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Talia and Arabsat's Partnership Ensures Secure TV Broadcast 
customers can benefit from secure broadcasting service that is immune to signal jamming and interference at 26 degrees E hot spot.
Arianespace to Launch KARI's KOMPSAT-7 Satellite
For nearly 30 years, Arianespace and Korea’s satellite technology research centers have developed a sound relationship, with the launch of both...
New Satellite Tech Partnership in Chile for Agri Data
Launching this partnership at an industry event in Osorno in Chile’s Los Lagos region, Cooprimsem agricultural engineer and soil control expert...
Brazil Plans for Lucrative Small Sat Launch Business, But First Must Provide U.S. Safeguards
A previous attempt at a U.S.-Brazilian space partnership was scuttled in 2003 when the TSA ran into resistance from the leftist government of former ...
Latin American Viewers Can Now Access Insight TV via the SES-14 Satellite
Insight TV’s unique 4K UHD content is now available on a 24/7 basis in English, Spanish and Portuguese to all cable, IPTV and DTH providers who...
At Andicom in Colombia, Globalsat Presents Iridium Certus Comms Solutions
With their presence in Andicom 2018, Globalsat presented on-site demonstrations of all high-portability satellite solutions for voice, data and...
MT Aerospace Successfully Completes An Important Milestone in their Ariane 6 Launch Facilities Construction Contract
With the transfer of the ARIANE 6 launching table from its assembly site to its final position, an important milestone has been achieved in the...
Intelsat Enjoys a Contract Extension from Grupo Television
As part of the new, multi-year agreement, Grupo Televisa will leverage Intelsat’s global hybrid network to distribute its payTV programming to...
Cayman Islands Implements Emergency SATCOM System
Prompted by communications issues that arose following devastating storms in the Caribbean last year, the British government is equipping their...
Ariane 6 Engines' Good 'Report Card' After a Successful Summer Sendoff
This is a decisive step in the development of the Vinci®, as this re-ignition capability is a key features of Ariane 6, notably for launching satellite constellations.
Back to School ... PCI Geomatics' Educational Alliance Agreement with the State University of Rio de Janeiro
offers opportunities encouraging communication between the university and PCI Geomatics’ scientists, and provides an outlet to the commercial world,
Brazil Welcomes Teledyne Paradise Datacom as They Set Up Shop Expanding Their Footprint
Here they will launch an in-country business operations that serve as a single point of contact (POC) for customers in that country. 
Iridium's Certus Draws a Crowd in Chile for Training With Iridium, Cobham and Thales
asked questions, got answers and later enjoyed a cocktail to celebrate at the end of the activity and the start of new business opportunities.
Telesat’s New Telstar 19 VANTAGE Satellite Goes Commercial ... Now Operational
After the July 22 launch not much was heard about Telsat's Telstar 19 VANTAGE HTS satellite until now...
An Agreement for SSA Services and Info Signed by U.S. Strategic Command with Brazilian Ministry of Defense
Brazil joins 14 nations — the United Kingdom, the Republic of Korea, France, Canada, Italy, Japan, Israel, Spain, Germany, Australia, Belgium, the United Arab Emirates, Norway, and Denmark ...
ESA's Satellite Aeolus is Gone with the Wind as Arianespace Successfully Launches
Vega C will offer higher performance in terms of payload capacity and greater flexibility from nanosatellites to large optical and radar observation satellites
UPDATE: 24-hour Postponement Due to Weather for Arianespace's Launch of Aeolus Satellite
All are ready as the payload processing for Arianespace’s two upcoming missions from French Guiana involving the European Space Agency’s Aeolus
XipLink's New Sales Executive ...He Has Experience for Fast Growth in Latin America
he is moving from the space capacity side to the network optimization business, XipLink is fortunate to obtain his sales leadership at the right time.
Airbus Built the Aeolus Satellite for ESA Now Ready for Aladin and the Wind 
Airbus-built Aeolus satellite ready to take on the wind ESA’s wind sensing spacecraft Aeolus, is encapsulated into the Vega launcher ready for lift-off
AST's New Growth Isn't Measured in Feet ... But in Continents
Expansion can mean a larger office, or an entire building to better serve their clients. How about an expansion that includes offices on three continents?