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Recent Launch News
ISRO Bringing Their GSAT-11 Satellite Back Into Launch Mode
The 5,700-kg GSAT-11 satellite was slated for launch on May 26 from Kourou, a site in South America that India occasionally uses to launch the...
Russia Successfully Launches Their Next Navigation Satellite to Orbit
On Sunday, at 00:46 Moscow time [21:46 GMT]… the Space Forces of the Aerospace Forces successfully launched a middle-class Soyuz-2.1b carrier...
July 20 Set as the Launch Date by SpaceX for the Seventh Iridium® NEXT Launch
The Falcon 9 rocket will launch 10 Iridium NEXT satellites to LEO from VAFB in California at approximately 5:12 am PDT (12:12 UTC). An exact...
Thales Alenia Space's SWOT Does a Lot ... Achieving Milestones is the Result of Many Who Have Contributed 
a new-generation platform for this program that will be the first of this type to be orbited in compliance with the French Space Operations Act* ...
Satellite Industry Association's Annual State of the Satellite Industry Reveals Record Number of Satellite Launches
There is a tremendous transformation underway in the commercial satellite industry as demonstrated by the record number and type of launches in 2017 
A Launch Trilogy for Rocket Lab and a Noteworthy New Customer — Canon Electronics
All three missions will lift off from the Rocket Lab Launch Complex 1 on the MÄ
JAXA Successfully Tests H-IIA Launch Vehicle with New Research Satellite to Detect Missile Launches  
The mission is part of the Information Gathering Satellites (IGS) program, one of whose goals is to detect possible missile launches in the region.
Four Galileo Satellites Getting All Prepped Up by Arianespace for July Launch
During pre-flight activity in French Guiana at the Spaceport’s S1A processing facility, these FOC (Full Operational Capability) spacecraft have...
PLD Space's Final Financing Round of 9 Million euros Initiates Production of Two Reusable Space Rockets
first time in the history of Europe that JME a venture capital fund has invested in space launchers, until now had only happened in the U.S.
Lo Now 15 Years Later Brazil and U.S. Return to Discuss Satellite Launch From Alcantara Base
Now Brazilian officials say that the sharing of technological knowhow is not a deal-breaker.
Big BepiColombo Preparations for the Mission to Mercury Aboard Arianespace's Ariane 5
include attaching solar wings to the three modules... dressing the spacecraft in protective insulation, installing the sunshield, conducting pressure tests...
Arianespace Reports All of the Launch Vehicle Elements for the July Galileo Satellite Launch have Arrived the Spaceport
These components, including the core cryogenic stage, arrived in French Guiana aboard one of two sea-going roll-on/roll-off ships that transport ...
Success in the Dark, SpaceX's Falcon 9 Rocket Launches SES' Largest Geostationary Satellite Ever 
Powerful satellite serving Asia-Pacific and the Middle East will ... meet diverse needs of video, fixed data, mobility and government customers.
O3b Satellites More Fiber (Like) is Good for Health ... of Connectivity with SES  
New MEO satellites augment constellation to deliver much-needed high performance bandwidth
Launch Services Agreement Signed Between Firefly Aerospace and Surrey Satellite Technology Limited (SSTL)
Firefly CEO Dr. Tom Markusic. stated that Firefly is pleased to enter into an LSA with SSTL to provide as many as six Alpha launches from 2020 through 2022...
Arabsat's Goal Before the End of the Year ...  SpaceX Launch of Their Lockheed Martin-Built Arabsat-6A Satellite
... said that these two satellites are the most advanced commercial communications satellites the company has ever built.
China's Launch of Gaofen-6 Earth Observation Satellite Kept Quiet
Long March 2D launch vehicle launched from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Centre in the Gobi Desert with only hints that an orbital launch was being readied. 
The SpaceX Launch of SES-12 Deferred
The new launch date is going to be June 4 for the satellite aboard one of the company's "launch proven" Falcon 9 rockets — that's if all goes well...
Branson and Team Witness VSS Unity's Second Successful Test Flight
The focus of this flight was to expand the company's understanding of the spaceship’s supersonic handling characteristics and control system’s ...
Both a New Launch Window and Manifest Additions for Rocket Lab Mission
‘It’s Business Time’ will launch from Rocket Lab Launch Complex 1 in New Zealand, the world’s only private orbital launch facility. The site is licensed...