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Current Satellite News
March 16th, 2015
Orbital ATK Goes Retro + Shields ULA's Atlas V As It Launches NASA's MMS Satellites
This flight also marked the 18th successful flight of the Orbital ATK retro motors. Eight of these solid motors supported separation of the spent first stage.
Paradise's Q-MultiFlex™ Modem Makes A Point... Point-to-MultiPoint Networks Reduce Amount Of Hardware= $avings 
...dramatically reduces the amount of hardware these networks require by providing both a modulator and up to 16 demodulators in a single rack-unit.
 ESA Awards Airbus Defence and Space Build Of Solar Orbiter...Closest Fly By The Sun Than Ever + Studies Bubbles Of Space
...will study in unprecedented detail how our Sun creates and controls the heliosphere, the bubble of space filled with particles and fields in which the Earth orbits.
Airbus Defense and Space...  Is A Whirlwind Of Products + Services @ Satellite 2015 Exhibition
Airbus Defense and Space is now leading the race for full electric propulsion for high powered telecommunication satellites with three satellite contracts in less than a year.
Constellation Of CubeSats On Call By UK Space Agency, Clyde Space + Outernet
 By combining expertise in space technology we can boost innovation and widely share the considerable economic and social benefits that space can provide.”
A Major Acquisition Play In the O&G World By SpeedCast For Hermes Datacomms...
“This game changing acquisition opens a new chapter for our energy business, greatly expanding the scale, scope and capabilities of our business.”—Pierre-Jean Beylier, CEO, SpeedCast.
Comtech EF Data Takes This Networking Platform To New Heights™ + Elevates The Quality Of Experience
...is a robust carrier class solution that supports multiple business models simultaneously, from full hub ownership, to collocation at a third party teleport facility to Virtual Network Operator (VNO) operations.
Airbus Defence and Space...Relocating Skynet 5A To Serve Government Customers In Eastern Asia-Pacific + Australia
..."shows the depth of our commitment to our allies and partners in the region, including Malaysia, in humanitarian and peacekeeping operations."
Harris IT Services... Has A Great Work Out  + Exercises Its Options To The Tune Of $13Million
Contractors will provide three months of operations, maintenance and logistics.... various communications, operations, software and related support services.
Harris's Falcon® Flies To The Middle East To Command, Control, Communicate, Compute + Collect $47Million
“These systems provide this nation’s forces with critical real-time tactical information and enable seamless communications across the breadth of the entire brigade combat team.’’
CPI's Newest Ka-Band Traveling Wave Tube Has The Power To Take The Tough Jobs... Saturated + Linear Output Power
..."provides 260 W of linear power at the flange, which is more than 30 percent higher than what typically has been available previously.”
The Diamondback From AQYR Is Now Highly Amenable For ViaSat's Exede Enterprise
The complete system including the satellite AutoAQYR terminal and antenna, is lightweight and can be packed into a single case for transport by a single user.
With Help From SatProf, ASC Brings Online Training Program To Users...
The training programs include a variety of education levels for users of the NGC.
Globecast Australia... Got Them Out Of There So That Audiences Could See 'Get Me Out Of Here!'
...while Globecast Australia once again leveraged its global network of fiber and satellite resources to deliver two geographically diverse paths to Network Ten.
Datum Systems' Fourth Generation... Draws The Bridge + Lowers The Gap Between Low Cost + Advanced Satellite Modems 
...no need to delay buying as the M7 solves this conundrum by combining high efficiency with all the bells and whistles into a low cost modem.
Newtec's Newest Appointment...He Was A Newtec Customer Before Becoming Newtec's VP Of Market Development
Recruitment is part of strategic initiative to strengthen capabilities in various mobility verticals, including maritime, oil and gas, and aviation
Thales Selects Harris ...A New Mesh In March Is A Good Reflection On Inmarsat's S-band Satellite
...a new advanced space antenna reflector that is half the weight of competing antennas, is impervious to vibration during launch, and reduces shadows that can block solar arrays on satellites.
Skyline Communications...Aims To Double Its Staff By 2017 + New Digs In Izegem
is a Belgian high-tech software company that has, in only ten years’ time, grown to become the undisputed global leader in the field of next-generation network management software for the telecom, broadcasting and satellite industry.
NovelSat Passes Independent Tests...  NS3000 Satellite Modem Performs Up To 8x Better Than Traditional Circuits 
“We were only limited by the size and power of the transponder. The NovelSat modems work even better than expected.” 
HCL Technologies + Tele 2 Go To Market...Partner For M2M and Internet Of Things Solutions In Europe
"Our unique and focused partnership approach to the M2M and IoT market has so far proven very successful, enabling us to concentrate on creating the best possible value solutions to address our customers’ needs.” 
SES GS + O3b Satellite Demos For Government Customers...Fiber From The Sky Enables Applications To Run At Same Speeds Whether Rural Or City
...the U.S. Government will benefit from the high throughput and low latency O3b offers to support operations at national security flashpoints around the globe.
O3b Networks + Papua New Guinea University Of Technology... Takes Education Upward...To The Clouds
delivers extremely high throughput and lower latencies than long haul fiber, with round-trip response times of less than 150 milliseconds.
Communications and Power Industries Presents More Power + Features For C-Band Minibuc
...allows customers to easily upgrade satellite communications terminals for higher data rate transmission.