Current Satellite News
September 30th, 2014
Airbus Defence & Space's Satellite + Maritime SATCOM Biz, As Well as Marlink, Go On Sale...
[SatNews]...This decision has been taken as a result was described as the "next logical step" following a 2013 meeting... 
Russia's Proton-M Launches Luch + Successfully Separates
[SatNews] It was this years’ fifth launch with use of the Proton carrier and the first launch after the accident...
Rumors Of A Sea Launch Sale To Israel Are Refuted
[SatNews] There is no plan to sell, however there is "cooperation in the sphere of launching spacecraft."
General Services Administration Renews...HughesON™ Solutions Are On Target
[SatNews] “With today’s budget constraints, agency telecom officials are faced with doing more with less—"
Globalstar Gateway Gets Going In Botswana
[SatNews] "Whether you are going to southern Africa on a safari, work assignment, or to perform humanitarian work, the ability to let your friends, family or colleagues know that you are "OK..."
NetComm Wireless Is Routing M2M
[SatNews] ...designed to deliver seamless connectivity to applications in areas such as retail, asset management, healthcare, security and agriculture.
NOAA's New NESDIS Leader + Silver Snoopy Award
[SatNews]  He is the recipient of several awards, including from NASA the Silver Snoopy Award (1994) and...
Comtech Xicom Technology Showcase @ MILCOM 2014
[SatNews] ...and the new products provide an increase in linear power, in small packages, all with greater efficiency.