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Forrester Reports: LeoSat Expecting Additional Investments
LeoSat estimates that its fleet of 84 satellites, being designed and specified by Thales Alenia, will cost about $3.6 billion....
Thales Alenia Space and OHB System AG Unite for PLATO a Cosmic Vision
Unlike the previous missions, CoRot and Kepler, it will offer the unique ability to carry out stable, wide-field observations of bright stars over a very long 
BepiColombo Spacecraft Build-Up Continues at Arianespace for October 19 Launch Aboard an Ariane 5
Performed in the Spaceport’s Final Assembly Building, Ariane 5’s build-up process concluded with the lowering of its ogive-shaped payload fairing...
Forrester Reports: Arianespace Might Place Soyuz Rockets on Hold + Customer Demand for Mega-Constellations Discussed @ Satellite Innovation
Arianespace uses a different version (Soyuz ST) of the Soyuz rocket that suffered an anomaly on October 11 (Soyuz FG)...
Spottitt's Cloud-Based Workspace Provides Massive Satellite Imagery and Capabilities on DNV GL’s Veracity Platform
Energy firms have used it to select the optimal locations for wind turbines by mapping land cover and terrain characteristics in areas of interest.
RUAG Space Does Double Duty ... Steers BepiColombo to Mercury and is the 'Brain' of the Ariane Rocket
Also, the “brain” or on-board computers of the Ariane rocket, was produced by RUAG Space.
Emergency! Expedition 57's Astronauts' Harrowing, Life-Threatening Return Trip to Baikonur
"The boys have landed," Mission Control assured the space station crew.
Helping to Negate Plastic Pollution in the Oceans — Satellite Vu Presenting Their Tech at GITEX Future Stars
GITEX provides a stage where Satellite Vu can engage with like-minded, enlightened potential partners. The company is also developing plans to...
Prospects for Space Exploration is Euroconsult's Latest, Informative Report
Fifteen leading space programs worldwide are estimated to contribute to this global investment, with the U.S. accounting for 74 percent of the total...
ESA and 5G Infrastructure Association Sign a Letter of Intent to Strengthen Space Sector Ties
Ccross-functional expertise is essential to fulfill the potential of 5G to empower society for today’s and tomorrow’s needs. Deeper collaboration...
Forrester Reports: Vast Possibilities for Inmarsat with IFC
Inmarsat has recently updated their own annual survey of the IFC market, which found that 67 percent of passengers said they would be more likely to...
Bringing Home the Dirt as Thales Alenia Space Collaborates to Return to Mars for Samples
Life on Mars cannot be excluded as water has already flowed on its surface, and minerals that only form in the presence of water have been discovered. 
ÅAC Clyde Delivers Kepler’s Second Satellite CASE in Record Time
This satellite was delivered in under three months, all of which is part of a pilot program.
KSAT to Support ALE's Meteor Showers
The Japanese company will launch two unique smallsats aiming to provide artificial, on-demand, meteor showers. The first satellite is planned to be...
Satellite Interference Reduction Group and Intelligence-Sec to Host Event in Asia
As more satellites are launched there is an ever increasing issue of satellite interference that is sometimes unintentional, and other times it's not so much. 
Thales Alenia Space to Build Ground Station for GNSS Satellite Tracking
The ground station will receive and process 406 MHz distress beacon signals from the MEO satellites being tracked and relay them to the...
UK’s Space Agency's Licensing Process Gets the Green Light ... Now Includes a New Traffic Light System
This new approach should also make it easier for operators to procure insurance for large constellations of satellites that could be used for ...
Forrester Reports: SES Wants Bids for an Open Satellite Design
According to reports, SES is inviting Airbus, Boeing and Thales Alenia to bid for the design and build contracts for the new craft. This flexibility comes...
Media Lario Commits their Optical Tech to ESA's Athena X-Ray Space Telescope
ATHENA, one of the large-scale missions of ESA’s Cosmic Vision program, is an X-ray space telescope to be launched into orbit in 2031. The telescope’s...
SpaceX's NightLight Launches SAOCOM 1A Satellite and a Successful Return of Falcon 9  
Flying both constellations along the same orbit supports a rapid response by providing SAR information in emergency situations.