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U.S.A.F. + ULA... In Position Now To Launch Global Positioning System IIF Satellite (Launch)
[SatNews] "The GPS constellation continues to meet or exceed the performance standards to which the satellites were built."
Euroconsult—Over The Next 10 Years, Expect An Average Of 115 Satellite Launches Per Year (Analysis | Report)
[SatNews] According to Euroconsult's newly released research report, Satellites to be Built & Launched, 115 satellites will be...
Euroconsult's Summit Brings Key Financial Players To Unlock Satellite + Information Business ...Oui, In Paris
[SatNews] An annual event that draws key financial players in the satellite and information business, ensconced in an elegant and historical setting ocation... Paris, France.  
ABI Research—More Than $3.5 Billion In 2019 For GPS Tracking Market (Analysis | Report)
[SatNews] Health, commercial/enterprise, wearables, and iBeacons will help to revive the GPS tracking device market, with...
CCW + SATCON In New York City...Efficiency At Its Best With Two Simultaneous Conferences (Events)
[SatNews] Plan now for these events scheduled in November.
Wednesday Update: ULA + U.S. Air Force...ANGELS Ride Share + Launch AFSPC-4 To Provide High-Altitude Surveillance (Launch)
[SatNews]  A successful launch, and as as the dust settles comments directly from the experts.
Ariane 5 Celebrates Big...Lifts The Biggest Payload Ever... Named After The Father Of The Big Bang Theory (Statements + Launch)
[SatNews] Aptly named after the scientist responsible for the Big Bang theory, this launch of 20 metric tons is the heaviest payload ever.
ORBCOMM Offers M2M Services To Middle East Regions By Purchasing + Building Gateway Earth Stations 
[SatNews] This move secures the company’s ownership consolidation of all Western Hemisphere GES facilities and the installation of a new  Gateway Earth Station.
Ariane 5... Readies For Some Heavy Lifting Of Heaviest-Ever Payload...Georges Lemaître ATV (Launch)
[SatNews] Because the liftoff mass is greater than 20 metric tons necessitates that its separation from the launcher is planned for nearly one hour and four minutes after this July 29 liftoff.
ARABSAT — GMV Selected to Drive Entire Fleet of Geo-Satellites (Contract)
[SatNews]  A turnkey solution comprising of Real Time System (RTS) based on GMV hifly® product and Flight Dynamics System (FDS) based on GMV focusgeo® product is included in the agreement.
Society of Satellite Professionals International (SSPI)— The Essential Role Satellites Play in Our World Infosite (Business)
[SatNews] Freedom, Health, Safety and Prosperity—just a few of the major benefits...
NSR—Beyond Deep-Water, A Free SATCOM Event For Energy Markets (Business—Webinar)
[SatNews] NSR’s ongoing coverage of the energy market moves beyond deep-water and explores some of the easy to overlook trends in the...
Surrey's.. Orbital Test Bed Satellite To Car Pool/Rideshare With NASA's Deep Space Atomic Clock
[SatNews] ...next-generation programmable receiver equipment, allows in-orbit test, demonstration, and qualification of a product that will be used on...
NSR's Report...All About Sweet Spots + Ku-Band Connectivity
[SatNews] It is also where the market for connectivity has already taken off with over 680 planes already connected.
MTN Communications' Contracts Confirm Customer-Centric Communications (SATCOM)
[SatNews] "...works hard to maintain a reputation of constantly evolving communications solutions for the most customer-centric brands sailing to remote locations around the world,”
ViaSat...Colors Their Future Bright With Gray Labs Acquisition (Business Moves)
[SatNews] “The expertise we obtained in high-rate communications gives us important new ways to deliver a higher level of performance and increased data throughput for commercial and government customers.
Honeywell Aerospace—The In-Flight Wi-Fi Findings Are... (Analysis | Report)
[SatNews] In its second annual survey, Honeywell Aerospace (NYSE: HON) finds that in-flight Wi-Fi is becoming increasingly influential on a passenger’s buying and wireless...
Space Systems/Loral + U.S.A.F...Busy Company Just Got Busier...Qualifies For U.S. Government Payloads (Business Moves)
[SatNews] As a manufacturer of commercial satellites with 74 GEO satellites currently on orbit, and in partnership with MDA, which has a long history of LEO satellite experience, including ...
NASA... Celebrates Chandra's 15th Birthday With Photos + Shock Waves Millions Of Miles Per Hour (Event | Satellite)
[SatNews] NASA has released four new images of supernova remnants, showing spectacular cosmic vistas that are the glowing debris fields created when massive stars exploded at the ends of their lives.
VBox + Home Network Storage...TV Gateway’s New Take on DVR/PVR Recording
[SatNews] The new feature allows simultaneous recording of multiple programs to Network Shared Folder or Network Attached Storage (NAS), giving users expanded storage for content...