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NSR Weighs Jumping On The UltraHD Bandwagon + Is It Worth It For The ROI?
However, there there has been significantly less discussion on the upcoming revenue impact on UltraHD broadcast—despite this discussion being critical to determining UltraHD’s ROI
The iRG Tour To Continue At CommunicAsia2016
This tour will give participants practical advice and guidance on the tools available and more...
A New Research Report From The World Teleport Association: The Internet of Things
The growth forecasts for the Internet of Things (IoT) are off the charts.
Nominations Are Now Open For The Space Foundation's Space Technology Hall of Fame®
The deadline to submit a nomination is Monday, August 15, 2016.
Select The Honorees For SSPI's Promise & Mentor Awards
Who will the honorees be?
ISRO Where Are They Now? 34 Indian Satellites Are Up And Running In Space
Current data released by the Union government confirm that 34 of them are operational.
GVF's Expert Forum Access Is Expanded
Now, GVF extends an invitation to all of the organization's past students to participate
Multiple Keysight Demos At International Microwave Symposium In San Francisco
Keysight’s hardware, software and technical expertise help engineers and designers gain insight into the toughest component and system engineering challenges.
Drone-Based Business Services To Reach More Than $127 Billion, According To PwC
The industry with the best prospects for drone applications is infrastructure, with total addressable market value of approx. $45.2 billion.
INNOspace Masters Competition Names The Winners
This event had invited innovators to submit their proposals and concepts for the New Space Economy.
NSR Asks Who's Left Hungry In Energy Satcom? Prices Need To Lower To Keep The Current Pie
However, all of that changed in the ‘great crude collapse’. 
Airbus' CEO Pilots Perlan 2 Glider As Mission II's Team Preps For Journey To The Edge Of Space
An experienced helicopter pilot and an aviation enthusiast, Enders also took the controls of the glider to experience the unique handling qualities of an aircraft optimized to fly in air almost as thin as the atmosphere on Mars. 
GVF's O&G Connectivity 2016 Event To Open In Aberdeen, Scotland
The Aberdeen program debate, for which registration is entirely free-of-charge, will be answering many questions.
SSPI's 11th Annual Promise & Mentor Awards Now Open For Nominations
Every year, SSPI presents three young satellite professionals with its Promise Award in recognition of their potential to play a leadership role in the industry.
MilSatCom USA Bringing MILSATCOM Expertise To Attendees In June
Offered at this event will be the opportunity to meet key government and military personnel, and the industry leaders, from across the U.S. Armed Forces as well as the UK, Canada, Spain, France and NATO.
AFCEA International's Critical Issues In C4I Symposium Is Upcoming...
This event will take place at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, from May 18th through the 19th.
SeaVsat Selects SES Enterprise+ Broadband Service ...Enables Connectivity Of All SeaVsat Vessels Worldwide
Under the new agreements, SeaVsat will be providing broadband connectivity and VoIP services to its maritime customers.
Graduate Certificate Opportunities Available For International Space University Alumni
SU Faculty members based in Europe and North America will guide the individual research projects over the next four months.
The Energy SATCOM Markets Owns The Spotlight In A New NSR Webinar
Regardless of oil pricing trends, there are clear needs for communications.
Join iDirect At The HTS 2016 Roundtable—Growth Opportunities For SATCOM-Based Broadband Solutions
To be explored, in-depth, will be a range of issues that pertain to the massive growth opportunities for the market for satellite-based broadband solutions