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Russia Boasts Secret 'Super Weapon' ... Switches Off Foreign Satellites + Enemy Weapons... Claims Yet To Be Proven  
'Krasuha-4 system can suppress cruise missile's guidance systems, the weapons will be mounted on jets and warships'  ...  
Virgin + ViaSat Collaborate... New Hybrid Ku-/Ka-Band Antenna Connects Passengers Everywhere + Fastest Inflight WiFi 
ViaSat's technology will deliver Internet speeds that are typically 8 to 10 times faster than any other in-flight WiFi system...
Space Foundation Report Reveals Encouraging News... Global Space Economy Climbs To $330 Billion 
Together, commercial space activities made up 76 percent of the global space economy.
NSR's 12th Edition Of Their Global Satellite Capacity Supply + Demand Report Releases Next Week
With 13 regions, 8 applications, and 8 different types of capacity covered in-depth GSCSD12 offers the most comprehensive satellite capacity analysis available.
RF/uW Switching Solutions Free Webinar From Keysight Technologies Is Upcoming
This presentation discusses how different types of switches can simplify your test setup and measurements and also how to create a switch matrix for single-connection-multiple measurements.
Third Time Is Not The Charm As Third Company Has Mishap...SpaceX  Explodes w/Supplies + Experiments On Way To ISS...
The good news is that no one died as a result of this launch anomaly
The Knowledge Center Debuts From GVF
"The GVF Training Program has reached a level of maturity and breadth that makes it ideal to serve as the primary, always-available knowledge resource for technical and other SATCOM professionals."—David Hartshorn, Secretary General, GVF.
ESA's Rosetta Reveals More Than Simple Balls Of Ice + Dust... This Comet Has Perfect Circular Pits
Almost immediately, scientists began to wonder about several surprisingly deep, almost perfectly circular pits on the comet’s surface.
XV Pacific Games in Port Moresby - Sports Facilities Show Mapping By Pléiades Satellites
Look down now at what will soon be crawling with people come time for the XV Pacific Games.
SSTL... How 'The Little Engine That Could'... Builds The First Microsatellite Now Celebrates 30 Years Of Space Innovation
"Firsts": the first microsatellite with in-orbit re-programmable computer and the first to fly a CCD area array Earth imager. 
ASC Signal Sponsors Second In Video Series “Satellites And The Beautiful Game” = 3 Billion Viewers + $4 Billion Return
How the soccer ball got its design...Needing a design that would show up on black-and-white T they modeled it after the Telstar satellite. 
World-Link Goes PoP w/A New Inmarsat Agreement
"... we are investing heavily to strengthen our infrastructure and investment with Inmarsat, as well as in our value added services."...
NSR Asks... Are The Tides Turning + How Quickly Can We Expect To See The Seas Change?
Does the application sell the connectivity, or does the connectivity enable an application (and does it matter whose application)?
Launch Of Airbus Defence and Space's Sentinel-2A Brings A Whole New Dimension... Color Vision Of Earth
Airbus Defence and Space adds color to the Copernicus program through multispectral instrument that provides unique image quality.
Precision Aviation Group Keeps Airways Safer w/Global Distribution Of Guardian Mobility Products
According to the FAA... “123 accidents between 2001 and 2010 could have been identified beforehand if airlines had safety management systems in place...”​
Globalstar To The Rescue... Disaster Tech Lab Is SPOT On w/Rescues In Nepal
The device includes a ‘check-in’ button to send to Disaster Tech Lab’s headquarters with a prepared message, indicating that all is OK...
World Teleport Association Tells The Top Operator Rankings for 2014... Includes The "Fast Twenty"
Average spending across the operators equaled 41percent of revenues...
C-COM Satellite Systems Endorses SSPI's Better Satellite World Campaign
The project seeks to change the way the market understands the importance and relevance of the global satellite market.
France's President + CEOs Celebrate As OneWeb Selects Airbus Defense + Space To Connect The World w/ Microsatellites
“This partnership is a fantastic new chapter in our space story.  Teaming with OneWeb with a requirement to produce several small satellites each day ..."
SES S.A.'s White Paper Commentary Foresees Significant Growth Demands In Air + Ship Traffic Connectivity 
"Air travel is now an ubiquitous commodity."