Current Satellite News
November 24th, 2014
Never Too Early To Start The Prep For an Arianespace March 2015 Launch
The cryogenic core stage was raised into place over one of two mobile launch tables available...
SOS Service From Thuraya To Assist Dubai Police With Emergencies
"This is the first time that we are launching such a service with local authorities."
NASA's Confidence in Orbital’s Pegasus Rocket... the Launch of an ICON...
It is the world’s only small space launch vehicle that has been certified with NASA’s Risk Category 3, which the space agency reserves for its highest value space missions. 
Great Balls Of Bolides—NASA Maps Fireballs
“How big is the population of larger asteroids that we really need to worry about? We need to better understand that.”
Continued Service Improvements Results In ISO 90001 Certification for KB Impuls Hellas
Certification is renewed for satellite related services...
Globalstar's Sat-Fi Takes Smart Phones To Another Level...Reliable Connectivity On Land + Sea
"This device might become one of the most 10 beneficial inventions."
Northrop Grumman + NASA...An Ultralight that is a Good Reflection on SMAP Mission
"Ultralightweight technology is critical to meet the demanding requirements of this mission,"
SIS LIVE is  the DrivingForce Behind Sky News' Success
the vehicle's reduced weight allows it to be installed on a smaller 3.2T vehicle, avoiding large vehicle speed restrictions and so enabling faster travel to the breaking news event.