Current Satellite News
August 30th, 2016
Solving The Riddles Of The Universe Via China's Micius Satellite
The Micius was sending a green laser beam to the ground while the ground station was shooting a red laser to the satellite.
Panasonic Avionics Says No Missing Planes At Sea Ever Again
The aerospace unit of Japan's Panasonic has developed a new, satellite-based tracking application that can ensure no planes ever go missing at sea again.
A SpaceX Reusable To Boost SES-10 To GEO
The SES-10 satellite will be launched via a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.
On The Show Floor... SSPAs For 4K/8K Ultra HD Reveal From Advantech Wireless At IBC2016
They provide a 70 percent increase in linear transmit power, super high linearity and field proven reliability with a fraction of the size, weight and power.
On The Show Floor... SatService GmbH Prepared To Show All At IBC2016
The company will also be available to answer any questions concerning their equipment.
Qualcomm Chats With Indian Powers-That-Be Regarding SATCOM Connectivity
The system will have cellular and WiFi connectivity so people will be able to use phones and tablets to obtain access to the Internet.
Phasor's Game Changing Technology To Be In The Spotlight At SMM Hamburg
Developments in Smart Shipping and Big Data are driving a technological revolution at sea enabling a vast array of cost savings and efficiency improving applications.
Small Footprint & High Power Delivered By Teledyne Paradise Datacom
Teledyne Paradise Datacom has added a new 500W solid state power amplifier (SSPA) to the firm's line of Compact Outdoor GaN SSPAs.
A MOOC From EUMETSAT — Monitoring The Oceans Health
The course is timed to coincide with the coming on stream of satellite data and products from the Sentinel-3A satellite.
CPI's ASC Signal Division's Contract Sends Its Spira-Cone™ Antennas To Indonesia
This model includes mode voting technology, which is widely used in non-commercial HF systems, and extends the use of that technology into the commercial sector.
Meet With Team NOORSAT At IBC Regarding Broadcast, Media, Data And Telecom Services 
The NOORSAT team will be available to meet at the show with those interested in learning more about the company's broadcast, media, data and telecom services.
Real-Time Info Access For DoD End-User From SES GS Via O3b Networks
SES S.A. has been awarded this contract to provide an O3b Networks solution for the government customer.
Quick Adaptation To Differing Transport Sources From 2wcom
FlexDSR can receive and decode audio from a wide range of sources.
Measurement Systems Weak Links Eliminator
Keysight Technologies is now offering their free RF and Microwave Test Accessories catalog to help complete a company's or a project's test solutions needs.
YahClick & iDirect Gather Their Expertise To Offer VNO Services
Service Partners will also be able to commission, control and monitor their own remote sites, while designing and configuring their end to end IP network.
Is Anyone Out There? A Star's Radio Signals Spike... Scientists Seek SETI's Help
But astronomers have also asked SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) to take a closer look at whether they could be a message from ET. 
ISRO Successfully Tests Air-Breathing Scramjet Engine
This is akin to "lighting a matchstick in a hurricane condition and sustaining the flame" for six seconds.