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DLR Enlists Airbus... France and Germany's MERLIN Mission Measures Methane
...will be the first to use an “active” LIDAR instrument with on-board light source (the laser) that measures at night and through thin cirrus clouds.
Agribusiness, GPS and Satellites — NSR Examines...
With limited cellular coverage pointing to a seemingly perfect fit for satellite in rural areas, what role will satellite play in the growth of the ‘digital farm’?
SES and Gilat Service Underserved Ships at Sea... More Accessible Connectivity 
offering affordable equipment, bandwidth, installation and network management pricing for operators of even the smallest of fishing boats and yachts.
Indian Space Research Organization's Successful Launch... Multiplied by 104!
A child wants one of the red balloons and the balloon man must not get the strings tangled or let the whole bundle of balloons fly away.
Internet of Things Services Using Space Capabilities... A Funding Opportunity
IoT is already used in many parts of daily life: human-centered applications related to...
Marlink's Sealink Links Fastest Marine Internet... Individualized High Speed Zones
"In fact, Internet connection is so important these days that it’s almost a disaster if it fails...”
Berg Insight Has Insight in the Rapidly Growing M2M/IoT mHealth Market
estimates that remotely monitored patients will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 47.9 percent to reach 50.2 million by 2021.
Skyline Reaching New Heights Once Again with DataMiner
With a growth of 35 percent in sales in 2016, and effectively tripling sales over the course of the last three years, the company further strengthens...
Paradigm's Swarm45 Ka-Band Terminal Gets Telenor's Blessing... Opens Market Opportunities
“We are pleased that the Swarm45 terminal, the smallest terminal yet, has been approved to operate on THOR 7."
SSPI Honors Four as Satellite Hall of Fame Inductees
The 2017 inductees uphold the proud tradition of the Satellite Hall of Fame,” said SSPI executive director Robert Bell. 
Inmarsat and Actility Aim to Bring the Internet of Things to the World with LoRaWAN™ 
... brings IoT solutions anywhere, to any business, with LoRaWAN-based connectivity on the ground and satellite connectivity as the network backbone.
Cloud Free Mosaic Land Masses Presented By MDA Information Systems
All the land masses of the Earth, except for portions of Antarctica, were acquired with new Landsat 8 imagery...
Addvalue and Inmarsat Sign Memorandum of Understanding for a First... LEO On-Demand Communications 
...Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites have only been available when the satellite is within sight of an Earth station, making connectivity limited until now...
Annual Award Recipients Named by the National Space Club and Foundation
The Awards will be presented at the 60th Annual Robert H. Goddard Memorial Dinner...
GEE, MTN-TV Sets a New Record for Live Event Telecasts to Cruise Ships
MTN-TV delivered nearly 700 events and 2,627 hours of live televised sports...
SoftBank To Market OneWeb Services Across the Globe
The role follows SoftBank’s $1 billion investment in the OneWeb satellite project in December of 2016, part of a $1.2 billion funding round.
Fourth Annual Connectivity Event from GVF-EMP Offers Preliminary Speaker Lineup
The event, the fourth in the Connectivity series, will investigate the universal connectivity ecosystem...
Marlink Remains Steadfast for Télécoms Sans Frontières
The renewed partnership ensures TSF continued access to Marlink’s high-bandwidth Terralink connectivity services...
One Atlas From Airbus Defence and Space Offers Defense and Security Pros Imagery They Can Count On
The new One Atlas service is claimed to be the world’s most refreshed 1.5 meter resolution satellite image library for defence, intelligence and security applications.
Big Data and the Future of Space to be Discussed at the 33rd Space Symposium
The panel is one of several at this four-day international conference focusing on the future of the business of space.