Satnews Daily
December 10th, 2014

Thuraya + International News Safety Institute Adopt Safety Plans + Products 

[SatNews] Two companies have partnered to ensure journalists and media organizations are safer in dangerous situations and emergencies while delivering the news. 

Thuraya Telecommunications Company announced its partnership with the highly regarded, International News Safety Institute (INSI). The partnership addresses the rising need for providing safety training to protect journalists working in difficult and dangerous environments around the world. Sealed at EuroVision’s News Xchange conference on November 13, the partnership includes sponsorship of a Thuraya SatSleeve and airtime that will be used in INSI’s safety preparation workshops.

John Huddle, Head of Media and Broadcast at Thuraya, said: “News organizations are looking towards more innovative, portable and easy-to-use solutions to help them deliver news no matter where they are. Thuraya’s sponsorship of the SatSleeve illustrates news organizations’ reliance on highly reliable, easy-to-use and lightweight mobile satellite products that will protect journalists while accommodating the breaking news cycle. 

Over the last three years, Thuraya has supported non-profit organizations such as the Rory Peck Trust, Sebastian Meyer’s Metrography in Iraq and Global Voices through our relationship with News Xchange. We believe that media safety and security is paramount and that preparation helps mitigate the risks to journalists in the field. Thuraya is proud to support INSI’s mission to drive this.”

Hannah Storm, Director of INSI said: “Safety for journalists starts with thorough preparation, an understanding of the risks that might be faced and how best to mitigate those risks. One of the key ways that journalists and media organizations can improve their safety is by having a solid communications plan in place, which outlines what they should do in emergencies. In areas of the world where phone networks aren't reliable or available, satellite phones and their technology are absolutely key to safety. By having access to Thuraya's satellite equipment, INSI can help journalists understand the importance of having robust communications plans in place, showing them how such equipment works, why it is important and how it can in turn help them stay safe.”