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Euroconsult—EO Awards Presented During World Satellite Business Week (Event)
[SatNews] Euroconsult has announced the recipients of its annual Earth Observation Business Awards during its...
Inmarsat's IsatHub Offers Connectivity + Highest Data Rate Of Smartphones + Tablets
[SatNews] Global connectivity for smartphones and tablets is today a reality...
Vislink's NewSwift HD 240 Is The Lightest System But A Heavy Weight Of A Worker (Antenna)
[SatNews] ...antenna is already the lightest system of its kind, but the latest version benefits from better load distribution when mounted to ensure smooth motorised operation across all three axes...
MTN's Maestro Conducts A Symphony Of A Satellite Solution For Yachts (Ku-/Ka-band Antenna)
[SatNews] The solution will operate in Ku- and Ka-bands simultaneously for yachts that need the highest speeds with the most reliability and the ultimate value. 
UPDATE: ULA's Atlas V Rocks... CLIO Climbs ... On Secret Mission For U.S. Government (Launch)
[SatNews] While the satellite's mission is kept under wraps, it's no secret that today's launch was successful.
NASA, Boeing  + SpaceX...USA All The Way To The Space Station...U.S. Astronauts Will Ride A Dragon (Transporter To ISS)
[SatNews] ..."today we are one step closer to launching our astronauts from U.S. soil on American spacecraft and ending the nation’s sole reliance on Russia by 2017..."
The Space Foundation's Recommendations Achieve Goal...Kudos To NASA + SpaceX...Round Trip American Made (Report/Analysis)
[SatNews] "By continuing to pursue a path of Orion and Space Launch System (SLS) for deep space missions and commercial crew for low Earth orbit missions, NASA is assuring that ..."
U.S. Air Force + Harris Corporation...  $19 Million For A Flock Of Falcons; Tactical Radio For U.S. Air Force Special Ops          
[SatNews]  The wideband tactical radios meet current and emerging mission requirements using a full suite of integrated line-of-sight, beyond-line-of-sight and wideband communications.
Arabsat + Selevision's Spirits Are High On Hybrid... MENA's First Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV Service
[SatNews] ..."REDO unit will allow us to provide a variety of interactive new hybrid services to the market before any other provider in the region.”
Es’hailSat Showcases Es’hail 1, The First Satellite For Qatar...And A Second One Just Ordered (IBC 2014)
[SatNews] ...the Company through its existing and planned satellites, broadcasts diversified and high quality content with anti-jamming capabilities across the MENA region.
SES, SmarDTV + Samsung Demonstrate A First...Major Milestone... Ultra HD
[SatNews] "Once again we can see the DVB family of specifications enabling the market to move to the next generation of digital broadcast..."
SatLink Communications ... Has A New Part In The Red Sea... First Streaming Underwater 4K Video Captured On A 4K Smartphone  
[SatNews) “The live filming of this dive from a smartphone shows how far we can push the limits of 4K broadcast."... 
Newtec Wins... Races To Be The First To Deliver New Satellite Transmission Standard + Demonstrate Live DVB-S2X Transmissions (Event)
[SatNews] “We have been involved with the development of the new DVB-S2X standard since its very notion was suggested within DVB..."
In Memory...The World Trade Center Now Floats
[SatNews] From the ashes arises the USS New York...on the anniversary of the destruction of those lost in the World Trade Center comes a new beginning.
Kratos Delivers Powerful Dashboard To Es'hailSat...Optimizes Satellite Operations
[SatNews] Unfortunately, most of this highly valuable data remains under-utilized, trapped within stovepiped software systems that are strong on monitoring but...
Digital TV Research—Online Viewing Omnipresence (Analysis | Report—Of SatBroadcasting™ Interest—OTT)
[SatNews] The number of households watching online TV and video (over fixed broadband networks and across 51 countries) will reach 706.53 million in 2020, up from...
Intelsat—4K UHDTV Is A Coming TV Tsunami (Analysis | Report)
[SatNews] Since it was first announced, 4K Ultra High Definition Television (4K UHDTV) has been met with both...
Newtec @ IBC...Foam + Five Fantastic Sessions...Beer + Broadcasting
[SatNews] Free information about products and services and demos, and after a long day... a Belgian Beer reception...
Cobham's Transmitters Are In The Node...Self Healing + Ready For Volvo Ocean Race (Event | SatBroadcasting™)
[SatNews] Up to 16 nodes can be combined on a single frequency into the network, which is part of the fluid, self-forming, self-healing mesh system...Offering genuine non-line of sight coverage...
 Thales Alenia Space This Spacebus Has Terrific Options...Variety Of Versions
[SatNews] ..."platforms will be more robust, more modular, more powerful and lighter, ... for competitiveness, flexibility and multi-launcher compatibility."