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Recent Military News
Comtech EF Data Working with SPAWAR on TDMA ATIP Production Terminals Long-Term Support
ATIP is a Layer-2 Ethernet bridging device installed on ship, shore and submarine platforms in the Navy Multi-band Terminal (NMT). The ATIP...
Mercury Systems' $11.6 Million Order Booked for Digital Signal Processing Subsystems for UAV ISR
Mercury Systems provides secure sensor and mission processing subsystems powering a variety of critical defense and intelligence programs.
Next Phase of Development Underway by SSL for DARPA's RSGS Mission Robotic Payload
a recently completed preliminary design review showed that the robotic payload design coupled with a Space Systems Loral spacecraft bus
DoD Inspector General Has "Concerns" for Air Force Space Command's Supply Chain
The supply chain is the sequence of activities necessary to provide an end user with a finished product or system (from raw material to finished...
U.S. State Department Expresses Concern Over Inconsistent Behavior of Russian Satellite
there is no way to verify it. But Russian intentions with respect to this satellite are unclear and are obviously a very troubling development.
HawkEye 360 Does a 180 With Ample Funding for a Satellite Cluster and More
have secured additional capital commitments to fund their first commercial cluster that will augment their PathFinder Cluster scheduled for launch later... 
Maxar’s SSL to Define Next Generation Secure MILSATCOM for the U.S. Air Force
SSL will develop, test and analyze antenna subsystem prototypes through a contract with the Space Enterprise Consortium, managed by Advanced Technology International...
Comtech EF Data's and U.S. Navy's Multi-Million Dollar Order for Next Generation Satellite Earth Station Equipment
The commercially available modems will support satellite communications and interoperability across the Navy’s platforms and shore sites.
U.S. Naval Research Laboratory Provides the Eyes of NASA's Parker Solar Probe with a WISPR 
"Space weather is important for civilians, the Navy and all militaries. We need it and depend on it.” 
The U.S. Army's Contract for $522 Million GATRs or the Military Procures Inflatable Satellite Antennas
antenna system has become the Warfighter's choice, for ground use in military situations in remote areas, quick deploys, or in harsh weather 
XipLink's New Sales Executive ...He Has Experience for Fast Growth in Latin America
he is moving from the space capacity side to the network optimization business, XipLink is fortunate to obtain his sales leadership at the right time.
RigNet Partners with Singtel to Provide CyphreLink, a Terrestrial Encrypted Network Service
The hardware-based encryption allows military-grade data security, with little to no overhead on the payload.
U.S. Department of the Space Force — the Sixth Branch of the U.S. Armed Forces — to be Established
In a speech at the Pentagon, the Vice President also announced plans to establish a new combatant command — U.S. Space Command —- as well as a...
Bezos to Address the AFA's 2018 Air, Space & Cyber Conference
More than 9,000 attendees registered for the 2017 Air, Space & Cyber ...
Airbus' Zephyr, a High Altitude Pseudo-Satellite, Breaks Record in Air More Than 25 Days
After taking off on July 11 in Arizona, Zephyr S logged a maiden flight of more than 25 days, the longest duration flight ever made. An application...
Viasat's VISION Software Passes Critical NATO Test
Under a contract awarded in January 2018, NATO will upgrade its legacy UHF communications network to Viasat's VISION planning and network...
Honeywell Selected by Lockheed Martin for Their Control Actuation System
An actuator is a type of motor that is responsible for moving or controlling a mechanism or system, typically operated by electric current, hydraulic fluid ...
The Glonass Navigation Signal Now Accessible by Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan has been granted access to a high-precision Glonass navigation signal, an official with the Kazakhstan Defense Ministry’s Aerospace Committee, Kazcosmos, said...
Lockheed Martin Ships AEHF's Fourth Satellite for MILSATCOM to Canaveral for Launch
AEHF communications are jam-proof and offer low probability of detection or interception, and the four-satellite constellation will be able to deliver that...
Comtech EF Data Expands Their WANOp and Also Receives Satellite Modem Order
The new Release 7 of the FX Series WANOp appliance solution delivers unparalleled performance of up to 5 Gbps throughput and 1,000,000 TCP...