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U.S. Intelligence Report: Russia Conducts Successful Test of Anti-Satellite Missile
heavy on theater and light on substance, the nation does still maintain the largest stockpile of nuclear weapons on the planet, a formidable submarine fleet, and
Russia to Create Backup Manned Vehicle for Moon Flights without NASA Funding
NASA did not respond to Sputnik's question whether it really turned to Russia with a proposal to create a backup manned space system.
Arrow 3 Weapon System Successfully Tested by Israel's Missile Defense Organization and the U.S. Missile Defense Agency
The Arrow-3 is a unique weapon system, designed to defend against ballistic missiles by targeting the threat outside of the atmosphere. The test ...
Users Enjoy Processing Larger Projects with Virtual Surveyor's New Software Enhancements
Virtual Surveyor 6.2 solves the problem of large files by offering enhanced Clipping and Mosaicking functionality. Users can now merge multiple ...
The First OneWeb Constellation's Satellites Have Shipped to Launch Site
The satellites were manufactured at the OneWeb Satellites facility on the Airbus Defence and Space Toulouse site and the first six have been...
Network Innovations Formally Launches Iridium CertusSM to Global Customers
This resulted in early customer adoption with one of the first commercial activations globally.
The Future ESA In-Situ Resource Use Moon Mission to be Examined by PTScientists
The ESA mission focuses on the use of the lunar regolith, the loose soil layer that is resident on the bedrock of a planet. Being able to extract water...
NASA's Juno Sees Spots ... Captures a Major Great Red Spot on Jupiter and Two Super Storms
The storm reached its current size when three smaller spots collided and merged in the year 2000.
Russia Mulling Sovereign's Eye Satellite Network to Watch 'Any Process on Earth'
"We are now proposing a project called 'Sovereign's Eye', which would allow us to see the dynamics of any changes on Earth,"
Defense Intelligence Agency Releases Report on China Military Power  ... Most Modern Weapon Systems
“China and Russia have the largest remote sensing satellite fleets outside the US. Additionally, the Chinese People's Liberation Army and the Russian ...
Newtec Provides Solomon Islands ISP with Hub System
The Newtec Dialog platform will deliver IP connectivity for the Solomon Islands government, with a single hop service from remote islands to the...
ESA and GomSpace to Take a Nanosatellite to the Didymoon Asteroid
This will take the nanosatellite technology to a whole new level as deep space is even more harsh compared to orbiting in Low Earth Orbit.
Dr. Andy Shiang Joins Experior Laboratories, Inc.
Dr. Shiang will be responsible for leading engineering efforts to support the growing product qualification and testing business sectors...
Britain's Black Arrow, Their Only Rocket to Successfully Launch a Satellite, is on Display After 48 Years 
“This is quite feasibly the most important artefact linked to the UK's space history."
Connected Buses and Trains Receive the Spotlight in NSR Report
However, what is oftentimes missing from the debate, is the prospect for connected trains and buses to be served via satellite. While the broadband...
Kacific to the Comms Rescue in Tonga
The sole international service currently available is provided via a Ku-band satellite network that is operated by Kacific Broadband Satellite and...
Connectivity Being Brought to the Galápagos Islands by Speedcast
The Galápagos Islands have long faced connectivity issues due to their remote location approximately 1,000 km. offshore the Ecuadorian coast...
Statement from ULA as they Launch the National Reconnaissance Office's NROL-71 'Spy Satellite' 
“Congratulations to our team and mission partners for successfully delivering this critical asset to support national security missions.”
This Japanese Company's 400 Tiny Balls Can Create Simulated Meteor Showers
ALE says it is targeting "the whole world" with its products and plans to build a stockpile of shooting stars in space that can be delivered across the world.
Roscosmos Plans Soyuz-2 Unmanned Test of Manned-Type Configuration Craft in September 2019
Also in 2019 we are to put in space a crewless manned configuration spacecraft with the Soyuz-2 rocket. It is a relatively fresh decision. It has not ...