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Recent South/Central America News
Arianespace's Upcoming Vega Push Is Underway As Two Zerofire Stages Arrive In French Guiana 
The mission to loft LISA Pathfinder is designated Flight VV06 in Arianespace's launcher family numbering system, and will be the sixth Vega launch from the Spaceport since its introduction.
HISPASAT's 12th Year... Magic Route To The Emeralds + Critical Need For SatCom Connection
The advanced services and technological solutions show the advantages of satellites for transmitting information to remote areas with geographic obstacles.
Harris + CPqD Contracted Monitor + Control Brazilian Air Force 
The contract will enable network operations center personnel to remotely monitor Brazilian Airspace Control System equipment, including surveillance, navigation, and communications systems.
Launcher Elements For A Dual Launch Mission In September Arrive In French Guiana For Arianespace Action
The Ariane 5 launch this September with NBN Co 1A and ARSAT-2 is designated Flight VA226 in Arianespace's numbering system.
EUTELSAT 8 West B + Intelsat 34 Co-Passengers + Will Be Seventh Liftoff In 2015 At Arianespace
These pre-launch activities kicked off this month, following separate arrivals of the two spacecraft.
NSR Reports Plummeting Bandwidth Pricing Is Bittersweet ...More For Users = More Work For Vendors Before ROI  
While users enjoy lower bandwidth pricing and perhaps more for less, some vendors may struggle with proving ROI as bandwidth prices plummet.
Arianespace Receives EUTLESAT 8 ... Preparations Begin For August 20 Launch
designed to bring powerful new satellite broadcasting resources for Eutelsat Communications to the Middle East and North Africa...
Space Systems/Loral's Golden Moment...50th Satellite For Intelsat... Arrives Safely @ European Spaceport
“SSL has been an important manufacturing partner of Intelsat for more than 35 years and has designed and delivered nearly half of the satellites in the Intelsat fleet...”
China/Brazil's Mutual Satellite Now In Orbit... Launched In December 2014
Data from the satellite will be used in crop estimate, survey of geological disasters and other fields, and will be provided to African and Latin American countries for free...
Star One C4 + MSG-4 Enter The Arianespace Launch Zone
The completed Ariane 5 was moved today (Monday, July 13th) on its mobile launch table from the Final Assembly Building.
Arianespace All Set To Push Star One C4 + MSG-4 Satellites Out To Orbit
Ariane 5 will deliver a total lift performance of more than 8,580 kg. on the July 15 mission, designated Flight VA224.
MSG-4 + Star One C4 Are Now Scheduled For Launch On July 15...
The VA224 launch checks have been satisfactorily completed.
Bolivian Space Agency Selects Gilat...  Enables Comprehensive Connectivity Capabilities For National VSAT Platform 
“Once ABE launched its own satellite, we enabled them to become a fully integrated satellite operator.”
Axesat's LATAM Services To Leverage The Intelsat EpicNG Platform
Axesat will consolidate services spread across multiple satellites and operators, including Intelsat 805 and Intelsat 14, onto Intelsat 907 at 332.5 degrees East and Intelsat 29e at 310 degrees East.
XV Pacific Games in Port Moresby - Sports Facilities Show Mapping By Pléiades Satellites
Look down now at what will soon be crawling with people come time for the XV Pacific Games.
Star One C4 + MSG-4 Are Into Integration For Arianespace' VA224 Mission
The upcoming mission is designated Flight VA224, signifying the 224th Ariane-series launch to date.
An Evolution For The Largest Distance Learning Program In Brazil Powered By iDirect
“Government data shows that only about one-third of all children in Brazil make it to the sixth grade."—Rob Kilroy, Regional V.P., Sales, iDirect.
Using Portable SATCOM Connections, Among Others, Dejero Pumps Up TV TEM In Brazil
"The Dejero technology has increased the mobility of our news teams and enabled them to go live immediately, rather than waiting for the vehicle to arrive."—Ewerton Maciel, Director of Technology, TV TEM.
Vega Is Rarin' To Go For Its Fifth Launch On June 22nd
After its launch by Vega, Sentinel-2A will join the Sentinel-1A spacecraft orbited by an Arianespace Soyuz mission in April 2014.
Satellite Operator ABE In Bolivia Completes Trial Campaign With Newtec Technology
The Ka-band tests demonstrated three main use-case scenarios.