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Comprehensive Analysis Of EO Markets To Be Published This August By NSR
The study provides an in-depth assessment of Defense and Intelligence, Managed Living Resources, Energy and Natural Resources, Industrial, Services and Public Authorities segments with a complete assessment and forecast of revenues across all regions over the next ten years.
Globecast In The Bike Saddle Sees A Sea Of Yellow From Utrecht to Paris ... Covers 2015 Tour de France
was designed to handle the feeds from the five motorcycles and two helicopters out on the course.... In total, there were 27 HD satellite feeds each day using four satellites. 
SSPI Continues To Make The Strong Case For Satellite—Bringing Order To Disaster
"The solution greatly improved our ability to operate and to deliver the assistance to our beneficiaries that they needed so much.”
WTA's Insights From Operators + Vendors' Perspective... Cybersecurity For Teleport & Satellite Operators 
... cybersecurity breaches and hacker attacks are accelerating at a great rate, with 94 percent of all organizations reporting that they had a security breach in the last 12 months.  
LizardTech®'s Launch Of GeoExpress® 9.5 Makes Others Green w/Envy @ Esri International User Conference
...the ability to natively compress LiDAR data to MrSID and LAZ formats, saving up to 75 percent on storage space. 
NASA Goes Deep ... From One Million Miles Away An EPIC Snapshot Of Earth w/Deep Space Climate Observatory's Satellite  
EPIC will provide a daily series of Earth images allowing for the first time study of daily variations over the entire globe.
The Space Report 2015 Is Now Available From The Space Foundation
This exhaustive report containsg worldwide space facts and figures and and illustrated with photographs, charts and graphs.
Super Subscription Structure Sallies Forth From GVF
These courses represent more than $5,000 in tuition value, if they were to be purchased separately.
NASA's ISS... Astronauts Do A Super Scramble After Close Pass By Russian Space Debris
"The data on the possible close pass was received too late and was not sufficiently precise enough for the station to take any evasive maneuver,"
EPFL Center for Space Engineering ...Tidies Up After Space Junk... Reveals Giant Pac-Man 
...to reduce the amount of space junk in the atmosphere, which its a constant scourge for orbiting hardware.
Boosts Predicted For Global Satellite + Launch Market By Research And Markets
According to the report, the growing use of satellites for military surveillance and other defense applications has been pushing market growth.
Gilat's Webinar Helps... It's Not A Fun Game When It's A Game Changer
In this webinar we will discuss how satellite backhaul answers these challenges, and allows MNOs to maintain their competitive advantage.
Call For Entries Issued By HISPASAT For Their K International Festival
The five winning films will be shown at the closing night ceremony, held on November 12, 2015, at the Callao cinema in Madrid.
While FSS Faces Challenges, New NSR Report Finds HTS Is Essential
“More than 2.7 Terabits of GEO-HTS supply will be available by 2024, of which more than 80 percent will be Ka-band.”—Prashant Butani, Senior Analyst, report co-author, NSR.
Space Commercial Services Aerospace Group Looks Sharp w/ TheSquare Kilometer Array (SKA)... World’s Largest Astronomy Enterprise 
...delivers systems engineering services to the pre-construction phase of the Square Kilometer Array (SKA), the world’s largest radio telescope under construction in the country. 
Capacity Revenues From Cellular Backhaul Could Reach $1 billion+ By 2025, According To Euroconsult
"The number of sites using satellite backhaul almost doubled between 2009 and 2014 to reach close to 19,000 sites for a satellite capacity use of over 18GHz."—Pacome Revillon, CEO, Euroconsult.
The NewSpace Industry To Be Examined During Upcoming Space Foundation Forum
This fall, the Space Foundation will provide more of this insightful global space industry data at its new Space Technology & Investment Forum.
Terran Orbital Insures To Assure Launch + Satellite Companies Peace Of Mind ... Even The Wee Small Sats
 “We are pleased to respond to the needs of these companies by reducing the risk in their business models.”
NASA... Juno More Than 90  Percent On The Way To Jupiter    
"We're already more than 90 percent of the way to Jupiter, in terms of total distance traveled."
Russia Boasts Secret 'Super Weapon' ... Switches Off Foreign Satellites + Enemy Weapons... Claims Yet To Be Proven  
'Krasuha-4 system can suppress cruise missile's guidance systems, the weapons will be mounted on jets and warships'  ...