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Recent South/Central America News
IDC Has Refreshing News For Grupo Etercom + Their SNG Needs
The TITAN encoder retains the familiar, easy to use front panel which allows quick setup for mission critical operations, and is able to achieve the fastest signal on-air.  
ULA Launches Morelos-3 = 100th Successful ULA One-At-A-Time Mission 
The Morelos-3 launch was accelerated to an earlier position on the Atlas launch manifest. 
The Crucial Contributions From Orbital ATK For The Now-Successful Morelos-3 Satellite
Orbital ATK’s contributions to the Atlas V and Morelos-3 satellite include cutting-edge technologies from across the company.
Arianespace Receives More Launches From ARSAT
These new ARSAT satellites will complement the services already offered by ARSAT-1 and soon ARSAT-2.
Ruslan International's Encore... Transports For The Second Time ARSAT Satellite To French Guiana
...is a huge step towards seeing an array of telecommunications services such as television, telephone and Internet access delivered across South America by an Argentine-owned satellite.
Sixty-Eight For Sixty-Eight... Arianespace Successfully Launches Sky Muster + ARSAT-2
This launch further extending Ariane 5’s track record of highly accurate payload delivery,
Arianespace Is All Pumped Up With Launch Approval + Initiates Prep For The Following Mission
The September 30 liftoff was authorized at completion of the launch readiness review.
Arianespace Announces AVUM Arrival
Developed by Italy’s Avio, the AVUM is the only liquid propellant system on the four-stage lightweight launcher.
Harris Supplying Falcon III Tactical Radios To Latin American Nation
“These radios address the customer’s requirements for high data rate communication networks to support a variety of complex military missions."—Chris Young, President, Harris Communication Systems.
Arianespace... Sky Muster and ARSAT-2 Muster Up For Lift Off September 30
The service provider's key objective is to ensure all Australians have access to fast broadband as soon as possible, at affordable prices and at the least cost to taxpayers.
Technology Innovation Of The Year Award Goes To Integrasys
Series Industry Awards in London.
The VSAT Global Conference is the annual meeting place for the major decision makers from across the industry to focus on key issues, discuss the latest industry developments and identify opportunities across the globe.
SES + Andean Community Train Together ... The Beginning Of A Great Digital Ecosystem Partnership
"These sessions will also open the doors for potential future partnerships between the Andean Community and SES in areas like disaster response communications and e-health.” 
Russia's Express AM8 Launches With A Spread Of Two Big Footprints 
Express AM8 will provide fixed and mobile communication services, as well as broadcast services for digital television and radio, plus data transmission, high-speed Internet access and secure government communications.
ABS-3A Ramps Up Ahead Of Schedule + Goes Commercial
...ABS-3A satellite built by Boeing has performed even better than expected having arrived ahead of schedule.
Talia Dialogs w/Newtec + Decides To Choose... Newtec Dialog® To Expand + Target Specific Markets
Talia is utilizing the Newtec Dialog platform to address needs identified in specific target markets, including enterprise, oil and gas and construction sectors.
NFL Renews Worldwide Contract w/RR Media + Makes A Touchdown w/First NFL Delivery To South America 
The contract covers live and non-live delivery into Asia, Europe and, for the first time, an opportunity to deliver games into South America.
Jampro's Antennas Give A Boost To Corporacion Medcom Panama = x 7
“We addressed the network’s difficult mounting requirements by designing, engineering and manufacturing tower modifications to allow for top mounting of the UHF panel antennas.
The FCube For Fregat—Arianespace New Soyuz Facility
Fregat is an autonomous and flexible upper stage that extends the Russian-built Soyuz’ capability to perform a full range of missions.
A Fashion Plate For SES ...World's First Ultra HD Channel, Fashion One 4K
...a major fashion, entertainment and lifestyle television network, have launched the world’s first global Ultra HD channel, Fashion One 4K.
TV Cultura Plugs Into Intelsat Enhancing Brazil's DTT  = 300 Terrestrial Towers 
“Ensuring reliable, high quality and secure content distribution on a global basis is often a complex, exercise.”