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Satellite Innovation Symposium — Complete and Impressive List of Speakers Finalized
View the complete list of subject-matter experts who are the confirmed speakers for the Satellite Innovation Symposium...
World Satellite Business Week - Where the global satellite communications and information business comes to do business
A top-level program brings 130+ Presidents, CEOs and other top-level executives to the conference, with a further 850 executives in attendance, all representing 52 countries and 300 companies.
Alaska Airlines It's a Go for Gogo's Inflight Wi-Fi Service for Boeing and Airbus Fleet
Gogo's broadband 2Ku service provides the significantly faster connection speed needed to stream content from services like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO...
NSR's Latest Report Forecasts $158 Billion for Commercial Satellite Ground Equipment
However, in terms of growth, VSAT platforms (modems + baseband equipment), driven by verticals such as Consumer Broadband and Mobility...
NOAA - Satellite Tracking of the Upcoming Solar Eclipse
NOAA plans to issue images of the eclipse from GOES-16 and the agency's additional polar-orbiting and geostationary satellites as they become available...
Militaries' Digital Armies and Covert Terminal Testing Gain Momentum with GateHouse Telecom 
 In 2016, NATO warded off 500 cyber attacks each month according to statistics compiled by the military alliance.
NSR - Cruising Down The Value Chain
With upwards of $20 billion dollars in cumulative VSAT revenues between 2016 to 2026 across the merchant, commercial passenger, offshore, fishing...
Leaders of the Satellite Communications Industry to Gather Together Next Month in Paris
This summit has established a reputation over the last two decades as being the place to meet and do business with key executives from the satellite communications world.
International Astronautical Congress 2017 - From Big Data To On Orbit Servicing
This event will feature an intense Plenary Program composed of 8 Plenaries, 3 Highlight Lectures as well as two late breaking news...
Satellite Innovation Symposium - Get More Than A Clue - Organizations In Attendance
There are only two months remaining before this "must attend" event is underway... don't miss your opportunity to participate in the future of our industry...
NSR — Reusability In Vogue, At Last?
Even following April’s successful launch of SES-10 on a reused Falcon 9 first stage, questions regarding the business case have dogged players...
Cloud Constellation Tightens SpaceBelt for Media & Entertainment Security ... No Mickey Mouse Ransomware
Media and entertainment companies face cybersecurity threats from criminals running the gamut from profiteers to nation-states.
Astrosat - New Business Innovation Competition Announced With Space Exploration Masters
The inaugural Space Exploration Masters competition, which was formally announced last month at the Paris Air Show, is targeted at international...
Secure World Foundation What Are the Best Practices for Cubesat Launches?
These new developments create potential challenges for ensuring the long-term sustainability of space activities...potential for on-orbit collisions
Kiwi's Rocket Lab's Moon Landing by Year's End Still Hopeful ... Fingers Crossed
However, that will depend on as yet unproven technology to work.
UK Students Seeking Space Junk Satellite Solutions ... Plan to Gather Data
Astronauts' tools and dead satellites are among millions of pieces of human-made trash in orbit.
MX1 and National Geographic's 'Earth Live' Broadcast Follows Bull Sharks and Action Around the World
The most complex feed was delivered from Fiji, where divers were following bull sharks live.
NSR - Is an IFC Bubble En Route?
A majority of airlines fear the expenditure of an inflight entertainment and connectivity system, which they make for a 7 to 10-year horizon.
Satellite Innovation Symposium - Expert Enlightenments for Attendees with Super Sessions
The new roles of LEO and MEO are among the numerous topics that will be presented during the upcoming Satellite Innovation Symposium...
Space Flight Laboratory's First for Norwegian Microsatellite Deploys Yagi Antenna for a Space VHF Data Exchange
Once deployed, the antenna is twice as long as the NORsat-2 micro satellite. “Complex, reliable deployables are rare for micro satellites.”