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Arianespace Lines 'em Up For Another Launch... EUTELSAT 8 West B + Intelsat 34 
 The fourth Ariane 5 for liftoff in 2015 has begun...
Satellite To Spin Shooting Stars Of The Colorful Kind
Lena Okajima, who holds a doctorate in astronomy, says her company—ALE—is intending to launch a micro satellite that can eject shooting stars at exactly the right time and place to put on a celestial show.
Inmarsat Signs On World-Link Communications As A FleetBroadband Partner
"World-Link has made a significant investment to enhance its Inmarsat network infrastructure that will bring increased benefit to their customers and the maritime market.”—Ronald Spithout, President, Inmarsat Maritime.
​Thales Alenia Space Expands Into Poland @ 6th European Conference for Aeronautics and Space Sciences
Poland has announced an ambitious space policy, especially for defense and Earth observation applications, areas where Thales Alenia Space offers extensive expertise.
TSoIP Is Now Supported By NovelSat For Their Entire Line Of Satellite Transmission Offerings
“Together with standard ASI video transmission and IP support, NovelSat has now expanded its compatibility with support for all IRDs and encoders that use TSoIP.”—Dan Peleg, CTO, NovelSat.
Those Oh So Critical First Days In Space Have Now Been Surmounted By Sentinel-2A
"We conducted our first orbital maneuver using the Sentinel-2A thrusters yesterday, and this went exactly as planned."—Franco Marchese, Spacecraft Operations Manager, ESA,
Third Time Is Not The Charm As Third Company Has Mishap...SpaceX  Explodes w/Supplies + Experiments On Way To ISS...
This is a revised announcement from yesterday's news.
SSTL... How 'The Little Engine That Could'... Builds The First Microsatellite Now Celebrates 30 Years Of Space Innovation
"Firsts": the first microsatellite with in-orbit re-programmable computer and the first to fly a CCD area array Earth imager. 
ASC Signal Sponsors Second In Video Series “Satellites And The Beautiful Game” = 3 Billion Viewers + $4 Billion Return
How the soccer ball got its design...Needing a design that would show up on black-and-white T they modeled it after the Telstar satellite. 
Arianespace Lines 'em Up For Another Launch... EUTELSAT 8 West B + Intelsat 34 
 The fourth Ariane 5 for liftoff in 2015 has begun...
Arab Advisors Group Reveal... 70 Percent Of Arab Satellite TV Channels Have Online Sites  
Spurred by the increasing uptake of the Internet service in the Arab World, many channels in the Arab TV industry have established an online presence.
Globalstar Fires Up Botswana's Gateway w/ Simplex Satellite Coverage...African Businesses Benefit + More
Much of the African continent has limited terrestrial and/or mobile infrastructure.
Fair Weather Ahead As Spire Closes Series B Round Of Funding... Plans Expansion Of Weather Sats From 20 To 100+
The latest round of financing comes at a time when the need for advancements in weather and maritime data is at an all-time high.
Iridium Pushes Their Go-To-Market Partners Forward
"This is a stellar group of service providers that represent some of the very best across the industry."—Joel Thompson, V.P. + G.M., terrestrial business unit, Iridium.
 Orbital ATK's SATMEX-1 Checks Out + Checks Off The 'To Do' List For CIRECTV Now In Orbit
“Orbital ATK not only delivered the satellite four months early, but the satellite mission and in-orbit testing proceeded flawlessly,”
Using Portable SATCOM Connections, Among Others, Dejero Pumps Up TV TEM In Brazil
"The Dejero technology has increased the mobility of our news teams and enabled them to go live immediately, rather than waiting for the vehicle to arrive."—Ewerton Maciel, Director of Technology, TV TEM.
Vega Is Rarin' To Go For Its Fifth Launch On June 22nd
After its launch by Vega, Sentinel-2A will join the Sentinel-1A spacecraft orbited by an Arianespace Soyuz mission in April 2014.
Satellite Operator ABE In Bolivia Completes Trial Campaign With Newtec Technology
The Ka-band tests demonstrated three main use-case scenarios.