Current Satellite News
February 11th, 2016
GVF Advanced SATCOM Pro Certification Awarded To Telekom Malaysia
Telekom Malaysia of Kuala Lumpur entered into the program as part of an international industry initiative to promote best practice.
If You Have The Mobility Innovation, MSUA Might Have An Award For You...
If your company has made a significant impact in one of these areas proving to be a top innovator and contributor to the satellite communications mobility market, MSUA wants to hear from you.
USAF's NROL-45 Launches... Rocks 'n' Rolls It's National Reconnaissance Payload Into The Blue
A perfect launch in the early morning hours...
Aerojet Rocketdyne's Most Powerful Booster Engine Launches National Security Payload Into Orbit for US 
...the rocket was boosted off the pad by the RS-68A—the world’s most powerful liquid-hydrogen/liquid-oxygen booster engine, which provides 702,000 pounds of liftoff thrust.
Thales Alenia Space + ESA Sign €450 Million Contract ...Will Build Sentinel-3C and D Satellites For Copernicus Program
The main objective of the Sentinel-3 mission is the global observation of oceans and land, including their “color” and temperature, along with a precise measurement of ocean heights.
SapphireBlu™ SSPA/SSPB With GaN Technology Rolls Out From Advantech Wireless
This small form factor SSPA is designed to be hub mounted very close to the antenna’s flange input, eliminating losses through a waveguide, which will now make it possible for a relatively small SSPA—alone—to transmit the signal.
NOORSAT Heading Into CABSAT 2016 To Celebrate 10th Anniversary + Their Satellites
Over the last decade, NOORSAT has helped broadcasters to embrace technological developments within the sector, enabling them to make a smooth transition from SD to HD.
The AND Group Melds With Satcom Global With Marine + Offshore Systems Expertise
AND Group, now under the Satcom Global brand, will bring to the table their internationally recognised reputation and exclusive supply relationships with leading marine equipment manufacturers.
Orbital ATK Reflects Major Successes On Their Combined Operations One-Year Merger Anniversary
The merger brought into existence a new $4.5 billion space, defense and aviation systems manufacturer that employs approximately 12,000 people in 18 states across the US.
SSL + Busek... Feel The Electricity... Collaborate To Bring Solar Electric Propulsion Capabilities To US Government
Busek developed the first US built Hall Effect thruster to ever fly in space ...
Spaceflight Awarded First GSA Schedule Contract For Satellite Launch Services...Easy... Order CubeSats Online
US government agencies can now easily order CubeSat or MicroSat launches online, complete with pre-approved launch prices and a streamlined process
Lots Of COTS Conference Now Heading Into 20th Year
CMSE is the industry’s most comprehensive technical conference addressing successful practices for the use of both military and COTS components in military and space systems.