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ONE CONNXT...Really Connects With Broadcast Quality Video Transport When It's "Done Right"  (IBC | SatBroadcasting™)
tNews] ....will be featuring how it delivers broadcast content utilizing its proprietary conditional access system designed with throughput optimization that literally “cleans up” Internet connections.                                                      
Airbus Defence and Space... Expands Terralink Thanks To A Dialog® With Newtec
[SatNews]   ...enables services to run more efficiently than ever before over satellite and allows the same core platform to be used for customers of any size and network requirements.
Keysight Technologies...It's A First... User-Extensible Frequency Domain Analysis For Real-Time Oscilloscopes
[SatNews] ..." requires frequency domain analysis beyond the out-of-the-box application capabilities, customers can immediately customize and ...”
Air Force Space Command...In General Change Is Good (Executive Moves)
[SatNews] The general's staff assignments include tours with the Air Force Secretariat, the Air Staff, the Joint Staff and the Commander's Action Group at Headquarters Air Force Space Command as Director.
NASA..It's Not An Outerspace Disco... Pulsating Light Illuminates Rare Black Hole ...Measures 400x Mass Of Sun
[SatNews] The two light oscillations were like two dust motes in the grooves of a vinyl record on a turntable, like musical beats, they would produce a specific syncopated rhythm..a Latin bossa nova or a tune from The Beatles’ White Album.
Orbital's Cygnus™ Travels To 'There' And Back + Takes Out The Garbage... Successful Cargo Delivery To ISS (Service Provider)
[SatNews] Prior to its departure from the station, the astronauts loaded the cargo module with approximately 3,550 pounds (1,615 kilograms) of items for disposal.
U.S. Military + ASC Signal... Four For Three...Four Contracts For A TriFold™ = Worldwide Defense
 “An expanding range of customers in military and civilian government agencies are finding them the right solution to support critical field operations.”
Arianespace + Soyuz Flight VS09... Receive Boost Preparing Galileo’s Children “Doresa” and “Milena” For Galileo Launch
[SatNews] Named for children who were among the winners of a European Commission painting competition in 2011, Doresa and Milena are the first in a series of 22 satellites.
NASA's Hubble Reveals Galaxies That Have Halos, Are Fuzzy + Resemble Galactic Soup 
Both galaxies in this pair have disturbed shapes and extended soft halos.
Indian Government's New Navigation System Solution For Partner Countries... In Hopes Of Eliminating Vanishing Planes 
[SatNews] ...the importance of such a system was realized when Beijing-bound Malaysia Airlines with 239 passengers mysteriously vanished...
Signalhorn... Executive Team Just Got Stronger ...Two New Appointments (Executive Moves)
[SatNews] He also retooled the company’s sales department and built a strong administrative structure.
NSR's Report ...Massive Number Of UltraHD Channels = Lots Of Boxes ... (Reports/Analysis)
a number of satellite operators and DTH platforms, from regions as diverse as North America to South Asia, are investing heavily in UHD content and UHD compatible set-top boxes", adds Crisp.
NSR—HTS in Energy Markets: A Zero-Sum Game? (Analysis | Report)
[SatNews] As more High Throughput Satellites (HTS) launch, arrive in orbit and become operational in the next 12 to 18 months, many in the industry are asking...
NASA's Chandra Ducks + Covers As Supernova SN 2014J Explodes
[SatNews] Scientists think that all Type Ia supernovas involve the detonation of a white dwarf.
Advantech Wireless Takes It To The Floor @ IBC .... A-SAT™ Platform Offers Dramatic Cost Savings Of CAPEX + OPEX 
[SatNews] ... by having these technologies in a single platform, the switch between traffic patterns is efficiently supported and all risks of equipment obsolescence are mitigated. 
GL Communications ... Insight Into MAPS™ UMTS IuCS Interface Emulator (COMMS)
[SatNews]  ...can support greater data rates for voice and video data transmission to the mobile users.
UPDATE: ULA + DigitalGlobe... All Fired Up + Somewhere To Go...Up... Picture This With WorldView-3 (Launch)
[SatNews] ...a picture perfect launch today of a satellite that will be providing perfect pictures.
Kratos + ABS...An EPOCH® Decision Expands Fleet Management System + Excites With All-Electric ABS-3A + ABS-2A Satellites
[SatNews] "...system provides us with the uniqueness to be able to operate our satellites from different manufacturers under one umbrella system and optimize the operational efficiency, flexibility and reliability of our satellites."
Euroconsult—Revenues Report For FSS Now Published (Analysis | Report)
[SatNews] According to Euroconsult's newly released report, Company Profiles - FSS Operators: The Complete Analysis, the FSS industry generated $12.2 billion in revenues in 2013...
Northrop Grumman...Provides Mission Critical Info To Air Force Weather Agency ($300M Contract)
[SatNews]... "team ensures all systems are operational and available, enabling the Air Force to provide the continuous, complete and current weather information that is so critical to our military for mission success. "