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MTN Communications + Silversea Cruises—Breadth On The Depth (SATCOM)
[SatNews] MTN Communications (MTN) has announced a renewal and extension of Silversea Cruises, Ltd. (Silversea) long-term relationship—Silversea chose to increase the ...
NSR... 4th Edition Energy Markets via Satellite + Remote Connectivity For The Energy Market (Analysis/Reports)
[SatNews] ...a dedicated analysis on the energy markets—from pipeline SCADA applications to semi-submersible drilling platforms.
Bitcoins In Space...A Bitcoin For Your Thoughts... How About A Constellation Of BitSats?
[SatNews] “While this announcement may surprise some people, it is actually very much in line with our spacecraft development plans, including...
AFCEA International's Chapter's New Vice President, Regional + Chapter Outreach (Executive Moves)
[SatNews] she represented CSC’s $2 billion defense division on Capitol Hill and worked with associations on issues relevant to the company.
Arianespace’s Vega... Preps For  Kazakhstan’s First Earth Observation Satellite (Launch)
[SatNews] ...once again demonstrating its capability to accommodate a full range of payloads with the smallest member in their launcher family...
ESA's Experiment... Hopefully No Lumps In This Gravi-2...Just Happy Plants 
[SatNews] Will plants still know which way to grow their roots on Mars or will they go haywire?
McMurdo Group—MEOSAR's Search & Rescue Program Is The Focus (SATCOM—Webinar)
[SatNews] The next generation “MEOSAR” program will revolutionize COSPAS-SARSAT Search and Rescue systems—proven systems which have helped to save...
SkyWave ...No Sacrifices With Dual Satellite-Cellular HSPA Device (M2M Asset Tracking)
[SatNews]  ...including "Last gasp" battery option to send last know GPS position and other info in the event power to the terminal is lost
Globecast + Anevia's...Over-The-Top Suite Solutions (OTT)
[SatNews] "...we are now well positioned to deliver innovation to broadcasters and pay-TV operators for years to come without being hindered by performance limitations."
Airbus Defence + Space... To The Rescue With A Super Yacht (VSAT SatCom)
[SatNews]   It's that time of year again, the super yachts are shaking off the winter and sailing with the latest VSAT service...
KVH's Newest Crew Member Hired To Further Crewtoo Business Development
[SatNews] ...20 years as a sales executive with some of the industry’s most prestigious companies, including Lloyd’s of London.
Viva+ + AsiaSat...Addressing Vast DTH Audiences With Diverse Needs...All Prepaid (SatBroadcasting™)
[SatNews] FIFA World Cup 2014 licensed broadcaster with the first product to launch on...
SKY Perfect JSAT + SSL... To Create Perfect Satellites
[SatNews] ...it is designed with the flexibility to adjust its coverage of Japan and the Indian Ocean Region to serve the areas with the highest demand.
Satellites Know When A Volcano Will Blow (Earth Imaging)
[SatNews] "The findings suggest that satellite radar is the perfect tool to identify volcanic unrest"...
Union of Concerned Scientists Webinar...The Realities Of China's ASAT Weapons Armed With Kinetic Kill Vehicle
[SatNews] The system appears to be designed to place a kinetic kill vehicle on a trajectory to deep space that could reach...
EMCORE...  Terahertz Systems Lauded ...Receives Compound Semiconductor's 2014 Industry Award
SatNews] Recognition by your peers of a job well done is meaningful validation ...and so it was for this Company with the award presentation of...
NASA's Kepler Seeks Earth Twin...Possible Match!  (Kepler Space Telescope)
[SatNews] The next steps in the search for distant life include looking for true Earth-twins—
McMurdo's...Second Webinar...No Need To Search Any Further For Answers To Search + Rescue Systems
[SatNews] technological advancements will enhance distress beacon detection rates, improve location accuracy and reduce emergency response times to potentially save even more lives.
SkyWave Creates Waves By Joining Global M2M Alliance
[SatNews] The M2M sector has seen tremendous growth and is expected to continue this trend well into the coming decade.
SPECIM (2 News Items) AisaIBIS Measures Secrets...Plants' Fluorescence + Upcoming Paris Workshop (Technology + Event)
[SatNews] ...most valuable feature is its ability to measure the secret light of plants...