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August 14th, 2018

Satellite Innovation — THE Meeting Place for Satellite Executives and Professionals

In session from October 8th to 11th, 2018, at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California, the annual Satellite Innovation will be addressing and updating a number of emerging technologies for the space and satellite market segments.

New for 2018 — Satellite Innovation will host brief, intensive updates on important new and advanced technologies. These concise presentations will offer an opportunity for attendees to expand their technical horizons, while ensuring there will be ample time for a full and comprehensive program.

New Propulsion Systems

Presenter: Natalya Bailey, CEO & Co-Founder, Accion Systems
During her studies in propulsion at MIT as a Ph.D. candidate, she invented the world’s first working prototype of an ion engine. Natalya’s vast knowledge of the diversity of emerging technologies in this field is impressive and will provide stimulating commentaries for the attendees.

Phased Array Antennas

Presenter: Chris Baugh, President, NSR - Northern Sky Research
Chris is the director of a global team of 25 analysts who focus on SATCOM and the latest information regarding Phased Array Antennas. His varied expertise and his in-depth analysis are well respected in the industry.

Software Defined Networking and Machine Learning

Presenter: Brian Barritt, Technical Lead / Manager, Loon (formerly Google X)
Brian’s position is at the forefront of the development of Google’s latest technologies in the SATCOM market, enabling him to achieve market-leading optimization with the transfer and use of data. Additionally, Brian’s perspectives and experience in delivering Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions to organizations will result in extensive overviews of this crucial technology for SATCOM professionals.

Robotic Space Applications

Presenter: Kiel Davis, President, Honeybee Robotics
Kiel is recognized for his various roles involving groundbreaking robotic space missions for more than 20 years, including NASA’s Mars Rover and Lander. Currently, he oversees the operations as well as leads the implementation of strategies for Honeybee, including innovative technology that enables NewSpace business models.

Join these industry subject-matter experts, as well as more than 120 additional industry leaders, all of whom will be providing presentations that explore the innovations that are disrupting today's satellite market. Register today at satinnovation.com