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Recent SmallSat News
South Africa Shipping the AZCube-2 Satellite to India for July Launch
The 4 kg. satellite, known as ZACube-2, was developed by the CPUT in cooperation with the French South African Institute of Technology. 
AST Awarded Patent in Mighty Micron™ Low-Earth-Orbit Satellites for Government and Commercial Use
Their patented features will allow them to support a range of government and commercial space mission capabilities that have until now been impossible.
Spaceflight SmallSats to Launch Via Arianespace Vega Rocket
Arianespace has signed a landmark agreement with Spaceflight for the launch of several small payloads. This will be the inaugural mission for...
First Full-Color Video from Earth-i's VividX2 Satellite Released
Launched on January 12, 2018, VividX2 is the world’s first commercial satellite able to provide full-color video of life on Earth. Weighing 100 kg. and measuring...
NanoRacks Can Provide In-Space Services Thanks to a GSA Schedule Contract Award
As a services provider under this contract, NanoRacks is able to provide its customer-driven in-space services to federal agencies at a pre-negotiated...
NASA's Small Sat with the Big Name Begins Testing by Orbital for Advanced Small Spacecraft Communications
demonstration of its radio frequency communications technology by successfully generating a signal tone through its reflectarray antenna to ...
General Atomics' New Small Sat Paradigms at the Space Symposium... an Orbital Test Bed, and Ground-to-Space Solutions 
Their unique designs launch multiple payloads on a single platform, eliminating the expense for customers of a dedicated platform and launch.
What is a Lilac Doing in Space? Student Built LilacSat-1's Success with an Amateur Radio
Shortly after deployment LilacSat-1 took a picture of the solar panels on the ISS.
Vietnam's MicroDragon Satellite On a Fishing Expedition 
Vietnamese engineers have been working on the product while attending satellite technology courses in Japan.
Leo Aerospace Offers SmallSat Owners Space Access Using a Modernized 1950s Launch Technique
Leo Aerospace LLC plans to use "rockoons," or high-altitude balloons, that launch rockets into suborbital and orbital flights. Suborbital launches are...
Deep Space Industries' 'Wet and Wild' Solutions Will Use Comet's Water-Based Satellite Propulsion for BlackSky's Satellites
DSI propulsion systems are designed to be low-pressure, non-toxic, and launch-safe, while still offering suitable performance for small satellites.
Rocket Lab's First Commercial Launch to Occur This Month and a New CFO with Spice
‘It’s Business Time’ marks the fastest transition a private launch provider has made from test program to fully commercial flights.
Infostellar's StellarStation Amateur Determines if UHF Satellite is Responsive Even If Not Within Antenna's Range
early stages of operation, up-to-date satellite information can help to prevent failure, and many satellite launch failures occur during this phase.
SpaceX's Falcon 9 Launches a Dragon with Supplies, Experiments and a Net and Harpoon for Cleaning Up Space
The second capture experiment will see a harpoon launched at a deployable target plate ... the first harpoon capture in orbit. 
South African Nanosatellite nSight-1 Creates Out of Sight Success for SCS Aerospace Group 
the Attitude Determination and Control System (ADCS) used on board is one of the most advanced used in a satellite this size.
Double News ... SpaceX to Launch Experiments for ISS National Laboratory and Cleaning Up Space with a Harpoon
tracks 40,000 objects ... more than 7,600 tonnes of space junk in and around Earth’s orbit - with some moving faster than a speeding bullet at 30,000 mph
EO's Future to Change — ICEYE and ESA Disclose New Partnership
By using ICEYE's SAR satellite technology and imagery, this new agreement demonstrates ESA's interest in taking advantage of recent...
VORAGO Technologies has Extended the Flight Heritage for Their VA10820 Microcontroller
The VA10820 microcontroller is currently operating on the Astranis demonstrator satellite DemoSat-2, which was launched on the PSLV-C40...
RBC Signals Adds to Global Ground Network with SpacePharma SA Agreement
RBC Signals serves commercial satellite operators with real-time Telemetry Tracking and Control (TT&C) and payload data delivery and data...
Myriota Closes $15 Million in a Series A Funding Round for satIoT Comms Connectivity
Founded in Adelaide, Australia, in 2015 as a spin-out from the University of South Australia, Myriota is poised to become a key communications...