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The SpaceDataHighway Accomplishes 10,000 Successful Laser Connections
The establishment of the laser connections is controlled by the SpaceDataHighway’s Mission Operation Center, which operates 24 hours a...
Lockheed Martin's Satellite for U.S. Air Force Passes Extreme Tests of Advanced Extremely High Frequency Satellite
simulated the vibrations generated by a rocket propelling its payload from zero to over 17,500 miles per hour in under eight minutes.
NASA's UPDATE: Successful Orbital ATK Cygnus™ Launch to ISS Includes Lab that Creates Temperature 10 Billion Times Colder than Space
new Cold Atom Lab (CAL) on Cygnus could help answer some big questions. CAL creates a temperature 10 billion times colder than the vacuum of space,
Lunar Comms Satellite Plus Two Smallsats Launched by China
The Chang’e-4 relay satellite, accompanied by two microsatellites, lifted off atop a Long March 4C rocket from the Xichang Satellite Launch Centre at 21:28 UTC on Sunday (05:28 Beijing time, May 21). The spacecraft was successfully inserted into a lunar transfer orbit and separated from the rocket’s upper stage, the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) — the main contractor for the space program — confirmed just under an hour after the launch.
Made In Space's Archinaut In-Space Robotic Manufacturing and Assembly Platform Gains a NASA Proposal Request
Archinaut was initially awarded under STMD’s Tipping Point program, which was established to fund public-private partnerships to achieve NASA’s goals...
University of Nairobi Encourages Others to Participate in Space Technology After Successful Satellite Launch
It is the first outer space object registered by Kenya and the first Kenyan Satellite that has gone into space orbit.
Space Flight Laboratory (SFL) to Attend Two Industry Conferences with New Smallsat Technologies In Hand
SFL, which was established in 1998 as a self-sustaining specialty lab at the University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies (UTIAS), has...
iDirect Government and Team Members Roll Out Their TRASC Airborne SATCOM Offering @ SOFIC
Designed for C-130 military transport aircraft, TRASC is a turnkey solution that brings together best-in-class, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS)...
SatADSL's Partner Camtel Connect Cameroon's Communities ... Both Public and Private Enterprises
agreement follows a pilot launch of SatADSL’s solutions in Cameroon, including schools, post offices, hospitals and banks. 
BridgeSat’s Agreement with ICEYE Provides Laser Satellite Terminals and Data Services to Microsatellite SAR Constellation
"...pioneers seek out other pioneers to change the world. They’re the first to commercialize laser-based free space optical communication and ... "
Support for Satellite Based Systems SATCOM Infrastructure Awarded by U.S. Army to IAP Worldwide Services
Work will be performed in Cape Canaveral, Florida, with an estimated completion date of May 21, 2019...
Inmarsat Reaffirms Humanitarian Response to UN Crisis Connectivity Charter 
improving their access to vital satellite-based communications when local networks are affected, destroyed or overloaded after a disaster. 
Global Disaster Relief Charter Signed by Major Satellite Industry Actors and the U.N.
Under the contribution agreements, the Charter Signatories are now committing satellite equipment and capacity that will be dedicated for ...
Back to Work They Go as United Launch Alliance's IAM Employees Approve New Contract
The new contract covers 600 bargaining unit employees from District Lodges #75, #166, including Locals #44, #610 and #2786 performing work on the ... 
UAE Space Agency and Universities Organize the Preliminary Design of MeznSat
will provide insight into the concentration of nutrients in the coastal waters of the Arabian Gulf, enabling more accurate predictions of algal blooms ...
COTM and First Responder Comms to be Demo'd by Microsoft and Kymeta @ 2018 SOFIC
The companies will be jointly demonstrating end-to-end communications and network on the edge with Microsoft’s patrol and tactical vehicles...
ResearchAndMarkets.com's Assessment of the Current Dynamics for Pricing FSS Capacity
... with double-digit capacity pricing declines over the last 2-3 years, video applications have also been impacted.
The 5G-Crosshaul Project is Successfully Completed by NEC and 20 Leading Actors
The 5G-Crosshaul consortium was selected in 2015 to develop a 5G integrated backhaul and fronthaul transport network that enables a flexible...
The Global Satellite Modem Market Analyzed in New Technavio Report
highlights the high preference for MEO and LEO over GEO satellites as one of the key emerging trends to drive the global satellite modem market ...
Avanti Communications Wins "Changing Lives"... and Does for 18,000 Tanzanian Teachers and 216,000 Students 
the actual changed lives has been recorded and totals 18,000 teachers and 216,000 students, over 310 primary and secondary schools across 25 regions