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April 2nd, 2018
Israel's Spunky SpaceIL Team Forges Ahead Despite Win or No Win of Google's Lunar X Prize
“Our mission was never about winning the prize money – although $20 million would have been nice.” 
UPDATE: SpaceX Successfully Launches and Deploys Ten Iridium NEXT Satellites
A previously launched Falcon 9 rocket was the vehicle used for this event, the fifth in a series of eight launches for Iridium. The SpaceX rocket had...
AireonSM Global Air Traffic Surveillance System Gets Closer to Complete Deployment
When the Aireon payloads from the fifth launch come online, the system will have nearly global coverage with 15-minute or better update intervals.This signifies optimal timing...
Advantech's Award Winning Jewel ... UltraLinear™ SapphireBlu™ Series and Super Solution for DTH TV
By saturating all transponders of an entire satellite you obtain the maximum power/bandwidth combination that you will ever need.
The Fifth Set of Thales Alenia Space-Built Iridium NEXT Satellites Ascend
Thales Alenia Space, the system prime contractor for the Iridium® NEXT program, is in charge of engineering, integration, and on orbit validation of...
Infostellar's StellarStation Amateur Determines if UHF Satellite is Responsive Even If Not Within Antenna's Range
early stages of operation, up-to-date satellite information can help to prevent failure, and many satellite launch failures occur during this phase.
Bangladesh's First Geostationary Communications Satellite Bangabandhu-1 Arrives in Florida 
the BTRC signed a $248-million deal with Thales Alenia Space to manufacture and launch the satellite.
Defunct Chinese Space Lab Plunges Back to Earth Over Pacific
Space officials had promised the atmospheric disintegration would offer a "splendid" show akin to a meteor shower.
SpaceX Receives FCC's Stamp of Approval to Launch 4,425 Broadband Satellites
"SpaceX states that once fully deployed, the SpaceX system... will provide full-time coverage to virtually the entire planet"
India’s GSAT-11 Satellite is Has Been Received by Arianespace ... Now Just the Wait for Launch on Ariane 5 in May
GSAT-11 will generate a capacity of more than 12 Gbps for users from a single platform.
WTA's Research Some Surprises Revealed When it Comes to Sizing the Teleport Market 2018
The 2018 study finds that the number of commercial teleports worldwide has decreased 1 percent per year from 2016 to 2018 as the teleport sector ...
NASA/ESA's Hubble is a Star Maker as It Discovers the Most Distant Star ... Ever 
Hubble Space Telescope has found the most distant star ever discovered. The detection occurred because the light from the star was magnified 2000 ... 
SpaceX's Falcon 9 Launches a Dragon with Supplies, Experiments and a Net and Harpoon for Cleaning Up Space
The second capture experiment will see a harpoon launched at a deployable target plate ... the first harpoon capture in orbit. 
Russian Military Space Forces Launch Cosmos-2525 Satellite
The spacecraft was deployed on an almost circular orbit with altitude of about 320 km. and inclination of 96.64 degrees. After deployment, the...
Euroconsult's "Satellites to be Built and Launched by 2026" Analysis and Report
The report highlights include... Nearly 3,000 satellites, weighing more than 50 kg, will be launched in 2017–2026 (threefold increase compared to...
Globecast's Cloud Playout Services Include Pop-up Using Private and Public Cloud at NAB 2018
as it’s a service-driven model and does not entail massive CAPEX or long start-up times; in fact, the complete opposite.
Microsemi Radiation-Tolerant Eight-Channel Source Driver is Qualified and Certified and Ready to Roll
projects require the DLA QML certifications and listings as assurance the product meets Military Performance Specification (MIL-PRF) requirements,
Speedcast's Managed Services Extended with the Release of Their Speedcast Atlas Connectivity Solution
Speedcast Atlas features a highly redundant network with multiple satellite networks covering each location, and a non-satellite infrastructure...
Large-Scale Topographic Data Now Being Offered by East View Geospatial
EVG has long produced foundation data and mapping for government and industry partners. Work has ranged across scales and over all corners of...
2018 is Not the Year when the 5G Transition will Occur, According to GlobalData
Network equipment vendors have been promoting mobile base station gear as ‘pre-5G’ and ‘5G-ready’. In Q1, 2018, when vendors announced 5G base...
Contract to Modernize U.S. Army Defense and Strategic Systems Now Underway by Raytheon
The $600-million, three-year contract was first announced last June and a protest was withdrawn in February. Within the next 30 to 60 days Raytheon will begin...
Z-Class High Altitude Mission Launched by World View
The Z-Class mission launched from Spaceport Tucson at approximately 9:39 a.m. PT on Thursday, March 29, 2018. This Z-Class mission...
Aitech Defense System's New Space-Rated Enclosure for Mission Critical Space Apps Available
Built on a 3U CompactPCI platform using machined aluminum, the new 3-slot E905 provides maximum reliability and strength with minimal weight...