Current Satellite News
July 7th, 2015
Russia Boasts Secret 'Super Weapon' ... Switches Off Foreign Satellites + Enemy Weapons... Claims Yet To Be Proven  
'Krasuha-4 system can suppress cruise missile's guidance systems, the weapons will be mounted on jets and warships'  ...  
MSG-4 + Star One C4 Are Now Scheduled For Launch On July 15...
The VA224 launch checks have been satisfactorily completed.
A Heavy Duty Role For ISRO's PSLV-C28 Launch Of SSTL Satellites
The DMC3 satellites will be launched into a single LEO plane at a phase-wise distance of 120 degrees between them, so they can take any image on the Earth’s surface every day.
NASA ... "Testing...Testing"... Before A Wallops Of A Launch Of Black Brant IX w/Brake + Radial Core Heat Tests
[SatNews] The rocket's name is like a character from the Old West, Black Brant, but there's nothing old about this rocket and the launch's mission.
This New Lockheed Martin Center Co-Locates Development, Testing + Production Of SATCOM Technologies
"We will also be applying new technology to develop reconfigurable payloads in orbit, creating more capable and affordable RF systems than ever before.”—Rick Ambrose, Exec. V.P., Lockheed Martin Space Systems.
Quicklink Demos Drone TV Using Inmarsat BGAN + Parrot Bebop Drone
The video was encoded with the H.265 / HEVC Midi Backpack, transmitted via the Inmarsat BGAN HDR service.
Orientation Back To Normal For NASA's Dawn Spacecraft
Dawn will remain at its current orbital altitude until the operations team has completed an analysis of what occurred and has updated the flight plan.
McMurdo Has Their First Aviation Contract Award
“China is a rapidly growing aviation market, and this win firmly establishes a foundation for future success in China and in Asia as a whole.”—Christian Belleux, Aviation + Military Business Unit Manager, McMurdo.
NASA's Innovative Space Programs... Submarines In The Icy Moons Of Planets, Tiny Satellites Measure Small Moons + More
... visionary concepts, including metallic lithium combustion for long-term robotics operations, submarines that explore the oceans of icy moons of the outer planets, and ...
 SIA Show + Tell... Organizes Satellite Technology Demo For Congress
“Whether delivering communications, imaging and remote sensing data, IP and television entertainment, navigation signals or life-saving critical voice and data links, the satellite industry impacts the lives of Americans in all walks of life.”
Virgin + ViaSat Collaborate... New Hybrid Ku-/Ka-Band Antenna Connects Passengers Everywhere + Fastest Inflight WiFi 
ViaSat's technology will deliver Internet speeds that are typically 8 to 10 times faster than any other in-flight WiFi system...
SKY MEXICO-1 (SKYM-1) Checks Out + Checks Off The 'To Do' List For DIRECTV Now In Orbit
“Orbital ATK not only delivered the satellite four months early, but the satellite mission and in-orbit testing proceeded flawlessly,”
Bolivian Space Agency Selects Gilat...  Enables Comprehensive Connectivity Capabilities For National VSAT Platform 
“Once ABE launched its own satellite, we enabled them to become a fully integrated satellite operator.”
NSR's 12th Edition Of Their Global Satellite Capacity Supply + Demand Report Releases Next Week
With 13 regions, 8 applications, and 8 different types of capacity covered in-depth GSCSD12 offers the most comprehensive satellite capacity analysis available.
On Orbit Demo For Aerojet Rocketdyne's XR-5A Thruster Meets With Success
"We bring a second generation product to market that provides our customers with a higher level of reliability and confidence.”—Eileen Drake, CEO + President, Aerojet Rocketdyne.
Kratos Defense & Security Solutions In Control For PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia...Upgrades TELKOM’s Master Control Station
 Its map-driven user interface allows operators to identify and overlay satellite and signal information, spectrum analyzer displays and other necessary elements to perform ...
NASA Awards Raytheon $240 Million Contract To Cover The Earth ...Earth Science Data System
Our focus is on making an enormous amount of data—the equivalent of 910 copies of Wikipedia—available to researchers any time so they can continue their important work."
Haigh-Farr's Good Vibrations ... Environmental Testing Facility Built w/Room To Grow
..."we are expanding our internal environmental test capabilities with the build-out of a comprehensive facility that will ultimately handle almost all aspects of environmental testing in-house.”
Space Foundation Report Reveals Encouraging News... Global Space Economy Climbs To $330 Billion 
Together, commercial space activities made up 76 percent of the global space economy.
RF/uW Switching Solutions Free Webinar From Keysight Technologies Is Upcoming
This presentation discusses how different types of switches can simplify your test setup and measurements and also how to create a switch matrix for single-connection-multiple measurements.