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Inmarsat's GX5 Liftoff Date is Established
The expected mission time of the Ariane 5 rocket is 34 minutes, 14 seconds, with separation of the 4,007 kg. GX5 satellite the final step at approximately 34 minutes, 7 seconds after launch.
Eighth Ariane 5 Mission Fairing Well for Arianespace
During activity in Ariane 5’s Final Assembly Building, the upper payload component – containing TIBA-1, mounted on its SYLDA dispenser system...
Sorry, rocket fans — Vandenberg won’t launch an Argentine satellite next year. Here’s why
The popular story is that the United States avoids launching polar orbits from Florida after debris from a failed 1960 Thor rocket fell on Cuba, killing a cow.
Gilat's $10 Million Backhaul Services in Peru
The infrastructure and network that Gilat recently started to operate is the basis for the mobile coverage that will be provided by a large mobile...
Telefonica Selects Comtech EF Data's Height™ Platform for Brazilian and Argentinian Mobile Networks
The Heights™ Networking Platform combines years of innovations and includes industry best VersaFEC® Forward Error Correction, Heights™...
Space-Based ADS-B Deployment Agreement Signed Between Aireon and COCESNA
Spanning the entire Central American flight information region (FIR), COCESNA’s region encompasses more than 2.6 million square kilometers ...
Hiltron Delivers to 50 Sites Worldwide ... Large-Scale High-Throughput Satellite Monitoring System
Each system includes a Hiltron HCS-4 satellite communication controller to form the central control element for a wide range of satcom applications.
Arianespace to Launch ESA's EarthCARE Collaborative Satellite 
the role clouds and aerosols play in reflecting incident solar radiation back into space and trapping infrared radiation emitted from Earth's surface.
Launch Processing Underway for the TIBA-1 Satellite by Arianespace
Preparations so far have included TIBA-1’s fit-check – an initial milestone validating the satellite’s compatibility with the adapter that will serve as the...
Arianespace to Launch ESA's Seventh Earth Explorer Satellite
Biomass will spend at least five years making detailed observations and witnessing at least eight growth cycles in the world's forests.
ANGELS, CHEOPS and Egypt's TIBA-1 Arrive at Arianespace for Upcoming Launches
The three spacecraft – TIBA-1, CHEOPS and ANGELS – subsequently were unloaded from the An-124 aircraft for transfer by road to the...
AXESS Network's Bogota Teleport Gains WTA Tier 3 Certification
Since its introduction at IBC 2015, the Certification program has quickly grown in popularity. Starting with one certified facility in 2015, the program...
FlexMaritime from Intelsat to Empower KVH Elite® VSAT Streaming Service
KVH Elite is a global, high-performing, resilient network with multi-layered satellite coverage powered by Intelsat’s FlexMaritime service...
Integrasys: @ Satellite Innovation 2019 with Products and Presentation
On the show floor at Booth 4, the company will offer insights into their Beam Budget and Satmotion API (OTC). The firm's CEO, Alvaro Sanchez...
Global IP's African Broadband Satellite Service to Try Again
The ‘new’ Global-IP project is backed by Bronzelink Holdings Ltd. of Hong Kong, and reports suggest that the company is looking to renegotiate the...
SpaceBridge Delivers Large Scale Cellular Backhaul Over Satellite in Brazil
For the first time, the city and the festival sites were served with coverage, by mobile cellular COW — Cellular On Wheels. Phone, data and streaming...
Ariane 6 Flies Through Critical Review, on the Home Stretch ... Gets Ready for 2020 Launch
From the planning process conception to Critical Design Review (CDR), the Ariane 6 launcher is continuing on a positive journey, so far.
A Conversation With ... Andrey Kirillovich, Director of Integration and Products, Russian Satellite Communications Company
Andrey shared an interesting 'twist' regarding his customers' expertise. As he said, they are open to cooperation and have a lot of examples of...
Thales Alenia Space Enables Brazil to to Deliver Optical Instruments for Brazil
in 2017 and already brings high speed internet to more than 7,000 Public Schools through the Brazilian e- Government Initiative, GESAC.
Axesat and CETel Merge to Create AXESS Networks 
AXESS combines experiences of two individual leading companies from two continents ... and a new true global leader rises within our thrilling industry.