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Recent Launch News
A Russian Military Satellite is Launched from Plesetsk Aboard a Soyuz-2.1b Rocket
The launch was overseen by Commander of Space Forces, Lt. Gen. Alexander Golovko.
SpaceX Moves Launch of Iridium's NEXT Satellite Constellation Ahead of Schedule ... 10 at One Time
a series of eight launches scheduled to take place through mid-2018, delivering a total of 75 satellites to low-Earth orbit.
Ireland's First Satellite Under Development and Planning Launch 
"I never expected that as a student I'd be responsible for flying that detector on Ireland's first satellite.”
Israel's First Environmental Research Satellite Venus Ready to Go 
The satellite weighs 265 kilos and will after launching reach a height of 720 kilometers from Earth within two days.
Thales Alenia Space Has Sent Europasat to French Guiana for June Launch
This "condominium" satellite for Inmarsat and Hellas Sat will provide Mobile Satellite Services (MSS), Fixed Satellite Services (FSS) and Broadcast Satellite Services (BSS).
ULA's 53-Foot Tall Future Heavy Rocket to Take 16 Student Payloads Heavenwards
The 53-foot-tall, high-power sport rocket launch will take place at Spaceport America, New Mexico, on Saturday, June 24...
India Picks Up Pace to Provide High-Speed Internet with ISRO's New Satellites
Despite overtaking the US last year to become the world's second largest Internet user base after China, India is still behind many Asian countries ...
AsiaSat and SSL Agree that AsiaSat-9 is Ready for Shipment to Baikonur + a Globecast Deal
AsiaSat 9 is a replacement satellite for AsiaSat 4 at 122 degrees East and is an SSL 1300E satellite equipped with...
Arianespace Prepping for their Next Dual Payload Dual Launches
Inside the Spaceport’s Launcher Integration Building, the Ariane 5 for Flight VA238 is taking shape for a June 28 liftoff with a dual-satellite payload...
Rocket Lab Scrubs Test Launch Due to Triboelectrification From Launch Complex 1 
Triboelectrification, I hate when that happens ...
Arianespace Launches the Boeing Built SES-15 Satellite Via a Soyuz Rocket
Designated Flight VS17 in Arianespace’s launcher family numbering system, this will be the second-ever mission to geostationary transfer orbit performed by Soyuz from the Guiana Space Center in French Guiana.
Gaining Even More Rideshare Launch Frequencies... Spaceflight Purchases a Rocket Lab Electron
The Electron is an ideal launch vehicle for dedicated and rideshare missions, especially those serving difficult-to-come-by launch destinations...
The Indonesian PALAPA-N1 Satellite to be a China Great Wall Industry Corporation Mission
CGWIC will provide a package solution with the products and services to the client that include the satellite, launch service, ground system....
Arianespace Gives OK Ready to Launch Soyuz and SES 15 to Begin Important Mission
enable the US Federal Aviation Administration to augment the Global Positioning Systems improving accuracy for the aviation industry.
NASA to Launch the Lightest Satellite in the World
The satellite, called KalamSat, will be launched by a NASA sounding rocket on June 21 from Wallops Island.
Missouri High School Students Win Team America Rocketry Challenge
The students had to design and launch a rocket capable of meeting precise engineering standards and mission requirements while protecting a raw egg throughout the flight of the rocket.
SpaceX Sends Inmarsat-5 Soaring Into Space ... Good News for Global Xpress' Broadband Network
Originally the plan was to only be a trio of spacecraft, but Inmarsat opted...
Soyuz, SES and the Spaceport ... a Rocket, a Satellite and a Launch Site Set for Soyuz's Launch of SES-15
SES-15, its first hybrid satellite, will offer a mix of widebeam coverage and high throughput (HTS) capacity.
Inmarsat's Celebration ... Confirmed Launch of Its Fourth Global Xpress Satellite
...the world’s first globally available, broadband connectivity service and was created to enable communities across the world ...
BulgariSat-1, Built by SSL, Arrives Safely at Cape Canaveral for a SpaceX Launch
BulgariaSat-1 will provide high quality DTH television and telecommunications services in the Balkans and other European regions...