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A Big Deal For Cloud Constellation Corporation
Cloud Constellation's SpaceBelt service offers a key market differentiator for data infrastructure providers, Internet service providers and telecommunications organizations.
Arianespace's Two New Contracts In New Year...JSAT and Intelsat
On January 4, 2017 Satnews.com shared Arianespace's announcement regarding...
JSAT and Arianespace Sign On To Go Up Together
Their aim is to maintain stable and high-quality satellite communications services.
First Satellite For Brazil's Visiona Scheduled For Launch This March
The satellite will be shipping to French Guiana shortly for launch...
Post Launch Maneuvers For JCSAT-15 All Proceeding As Planned
The satellite deployed its solar arrays on schedule and will fire the main thruster later today in order to propel the satellite toward  final, geosynchronous orbit.
Arianespace's Record Year  Of Sending Satellites Skyward 
lead contractor for Europe’s future Ariane 6 launcher, which is scheduled for a first flight in 2020 and which will replace Ariane 5 in about 2023.
Arianespce's Work Horse Soared To Success Launching Star One D1 And JCSAT-15
Today's launch involves former satisfied customers whose experience with Arianespace goes back a long ways.
Boeing Has Designs On ViaSat... Two Sats Pass PDR Muster
"The ViaSat-3 class of satellites are the highest power payloads a Boeing-built 702 satellite platform has ever supported, coupled with the efficiency of all-electric propulsion."
Arianespace Is Twice As Good...Closes Out The Year With A Double Launch
and is the second time during the year that Arianespace will orbit two passengers
Ariane 5's Heavy Lift Launcher... It Ain't Heavy It's Dual Satellites 
For the second time this year, Arianespace will orbit two SSL-built satellites on the same Ariane 5 launcher.
Japan Gettin' Ready For Upcoming JCSAT-15 Launch
For the second time this year, Arianespace will orbit two SSL-built satellites on the same Ariane 5 launcher.
Hispasat 36W-1 Dismounts In French Guiana
Arriving aboard a chartered Antonov An-124 cargo jetliner was Hispasat 36W-1...
Göktürk-1 Gains Space
The launch was carried out by Arianespace from the European spaceport in Kourou in French Guiana at 14:51 CET aboard a VEGA launch vehicle.
MultiSat Reaps A Licensed Affair In Mexico For Inmarsat Services
The Ka-band authorization includes Inmarsat I5 satellites...
Brazil Getting Packed Heading To The Moon By 2020 With Nanosatellite Garatéa-L
The scientists plan on taking advantage of one of the most promising kinds of equipment in terms of space exploration.
LeoSat Lands A Launch Partner With Globalsat Group
LeoSat’s new system of LEO satellites can deliver lower latency and stronger end-to-end security when compared to traditional satellite...
Brazil's EchoStar 23 To Launch In The New Year... And Report About SpaceX Explosion 
SpaceX is expected to inform insurance underwriters about the cause of the September 1 failure,
Arianespace...May Be End Of Year But No Slow Down In Heavy Lifting...Two Sats Set To Fly
Star One D1 is the largest satellite ever built for Brazil’s Embratel Star One
GÖKTÜRK-1A In Gantry Gets Arianespace Attention
The GÖKTÜRK-1A passenger will be deployed for operation in Sun-synchronous orbit...
"Go" For Galileo Rec'd For Arianespace Flight VA233
This launch will deploy a quartet of Galileo spacecraft during a nearly four-hour flight.