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Recent Business Moves News
TeleCommunication Systems To Manage USMC Satellite Services
The services include Ku- satellite bandwidth, terrestrial support and 24-hour support.
Russia's Most Difficult Goal...By 2020 GLONASS K-2 Satellites Made 100 Percent Russian
“making a satellite 100 percent Russian” is a hard task."
The Mix Is In From Fairview Microwave
The company's new MMIC IQ mixers (also known as IQ modulators) use a highly reliable GaAs MESFET semiconductor process.
An Event Of Special Insights — The Fifth Annual Space and Satellite Regulatory Colloquium
The event will include 11 panels of legal and regulatory experts who will discuss the most pressing of issues.
Lockheed Martin Is Enlisted With USAF...  $395 Million For GPS III Satellites 
The contract includes funding for long-lead items and full production for the next two space vehicles (SVs) in the Air Force’s nexgen GPS III constellation.
Kymeta Reveals Flat Is The Future At The Monaco Yacht Show
The Kymeta satellite antenna design provides a secure, scalable and future-proof system that will meet the needs of owners and crew while delivering on the promise of global, mobile connectivity and entertainment.
AT&T Moving New Customers To DIRECTV Instead Of U-verse... But For How Long?
The referenced Bloomberg report has indicated that the company has been planning to discontinue even its satellite TV services.
A Core Solution For Wireless Network Transmission Of Classified Info From PacStar®
PacStar IQ-Core Software with CSfC Plug-in removes the complexity, providing rapid, intuitive communications management for the US Army.
Christopher Columbus' Brother's Space Journey With Airbus Defence and Space & Neumann Space
Its all-in-one payload mission service will attract customers from areas including Earth observation, technology demonstrators, astro- and heliophysics, material science and new space flight applications.
Sea Launch Acquired By S7 Group
The CEO of Russia's S7 Group, Vladislav Filen, flew to the IAC in Guadalajara, Mexico, to sign papers that would find his company acquiring Sea Launch.
ULA's Vulcan Verification Pathway Now Has SMC Cooperation
This cooperative, jointly-written agreement facilitates data exchanges and protects proprietary and export-controlled data.
Future Leaders & Mentor Of The Year Named By SSPI
The Promise Awards honor three satellite executives age 35 and under for outstanding achievement in the early stages of their career as well as the Mentor of the Year.
Singtel Brings Inmarsat's Fleet Xpress To Asia & "K" Line Ship Management Singapore
The installation was recently completed on “K” Line Ship Management Singapore’s (“K” Line) container ship Houston Bridge.
Swedish Space Corporation's Search... Seeks Special Satellite Services VP
The Swedish Space Corporation operates as one of the largest civilian networks of ground stations, providing access to satellites in any orbit.
DataPath® ...Wanted 200 Employees...Recruits For Jobs In 20 Countries 
DataPath has delivered field services and satellite equipment to the US military for more than 20 years, however this new award expands both ...
Thuraya Telecommunications Highlights SATCOM Investment Saves & Improves Lives
Recent studies indicate that by 2022, the use of satellite communication will rapidly increase globally with a maximum growth expected from countries in the MENA region.
A Rocket Hardware Challenge Has Been Issued By United Launch Alliance
The company invites participants to design a launch support attachment bracket for the new Atlas V rocket.
The EUMETSAT Satellite Conference Celebrates The Future As Well As Their Anniversary
Preparations for data from future satellite systems, such as the highly innovative Meteosat Third Generation, will be prominently featured in the program.
NASA's Armstrong Flight Research Center Presents... Their History
Armstrong, the agency's lead center for atmospheric flight research operations, began its storied history in the high desert in September 1946.
Smallsats Are Not Disruptive To Space Situational Awareness
Smallsats and cubesats should not be viewed as a major contributor to congestion or in creating space debris in LEO, at least based on recent history, a panel of experts presenting at the AMOS conference in Maui, Hawaii, said on September 23rd. [SpaceNews]