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RUAG Space Works With Algae, the 'Lung of this Planet', to Regenerate Air in Long Term Space
One of the top challenges of long-term human space flight is life support.
Astroscale Knows How to Clean Up Space... in Technical Cooperation with ESA Regarding Space Debris Removal
There are more than 750,000 pieces of debris larger than 1 cm in size in Earth orbit today; with potentially causing the end of a functioning satellite, 
Forrester Reports: OneWeb to Save Millions — Perhaps Even More...
In the process, OneWeb will save an estimated $500,000 per satellite (and it could be more) leading to Capex cost savings on the satellite building...
The ESA's HERA Planetary Defense Mission is Being Lead by GMV
HERA’s role will be to characterize the asteroids after the impact and obtain data to develop strategies to handle an eventual impact on Earth.
SKY Perfect JSAT and KSAT Selected by Axelspace for the First Japanese EO Smallsat Ground Station Services
SKY Perfect JSAT and KSAT will support this satellite program with KSATLite, a global ground network as a service, optimized for smallsats as...
Row, Row, Row Your Boat 3,000 Mile as Satcom Global and OCENS Connect Athletes in 'World's Toughest Row'
row from La Gomera in the Canary Islands to Antiguto takes around 50 days with extreme weather and waves of up to 50 feet in height.
GVF's Newly-Elected Directors Will Take Association into Their Third Decade of Operation and Achievement
The election results come as GVF is already into its third decade of operation. 
The Switch® and Eutelsat Enable Participants to Switch On Maximum Content Delivery
The partnership will provide The Switch's user community of more than 800 of the world's leading content producers and distributors the ability to...
How SAS' Agreement with GlobalSat Group Enables Pearls to Provide Connectivity to Latin Americans
Pearls will provide connectivity to Latin Americans.
Earth-i's Satellites Help Severn Trent to Fix Water Leaks
During the UK’s hot summer, Earth-i conducted analysis on imagery captured by British built satellites orbiting at 650 km. above the Earth...
Globalstar's SPOT Trace Being Used by NATO as an IoT Solution
Research teams from the NATO STO Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation (CMRE), based in La Spezia, Italy, are embedding low-cost...
EUMTSAT's Ultimate "Makeover" Incorporates the Latest Technology in the Satellite Control Center
“Any screen in the new control center can be used to monitor any ground segment facility, for example, the back-up control center at Fucino, Italy,..."
UPDATED: Inmarsat Selects Mitsubishi Heavy Industries' H-3 Launch Vehicle for their Satellite Launch
Inmarsat’s sixth-generation fleet will be the first to feature dual-payload satellites; each supporting L- and Ka-band (Global Xpress) services. 
Intelsat's Regional VP, North America ... He'll Be Driving Their Strategy in North America
responsible for the development and implementation of sales and go-to-market strategies for the company’s network, mobility and media customers 
ManSat's New VP of Sales and Marketing She Heads Up New California Office and a New CFO/Finance Director
The satellite firm ManSat Group has opened a new fourth office, this one is in California as it continues its plan for international growth.
Student-Built ESEO Smallsat Attains Space
The joint Surrey and AMSAT-UK payload transmits key information to the ground — such as vital power, temperature and speed — and is designed...
OneWeb's Greg Wyler Named SSPI UK's Space & Satellite Personality of the Year
The Board of SSPI UK Chapter voted Mr. Wyler winner of this annual award for his contribution to the UK space and satellite sector and his recognition...
Fleet Space Technologies' Centauri Launches... This Startup Started a Marathon of Launches in Just a Month
Just one satellite has the ability to cover 90 per cent of the Earth.
NSSLGlobal Acquires Station 711 from MX1
NSSLGlobal will — as part of the acquisition — take over all activities of Station 711, including smart@sea, crewtalk and Station 711's Customer...
Klokan's MapTiler API Wins the Airbus Multi-Data Challenge
MapTiler provides ads-free personalized maps and can run both online a...