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PCI Geomatics—Roadshow Rolls Out FOr Geomatica 2014 (Events—Imagery)
[SatNews] PCI Geomatics has announced a series of online and live events focused on the...
Euroconsult—Decision Making Resources Offered In Paris With World Satellite Business Week (Event)
[SatNews] The upcoming World Satellite Business Week represents an outstanding opportunity for networking and business deal making as the event brings together more than...
PCI Geomatics Updates + Educates...No Snakes Involved With Python Scripting (Events)
[SatNews]...and Python scripting allows customized code that combines image processing with other tasks to streamline data management applications, generate intelligent business products, or ....
Cinegy's Energy Unleashed At IBC2014...Automation + Playout Solution (Event)
[SatNews] “Over the past few years CiaB became a mantra for everyone, including the industry giants."
RRsat Partners With Kaltura @ IBC2014...A Convergence Of Content Management + Content Distribution (SatBroadcasting™)
[SatNews] This service allows content owners and publishers to prepare, manage and deliver content to any network, in any format, on any device.
U. S. Air Force Commemorates 60th Anniversary Of Heading In The Right Direction With GPS Systems
[SatNews] For a soldier operating under cover of darkness in enemy territory the biggest challenge is navigation due to unfamiliar territory and lack of easily identifiable landmarks on ground.
SSPI Gala 2014 Raises $195,000...Will Fund Industry Service Projects and Professional Connections
[SatNews] “In the coming year, members and sponsors will see their funds put to work in projects that benefit the sector and our professional membership.”
IHS Technology—Contraction Ahead For STBs' CA Technology (Analysis | Report—Of SatBroadcasting™ Interest)
[SatNews] The global market for conditional access (CA) technology used in set-top boxes (STBs) is set to contract as...
U.S. Air Force + U.S. Navy's Global Hawks Soar Safely + Surpass 100,000 Combat/Operational Support Hours
[SatNews]  ..."Operating 11 miles above danger zones, Global Hawk is a strategic airborne asset with unprecedented endurance, range and persistence."
NASA's Landsat 8 Observes Unforgiving Region Deals With Depression, Burning Blue Lava + Earth Pulls Apart At The Seams (Earth Observation)
[SatNews] In other words, the Earth is pulling apart at the seams here.
GVF + IRG Offer Sessions... Sharpening Your Tools To Safeguard Your Transmission Operation (Event | IBC)
[SatNews] ..."companies are striving to instill best practices across their operations, ensuring they can reduce errors and enjoy uninterrupted service. "
NSR...Is Fishing Industry's Satellite Connectivity A 'Catch + Release' Notion Or A 'Keeper'? (Reports | Analysis)
[SatNews] But, the industry should not expect the fishing industry to be the ‘next big fish for satellite connectivity without a radical shift in technology or the fishing industry itself.
IHS Technology...Saturation Of Global Pay-TV Market To Decline While MENA Grows
[SatNews] Worldwide market revenue for pay-TV STB CA technology will decline to $1.9 billion in 2018, down from a peak of $2.2 billion in 2015...
Nanyang Tech University ...This ZigBee Is A BusyBee... Equipped With Inter-Satellite Comms System

[SatNews] To estimate the range of inter-satellite communication in free space, the team applied a link budget analysis based on the Friis transmission equation, deriving...
Boeing + NASA's ISS Docking System...It's Important To Be Compatible In Space...Approved + Ready To Roll In 2016
[SatNews] The docking system includes a new design that will enable current and future spacecraft to latch onto the ISS at one of two International Docking Adapters...
BCC Research's Remote Sensing... Sense This... Market Projected To Be $12.1B By 2019 (Analysis / Report)
[SatNews] ...today remote sensors have applications in fields as varied as archeology, border monitoring, hydrology and freshwater resources, oil and mineral exploration, and urban and suburban planning.
Berg Insight—By Year's End, 213.9 Million (Analysis | Report — M2M)
[SatNews] According to a new research report from the analyst firm Berg Insight, the global number of mobile network connections used for wireless machine-to-machine (M2M) communication will...
NASA’s New Horizons Spacecraft... A Big Deal Regarding A Dwarf Planet, Pluto... Just Passed Neptune
[SatNews] “No country except the United States has the demonstrated capability to explore so far away”
NSR Report...Avanti May Be Small But Has It All Together...So Far (Report/Analysis)
[SatNews] ...is still a small company ...it is therefore interesting that the company has managed to finance a third satellite with a cost in the hundreds of millions of dollars range.
Northrop Grumman + Virgin Galactic...Demo Experimental Plan For DARPA
[SatNews] Reusable aircraft-like operations would help reduce military and commercial light spacecraft launch costs by a factor of 10 from current launch costs in this payload class.