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February 21st, 2013

NSR-Where’s The Demand For... A Webinar? (Event)

[SatNews] Cutbacks, shifting geopolitical dynamics and more intensify the question: Where’s the demand in Military and Government SatCom?

Northern Sky Research will be hosting a free webinar on Wednesday, March 13 at 10:00 AM EDT described as:

In an environment of fiscal uncertainty and cutbacks, shifting geopolitical dynamics clearly affect any long range analysis of the government/military satcom market. Troop pullouts in the Middle East, budget reductions, conflicts and concerns in North Africa and Asia, new military satellites and the growth in the use of UAVs all serve to create a complex web of issues and drivers that render any assessment of commercial satellite demand very challenging.

The paradigm in this market is certainly shifting, and the industry has more questions than ever on where demand is headed, including:

  • What is the current and projected state of gov/military satcom demand?
  • How is gov/military demand shifting for both fixed and mobile services?
  • How will the U.S. Military Pivot Strategy play out?
  • Will there be enough commercial capacity to support future demand?
  • Which strategy should the industry adopt to succeed?

This FREE webinar will offer NSR’s latest assessment of the gov/military satcom market and provide a clear, bottom line assessment of demand.

The attendees of this webinar will learn the following:

  • How has the recent uncertainty impacted the commercial satellite communications equipment and services demand?
  • What is the satellite roadmap for government and military users?
  • What are players doing to meet the bandwidth needs of this market?
  • When will there be a transition of demand towards Asia?
  • Will high-throughput satellites (HTS) be a game-changer for gov/military markets?
  • What is the best strategy to capture and keep gov/military customers?

Who Should Attend:
  • MSS and FSS Operators
  • Terminal, Antenna, and Handset Manufacturers
  • Satellite Services Distributors, Providers and Capacity Resellers
  • Satellite Manufacturers
  • Government Users of Mobile Satellite Services
  • Regulatory Agencies and Agencies Funding SatCom
  • Space Agencies
  • Start-ups and Research Centers
  • Anyone Seeking to Better Understand the Dynamics of the Government Satcom Market

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