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ESOA & GVF With SSPI To Present Second Annual Global Satshow In November
This two-day conference will be held at a 5,000+ square meter exhibition center and will be packed with more than 200 exhibitors.
WTA Awards The Moosburg Teleport With Full Certification
To achieve Full Certification under WTA’s program, a teleport operator completes a +170-item questionnaire and submits it to WTA.
Industry Investments Presented In Depth At Space Foundation's Recent Boutique Forum
Space Foundation offered a venue that was able to present a number of panels and discussions that could only be described as intensely interesting and informative.
No Sitting On This SOFA As NSR Produces Financial Analysis
NSR’s upcoming Satellite Operator Financial Analysis, 6th Edition (SOFA6) offers readers the financial metrics of satellite operators across the globe.
UK Orders Third Zephyr S... The Wind Beneath Its Wings Carries It For Weeks
Replacing one conventional UAV with just one Zephyr would save 2,000 tons of fuel each year.
Airbus Defence And Space's UK-DMC2... It's No Disaster To Celebrates Seven Years Of Disaster Monitoring
When combined with weather data, locust forecasts can be created and used to focus the application of pesticides, which in turn can help prevent the spread of locust swarms.
'We Will Not Stop'... Means 'Go!' To Global Commercial Space Industry At 12th Annual ISPCS
There is an emerging need to look outside the space community to the next tier of collaborators.
Globecomm's Scardino To Board Of Director's Position For SSPI's Northeast Chapter
SSPI is the satellite industry’s oldest and largest trade association for industry professionals and has local chapters worldwide.
London Has The Honors For This Year's Global MilSatCom Conference
Sponsored by SMi Group and Northern Sky Research (NSR), this event has been described as the best networking event by past attendees for those involved in MILSATCOM market segments.
Gigabits Galore Examined By NSR In Their New Global Satellite Capacity & Supply & Demand Report
Overall, the trend is undeniable that the satellite industry is now reaching the point where HTS is the norm.
Seafarer Terminal Operation Course Offered By GVF & Intellian
This course is delivered online, in a self-paced, interactive format.
NSR's EO Market Report'll Be Here Before You Know It...
NSR’s EO8 report offers analysis of seven different vertical markets across five regions for four different instrument resolutions and two types of imagery (optical, SAR).
Digital Ship To Examine The Latest In Maritime Technologies
Both of these targeted half day sessions have been designed to provide a snapshot of the latest developments in maritime technology.
SIA Reveals Herculean Task To Deliver Live Satellite Coverage Of 2016 Summer Olympics 
Live satellite coverage of the Olympics is a Herculean task that will provide 6,755 hours of American programming to a worldwide audience of 3.5 billion.
SSPI's Future Leaders Dinner Has A Place Setting For You
This important event will occur on the first night of the 2016 NAB New York Show, Wednesday, November 9th.
The Smallsat Story From ReportLinker
The market for small satellite is driven by a number of factors...
Analysis Of Maritime SATCOM Markets Is Among NSR's Latest Reports
This report provides readers with a most complete overview on addressable maritime markets, vendor market share, pricing, revenues, and capacity demand for all commercial maritime vertical segments.
Base Station Testing With Carrier Aggregation Is The New Keysight Technologies Webinar
A number of new technologies such as Carrier Aggregation (CA) and higher-order MIMO are used.
NSR Examines Narrowband Play In Maritime Markets
There’s plenty of fish in the sea, if you know how to catch them.
The Zettabyte Era & The Future Of SATCOM
This free NSR webinar will discuss key topics on expanding SATCOM addressable markets in the mobile ecosystem