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April 2nd, 2018

WTA's Research Some Surprises Revealed When it Comes to Sizing the Teleport Market 2018

A report is now available that will provide a plethora of information regarding the Teleport Market. Until now answers to questions have been available regarding different aspects of the teleport market, but not all conveniently in one extensive report such as World Teleport Association's (WTA) Sizing the Teleport Market 2018.

WTA has conducted a new market sizing study, updating information last published in 2010, to present a financial and statistical picture of the industry as it exists in 2018.

A surprising bit of information that this report reveals is that the number of commercial teleports worldwide has decreased 1 percent per year from 2016 to 2018 as the teleport sector consolidated and companies scaled up to gain cost-efficiencies and improve their competitive position. Over the same period, however, total estimated revenues of the sector grew 6 percent to US$10.4 billion, as consolidation created fewer, more productive assets.

How large is the teleport industry in terms of facilities, companies, revenue, antennas in operation, full-time employment, and spending on satellite capacity, fiber capacity and technology? In 2017, an estimated 13,700 people worked in the teleport industry, which operated more than 24,000 antennas.

How much revenue is generated per teleport and per employee on average?

Where are the hot spots for teleport operations?

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WTA also provides its members with access to business opportunities around the world through detailed profiles in the Marketplace, a searchable online directory of providers. By placing them as speakers and panelists at industry gatherings –and providing discounts on registration for their employees – they provide exposure to an international audience of potential customers. WTA guides them to potential customers and strategic allies within their membership and opens the door for them with personal introductions.