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 Tempus Global Data Understands Tempus Fugit... Forecasts STORM® Well Ahead + On A Global Scale
Think of it as a CAT scan of the atmosphere.
GEO Illustration Challenge "Transcending Borders" Is Now Open For Submissions
Participants will receive access to free satellite image data provided by the European Space Agency (ESA) through the competition website.
Jason-3 Is A Big Boy... Launches Website ...A Precursor To His Launch
These data provide critical ocean information that forecasters need to predict devastating hurricanes and severe weather before they arrive onshore.
Juniper Research Reveals An Anticipated 4x Market Increase By 2019 For OTT Market
 ...TV providers, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, will generate $31.6 billion by 2019, up from just under $8 billion in 2014.
Jason-3 Is A Good Lad...Satellite To Maintain Observations Of Sea Surface Height
These data provide critical ocean information that forecasters need to predict devastating hurricanes and severe weather before they arrive onshore.
NASA's Famous Telescope Celebrates A Silver Anniversary... Cheers! To Hubble
In its quarter-century in orbit, the observatory has transformed our understanding of our solar system and beyond,
NASA's RapidScat The Eye-In -The-Sky Doesn't Blink At Nasty Storms
The instrument's data on ocean winds provide essential measurements for researchers and scientists to use in weather predictions, including hurricane monitoring.
SES GS...SES-15 Gets The Green Light From Raytheon...Contract Spans 14 Years        
...the Wide Area Augmentation Systems (WAAS) hosted payload will serve as an air navigation aid to the Global Positioning Systems (GPS), with the goal of... 
CommunicAsia2015 Singapore... Defines What’s Shaping the Future of The Global ICT World
The rising size of the mobile workforce and increasingly complex user demands, coupled with the proliferation of connected devices has made this industry more dynamic than ever.
Globecomm Continues To Keep NATO On Track...$6.8 Million Contract Extension For GPS-Based Force Tracking System  
Globecomm previously announced approximately $84 million in contracts from NATO for this project to design and install a GPS FTS.
MTN's UltraBurst's Burst Ability Provides Yachts The Highest Communications Speeds Commercially Available
UltraBurst service delivers the only on-demand, consumption-based, high-throughput Ku-band connectivity solution available to yachts today. 
MSS Operators Face A Challenging Market As Revealed In A New Euroconsult Report
"The growth is mostly from lower-end markets and due to an increase in airtime prices by certain operators."—Wei Li, Senior Consultant + report editor, Euroconsult.
2015 European Games Appoints Azercosmos ....As Official Supplier Of Broadcast Telecommunication Satellites
...play a key role in transmitting the exciting images of the event to billions of television viewers across Europe and the globe.
Datasat's Solution Comes In A Box...‘Site in a Box’ Internet + Communications Solution
The lack of communications on a site can cause projects to be delayed, create safety concerns amongst the workforce and impact on overall project costs
Harris Falcon® Orders Fly Out w/$74 Million From International Customer For Tactical Radio Modernization
The nation is also acquiring Harris’ HF manpack radio which delivers reliable beyond-line-of-site terrestrial voice and data communications, reduced size and weight, and extended battery life.
KVH Is On Track w/TracVision® Yachts + Vessels Extended Coverage, Tracking + Reception @ Ports Worldwide
is compatible with nearly all Ku-band services around the globe, and supports services such as DIRECTV®, DISH Network® and DISH HD, and Bell TV in North America, and TrueVisions, Astro, and Sky TV in the Asia-Pacific region.
NorStar Space Introduces NorthStar A Constellation Of 40 Satellites For Diverse Markets To Improve The World
Constellation of 40 satellites will enable predictive analytics to meet global challenges to diverse markets worldwide including Mining, Forestry, Energy, Oil and Gas, Agriculture, Fresh Water, Oceans and Fisheries. 
SES Government Solutions Awarded Task Order...Ku-Band Satellite Deploys w/U.S. Central Command + Troops  
This agreement enables U.S. troops to send and receive information through satellite services and offers Central Command the flexibility to support forces deployed in the region when and where required.  
Spliethoff Group Extends Imtech Marine's Contract ...Continue VSAT Network Of Radio Holland
Amsterdam-based Spliethoff Bevrachtingskantoor BV and Radio Holland have worked together for decades and 27 vessels are already connected.
Honeywell's Global Tracking Passes Muster ...Dramatically Reduces Search + Rescue Time For ESA's Galileo 
“Our Medium Earth Orbit-based search and rescue solution will lead to faster recovery missions and improved international search and rescue operations,