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U.S. Air Force Contracts with Roccor ... Antennas for Space Mission
the antenna will fly on a mission “intended to enhance warfighters’ situational awareness by extending the range of Link 16 tactical communications ..."
Loft Orbital's $13 Million Funds Operations
The company acquired Series A funding with a collection of $13 million to support operations in Boulder, Colorado, and Toulouse, France...
Sorry, rocket fans — Vandenberg won’t launch an Argentine satellite next year. Here’s why
The popular story is that the United States avoids launching polar orbits from Florida after debris from a failed 1960 Thor rocket fell on Cuba, killing a cow.
DOD Looks to Increase Cybersecurity from Commercial Satellite Providers
The move comes amid growing concerns that US adversaries could use online attacks to blind or cripple commercial satellites on which the US military increasingly relies.
Cheers to Fleet Xpress' Agreement with Bourbon's Vessels 
The deal represents a breakthrough offshore contract for Fleet Xpress, which is already installed on some 7,000 vessels, mainly seagoing merchant ships.
ManSat Group's New Appointment — He's the Chief Consulting Officer
BTW- The head of state, Queen Elizabeth II, holds the title of Lord of Mann and is represented by a lieutenant governor.
Gilat's Wavestream Flying High with $5 Million Order
To support the continued rollout of its airborne systems, the company selected the Wavestream (Inflight Connectivity) IFC transceiver for that...
Copernicus Components Completed
Materion provided the advanced materials used in the optical communication system on board the satellites, including the most recent...
W. L. Gore Assembling for Space Tech Expo
Also highlighted at this event will be GORE® Spaceflight Microwave/RF Assemblies for high-power, high-frequency, high-flex and high-density...
Kacific-1 Satellite Travels to Florida
This next-generation, high-throughput, Ka-band satellite will stream broadband to 25 nations in South East Asia and the Pacific Islands...
EUMETSAT's Exciting Next-Generation Meteorological Satellite Systems
These satellite systems will ...bring more benefits to citizens ... helping to save lives, property and industries and bringing about a positive economic impact.
Lessons Learned by Exos Aerospace with SARGE
While it may take a little longer to implement the lessons learned and return to flight, the firm's change management will include numerous upgrades...
Kepler and Cobham SATCOM Partner Offering 'User Terminal-as-a-Service'
new service was announced to eliminate barriers to widespread adoption of high capacity data services over Kepler’s Low Earth Orbit (LEO) network.
Gilat's $10 Million Backhaul Services in Peru
The infrastructure and network that Gilat recently started to operate is the basis for the mobile coverage that will be provided by a large mobile...
China's Two Launches Total Eight
The KZ-1A lifted off from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in the Gobi Desert ... and China also launched five new remote-sensing satellites ...
'Rosie' Rocks Rocket Lab
The newly installed, custom-built, 140 sq/meter robot enables the precision machining of Electron’s carbon composite structures, including stage 1...
NRO's Smallsats Launched
Led by NRO’s Advanced Systems and Technology (AS&T) directorate, the two cubesats are part of the NRO’s IMPACT project – an R&D effort to...
SCOTTY and Thuraya Demo Thuraya's Aero in Dubai
Aero service is available within Thuraya’s satellite footprint, of more than 160 countries across the Middle East, Asia, Europe, Africa and Australia regions.
Isotropic Scores with Terminal Milestone
The UK-based company demonstrated bi-directional high-speed connectivity with a Ka- broadband satellite, proving its optical beam-forming...
GomSpace's Didymoon Objective
Travel to the Didymos binary asteroid system is the goal. Juventas is a 6U cubesat that contains a low frequency radar as the primary payload and...