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May 11th, 2016

STN Spearheads Move ...Into Asia-Pacific With Solutions To Move Into International Markets

Growing communities are on the move with career changes, and with them follow their language and original programs' content, and so STN is launching a new commercial initiative.

STN announces that it is spearheading a new commercial initiative to help content owners and broadcasters across the Asia-Pacific region to reach new audiences in the international markets including Europe, Africa and the US. STN’s goal is to help Asia-Pacific-based broadcasters to take advantage of the growing phenomenon of ‘diaspora broadcasting’.

Anver Anderson, General Manager of STN, explains, “today people are more mobile than ever before, and we see consumers more readily moving from country to country to pursue career and business opportunities.”

Independent Teleport Operator of the Year

“In particular there are growing communities in the Middle East, Africa and the US of people who have moved from the Asia-Pacific region to develop their careers. With their increasing prosperity and buying power, those communities are keen to be entertained in their own language with original content from their country of origin,” he continued.

With its world-class teleport transmission facilities in Slovenia in the EU, STN is able to help make this a reality for expatriate consumers, enabling them to enjoy more entertainment in their own language and representing their own culture. At the same time STN is poised to help content owners and broadcasters across the Asia-Pacific to realise these new commercially attractive business opportunities by enabling them to deliver their content to more places in the international markets.

STN is increasing its commercial focus on the Asia-Pacific region in order to assist broadcasters link in to STN’s global network more easily and seamlessly than ever before. This will enable them to leverage STN’s world-class

STN offers a broad portfolio of media services including playout, multicast and uplink. A significant player on the global stage, the company owns and operates a state-of-the-art teleport which was recently named Independent Teleport Operator of the Year 2016 by the World Teleport Association (WTA). STN offers broadcasters direct access to a variety of high-quality satellite capacity that spans the globe. STN has PoPs in a fast growing number of major broadcast centres around the world and complements its satellite portfolio with worldwide fibre connectivity. STN believes that with its world-class facilities and global reach, it is second to none in its ability to help Asian-based broadcasters and content aggregators enhance their businesses, build audiences and grow revenues, by extending into international markets.