Current Satellite News
October 9th, 2015
NRO Payload + 13 CubeSats Make For Obit After Liftoff Via ULA Atlas V With Orbital ATK Contributions
This is ULA’s 10th launch in 2015 and the 101st successful launch since the company was formed in December 2006.
Spaceflight's Falcon 9 To Transport Israel's SpaceIL Winners Of Google's Lunar XPRIZE ...'Ticket' To The Moon  
...announced a significant milestone in its race to the moon: securing a “ticket to the moon” on a SpaceX Falcon 9 launcher,
LISA Pathfinder Arrives @ Arianespaceport...Will Detect Ripples In Space-Time Per Einstein's Theory Of Relativity
will help test and validate the technology in space needed for detecting low-frequency gravitational waves, which are ripples in
space-time predicted by Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity.
Harris CapRock Communications Pumps Dynamic Bandwidth To Nearly 100 O&G Sites 
Harris CapRock launched Advanced VSAT in 2014 and first deployed it on Royal Caribbean Cruises’ global fleet and customer operations networks in the Gulf of Mexico.
Ongoing Support For Government Communications Demo'd By Inmarsat During Pacific Endeavor Exercise
The event was co-hosted by U.S. Pacific Command (USPACOM) and the Armed Forces of The Philippines (AFP) J6 and took place in Manila, Philippines.
UHD Delivery In APAC Via AsiaSat's AsiaSat 4 Satellite With Rohde & Schwarz Hardware Support
The high-power coverage provided by AsiaSat 4 will enable broadcasters and pay-TV platforms with an AsiaSat 4 C-band antenna in the Asia-Pacific region to receive the UHD channel directly.
Acquiring Minds Wish To Know... ScheduALL Acquired By Net Insight
The acquisition of ScheduALL is an important strategic initiative for Net Insight.
Comtech EF Data's New Position, VP Of Market Development, Goes To A Mobile Backhaul Veteran
Swardh will lead Comtech EF Data’s market development, business development and product marketing functions for the 2G/3G/LTE mobile backhaul market.
NASA's Challenge To 54 Lucky Students...Design, Construct, Test, Launch + Recover Reusable Rocket + Its Payload 
The MAV challenge requires teams to develop an autonomous system to insert a sample container into their rocket, launch and safely recover both the sample and the rocket.
Mobil Satellite Technologies Enables Upgrade To Robust Sat Broadband Service + Continue Using Ku-Band Equipment
The Mobil Satellite Technologies satellite network has been configured to support this new service with 1.2 meter antennas with only an 8 Watt BUC