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Florida May Reach In Its Pockets to Fund Space Launch Services Encouraging Industries and Employment 
on 67 acres at KSC, including a 133,000-square-foot hangar and a launch and landing control tower standing up to 300 feet tall, as well as a rocket ...
President Trump Signs Space Policy Directive - 3: Dealing with Debris and NASA's Administrator's Comments
"...President’s enthusiasm for our nation’s innovative work, provides a strong foundation for our nation to once again do the big things that will shape a ..." 
Thales MEOLUT Next to Bring Distressed Support to Canada's Participation in COSPAS-SARSAT
MEOSAR will support Canada’s ability to respond quickly and effectively to distress signals from land, air and sea from coast-to-coast-to-coast;...
The Integration of Satellite and 5G Showcased by SaT5G Member Companies @ EuCNC2018 Conference
The live, first-of-its-kind test marked a significant step forward in the massive transformation of the global communications industry, which will...
Coming Together ... Secure World Foundation and Partners Establish Consortium for Satellite Servicing Standards
process took awhile, but the pace seems to have picked up and is moving forward so standards for cooperative on-orbit servicing can be determined. 
Military Tactical Communications Summit from ASDEvents Set for Mid-September
This event  will focus on advancing network capabilities by delivering enhanced C4ISR and information dominance to the current and future...
Space Industry Experts Will Abound ... All at the Same Time and Location During Satellite Innovation 
Rather than recounting industry trends or focusing myopically on NewSpace, the Satellite Innovation conference is designed to provide a bigger picture of...
New Global Communications Company Debuts EVERYWHERE
EVERYWHERE’s fully integrated dual-mode communications solution uses the newly launched Iridium NEXT satellite constellation and cellular...
ViaLite's L-Band HTS for Defense Provides Security for Those Who Defend Others
The link is ideal for the extremely demanding dynamic range applications associated with HTS and defense, and is based on the ViaLiteLong Distance 
Astronomers See Black Hole Destroy Star in a Distant Eruption
Theorists suggested that material pulled from the doomed star forms a rotating disk around the black hole, emitting intense X-rays and visible light
July 20 Set as the Launch Date by SpaceX for the Seventh Iridium® NEXT Launch
The Falcon 9 rocket will launch 10 Iridium NEXT satellites to LEO from VAFB in California at approximately 5:12 am PDT (12:12 UTC). An exact...
Kratos RT Logic Scores with U.S.A.F. SMC Pilot Phase 2 Program Award
Kratos’ system will enable government satellite users to roam, similar to the way cell phone users roam through multiple cellular networks. This will be...
Thales Alenia Space's SWOT Does a Lot ... Achieving Milestones is the Result of Many Who Have Contributed 
a new-generation platform for this program that will be the first of this type to be orbited in compliance with the French Space Operations Act* ...
Satellite Industry Association's Annual State of the Satellite Industry Reveals Record Number of Satellite Launches
There is a tremendous transformation underway in the commercial satellite industry as demonstrated by the record number and type of launches in 2017 
Partnership Between Rock Seven and Blue Sky Network is an Asset With Asset Tracking Solutions
intuitive, cloud-based portal, offers tracking, remote communications, and fleet management on any internet-device, including Android and iOS devices.
Chris Pogue Named as the President of MDA Government
Mr. Pogue assumes responsibility for taking MDA Government to the next level of growth and profitability and will report to Mike Greenley, the Group...
World Teleport Association to Share Teleport Industry Insights During CommunnicAsia 2018
WTA will share insights from its recent market study, Sizing the Teleport Market 2018 and its Teleport Opportunities 2018 survey of executives...
A Launch Trilogy for Rocket Lab and a Noteworthy New Customer — Canon Electronics
All three missions will lift off from the Rocket Lab Launch Complex 1 on the MÄ
NASA’s Decade of Discoveries and Cosmic Rays with Fermi Satellite 
cosmic rays, particles traveling at nearly the speed of light, could be propelled by supernova shock waves. In 2013, Fermi’s LAT used gamma rays to prove  
Advanced Sensor Built by Harris is Delivered to Mitsubishi Electric Corporation for their GOSAT-2 Satellite
The Harris-built TANSO-FTS-2 (Thermal and Near Infrared Sensor for Carbon Observation-Fourier Transform Spectrometer-2) will measure...