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October 29th, 2019

The Extra Mile ... Special Humanitarian Award to Avanti's iMlango Project for Marginalized African Students

Space & Satellite Professionals International (SSPI) announces special recognition to a company that has gone the extra mile, so to speak, to provide students in marginalized areas in Kenya with individualized online tuition. 

To date, the project has been implemented in 205 Primary and 40 Secondary schools across four regions in Kenya.

Space & Satellite Professionals International (SSPI), in recognition of a special humanitarian project award Avanti of their iMlango Project, to reach students in marginalized areas in Kenya with individualized online tuition.

iMlango has used satellite technology to enable over 180,000 marginalized children to improve their educational outcomes, and has allowed them to become better educated, setting them up for the job market.

Kyle Whitehill, Chief Executing Officer at Avanti, commented, “We are honored to receive this special recognition. This is a fine demonstration that we are making an impact both within our industry and in local communities on the ground. Education is absolutely fundamental to enabling success and empowering individuals to be more, and, through projects like iMlango, we can help children to build a better future for their families and communities.”

In 2014 Avanti began leading the consortium that delivers improved numeracy and literacy educational outcomes to marginalized school children in Kenya through the DFID-funded Project iMlango. Avanti, along with its partners, has developed a whole school program incorporating satellite broadband internet based individualized learning that is supported by in-field capacity in technology and support resources and by real-time monitoring based on sophisticated machine-to-machine learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies. 

SSPI's fifth annual Better Satellite World Awards honor established companies along with disruptive innovators who make the world a more prosperous, healthier, better-educated, sustainable and inclusive home for humankind.