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Recent South/Central America News
Boeing Conveys Mexsat System To Mexico
Boeing designed, integrated and delivered the system.
Arianespace Passes Readiness Milestone Launch Less Than A Day Away
Today's readiness milestone, held prior to each Arianespace mission from the near-equatorial launch base, confirms the heavy-lift vehicle and its dual-satellite payload are flight-ready....
Double Deployment Delivery Success For Arianespace
This mission was the 73rd successful Ariane 5 launch in a row.
Airbus Safran Launchers Broke A Weight Lifting Record With Ariane 5's Launch
Today the rocket was the heaviest yet, and beat its existing payload record of more than 10.7 tonnes, set by the previous launch.
SES Takes The Gold At Olympics In Most Maximum Capacity Category
“SES has provided capacity for the Olympics since 2000, and we are pleased that the capacity demand for Rio Olympics far exceeds the previous editions."
Arianespace's Sixth In 2016...An Epic Launch As VA232 Sends Off Doubles
The satellite’s Ku-band spot beams are to provide broadband services for Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia, while a Ku-band wide beam provides broadcast coverage of Europe, the Middle East and Asia.
Dual Intelsat Satellites Can Count On Arianespace Steadfastness For Upcoming Spatial Traverse
The upper portion of Ariane 5's dual-passenger configuration is now complete.
Prepping For The Push Continues For Arianespace Flight VA232
This will be the company's sixth launch to be performed in 2016.
PerúSAT-1 Passes Milestone And Fit For Flight
The plans were for it to be equipped with a revolutionary silicon carbide optical instrument system to image Earth at 70 cm. resolution...
PerúSAT-1's EO Satellite Readies For Launch After A Speedy Build In "Projects Factory©"
...the 400 kg satellite will deliver images from its orbit at 694 km to be used in the areas of land management, border control, and drug trafficking.
Rio Olympics Coverage Via SiriusXM Satellite Radio Service
Included in this offering will be live, play-by-play coverage of Olympic events, including daily news, commentary and highlights from Rio Report and other programming.
 AsiaSat Settles In For Long Broadcasting Hours Of The Olympics 
"Broadcasting this live global event via satellite is the most cost effective way to ensure the highest quality viewing experience."
Another Arianespace Achievement Should Be Of Delight To Intelsat
Both of the satellites advanced through their pre-flight preparations at the Spaceport in French Guiana.
A Terminal Belief For Advantech Wireless
The company has successfully delivery and upgraded an end-to-end advanced VSAT network solution to an undisclosed National Police Force in this nation.
Double Payload Preparations Begin At Arianespace 
The payload preparations have begun and they are undergoing checkout procedures at Spaceport's building 55. 
Prep Protocols Underway For Dual Intelsat Satellite Push by Arianespace
Payload preparations for Arianespace's next Ariane 5 dual-passenger mission are moving into full pace.
Prepped For The Next Step—Launch
Intelsat 33e integrates one of the most advanced commercially-available digital payloads in the world.
Brazil's Ruralweb Enlists Gilat’s Cloud Solutions And NOCs The Internet Into Most Hard-To-Reach Areas On Earth
"We also take pride in helping to deliver Internet service to some of the most hard-to-reach areas on the planet.”
MVS USA Has A Handle On Olympic Satellite Coverage For Broadcasters
The company has been conducting business in Brazil for nearly a decade and offers a variety of land, sea and air L-band solutions.
Hiltron's Got Its Game On And Is Good As Gold ...Completes Latvia Teleport Satellite Expansion To Bring Olympics To Europe
...this satellite communication project includes a five-channel satellite link that will carry television content to Europe from the 2016 Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro.