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March 16th, 2015

NovelSat Passes Independent Tests...  NS3000 Satellite Modem Performs Up To 8x Better Than Traditional Circuits 

[SatNews] Independent testing has recently shown that the NS3000 satellite modem from NovelSat can perform at eight times the efficiency of traditional SONET/SDH satellite circuits in data center interconnections. 

The tested satellite transmission solution comprised the Bay Microsystems IBEx system, a WAN accelerator providing Global Fabric Extension, and the NovelSat NS3000 Professional High-Data Rate Satellite Modem with the NovelSat NS3 waveform.

Test results show that the solution can deliver up to 96 percent channel utilization and, depending on satellite antenna and RF components, can reach up to 10 bit/sec/Hz spectral efficiency in bi-directional satellite links. 

David R. Kendrick, Owner of Talladega Systems, Inc., the Houston, Texas based satellite system provider who performed the tests said, “We were only limited by the size and power of the transponder. The NovelSat modems work even better than expected.” 

Lab and live satellite testing were commissioned by the partnership of Bay Microsystems, a provider of networking solutions and PCPC Direct, an IT infrastructure solutions provider. “Results in both the lab tests and on live satellite links were similar,” according to Steven Olshefski, Director of Federal Sales for PCPC Direct. “NovelSat and Bay Microsystems have a very efficient solution for moving large volumes of data across a satellite connection.”  

Satellite testing was performed at the SDN Global teleport in Atlanta, Georgia. The antenna used for testing was a 5.5M Ku-band with a 100W Solid State Power Amplifier (SSPA). During the test, no more than 50 percent of the SSPA power was used. Tests included moving large data files, up to 10GB, over a 36MHz transponder at various MODCODs. Maximum tested throughput was 106.946Mbps with 64APSK MODCOD for a 112Mbps InfiniBand channel rate.

The NovelSat NS3000 Professional High-Data Rate Satellite Modem is the world's fastest, most bandwidth efficient satellite modem. This translates into marked cost reduction for both point-to-point and point-to-multipoint data, video and mixed data/video applications. The NS3000 delivers data transmission rates of up to 425Mbps in each direction (850Mbps in full duplex mode) on an 84MHz transponder. 

Combining both a modulator and demodulator in a single unit, the NS3000 is flexible and supports all types of applications from the smallest to the world's largest links. It is ideal for satellite-based cellular backhaul as well as high-speed data rate IP trunking applications where lack of infrastructure and challenging geography make wire links impractical.

“This is another example of how the NovelSat NS3000 outperforms other industry players,” said Dan Peleg, NovelSat VP R&D. “At NovelSat, cost-saving spectral efficiency is a top technology priority, which is why we are constantly working toward surpassing our own industry records.”    

"By combining the capabilities of the NovelSat NS3000 with Bay IBEx, which has been deployed in mission critical applications for global fiber based networks, together, we are now able to deliver the same benefits across a satellite connection for applications which require greater bandwidth,” said Gerry Jankauskas, CTO at Bay Microsystems. “The NovelSat/Bay network technologies provide up to 8x actual data throughput compared with traditional circuits."