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ManSat...Increases in Free Enterprise In Space Is Impetus For Increases In Board Of Advisors... x 3
"...[the Company] s driving some of the most innovative and impactful commercial strategies that I have seen in the satellite industry in the past decade." 
Hubble Reveals... Just In Time For The Holidays A Sweep Of Glitter In A Dwarf Galaxy
It is thought to have never had a dormant period—a period during which no stars were formed—lasting longer than 100 million years.
Driving The Changes That Are Needed In The Satellite Industry... SSPI's Gala Benefit Dinner
SSPI kicks off their "How Satellites Make A Better World" campaign...
Robinson, Welch, Tadros + Clark Elected To The Board Of The Hosted Payload Alliance
"Since its inception, the HPA boasts many accomplishments working with government to further the development of a new hosted payload contracting vehicle..."—Nicole Robinson, Hosted Payload Alliance Chair.
Key GVF Initiatives To Be Driven By New Board Of Directors
"As the satellite communications industry addresses major challenges and opportunities, the need for a strong, well-credentialed GVF Board has never been greater.”—David Hartshorn, Secretary General of GVF.
PocketQube Shop Offers A New Kit That Packs All Of The Main CubeSat Building Blocks
"Our mission is to democratize low-cost access to space for Planet Earth and this kit is a key stepping stone to enabling this goal."—Tom Walkinshaw, Founder/CEO, PocketQube Shop.
ND SatCom FIPS Their Lid... Now That SKYWAN 7000 Series FIPS Is Certified
...it can also undoubtedly be applied by other customers with the need for extra high security when transmitting data over satellite.
Stevenson Astrosat Cracks Open The Whiskey...First Space Systems Bid Celebration
"We cracked open the whisky when we won our first space-systems bid."
 The 31st Space Symposium Offers Early Bird Rewards + A Stellar Lineup Of Speakers 
....will host a separate event focusing on the evolving security challenges posed in cyberspace.
Space Start-Up Incubations Planned By Space-Nest.
"An appropriate framework will enable small, innovative companies with strong teams to develop emerging technologies into commercialized products."—Ofer Lapid, Co-Founder, Space-Nest.
M2M World Alliance Foot Print Just Got Larger w/Telenor Connexion
Multinational corporations planning to roll out connected devices worldwide face a multitude of hurdles.
Annual Award Recipients Named By The National Space Club
The Awards will be presented at the 58th Annual Robert H. Goddard Memorial Dinner, taking place at the Washington Hilton on Friday, March 13, 2015. 
Jean-Jacques Dordain To Be Awarded General James E. Hill Lifetime Space Achievement Award By Space Foundation
"Through his leadership, ESA has achieved remarkable success with programs like Gaia, Rosetta, ATV, the International Space Station and many others."
 PlanetObserver's Silver Anniversary... Celebrates 25 Years Of Making Mosaics
The company’s founding principle remains: producing the most beautiful satellite image mosaics of the Earth.
Thuraya + International News Safety Institute Adopt Safety Plans + Products 
...addresses the rising need for providing safety training to protect journalists working in difficult and dangerous environments...
World Teleport Association Names Those At The Top... Top Operator Rankings for 2014
This end-of-year report may surprise the industry's peers.
DigitalGlobe Wants Your Vote In Their Fourth Annual Top Image Contest
Please join DigitalGlobe and vote in the fourth annual Top Image contest.
NetComm Wireless + SPHINX Computer Delivers A Plethora Of M2M Products
...delivers a range of wireless Machine-to-Machine (M2M) products to key vertical markets...
Scotland-Based Astrosat Wins Fifth Major Award
"The Copernicus Masters helps stimulate innovative solutions for business and society based on Earth observation, and this award is a huge tribute to the entire team at Astrosat."
New PayTV Report From Euroconsult Reveals Strong Growth
"Emerging markets are home to over 80 percent of the nearly 160 active platforms."