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Another Launch for China ... New Communication Technology Experiment Satellite
Thursday's launch was the 315th mission of the Long March rocket series.
As the Crow Flies ... And It Did as Rocket Lab's Electron Rocket Launches Astro Digital's Smallsat
71 minutes after launch Electron’s Kick Stage's payload went to a circular orbit of more than 1,000 km. more than twice the altitude of any Electron
Preparations Underway by China to Launch Capsules for their Space Station
China aims to complete the construction of the space station around 2022. Weighing 66 tons, the Tiangong space station will be T-shaped with the...
"Encore" Says BBC Studios and Distribution Deal with MEASAT and Globecast
BBC Earth HD shares the wonders of the universe; CBeebies HD provides pre-school age learning through play; and BBC Lifestyle Asia, home, family...
No Small Matter ... LeoLabs' Kiwi Space Radar Can Track Super Small Objects in LEO
designed to track approximately 250,000 additional objects down to 2 centimeters in size that account for most of the risk of collisions in space
Orbital Micro Systems' IOD-1 GEMS Satellite Reveals Eyewall Replacement Cycle of Typhoon Hagibis
delivered exceptional spatial resolution and sensitivity in providing imagery ... competitive with multi-billion-dollar government programs performing
As the Crow Flies ... Gettin' Ready for a New Zealand Launch
This mission will fly a Palisade technology demonstration satellite, a 16U CubeSat bus with on-board propulsion system ...
BBC ... Typhoon Hagibis: Satellites Show Japan Rivers in Flood
Photos from the BBC reveal the results of one of Japan's biggest typhoons to have decimated the countryside in decades.
Qualcomm to Support India's Regional Navigation Satellite System
The solution is built on Qualcomm Technologies’ foundational inventions in location-based position technology. As part of the updated platforms, the...
Indra Working with European Space Agency to Minimize Damage from Tsunamis, Volcanos, Floods and More
With a population of more than 350,000, the city on the island of Sulawesi was devastated by a huge wave after a 7.5-magnitude seaquake.
Alliance for SAR Satellites Formed by KSAT and Synspective
The partnership between the two companies will secure Synspective’s cost effective ground support for their constellation, during LEOP and the...
ICEYE and ST Engineering Geo-Insights Sign MoU for South East Asia Markets Support
ICEYE recently announced their three SAR satellite constellation is now available for commercial access, receiving significant attention in the global...
NASA and JAXA Collaboration Extended for Moon Activities
JAXA will extend technical cooperation for Ocean Surface Topography Mission project to build a lunar orbiting space station and for its Artemis program to return...
Global IP's African Broadband Satellite Service to Try Again
The ‘new’ Global-IP project is backed by Bronzelink Holdings Ltd. of Hong Kong, and reports suggest that the company is looking to renegotiate the...
China Launches Gaofen-10 EO Satellite Providing Photos with Resolution of Less than a Meter
The satellite was launched aboard a Long March-4C rocket and successfully entered its planned orbit. This was the 314th flight mission of...
Perigee Aerospace Signs on to Use Southern Launch Rocket Facilities in South Australia
Signed at the 8th Space Forum in Adelaide, South Australia, the agreement sees the two New Space startups work together to launch small...
UPDATE: ST Engineering Completes Their Acquisition of Newtec and Publishes Business Statement
This Newtec acquisition by ST Engineering, together with the recent acquisition of Glowlink Communications Technology by the company's subsidiary iDirect Government...
A Conversation With ... Andrey Kirillovich, Director of Integration and Products, Russian Satellite Communications Company
Andrey shared an interesting 'twist' regarding his customers' expertise. As he said, they are open to cooperation and have a lot of examples of...
NASA Shares Images of Chandrayaan-2 Landing Site and Found a Lunar Lander ... Which One?
NASA’s LRO camera failed to locate Vikram but captured images of Israel's Lander Beresheet which also failed at its attempt to land on the moon in April.
Australia Reboots Space Industry ... Australian Space Experts Focus on Small Sat Technology
Australia aims to grow the space market segment from AU$3.9 billion to AU$12 billion by 2030 and double space industry employment to 30,000.