Flight VS14 Back On Again... 
The launch is back on again.
Ecuadorian Emergency Support By Télécoms Sans Frontières With Inmarsat BGAN
A team from TSF is now supporting its UN partner in its connectivity efforts for the country’s most affected zones.
Soyuz Stands Set—Sentinel-1B
To be lofted on the April 22 mission is Sentinel-1B, which will provide all-weather, day/night images as part of Europe's Copernicus Earth observation program.
Arianespace Multi-Mission Payload Aboard Soyuz Ready For Launch Date
The launch vehicle will deploy the passengers into LEO during a mission lasting 4 hours and 52 seconds.
RSCC’s Eutelsat Receivables Have Been Lifted By A French Court 
The French court has held that the attached assets did not belong to the Russian Federation but were the property of RSCC.
Inmarsat's Strategy For Broadcasters Is Validated With A Show + Tell... From Rio de Janeiro To Vegas
Inmarsat unveils new satcom strategy to support the mobile journalist with live Global Xpress broadcast from Rio de Janeiro to NAB in Las Vegas
New Video Animation From INTEGRASYS For Their Satmotion Pocket Product
The video is entitled "Satellite Made Easy" and is hosted on YouTube.
Rockwell Collins Extends Their Talons For The Peruvian Navy
The Talon radio will provide secure voice and data communication capabilities to support the various missions of the SH-2G platform.