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March 24th, 2014

EMC Satcom Technologies Has The Link...SatLink® For Hatef Libya

[SatNews] ...will enable robust services across Libya while reducing overall operational expenses.

EMC Satcom Technologies, a division of Emerging Markets Communications, announced today an agreement with Hatef Libya to provide a satellite network across the country to serve telecom backhaul, oil and gas, banking, and government. The solution is built upon EMC Satcom Technologies' SatLink® product line to provide reliable satellite networking technologies utilizing trusted international open standards. With SatLink, Hatef will enable robust services across Libya while reducing overall operational expenses.

Hatef Libya, established in 2008, operates and maintains the Libyan State communications systems and is responsible for the development of a quality phone network across the country. The company is a major contributor to the growth of the economy and improving the society in general.

"Our solution will provide a single, efficient and dynamic satellite backhaul network that will multiply the total available capacity to each site many fold, lower the cost per site, and improve link availability dramatically," said Payam Herischi, President and CCO of EMC Satcom Technologies.

The SatLink® solution will be rolled out in two phases, with nine sites initially implemented for telecom backhaul on a hybrid mesh-star network, providing Libya's major cities with much improved telecom infrastructure. Phase 2 includes roll-out to 30 additional sites to serve oil and gas, banking, and government applications across the country.

"SatLink is an excellent match for Hatef," said Mr. Juma Abugrain, Head of the Technical Department at Hatef Libya. "In striving to provide the best services for Libya, we are excited to have the extensive experience and ingenuity of EMC Satcom Technologies to give us the most efficient and reliable networking services available, which we can pass on to our customers and the citizens of Libya."

The SatLink® system sets the industry benchmark for IP throughput for a single VSAT, thanks to the efficiencies possible with the most advanced international open standards along special enhancements made possible by EMC Satcom Technologies R&D. SatLink products and systems enable scalable, high-availability satellite networks with value-added options for advanced data, voice, and video networking via satellite.

EMC is a global satellite and terrestrial communications company specializing in delivering mission-critical, network services for the global energy industry, maritime, mobile network operators, carriers, governments, NGOs and worldwide enterprises with locations in the most remote and/or challenging areas of the world. As a proven industry leader, EMC enables customers the agility, scalability and efficiency designed to facilitate growth for their global operations. The company operates in 150 countries, with 34 global field support centers and wholly-owned infrastructure of teleports and terrestrial pops in US, Europe, Brazil and Africa. EMC is financially backed by ABRY Partners; a firm specialized in funding the communications industry with $36 billion of completed transactions.

EMC Satcom Technologies, a division of Emerging Markets Communications, LLC, is a global satellite technology company specializing in delivering network products and solutions for the telecom industry, ISPs, governments, financial and industrial enterprises with locations in challenging and underserved areas of the world. EMC Satcom Technologies provides complete IP based satellite network systems, under the SatLink® brand, compliant with DVB-S2 and DVB-RCS2 standards, which operate in all satellite bands. Other products include the bandwidth saving Noise Reduction System (NRS), the PowerBooster and MEO Booster, HDConnect, and SpeedNet, a zero-latency browser for use over satellite. These products are in use globally and serve end-users with fixed and mobile communication requirements. R&D for EMC Satcom Technologies is based in Norway.