Current Satellite News
December 6th, 2016
Göktürk-1 Gains Space
The launch was carried out by Arianespace from the European spaceport in Kourou in French Guiana at 14:51 CET aboard a VEGA launch vehicle.
Day L-2...ULA Prepares For WGS-8 Launch For Enhanced Communications To US Troops
WGS satellites are important elements of a high-capacity satellite communications system providing enhanced communications capabilities to America's troops in the field for the next decade and beyond.
Pay As You Go SatTV For Sub Saharan Africa From Azuri Technologies
Customers obtain a complete home power package that includes a 24 inch television with built in satellite TV service...
ANA & H.I.S.Have A Yen For Space Tourism
The companies have invested a total of 50 million yen ($438,000) to accelerate development of a spacecraft that can carry two pilots and six passengers.
World's Longest Bidirectional 60 GHz Band Phased-Array Link
At a link distance of 300 meters, the 32-element array achieved a data rate of greater than 2 Gbps over all scan angles up to ±45 degrees.
Ultra HD TV Channel For Millennials & Gen-X'ers En Route Via SES-1
A mix of documentaries, sports, movies, and TV shows, 4KUNIVERSE will make its debut in January 2017 on the SES-1 satellite...
Hawaiian Airlines Gains AVIATORs From Cobham SATCOM
The Cobham system supports Inmarsat’s IP-based SwiftBroadband-Safety (SB-S) service and will deliver satellite connectivity to the cockpit for all voice and data applications...
Es’hailSat At Global Satshow Shows Off Es’hail-2 
With Es’hail-2 and our new teleport on schedule to become operational in 2017, we are scaling up on our marketing and sales efforts
A Tactical Debut By iDirect Government
The iDirect Series Tactical Hub is a ruggedized, compact, durable and deployable solution that is easy to set up due to its reduced size, weight and power (SWaP).
Farmstar For French Farmers Gets Down And Dirty... Enhances Crop Production
These new developments come at the right time: after an extremely difficult year, due to exceptionally poor meteorological conditions...