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NASA's Confidence in Orbital’s Pegasus Rocket... the Launch of an ICON...
It is the world’s only small space launch vehicle that has been certified with NASA’s Risk Category 3, which the space agency reserves for its highest value space missions. 
Great Balls Of Bolides—NASA Maps Fireballs
“How big is the population of larger asteroids that we really need to worry about? We need to better understand that.”
Globalstar's Sat-Fi Takes Smart Phones To Another Level...Reliable Connectivity On Land + Sea
"This device might become one of the most 10 beneficial inventions."
Northrop Grumman + NASA...An Ultralight that is a Good Reflection on SMAP Mission
"Ultralightweight technology is critical to meet the demanding requirements of this mission,"
Marlink on an iDirect X7 Roll...12 Ships of the MSC Cruises Upgrade
“Together we have introduced the latest technology and capabilities..."
Join Gilat For A Free Webinar On December 3rd—Reliable Fixed Broadband Is The Topic
To hear more about transforming the data traffic challenge into an opportunity, you are invited to attend an exciting webinar presented by...
NSR Pounds The BRICS + Offers SATCOM Capacity Analysis
This report answers the key questions concerning each BRICS country market...
This Satellite Could Be A Real Killer
"It could have a number of functions, some civilian and some military."
Orbital + NASA How Many Balloons Will US$185M Buy? Science Balloons, That Is 
 Not the kind of balloons given in a birthday balloon bouquet, or a hot air balloon...these are a special Science Balloon Operations program.
ST Electronics Leads Into Space + Pushes the Boundaries
There, a team of 70 engineers is counting down to the launch of the first made-in-Singapore commercial remote sensing microsatellite next year,v
UK Space Agency...Howdy Partner... Will Invest £32 Million in Like Partnerships
With over 5,000 jobs created in the last two years, it employs over 34,000 people and supports a further 72,000 jobs in other sectors.
ATK and Orbital Make a Date for Merger... Exhibits Confidence In Spite of Antares Launch Failure  
The strategy to spin off our sporting business and merge our A&D businesses...
NASA a Golden Anniversary Tracking Satellites w/Laser Technology... What Was Good Then Is Even Better Now 
Before the end of the decade, the technique had gone international, with five stations in the U.S. and France...
Glowlink's Latest Patent Leaps Ahead to Overcome Those Pesky Interference Issues
 ...this addresses one of the most vexing problems in communications system...active, noise-inducing interferences
Es’hailSat Bests the Competition @ 2014 Arab Satellite Broadcasting Union and BroadcastPro Middle East Awards
To be recognized as 'the best' by your industries' peers is quite a compliment, and so it was for...
SES + Samsung Celebrate a First...Intense Clarity w/ Ultra HD Concert Broadcast from Germany
[SatNews] ...world’s first live concert to be broadcast via satellite encoded in the HEVC standard with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, 50 frame per second and a colour depth of 10 bit.
CommunicAsia2015 and EnterpriseIT2015 Future-Proof the Connected World
New thematic cluster — NXT Connected Lifestyle will cover Smart living, wearables, 3D printing, connected cars, and unified communications and collaboration.
NSR Delves Into The Impacts Of UAS On SATCOM
This report analyzes the civilian and military UAS markets for both HALE and MALE platforms, in terms of the growth in their number of airframes, in-service SATCOM terminals, revenues, and capacity demand by frequency bands.
Skyware Technologies + IEC Telecom...Sign On ATOMs With Global Xpress 
Increasing the reach within the Asian, African, Middle East and European markets ...
O3bMaritime... Lightning Fast Connectivity O'er the Waves w/ the First Smart Royal Caribbean Vessel 
Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas is the first cruise ship to provide full broadband connectivity for passengers.