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Recent Business Moves News
SpeedCast Racks Up Another Feature... Addition Of Global Xpress Services For Global Government
GX is the world’s first globally available mobile broadband service from a single operator to deliver seamless, secure, high-speed connectivity on land, at sea, and in the air from a single operator.  
SPAWAR Turns To ViaSat To 'Pump Them Up'... US Navy's UHF Satellite Communications Network 
maintaining the long-term viability of proven UHF systems; ensuring Navy warfighters have ongoing support and access to proven communications technology when in the battlespace.
Commercial Space Ventures "Take Off" — A Dentons Focus
At present, United States Government review processes tied to the launch licensing framework—such as the Payload Review process—are limited to payloads launched from the United States.
L-3 Cincinnati Electronics How A Team Can Launch A Rocket On A Secret Mission 
The AFSPC-6 mission carried satellites for the Geosynchronous Space Situational Awareness Program (GSSAP) to identify and monitor potential threats in geosynchronous orbit...
On The Show Floor... ETL Systems To Demo & Detail...
Among the technologies on display will be ETL Systems’ new Hurricane series switch Matrix/Router.
RigNet Throws Out A Net To Capture A Contract... Software As A Service For Offshore Fleet
The end-to-end connectivity solution includes RigNet’s deployment of CrewWifi, a SaaS offering, over the existing managed services.
The Hertz Is On For OHB
The contract for satellite-side technology management is worth a total of around 10 million euros.
Honeywell Certifies...Inmarsat's NexGen GX Aviation JetWave™ Makes a Big Splash
...airlines, business aviation operators and leading aircraft companies can offer high-quality connectivity even at 40,000 feet, using a single network from a single provider.
ISRO To Launch Four Sats in Three Months And Plans To Go To The Moon And The Sun 
The Indian Space Research Organization has ambitious goals with the launching of four key satellites and trips to the moon and the sun.
GEE What A Great Improvement In Communications For Nakilat's Service Vessels
The installations were completed recently on eight Nakilat vessels, which will ensure continuous connectivity for their ships sailing global routes.
GomSpace And Swedish Space Going Small
Future operational nanosatellite missions will depend on constellations of satellites and therefore require the ability to fly these satellite in an accurate formation...developed by NanoSpace.
Major Maritime Moves By Satcom Global & Intellian
Satcom Global has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Intellian.
Advantech Wireless Sending SOTM Modem To NATO Aligned Nation
The AMT-83L possesses a much higher data rate...
UltiSat Into ISR For Lockheed Martin & US Army
UltiSat will support the SS-AISR program in AISR data collection, ground-based processing, exploitation, and dissemination for missions worldwide.
The Cloud Is In Space & Is Engaged In Belt Tightening
Four of the world's leading aerospace manufacturers have provided Letters of Technical Confidence.
Farming Facilitation With Imagery In India
This private satellite data analytics company aims to build a 15 year archive of satellite images over the Indian subcontinent.
Reliable, Viable, Verifiable—SpeedCast's New Government Comms Work
SpeedCast has just signed a partnership agreement with Airbus Defence and Space to offer military-grade satellite communication services to the Australia and New Zealand governments.
Industry Investments Presented In Depth At Space Foundation's Recent Boutique Forum
Space Foundation offered a venue that was able to present a number of panels and discussions that could only be described as intensely interesting and informative.
Moving On Up... Davison To Executive Director & Eddings To Executive Team At AQYR
AQYR develops, designs, manufactures, and supports compact, auto-acquisition Very Small Aperture Terminals (VSAT) and accessory products for commercial and military markets.
To Globecomm's Cloud Go The Pest Eradicators
This move will take advantage of newer technologies to offer its customers a better solution for their enterprise communications.