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Recent SatBroadcasting News
SES Launches 24/7 Satellite Ultra HD Test Channel With High Dynamic Range Content 
At the ninth SES Industry Days, SES and industry partners will demonstrate a number of technologies to broadcast Ultra HD with High Dynamic Range content.
Scrub-A-DubDub Of SpaceX Falcon 9... No Launch Of THAICOM-8 Due To A Tiny Glitch
SpaceX readies for another launch today, and hopefully a graceful landing  using the “Of Course I Still Love You” Autonomous Spaceport Drone Ship (ASDS) as it waits for the stage’s return.
Sky Cable Signs With SES + 251 Philippine Cities and Municipalities Will Enjoy New Direct-to-Home TV 
“The geography of the Philippines presents a unique set of challenges for fiber or terrestrial connectivity. Our satellites are able to overcome these limitations..."
New Modules For HFC Head-Ends Debut From DEV At ANGACOM 2016
MODULO is the name of the new product line consisting of universal, space saving active and passive components for RF transmission over coax and fiber for upstream and downstream applications.
On The Show Floor... Hitachi Kokusai Electric's Nrw DSNG OB Vehicle
Based on a Mercedes Vario vehicle, the truck can support up to six fiber, wireless system and PTZ cameras.
SES Platform Services Pumps Up Their K-NET Partnership
The new partnership will contract SES capacity, SES PS’s and K-NET’s services.
NSR Weighs Jumping On The UltraHD Bandwagon + Is It Worth It For The ROI?
However, there there has been significantly less discussion on the upcoming revenue impact on UltraHD broadcast—despite this discussion being critical to determining UltraHD’s ROI
There's A New High Flying Venue For AMAC Aerospace From Rockwell Collins
This upgrade path also leads to less aircraft downtime.
SES And Telkom Indonesia Are Partners ... Supply Satellite Capacity For Indonesia Through SES-9
 Telkom will provide connectivity to the Indonesian market via capacity on the recently-launched SES-9 satellite, SES’s latest and largest spacecraft for the Asia-Pacific region. 
AsiaSat Brings 4KUNIVERSE™ In UHD To Asian Viewers
4KUNIVERSE™ is one of the first premium general entertainment 4K TV channels available to the global marketplace.
Don't Mess With Texas As Bandera Electric Cooperative Takes On The Digital Divide... And Succeeds
...less than half of Texans living outside an urban area have access to affordable, reliable broadband service. Texas ranks at the bottom of the list at number 44 of 48 states surveyed for access to rural broadband.
On The Show Floor... Artel Bringing Their Demodulator & Satellite Scanner To InfoComm 2016
The DLC510 adds new satellite scanning functionality to the company's DigiLink media transport platform.
Nordics To Receive First Ultra HD Channel Via SES & Viasat
The channel, called Viasat Ultra HD, will be launched after summer in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland via SES-5 at 5 degrees East.
Technology Partnership Initiated Between PSSI Global Services And Golf Channel
PSSI will be the primary provider of satellite transmission services for Golf Channel news, live tournaments and entertainment programming throughout North America.
Eurovision + ABS Jump On Board ABS-3A Results... Increase Capacity To 56 European Countries And Beyond
“The new capacity on ABS-3A will support Eurovision’s substantial growth of media content delivery services in Europe."
More Than 25 Million Nigerian Households Move To Digital, Courtesy Of SES And Cable Channels Nigeria Ltd.
SES will be providing the space segment and specific platform services for the DTH service which will be used to feed the DTT transmitters around the country.
STN Spearheads Move ...Into Asia-Pacific With Solutions To Move Into International Markets
"today people are more mobile than ever before, and we see consumers more readily moving from country to country to pursue career and business opportunities."
GEE, What A Day For EMC — Global Eagle Entertainment To Acquire Emerging Markets Communications
GEE will pay $550 million for EMC.
MEASAT & RR Media Drive CBS Reality Channel Into African Continent
CBS Reality features documentaries and real life dramas.
SeaVsat Selects SES Enterprise+ Broadband Service ...Enables Connectivity Of All SeaVsat Vessels Worldwide
Under the new agreements, SeaVsat will be providing broadband connectivity and VoIP services to its maritime customers.