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Recent Global News
Collaboration Now Official 'Tween DigitalGlobe and the United Nations
UNOOSA and DigitalGlobe will work to develop an online platform to provide easy access to imagery catalogs as well as data and analytical services specifically tailored for the needs of the United Nations.
A First—Study of the Industry's Workforce To Attract Talent Published By SSPI
“Nearly 70 percent of the human resources executives we interviewed reported having difficulty filling specific positions.”—Robert Bell, Executive Director, SSPI.
Kratos' RT Logic's SpectralNet™ A One-Of-A-Kind...Transports RF Anywhere + On Any IP Network
The lossless transport of packetized RF over IP networks—public or private—is now possible, over any distance, even in the presence of real world IP network limitations.
Iridium Bringing Certus Compatriots Into Service
"We are proud to be teaming up with these companies, which represent the best-in-class in their respective industries."—Matt Desch, CEO, Iridium.
An Analysis Of The SmallSat Influx Over The Next Five Years From Euroconsult
75 percent of the 510 satellites to be launched during the next five years will be for government civil and defense agencies.
Globalstar's SPOT Gen3's Critical Role...1,450 Runners Outfitted w/SPOT In "The Toughest Foot Race On Earth"
Called 'The Toughest Foot Race on Earth – in 2015 and Beyond'...days running across saltpans, up desert-mountains, ruined towns and the occasional sand storm.
Harris Hires ASC Signal For NOAA's Next Gen GOES-R Satellite... A Good Signal for Processing Critical Weather
"We are proud of having been part of this important project which will help NWS advance the understanding of weather systems and ...
NSR Takes On Satellite Manufacturing + Launch Services 
In a constantly evolving sector that in 2014 experienced the introduction of new launch vehicles, vast satellite architectures, and a growing need for flexibility and broad capabilities...
Harris Completes IT Infrastructure's Installation + Integration...An Inspiration For NOAA’s GOES-R Series
The system includes 2,100 servers, 149 racks of network equipment, 317 workstations, and storage services totaling three petabytes.
DigitalGlobe... Now Available To All Customers 30 cm Satellite Imagery..."Seeing A Better World™" 
...it can resolve objects on the ground such as above-ground utility lines, manhole covers, building vents, fire hydrants, and individual seams on locomotives.
Harris CapRock® One's Smartbox Recognizes Multi-Band Antennas + Has a Databox Of Network Footprints 
A databox of network footprints kind of conjures up a box with footprints inside, but that is not so. 
Kratos' $17 Million Contract...To  Provide Communication System For Mass Transit Communication System 
The public safety and security focused system will provide specialized audio, video and communication capabilities for rapid transit operations and rail related assets.
NSS Honors ESA Rosetta Mission Team w/2015 Space Pioneer Award
The Rosetta Mission, underway for over a decade, has scored two historic science firsts...
SMi Gathers In London To Present Key Military + Industry Players Of Space Technology
Topics addressed will range from satellite communication, surveillance, missile defense as well as national updates.
Keysight Technologies' Webcast Addresses Pesky Small Or Unknown Signals Using Signal Analysis Techniques
In many cases, a very simple change could result in significant savings in development and measurement time.
IBC2015  Just In... Deadline Extension For Innovation Awards Entries...Hurry Enter Now 
Due to popular demand IBC has decided to extend the deadline for entries for the IBC Innovation Awards by one week to Friday 27,  2015. 
Rock Seven's Vessel Tracking System Update...Transmits Location For Over 2 Weeks Even When PrimaryPower Is Cut
With its integral battery, RockFLEET will continue to transmit a vessel’s position for over 2 weeks when primary power is cut.
Comtech Telecommunications' Double Talk Earns 5.0 Million for Network Expansion Project in Asia 
[The Company] equipment was chosen as being the most efficient for the application after the customer conducted a thorough competitive analysis and various technology demonstrations.
ORBIT's New Contract Provides A Great Position For Them +  Earth Observation Market
"The Gaia system was developed during 2014 as a unique solution for the Earth observation market and as part of the company's growth strategy."... Ofer Greenberger, ORBIT's CEO
MDA + Airbus Defense and Space Contracted To Modernize U.S.A.F.'s Mobile Ground Stations
Once upgraded, the systems will be able to receive and process imagery from the RADARSAT-2 and RapidEye satellites...