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Recent Business Moves News
SES' Stress Sequestration
Nature Relaxation Ultra HD TV results from a partnership between the world’s leading HD relaxation channel NatureVision TV and the highly acclaimed nature cinematographer David Huting
A Major Magellan Contribution By TeamCast
The focus of the project is the building and testing of the ground segment of an advanced broadband and broadcast access network.
Xytech Has The Floor At NAB New  York
These two initiatives embody the Xytech promise of providing flexible, scalable and innovative solutions to clients.
Antwerp Space Cleaning Up For Important Projects
In this ultra-modern, secured work space, the Antwerp based company will be making components for various, international space projects.
Phasor Solutions Are Gogo Bound
Gogo's breakthrough technology is powerful and flexible and can, therefore, facilitate multiple in-flight connectivity applications.
ISRO Ground Tests ... A Mock Moon In India? Chandrayaan-2 Preps Lunar Landing
...the lead center for the country’s second moon mission, has artificially created eight to 10 craters to make the terrain resemble the lunar surface.
Gilat Satellite Networks Sprints With Their Backhaul
Sprint expects to deploy Gilat's high-speed Capricorn VSATs as a cellular backhaul solution.
Heightening South Korea's Satellite System Will Be Thales Alenia Space
The Korean regional system KASS will enhance the positioning performance provided by the current GPS satellite navigation system and will also address Glonass and Galileo in the future.
Will They Bring Bagpipes? Scotland's Clyde Space Envisions Small Sat Offices In US
A sales office in Northern California, and a manufacturing center will open on the east coast, to complement the six satellites a month being delivered...
du Does It... First Middle East Teleport Receives WTA's Tier 3 Certification
...'du', the UAE-based telecommunications service provider, as the first company in the Middle East to receive this certification.
Ciao! And G'day! Come Together To Go Up Together... Italy & Australia Collaborate In Space Endeavors
“The success of this test launch takes us one step closer to the realization of hypersonic flight.” 
The Astrome Plan Is to Launch 150 Satellites By 2020
About 150 satellites weighing 120 kg each would be orbiting the Earth, taking turns in Internet beaming, thereby forming a network in space.
Honeywell Aerospace & Satcom Direct Tie In For Inmarsat Aviation Service Distribution
SwiftBroadband-Safety hardware is available for initial retrofit installation on existing aircraft today and will become a standard option on new aircraft deliveries from 2018.
SES Subsidiary MX1 Extends The 1-2-3.tv Contract
1-2-3.tv offers a wide range of products to consumers via their TV auction format.
Intelsat 19 Engages With Nine Network Australia
Services will be initially provided via Intelsat's Australia/New Zealand Ku-band beam resident on Intelsat 19.
NOAA Distributing Millions To Improve Severe Weather Forecasting
NOAA focused this year’s grant competition on projects that improve severe storm and water forecasts through improved forecast models, new observational capabilities and better methods of assimilating data into weather forecast models.
Inmarsat And Vodafone Roam For The IoT
The extensive coverage and high network availability, even in extreme environmental conditions, enable satellite-powered IoT organizations to extend their services beyond terrestrial networks...
Into The Black Sea Goes Thuraya With A New Service Partner
The agreement to distribute services and products to European end users follows Thuraya’s recent expansion of its maritime portfolio with the launch of Atlas IP.
How To: Get Booted Into Space Even Faster... Copernicus' Accelerated Bootcamp
"We need business to develop tailor-made applications for specific users; reach out to new users, communities and sectors; and sell products to international markets.
Thaicom Contracts With China Great Wall Industry Corporation For A New Satellite
The satellite project is valued at approximately $208 million.